Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Week 16: Flickr SL™: Look Of The Day Winner

Finally getting caught up to week 16, this weeks Flickr SL™: Look Of The Day Winner has really crafted a very individual look; loads of character, lots of unique and perhaps overlooked content creators, and a really fabulous presentation. Kei Kojishi's Androgynous J-Rock is really a great look, and along with all the details of the look, makes it a real winner. Every member of the SL™: Look Of The Day group can submit one picture per day, a total of seven per week, and need only provide a detailed list of credits for their look to be eligible to win the $500LaLa weekly prize. Kei has done a great job with this submission, and wins this weeks prize (courtesy of my own rapidly declining LaLa Balance) and a really rocking congrats!

Look of the Day 3 - Androgynous J-Rock
by kei.kojishi

Look of the Day 3 - Androgynous J-Rock

Kei's look is topped of with an adorable wig from Kin, the hair texture is so well done it requires a bit of a double-take to recognize it as a virtual creation. He made his own skin, which is absolutely brilliant, and makes my attempts at making t-shirts look beginner at best. Eyes are from XS. He is also wearing some of the great Tats by Canimal Zephyr, the Body Grafitti Asian Themed set from Canimal.

His layering of tank-top over sweater is very creative, using a WRONG Stripey Sweater as a base, and a jacket layer shirt from Dirty Lynx . His pants are some adorable Doodle Jeans from See No Evil.

Kei has accessorized at a Mater's Level, using just about every attachment point I can imagine. A Tote Bag from Sweetest Goodbye, a belt with i-pod from Bukka, and these amazing Headphones from AM Radio's The Far Away (You Must Visit!). His necklace is from FallnAngel, and these adorable Xtra Hi-Top Chucks from Pornstar. Kei has modified piercings from Flipside and a bracelet from Neko Gear to really personalize his look. Well Done!

Shopping Information:
Hair - Kin, Hana blonde (modified)
Shirt - Wrong, Stripey Sweater white (recoloured)
Jacket - Dirty Lynx, Dokuro shirt black
Undershirt - Canimal, Body graffiti Asian theme
Eyes - XS, Shaded darkgrey eyes
Right Shoulder - Sweetest Goodbye, Tote Bag
Left ear - AM Radio Vintage Headphones (Freebie from The Far Away, Modified)
Stomach - Bukka, belt volvic with iPod black
Pants - See No Evil, Doodles Jeans
Chest - Falln, Key to my heart necklace heart black
Feet - Pornstar, Xtra Hi-Tops multicolor v2

Kei Only stuff:
Shape - Kei's custom shape
Skin - Kei's custom skin pink makeup
Lips - Kei's Miyavi piercings (Modified version of Flipside - FF10 Piercings pt2)
Left forearm - Key to the other world (modified version of Neko Gear Broken Heart barbed bracelet)

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Portia Rossini said...

Ohh! I like this look, reminds me of chobits (manga and anime) a little bit!

-Portia <3