Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Whole Other Canimal

Look Of The Day [May 26/2000] 1

Canimal has been a favorite place to shop since I discovered it well over a year ago, then it was at a satellite in the original Lalique Square, the site first Retro Shopping Experience. I have been in love with Canimal Zephyr's work ever since. I wear her tattoos, I have her lingerie, I have dozens of outfits, socks, arm warmers, and jewelry, and now her skins. I decided to do a little mash-up with some Canimal pieces, and it all starts with this fabulous Patches Skirt. I bought it pretty much the day the sim was rebuilt, but saved it til now so it was a real stand-out on the feed. It is just so great, you can wear it with almost any colour, and really marks a bit of a departure from the rainbow themed offerings that preceded it.

The skin here is Canimal too, the Essence of Grace tone, the make-up is called Poison, and I love the way it makes my face take on some depth, and the colour and lining around the eyes make them look as if they are holding back something, secrets, tears, something. The lashes are from across the "Quad", the Celestial Studios Classic Prim Lashes are really lovely. This hair is pure magic, another new favorite from Magika called Hate Me. How could you hate this hair?

Look Of The Day [May 26/2000] 2

Other clothing items include some great Canimal socks, these Mismatched Old Striped Socks are so fun, love uneven socks, they don't look like system elements and that is why they are great. I am wearing them on the sock layer, over some fabulous Fishnets from LuLu - Celestial Studios on the undies layer. LuLu is great if you have a favorite colour, because things are grouped by colour and you can really work the whole colour palette. The jacket is one of Muism's great Denim Jackets, love the sculpted collar and the prim length on the jacket, it just looks so great when layering. I also pulled in a []::TULI::[] Tank Top, this cute Jenny Top with it's smudgy grungy Delicious feel.

I loved working the accessories here, and was anxious to wear my latest purchases from EARTHTONES, including this fabulously meaningful Ganesha Necklace in Gold, and the Heartwood Bangles Set, also in gold accents, which comes with 4 bangles that you can wear, either a matched set, or mix the Plain Large version with the Thin Studded version as I have. I am wearing my Caroline's Gimcrack Ring, and these great Desert Boots from Luna Viola/Pixeldolls that have a wearable HUD so you can change the base leather of the boot to one of six leather colours, and wear either the brown or black accented versions.

Eyes – Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)
Hair – Magika Hair, Hate Me (Black)
Lashes – Celestial Studios, Prim Lashes (Classic 10)
Skin – Canimal, Essence of (Grace)… Poison
Jacket – Muism, Denim Jacket (Dark)
Necklace – EARTHTONES, Ganesha Necklace Gold (Chest)
Bangles – EARTTONES, Heartwood Bangle Set Gold (R – Plain Large, L- Studded Thin)
Tank Top – []::TULI::[], Jenny Tops (Delicious)
Skirt – Canimal, Patches Skirt
Fishnets – Celestial Studios, Lulu Fishehnet Leggies OTK (Darkred, Undies Layer)
Socks – Canimal, Socks (Mismatched Old, Stripes Grey/Red)
Ring - Caroline’s, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Boots – Pixeldolls, Luna Viola Desert Boot (HUD Colorable, Brown Accents, Drk. Brown)

Retrology Nominated - Best Shopping District!

Retrology Ad by Anessa Stine

We are so thrilled to learn that our nomination of Retrology as one of the "Best Shopping District in Second Life" was accepted! We could not be more honored. This SIM is a labour of love and we feel we created something that people can feel they have discovered, there is so much to do, shopping is but one of them!

We hope you will all watch Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe while they shoot a episode live on location in the winning sim in front of a live audience.

"Best Shopping District in Second Life"
Show will air: June 15th, 2008
Winner will be announced Live on the Show on Jun 1st, 2008
Location: Lot 11, Northpoint

Tonight Live is a Second Life talk show hosted by Paisley Beebe. Filmed once a week since May 2006. She has three guests including one musical performance every show. Tonight Live is filmed Live to air, in Second Life in front of a packed sim at SLCN Studios (over 60 people) every Sunday at 6pm slt, and runs for 30 mins. Tonight Live is a Perfect World Production and broadcast on SLCN.TV

Retrology Nominated!

Please Feel Free to Visit Retrology & Click on the Nomination Signs all over the SIM for a Full List of The Nominated SIMs and More Information on Tonight Live. We are among great company on the Nomination List.

Retrology Sky View

About Retrology:
Retrology is a very special SIM, we think we offer a unique shopping experience, Some of the Best Retro and Retro Inspired Shopping in All of SL. We have dozens of well known and celebrated content creators represented, as well as several small and lesser known vendors in our "Obscure Finds" flea market.

Our SIM is not a MegaMall Box, it is a Vibrant Village, with entertainment, recreation, and living space, but I think people come here for the shopping more then anything. We were established in August of 2007, and have had many of our Vendors with us from day one. We have special SIM wide events like Easter Egg Hunts and Mother's Day Rose Hunts, which endeavor to give something back to our visitors, and introduce ourselves to new guests.

We take great pride in being a well managed and welcoming environment, where the focus is not on merely moving merchandise, but giving guests an opportunity to stroll the shopping plaza, grab a coffee in the cafe, sit in the park, watch a movie in the theatre, enjoy the nightlife at PIN UPS Night Club, grab a Scooter and zip around the SIM, or simply explore or take pictures. We have cultivated excellent relationships with our vendors, and have several mainstore locations for some of our vendors as well as perhaps the only satellite stores for others.

Vendors On Our SIM
Monroe Square:
comme il faut
House of Nyla
Chapeau Tres Mignon

Kings Corner:
~*Fresh Baked Goods*~
Hell Bop Clothing

Grable Plaza:
The Cat Eye Boutique
RetroActive Furniture
Skin Within
Jeepers Creepers
Punch Drunk
Battered Boudoir

Hang The DJ!
Kid Asia
RPM Club Supply & DJ Directory

Obscure Finds Flea Market:
Urban Bomb Unit
Flawed Perfect
Trixi Stix
Violet Voltaire
Rotten Incorporated

Hayworth Heights:
VaVaVoom Shapes
Elegance Hats
ZHAO Shoes
Total Betty
SIN Shoes
Old School Shop

Old Gravy
TART Gallery

Other Attractions:
PIN UPS Night Club & Burlesque Bar
The Killing Moon Cafe
Lovers Walk Park
Anessa Stine Studio
Killing Moon Records
The Mistral Theatre
Free Rezzable Scooters
Living Space - Factory Road Lofts, Vargas Villas

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Aubergine Is The Thing!

Look Of The Day [May 25/2008 (2)] 1

There are a lot of different purples out there in this big colourful world, but my very favorite of all is Aubergine (Eggplant). An almost inky dark purple, it is so classy and when I see it, I grab it. So when [MG Fashion] released this fabulous Rita II Outfit this week, I went to check it out, and try as I might, I simply could not resist the tug of the Eggplant version. (That almost sounds dirty.) I love the sculpted sleeves, collar, and shorts cuffs (complete with loops to hold them up). I think this set could be dressed up dozens of ways, but my take was a little bit of funky street.

The Hair is the swish Amro in Black from Mirai. I am noticing that lately when I shop at one hair seller, I tend to wear all the new styles I just grabbed up before moving on to the dozens of other ones in my NEW folder. Cake's lush Bedroom Lashes highlight brilliant Hazel eyes from Miriel. This skin is the lovely Bloom from bianca F.'s Fata Line.

Look Of The Day [May 25/2008 (2)] 2

I started layering the accessories with this fab fay Courtney Buckled Belt in Black Leather from Armidi Gisaci. I am so addicted to belts lately, but am careful not to just throw them onto everything. I am wearing Diamonde. Danger Earrings for some flash, love these funky silver open hoops. I layered on the bracelets, these amazing huge stacks are from Bebe, called the Sazerac Bangles in Black. So much to look at, love em. I decided to go delicate on a necklace, with this one, a gift from Draco that I have always loved. It is from Neptune's Kiss, and is just a lovely Silver and Pearl with Diamonds necklace, what you can't see is that the texture on the pearl actually is moving, so it almost looks like a small galaxy spinning away. The boots are also Armidi Gisaci, and I decided to stay with Silver in these cute Oxford Leather Ankle Boots. Last but not least, my Gimcrack Solitaire from Caroline's. With Aubergine, it's so easy to find great accessories to match, but I love silver and black with it.

Shopping Details:
Eyes – Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)
Lashes – Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Skin – bianca F., *bf* fata2-ivory-bloom
Hair – Mirai, .+*Amro*+. (Black)
Outfit – [MG Fashion], Rita II (Eggplant)
Belt – [Armidi Gisaci], Courtney Buckled Belt – Leather (Black)
Bracelets – Bebe, Sazerac Bangles (Back)
Earrings – Diamonde., “Danger” Earrings
Necklace – Neptune’s Kiss, Silver Necklace, Black Star Pearl w/ Diamonds Anv1
Ring - Caroline’s, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Boots – [Armidi Gisaci], Oxford Leather Ankle Boots (Silver II)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Silk Near Midnight

Look Of The Day [May 24/2008] 1

[MG Fashion] is one of those shops that I have loved since my sister Anessa (aka. The Sleuth) discovered it out when it first opened. I love bright colour, I love having a million delicious choices, and I love watching a shop grow from a small collection, to a reliable and consistent fashion house, where I always find something I love. On a visit a few weeks back, I picked up this fabulous Silver Lake at Midnight set from The Silk Collection. I was a stand-out, not the usual thing I was expecting from [MG Fashion], just the one colour choice, this fabulous charcoal grey, and it is just so soft looking, with a really brilliant sculpted leg. It includes the black tube top, the vest, and the pants in 2 styles.

I decided to go edgy with it, opting for some wild hair from Mirai, this Tori style is so fun. I actually meant to buy it in white, but I think a packaging issue delivered it to me labeled as white but it was a dark blond, so I tinted it black. I opted for the sexy Double Peacock Skin from bianca F.'s Fata line, for some real eye drama, and added Cake's Bedroom Lashes for some added sex appeal. Eyes are Miriel's Big Hazel Eyes, total favorites for the lovely tones of brown and green in the iris.

Look Of The Day [May 24/2008] 2

I had been waiting for a chance to wear these fabulous Black Tesla Athena Open Toed Stiletto Boots, they are damn sexy and so well made. I went with a simple Key Stud Earring from ::M-C-H::, a great Freebie I picked up a few months ago. For a necklace, I chose this layered Tear Drop Chain Necklace from Swallowtail. I have to say I am never disappointed with my purchases from Swallowtail, I want everything in the store and have to practice some serious restraint when shopping there. I decided this was the kind of look that could go really couture chic, so I added some Davenport Weathered Velvet Gloves from Argyle, and a fabulous bag from Paper Couture whose purses are a must have for the sheer range of fabulous colour and style options, as well as their more then easy on the wallet prices. This is one fabulous Silky look, perfect for club hopping near midnight.

Shopping Information:
Eyes – Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)
Lashes – Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Hair - Mirai, .+*Tori*+. (Blond, Tinted Black)
Skin – bianca F., *bf* fata2-ivory-double peacock
Gloves – Argyle, Davenport Weathered Velvet Gloves (Charcoal)
Outfit – [MG Fashion], The Silk Collection (Silver Lake at Midnight)
Purse – Paper Couture, P.C. Le Sac (Zebra)
Earrings - ::M-C-H::, Key Motif Studs [Freebie]
Shoes – Tesla, Athena Open-Toe Stiletto Boots (Black)
Necklace – Swallowtail, Tear Drop Chain Necklace

Monday, May 26, 2008

Divine in Burgundy Wine

Look Of The Day [May 23/2008] 1

I have been sitting on this sweet Pleated Neck Babydoll top from Armidi Gisaci for months, the minute I saw it I knew it was exactly the colour I wanted and the style was just so elegant yet casual. I love the subtle pleating of the body and neck on this top, the sheerness of the top is so modest yet so sexy. Only when putting this look together, did I realize I had purchased the matching shoes at some earlier point, the Armidi Gisaci Barcelona Slingbacks in Falu. And so an outfit was born.

When Aleri Darkes has a new release, the update group gets the shout-out and there is always a 75% sale on one of the new items for the first 24 hours of the release. I picked up these fabulous shorts on sale, the *AD* Brighton Shorts in Grey cost me less the $40LaLas, but they are a great item at any price, a classy pair of shorts that can be dressed up or down. I wanted to go with natural classic accessories, and this lovely Shell Day Bag from Cachet is so precious. The ring is a gift from my sister Anessa, the Princess Ring from Paper Couture. I pulled in some of my all-time favorite Jewelry, the Grazia Pearls from EARTHTONES, here in the Divine/Silver colour. Lucas Lameth gives us some of the best natural and boho chic baubles on the grid, and on my last trip there I scooped up another set of these Grazia Pearls, now in brilliant bright tones like red, yellow, and green. Not only that, but there is currently an in-store promotion for customers spending over $100LaLas on any purchase to get a free Retro Jewelry Set, all fabulous, so I managed to spend enough to get all 6 of these sets for FREE. Check it out at EARTHTONES before the promotion ends!

Look Of The Day [May 23/2008] 2

I had never worn and hair from Laqroki (formerly RaC), I wasn't always so hot on the way it moved, the flexi made it look like a living thing. But when I saw this great Divine Up-do, I leapt at it, although I did make a copy and pull the bangs off it to add a little more to the forehead on this one, I just felt I needed more. The skin is the dreamy eyed Twinkle from Celestial Studios Charmed Line. I am wearing the big, almost Anime' fabulous Hazel Eyes from Philotic Energy, and Bedroom Lashes from Cake. A divine look head to toe.

Shopping Information:
Eyes – Philotic Energy, Hazel Eyes
Lashes – Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Twinkle)
Shorts – Aleri Darkes, *AD* Brighton Shorts (Grey)
Bag – Cachet, Day Bag – Shell
Bracelets – EARTHTONES, Grazia Bracelets (Divine/Silver)
Ring – Paper Couture, Princess Ring
Earrings – EARTHTONES, Grazia Earrings (Divine/Silver, From N&E Set)
Shoes – Armidi Gisaci, Barcelona Slingback (Falu)
Top – Gisaci, Pleated Neck Babydoll (Falu)
Hair – Laqroki, Divine (Black) [Bangs Replicated & Added/Moded]

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bronzed Diva

Look Of The Day [May 21/2008] 1

I am not someone who tans in RL, I had a bad burn when I was 16 (stupid me trying to get a one day Tan to show my Friends I was indeed in Florida for Spring Break). Since then, I have stayed away, and am pale as a ghost most of the time. In-world, I have never gotten a tanned or bronzed skin, it never occurred to me that I could. When I saw this Riding swimsuit at :bijou:, I wanted it bad. When I got home and put it on, lets just say my pale skin and this suit made me look mostly naked. Great planning Kets! Well, thank g-d that Payton Heron sent me some review skins from bianca F., and one of them was this delicious Fata Sahara Bronze tone, I felt every bit the goddess in this skin, no sunburns, and boy did the bathing suit look every bit as brilliant as I had hoped.

I felt like a total Diva in this look, like one of those uber rich trophy wives who sits in the sun all day sipping Mohitos and browsing Vogue Magazine while calling her stylist with a shopping list while flipping pages. The hair is a brilliant cut from ETD, the Roxie is a perfect combination of flexi and non-flexi pieces, and looks super chic and still has all the edge I love. No one does that look better then Elika. Also wearing some sultry Love Lashes from [Detour] and some glossy eyes from Freak Fantasia.

Look Of The Day [May 21/2008] 2

The shoes are the brilliant Venus Sandals from *HUB*, and I think I did well choosing this amazing golden Sand colour. They look great against tanned skin, and pretty much can work with any look this season. I am wearing the Gillian Ring from Diamonde., which actually was a purple and red toned silver ring, but I tinted it a golden yellow to get this amazingly perfect match to the suit. Diamonde. has some amazing stuff, made better by the fact that you can get some of Valena Glushenko's Another Skin Mods with your purchase, this ring and the Gillian Skin (not worn) were a ridiculously awesome $50LaLas. The Long Onyx Necklace and Gold Bracelet Stack are from .+*aya V.*+., great modern accessories, and great prices too. Hidden but still awesome are the Tunnel Multi Set Earrings from Drifting Sands, cover your ear in piercings, tunnels and a cuff with a single attachment point used, love that.

Shopping Information:
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Skin – bianca F., *bf* saharabronze-fata-base [Review Copy]
Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green
Hair – ETD, Roxie (White, Blackened)
Ring – Diamonde., Gillian Ring (Tinted Gold)
Swimsuit - :bijou:, Riding (Khaki)
Bangles - .+*aya V.*+., Gold Bracelet
Necklace - .+*aya V.*+., Long Necklace ONYX2
Earrings – Drifting Sands, Tunnel Multi-Set Ear Piercing
Shoes - *HUB*, Venus Sandals (Sand)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Sisters In Style - Poison Candy

Earlier this week I got a frantic IM for my RL twin sister Anessa Stine, who was thrilled to bits that Alla Ruff (Veschi) was releasing a whole Rockabilly Line of Clothing in conjunction with a Real-World clothing company. The line was produced as a commision through Rezzables and is available at the Cannery Rezzable location. With a name like Poison Candy, who could resist (check out their Website)! Poison Candy's slogan is "Fashion For Outlaws", and it's Real Life Home is in SIN CITY no less! I say Viva Las Vegas, Baby!

Since Anessa and I manage PIN UPS, one of the best places for a Rockabilly Riot event in-world, she contacted Alla to see if we could get some review copies... and OH JOY! Alla sent pretty much everything to us, and Anessa set up this adorable shoot. To say we LOVED these clothes doesn't even capture how great they are, we fought over who got to wear what, and we found them to be flawless and oh so very bad girl SEXY!

Props to Alla for the great job she did on this line, it is brilliant! Anessa took the shots and edited them for this post. And I get to look betchin' hawt and hunt down SLURLs, YAY! All the Shopping Information Follows. (For Larger Detailed Pictures, Click to Get to the Flickr Feed.)

Twin Cherries

Poison Candy_Fashion Addict 1

Cadillac Pin-Ups

Poison Candy_Fashion Addict 2

Cool In The Kitchen

Poison Candy_Fashion Addict 3

Twin Cherries -
On Anessa (Left)
Dress: Poison Candy, PC Crush Dress - Red
Shoes: Storm Schmooz LAQUE Red
Hair Rose: SiniStyle Hair Rose - Skull N Bones
Hair: *HCT* (Midnight)Cumie
Skin: [PXL] Crys DeepEyes BloodLips, Black Brows
Stockings: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: Fishnet Stockings with Holes from pUK outfit
[Amaretto] Black Bangles - hand tinted
~*FBG*~ Gem Jelly Donut Bangle Set - Silver
::Violet Voltaire:: Hethr Necklace - Red/Silver
/artilleri/ rockin' earrings!
On Jhuzen (Right)
Dress: Poison Candy, Girl Next Door Dress (Turquoise)
Shoes: Storm Schmooz, LAQUE Aqua
Hair: *HCT*, Nilirra, Exclusive Pack 1 (Black)
Skin: Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Red-Diva)
Eyes: Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)
Lashes: Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Tattoo (Arms): AITUI Tattoo, Shooting Stars (Faded)
Tattoo (Leg): AITUI Tattoo, Damage (Faded)
Decollage, Bubblegum Pearls
[Woo's!] Black & White Checkered Messy Bangles [No Location Found]
Cadillac Pin-Ups -
On Anessa (Left)
Dress: Poison Candy, Sin City Sweethearts Dress (Sculpted Skirt Worn)
Hair: /artilleri/ rita *fire red*
Skin: [PXL] Crys SmokeEyes NaturalLips
Tattoo: /artilleri/ old school2 tattoo
Shoes: (Shiny Things) Dare pumps - red
(Second Mirage) Elise - black pearl necklace
Skulls N Ribbons Wraps - Draconic Kiss (right only)
/artilleri/ Cherry earrings
BastChild Womens "Modern" Plati Wedding Band
Awesome Designs Manicure - Glitter Nails Maroon
On Jhuzen (Right)
Hat: Poison Candy, Black Bow Hat
Top: Poison Candy, Crush Polka Dot Top
Skirt: Poison Candy, Crush Bicolored Skirt (Pink)
Purse: /artilleri/, 8 Ball Bag
Hair: Old Gravy, Never Die II (Whote/Black)
Tattoos: Canimal, Henna Pack II
Shoes: Tesla, Estella (Pink)
Skin: Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Purple-Orchid)
Eyes: Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)
Lashes: Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Caroline's, Gimcrack Diamond Ring
~*FBG*~, Gem Jelly Donut Bangle (Script to Hot Pink, Onyx)
PBI, CBGB Guitar Pick Choker
**cadillac dark purpie purpie seat 50 s by charlie3000 creations**
Cool In The Kitchen -
On Anessa (Left)
Top: Poison Candy, Girl Next Door (Leopard Top)
Hair Flowers: Poison Candy, Hair Flowers
Skirt: Poison Candy, Girl Next Door Skirt
Hair: Aden Hair, Amy (Black)
Skin: [PXL], Crys DeepEyes BloodLips, Black Eyebrows and Freckles
Purse: *YOHO*, ARR Matey Handbag [No Location Currently]
Shoes: Maitreya, ChiChi, Red w/ White Trim Selected
The Abyss, Choker_Unleashed
Shiny Things, Everyday Gems stud earring - garnet
~*FBG*~, Sculptured Sugar Silver Gem Bangle
Awesome Designs Manicure, Glitter Nails (Maroon)
On Jhuzen (Right)
Top & Skirt: Poison Candy, Rockin Skulls1
Shoes: Maitreya, Enchants Antie's Black
Hair: Old Gravy, Jersey Girl (Black, Flower Power)
Skin: Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Glitter-Silver2)
Eyes: Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)
Lashes: Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Caroline's, Gimcrack Diamond Ring
*Untone*, Black Heart Bracelet
/artilleri/, Lulu2 Red Bracelet
Red Ruin, Black Gothic Lolita Necklace
**EricJ Blackburn Fridge/Table (Gift, not for sale)**
**RetroActive, Retrologic Kitchen Chairs**

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Put the Lime In The Coconut

Look Of The Day [May 22/2008] 1

It has come to my attention that I love colour. Not just a little colour, but a whole lot of colour, and particularly brilliant contrasting colours. Red and Green are not supposed to go together, except maybe during the winter holidays, when it is overkill. But the moment I spotted this combination of Acid Lime Green and Brilliant Ruby Red, I was so in! Constanza Volare's *Alchemy* offers us closets full of colour, from brights, to pastels, and everything in between. Her combinations are masterful and inspired. I could not wait to get this Whirlwind Dress on!

I decided to stay with the colour tones and picked up this great pair of tint-able Funky Earrings from Diamonde. on a recent visit. Love tint-able stuff, and this set of Decollage Bubblegum Pearls is equally versatile. I made the earrings the acid Lime green, the necklace the brilliant red, and threw into the mix this Yummy Found Hearts Bracelet in Gold, which is scripted to tint to over a dozen colours, here I choose Avocado. I went with the gold accents and pulled in a favorite over-the-top fashion ring from Paper Couture in this Diamond Bee Ring. Looking for the perfect Ruby Slippers, none other then Stiletto Moody provides some glitz and glamour with her Ruby Red Elegant Slingbacks.

Look Of The Day [May 22/2008] 2

More NEW hair from AOHARU HAIR, this Nikki hair is fabulously big and glam, and only required a little tweaking of pieces to get the look I wanted. I am wearing a favourite Celestial Studios Skin from the Charmed Line, without a doubt my favorite and most large collection of skins (over 25), because the brows are just perfect and the make-up options are endless and lovely. This Orchid make-up has always been a favorite. Lashes are [Detour] Love Lashes, and eyes are my first ever non-system eyes, from Freak Fantasia, still classic big and watery, the Glassy Mustard Green is perhaps the closest to my RL Hazel Eyes.

This whole look makes me feel like going Salsa Dancing, and sipping on virgin Lime Margaritas, Strawberry Daiquiris, and all sorts of tropical yummy frozen drinks. Yeah, I know, I never really drink alcohol, but love a sour frozen drink anyhow!

Shopping Information:
Lashes – [Detour], Drama Lashes
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Orchid)
Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green
Hair - AOHARU HAIR, Nikki01a (Twilight Silver)
Dress - *Alchemy*, Whirlwind (Lime, Short – Red Sash)
Earrings – Diamonde., Funky Earrings (Tinatable, Tinted Lime)
Bracelet – Yummy, Found Hearts Bracelet – Gold (Scripted to Avocado)
Necklace - Decollage, Bubblegum Pearls (Tintable, Tinted Red)
Ring – Paper Couture, P.C. Diamond Bee Ring
Shoes – Stiletto Moody, Elegant Slingback (Ruby Red)

Mint Chip Ice Cream Days...

Look Of The Day [May 19/2008] 1

Although I use the -Hiccup- Fat Pack Poses almost every day, I rarely get a chance to check out the shop, and I was pleasantly surprised on my recent trip to the Starlust Motel to find -Hiccup- among the awesome vendors there. This adorable Tea Party Dress in Mint Chocolate Chip immediately caught my eye, not just the delicious name, but the dress is adorable and I love the combination of warm chocolate brown and soft mint green.

I love wearing chunky sandals with cute summer dresses, and the amazing Rio Beleza Wedges from Armidi Gisaci. They are from the previous season, but I think they are still available and a really uniquely shaped wedge. I have been putting on and taking on this fabulous cuff and pair of earrings from Shiny Things for weeks, but it just didn't look quite right with most of my outfits. I just felt these Summer Leaves items looked a lot like mint leaves to me, so I finally found an excuse to wear them. The cuff is so beautiful, organic, and almost fairy like in it's fanciful style. Shiny Things has always done some lovely Jewelry, it is often missed when people see the brilliant shoes they do. I also loved another chance to use this Mint coloured Bunny Mechanics Badge Purse from Nerdy Birdy. Still no in-world location, but I have hopes as the brand was sold and the new owner says it is coming soon. I also pulled in one of the sweet Pixeldolls Freebie Stone Pendant Necklaces, they look great on.

Look Of The Day [May 19/2008] 2

This hair is a NEW one for me from AOHARU HAIR, yes they do make more then Ice Cream Cone Hats! I really like this Catherine style, and it was interesting wearing a silver grey wig for a change. Wearing Hazel Eyes from Miriel and Love Lashes from [Detour], get them! Also wearing a new favorite skin from bianca F., the LONDON2 Fata Skin in Ivory. I am anxiously awaiting MORE MAKE-UPS! That would make it Ice Cream WITH a Cherry On Top!

Shopping Information:
Dress - -Hiccup-, Tea Party (Mint Chocolate Chip)
Shoes – Armidi Gisaci, Rio Beleza Wedge (Faux Pony – Dark Brown)
Bag – Nerdy Birdy, Mechanics Badge Purse ‘Bunny’ (Mint) [No Longer Available]
Hair – AOHARU HAIR, Catherine 01a (Twilight Silver)
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Skin – bianca F., *bf* fata2-ivory-LONDON2
Eyes – Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)
Bracelet – Shiny Things, Summer Leaf Cuff
Earrings – Shiny Things, Summer Leaf Earrings
Necklace – PixelDolls, Stone Pendant Necklace (Jade) [Freebie]

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Summer Comes Early

Look Of The Day [May 20/2008] 1

OK, not really, but the minute I saw this adorable Asian Tunic & Hot Pants set from KUROTSUBAKI at the Starlust Motel, I well... lusted after it. I could have waited till the season turned, but why wait when you can just think summer and make it happen. The Starlust Motel opening was just the excuse I needed to indulge in some heavy shopping, and the prices are so great, I could shop a lot and not spend too much at all. I also picked up this great -Hiccup- Nerd Swept Hair, which is just so cute and pixie like. I have to say I love good short styles, and this one makes the short list of the Great Ones.

This amazing Swallowtail Antique Necklace had been waiting it's turn in my inventory, and it just went so well with the muted rusts and greens in the outfit, I was happy to have a reason to wear it finally. I love the giant Peridot stone, and decided to pull in my ~*Fresh Baked Goods*~ Copper Sculpted Sugar Bangles and set the gems to Peridot as well. I just think the copper colour of these bracelets is so warm, and a really nice change from the silver and gold that has overtaken my jewelry box. When my photograph was chosen as one of the 20 Finalists in the Stiletto Moody Customer Contest, I got to pick a pair of shoes as my prize, and I had been lusting over these O Wedge platform sandals, so they finally came my way. These shoes go beyond mere footwear and into the realm of art! The bag is the big fat fabulous Green Crocodile from Muism, great bags, not particularly inexpensive, but they come with animated holds and usually a couple of hold options, like left or right hand or hand/shoulder. I also love that Muism does demos of it's purses, so you can have a really close look before you drop a chunk of LaLas down on something. I tinted up the Paper Couture Freebie Gift Hoops to match the copper and rust tones better, and am wearing my Caroline's engagement ring.

Look Of The Day [May 20/2008] 2

This very high-fashion looking skin is another of the new bianca F. Fata Skins, this one is called Oro and is in the Ivory tone. Eyes are the mesmerizing Miriel Hazel Eyes in the Big Size, and the lashes are a whole lot of Drama from [Detour].

Shopping Information:
Lashes – [Detour], Drama Lashes
Skin – bianca F., *bf* fata2-ivory-oro
Eyes – Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)
Hair – -Hiccup-, Nerd Swept (Black)
Necklace – Swallowtail, Antique Necklace
Outfit – KUROTSUBAKI, Asian Tunic & Hot Pants (Green)
Bag – Muism, Crocodile_skin (Green, Hand)
Earrings – Paper Couture, P.C. Basic Hoops (Tinted) [Freebie]
Ring - Caroline’s, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Shoes – Stiletto Moody, O Wedge Tie (Black)
Bracelets - ~*Fresh Baked Goods*~, Sculpted Sugar Copper Gem Bangle Set (Gem Touch Script to Peridot)

Saturday Work Wear

Look Of The Day [May 18/2008] 1

Saturday in-world is a rather frantic day for me, I have to plan the coming weeks events at PIN UPS and on Retrology, list them all on SLP and the Phil's Place Event Listings, and then make sure all the staff is able to work their shifts, or find people to cover. Then there is the blogging, the shopping, the work for my monthly Vain Inc. Magazine columns, and then all the stuff that pops up in the space of the day. So I usually like to take things nice and easy in the fashion department, and it was time to finally put this great Double Paradox Denim Skirt to good use. I think it worked perfectly with this adorable /artilleri/ Darla Shirt in Teal, and of course, I love a chance to wear some matching /artilleri/ eye-wear (I always fat-pack her glasses), with these sweet Marla Glasses in Teal.

I kept the rest of my accessories pretty simple, again diving into my fat-pack of Periquita Mary Squares shoes for this great Mint pair. I slipped on a Green Bangle set from Here Comes Trouble, and a sweet Magic 8 Ball Ring from Funk-O-Rama. I had been waiting for the right relaxed look to wear this amazing Tres Blah Bloomin' Hobo Bag with. It is really adorable, and comes with shoulder or hand hold versions.

Look Of The Day [May 18/2008] 2

This wig is one of the new styles from *0 Style* (Zero Style) called Ayase in their brilliant white Silver colour. Love the messy up-dos from *0 Style*, they are so sweet and I love the flexi bits that frame the face. I am wearing a favorite skin from Celestial Studios, and perhaps the most amazing Hazel Eyes I have found yet, from Miriel. So I look relaxed, now I can roll up my sleeves and get stuff done... oh wait, my sleeves are pre-rolled, gotta love Antie!

Shopping Details:
Eyes – Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)
Hair - *0 Style*, Ayase (Silver)
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Rubies)
Glasses - /artilleri/, Marla Glasses (Teal)
Bag – Tres Blah, Bloomin’ Hobo Bag
Bracelets – HCT Accessories, Stripey Bracelet (Gree)
Ring – F.O.R., Magic 8 Ball Ring (Cherry Band)
Shoes – Perqiuita, Mary Squares (Mint)
Skirt – DP (Double Paradox), Denim Skirt
Blouse - /artilleri/, Darla Shirt (Teal)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Golden Moments

Look Of The Day [May 17/2008] 1

I have seriously not been shopping in-world for weeks, how sad is that. It's not that I am running out of things I have never worn (I have hundreds of things sitting in folders gathering dust), it just that every now and then a girl needs a little retail therapy. So last night I was convinced it was time to get my shop on, and I decided to pull on a little []::TULI::[] in the form of this sweet skirt and top set called Laynie in Earth Tones. I kept the whole look pretty simple, because []::TULI::[]'s work is really lovely and intricately textured.

I was looking for a chance to wear this Triple Pearl Necklace in Shore from Armidi Gisaci in a non-traditional way. It can be quite dressed up, but I wanted a casual look. I opted for a really nice chunky bracelet that I picked up from Bonita's Jewelry some time back, I love the use of sculpties in Jewelry, I think it has opened up a whole new avenue of creativity. I chose these great casual heels from Maitreya, the Mishima Dawn in Tan has a really nice contrast of Suede and Patent Textures, and it is not a fussy heel, but still has a lot of sexy going on. The bag is one of my faves, from TaP (now Fleur), the Heiress Bag is touch scripted to change into about half a dozen really nice leather colours, I choose this orange look for a hit of colour.

Look Of The Day [May 17/2008] 2

I had been trying to find the right look for this wig from ETD, called Natasha, for some time, but thought this more casual shopping trip look was perfect for a mussy relaxed do. I pulled in a touch of drama with these Dot Lashes from Lynnix's. I adore these Big Hazel Eyes from Miriel, the colour in the Iris are mesmerizing really, and they photograph so well. Skin is a favorite from bianca F., the Fata Base Skin in Ivory tone. I nice relaxed look, and I am ready to get my shop on, after too much time I think I may need to clear some space in my crammed full closets.

Shopping Information:
Eyes – Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)
Hair – ETD, Natasha (White)
Lashes – Lynnix’s Lashes, Dots (Short Bottom Lash)
Skin – biancaF., *bf* Ivory-fata-base
Necklace – Armidi Gisaci, Triple Pearl Necklace (Shore)
Outfit – []::TULI::[], Laynie (Earth)
Bag – TaP (Now Fleur), Heiress Handbag (Touch Script to Orange)
Bracelet – Bonita’s, Cube Bracelet Black Shine w/ Orange, Black, Blue
Ring - Caroline’s, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Shoes – Maitreya, Mishima Dawn (Shiny Mix Tan – Shiny/Suede Tan)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Caught in the Coral

Look Of The Day [May 16/2008] 1

So I pretty much love a Babydoll style dress. They are cute, and feminine, and I couldn't get away with one in RL in a million years. Whenever Aleri Darkes sends out her new release notices, she always marks down one colour of each new item down 75% off, I have to say, that getting great new clothes is a blast, getting great new clothes on sale is even better. So I think I payed less then $100LaLas for this adorable Aeris Dress in the Coral colour. All the colours were equally attractive, and the floral print of the skirt is really sweet next to the very curve hugging silk bodice. I decided to throw on a pair of tights, and when Neferia Abel of ~Ivalde~ offered her group member a free set of tights this week, I went to scoop them up. This pair in Tomato is a perfect match for the corals in the skirt.

We had a hat event at PIN UPS last night, so I thought it was time to dive back into my ETD hair folder to find one of the Hair/Hat combos that Elika does so well. I came up with this Amber style and utilized the touch scripted colour change option on the hat to set it to a matching Red. I love customizable Scripted tint option, like in the fabulous ChiChi shoes from Maitreya with the tintable Rims. I own the black and white versions only, and though I would love to have fatpacked these babies, I really think owning these two was the best move on a budget. I am carrying one of the fabulous new bags from Paper Couture, this Blossom Bag is so lovely, and it looks so great with so many looks. I really think that for the low prices and selection alone, you cannot go wrong with a bag from Paper Couture, I think that they are the best out there this season. I am also wearing the Swallowtail Organic Necklace, still loving this set, and I have blogged the earrings and bracelet separately before. The Gimcrack Ring is from Caroline's.

Look Of The Day [May 16/2008] 2

I am wearing a favorite pair of eyes from [Detour], the Delta Eyes are really lovely. Another great pair of lashes from Cake, the Separated Lashes are really pretty for an eye opening look. This is another of biancaF.'s great skins, the Longeyes make-up is really dramatic and I love the shading on the inner lid, very smokey. So I have to say, one of the least represented colours in my closet, Coral, can be really eye catching sometimes.

Shopping Information:
Eyes – [Detour], Delta Eyes (Hazel)
Lashes – Cake, Separated Lashes
Hair/Hat – ETD, Amber (White, Hat Set to Red)
Skin – biancaF., *bf* fata-ivory-longeyes
Dress – Aleri Darkes, Aeris Dress (Coral)
Ring - Caroline’s, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Shoes – Maitreya, ChiChi (White, Rim Set to Red)
Necklace – Swallowtail, Organic Necklace
Bag – Paper Couture, p.c. The Blossom Bag (blanche)
Tights - ~Ivalde~, Tights Collection (Tomato) [Group Gift]

Tea Party Pretty

Look Of The Day [May 8/2008] 2

Back when I discovered a little shop called JE*Republic, it was in a little mall, and there was a tiny shop where I picked up this sweet little dress. The shop was called ::Covergirl::, and this dress caught my eye, I really like the texture of it, and the way the orange leaves and vines contrast with the rosy pink of the dress. I decided to pick up the great Orange with these fabulous =DeLa= Thaelle Pumps with the ankle wraps. I love this style and the ankle wrapped ribbon is really sweet, very feminine.

I really love wearing the sweet wigs from BP*, this one called the Micky Dango Hair has sweet 'bunnies' as my niece calls them, and is a little like Micky Mouse Ears. The skin is very china-doll like, binacaF.'s fata skin in LONDON2. I love her Ivory skin tone, it is so powder smooth, yet luminous, and the lips are so pretty. Eyes are from BBBM, and I love this pair especially, the Watery Eyes are big and deep, with a light reflecting quality to them, they are really worth a look. I am wearing lashes I consider to be one of the best all around sets you can get, the Bedroom Lashes from Cake are pretty much a perfect starter pair for anyone who is thinking of going the Prim Lash route.

Look Of The Day [May 8/2008] 1

I love this pair of earring from Swallowtail, although I pretty much love everything they have released, this Organic line is so delicate and feminine and makes really good use of sculptie and non-sculptie prims. I am wearing the Swallowtail Organic Bracelet here as well. The bag was a group gift from La Petite Fleur a few weeks back, and is very sweet and feminine, so I decided to add it to the look. Gimcrack Ring is from Caroline's Jewelry. I feel like I am all set to go to the Teddy Bears Picnic Tea Party in this look.

Shopping Information:
Eyes – BBBM, Watery Eyes, Mud (Splatter)
Lashes – Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Skin – biancaF., *bf* fata2-ivory-LONDON2
Hair – BP*, Micky Dango Hair
Bag – La Petit Fleur, Group Gift Bag
Earrings – Swallowtail, Organic Earrings
Bracelet – Swallowtail, Organic Bracelet
Dress - ::Covergirl::, Kathy #2
Ring – Caroline’s, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Shoes - =DeLa=, Pumps “Thaelle” Orange

Flower Power Baby Doll

Look Of The Day [May 15/2008] 1

At a recent "Psychedelic 60s" event at PIN UPS Night Club, I decided to abstain from Tie-Dye and Bell Bottom Pants, and opted instead for a little Flower Power. I picked up these adorable tights at Twosome when they first set up shop in Cherry Buttons, and they may have even been freebies, but they are super adorable, and were a welcome punch of colour. I decided to pair them with this sweet Babydoll Dress from Tres Blah, called the Wanna Flow, and the fabulous new Periquita Mary Square Mary Janes in Black. Erpla's shoes are getting more and more adorable, and I just love the cute heel on these and the button details on the buckle.

I got this great Hair in a review pack from House of Heart, and though I tried on all the styles they sent over, this one, the Haley in Bitter Chocolate, is my absolute favorite. You have to try it to believe it, the flex on it is very natural, it moves like real hair, the wave is really sweet, and it is really a cute cut. I am wearing one of my old favorite skins from Celestial Studios Charmed Line, the Purple-Orchid Make-Up has always been a favorite. Eyes and Lashes are from the brilliant [Detour], and I am really excited to see what they will release next.

Look Of The Day [May 15/2008] 2

I am wearing a watch by Fetch, the Vega Watch in Pink, which I love because it looks so much like a fashion bangle. The necklace is the adorable Pastel Candy Necklace from +*aya V.*+, and earring are from {JUNK}, tinted a brighter yellow gold colour to match the necklace better. Yep, there it is again, my Caroline's Gimcrack Diamond Ring, my most sentimental piece of Jewelry. So this may not be a classic 60s look, but it is definitely in the spirit of the Summer of Love.

Shopping Information:
Eyes – [Detour], Delta Eyes (Hazel)
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Shoes – Periquita, Mary Square Shoes (Black)
Hair – House of Heart, Haley (Bitter Chocolate) [Review Copy]
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Purple – Orchid)
Dress - !tb, Wanna Flow Dress
Stockings – Twosome, Flower Power Socks
Watch – Fetch, Vega Watch (Pink)
Earrings – {JUNK}, Crescent Moon Chandelier Earrings [Tinted Gold]
Necklace - +*aya V.*+, Candy Necklace (Pastel)
Ring - Caroline’s, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Memories of Mahj...

Look Of The Day [May 13/2008] 2

When I was a little girl, I discovered my grandmother's Mahjong Set in her closet. It was in a special rosewood box, and when I flipped open the lid, there were dozens of shiny Bakelite tiles with foreign symbols on them. I was enchanted. I never saw her play "Mahj with the Girls" (referring to her 70-something friends), so I have no clue how the game works, but I remember those tiles. A few years ago, I saw one of those antique roadshow things, where they did a whole segment on Bakelite, the first form of plastic, and talked about how rare and treasure it was becoming. They showed a really cute bracelet made of coloured tiles, similar to my grandmother's, and I wanted one. I never did get one, but imagine my delight when I got a FashCon notice yesterday from ~*Fresh Baked Goods*~, and they had released a bracelet just like the one I had been dreaming of! I previously posted about the Retrology Rose Hunt, where the gals at ~*FBG*~ hid a rose with one of these in it, and I loved that one too, but this version is fully scripted with 12 tile colour options and 5 spacer bead options. It has the delicious name of Mahjong Bakelite Mooncake Bracelet and it is my new favorite thing. What is Phil's place for if not to have the things we have dreamt of in RL?

I had been waiting for a chance to wear this fabulous ~Ivalde~ Gauthildr Dress in this Yellow and black combination, and I clicked my bracelets to choose yellow tiles and black spacer beads. What an awesome match! The dress is a great muted yellow, and has a really nice retro feel to it. I tossed on a great chunky bead necklace from Decollage, the Bubblegum Pearl Necklace is tintable, but I often wear it black. I slipped into my favorite go-to shoes, the Maitreya ChiChi in Black, and I tinted the rims to Yellow.

Look Of The Day [May 13/2008] 1

To carry on the Retro feel I had going, I went with a favorite wig from Old Gravy, the Cash in Black. I love the messy back-combed crown, and the colour change scripted flowers mean I can match it to pretty much anything I want. I am not sure if this style is for sale yet at the newly re-opened OG, but maybe sometime soon it will be. I wanted my favorite red-lipped rockabilly chicky make-up, and it has to be the Canimal Essence Pinup skin in the Grace tone. Eyes and lashes are favorites from [Detour]. Now I think I may go read up a bit about what the game of Mahjong is all about.

Shopping Information:
Eyes – [Detour], Delta Eyes (Hazel)
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Hair – Old Gravy, Cash (Black)
Skin – Canimal, Essence of (Grace)… PinUp
Dress - ~Ivalde~, Gauthildr Yellow Dress
Necklace – Decollage, Bubblegum Pearls (Tinted Black)
Bracelets - ~*Fresh Baked Goods*~, Mahjong Bakelite Mooncake Bracelet (Colour Scripted Tile/Bead Colors)
Ring - Caroline’s, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Shoes – Maitreya, ChiChi Pumps (Black, Rim To Yellow)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Teased Up Brat!

Look Of The Day [May7/2008] 2

I have had this amazing wig from [Aden] for over a month, but every time I put it on, it didn't look quite right to me, My forhead seemed too high, it wanted something more. It is undeniably awesome, as most hair from [Aden] is, and this big chunky Colleen style is no exception, but I wanted to go out with a bang, so I added some! I irge you all to head over to ETD and pick up every single style of bangs Elika offers, they are endlessly useful, and the textures work so well with so many other designers' wigs. This ETD Long Bangs with a Left Sweep was the perfect addition and made this look for me.

I recieved a gift from MiaSnow around the First Anniversary of Vain Inc. Magazine, and hadn't really had time to take a look in the folder till recently. I was wowed, the skins are brilliantly artistic, lending themselves to art photography with gritty ease. But I also found this fabulous *mia* Ripped Rocker Tee, and fell in love. It has some neat cut out pieces, and I tucked on of the /artilleri/ Zee Tank Tops under it to pick up on the tomato reds in the top. I am so sad to see them gone, but I will always treasure these fabulous Black Stripe*d Jeans from D!FF=>. I threw on a great low prim belt from Fashionably Dead, the Shiny Thread Belt is an easy addition over any pair of jeans.

Look Of The Day [May7/2008] 1

I was dying to wear this amazing Viniani Heels from Armidi Gisaci, the Grey with the Stacked Wood Heel was my first pick, and I really had so few good grey shoes to work with. I was given this amazing necklace, a review copy, from the new House of Heart, and I think it is a brilliant use of Sculpties, I love the organic form of the beeds, and it has some great colours in it to work with. So much great stuff from House of Heart on the feeds, I urge you to go take a closer look! I pulled some great Stacked Wood Bangles on from +*aya V.*+, to finish up my accessorizing frenzy.

Eyes are the luminous Watery Eyes (Mud) Splatter from BBBM, and Lashes are the brilliant Bedroom Lashes from Cake. Again, when going for a bold red lip, there is none better then the Canimal, Essence of PinUp Make-up, here in the Grace tone. So I am feeling really Bratty with this rockin' Teased Up Look!

Shopping Details:
Eyes – BBBM, Watery Eyes, Mud (Splatter)
Hair – [Aden], Colleen (Black)
Bangs – ETD, Long Bangs Left (Black)
Lashes – Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Skin – Canimal, Essence of (Grace)… Pinup
Necklace – House of Heart, Draped Beads [Review Copy]
Shirt – MiaSnow, *mia* Ripped Rocker Shirt
Tank - /artilleri/, Zee Tank Top, Short (White, Tinted Red)
Pants – D!FF=>, Black Stripe*d Jeans [No Longer Available]
Belt – Fashionable Dead, Shiny Thread Belt
Bracelets - +*aya V.*+, Wood Bracelet
Shoes – [Armidi Gisaci], Viniani Heel (Gray)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Dreamy Denim


Well our little virtual world is being a right biotch today, Phil's Place is a Mess, and Flickr is worse. I did manage to log this morning and get some shots of this great NEW biancaF. Subscribe-O-Matic Group Gift [May 12/08] that dropped on me. I was all set to shoot this dress, and had on my normal pale skins, and was searching for hair, but I loved the last *QS* skin freebie so much, I had to take a look at this one right away. I was wowed, The *QS* Darjeeling – Acceso it is simply beautiful, and really a lovely skin tone. It made my choice of hair a breeze, as I had been waiting for an opportunity to wear this great Nash Hair from Muism, with a colour AND texture scripted Scarf, it is just brilliant!

This dress was an easy choice too, I wore it last night to the event at PIN UPS, which was called "Blue Jean Baby", a best in Denim party. I love the combination of Orange and Dark Denim, as opposite colors on the wheel, the contrast of Blue and Orange is really appealing. This is Constanza Volare's Primavera Dress. I am in love with her flexi skirts, they are brilliant, move so nicely, and I never have to adjust a single thing to make them work for me. *Alchemy* is fast becoming a favorite for lovely dresses and the styles are all so unique and fresh. I picked up the orange with a pair of favorite Dalia shoes from Armidi, I really do wear these all the time, which is saying a lot since I own hundreds of pairs of shoes.


I accessorized with a pair of bangles from PERSONA, I do love this set, they came in a pack of 5 colour sets, I have had them for ages, and they have so many interesting shades or in one set, you can match them with almost anything. I also loved another chance to wear this great Full Prim Necklace from Swallowtail, it is really a special piece. I am wearing my Caroline's Engagement Ring, which I am sure you all know about by now since it appears in 90% of my posts (I am a romantic, what can I say). Eyes and lashes are both from [Detour], which I would be shopping at now if Log-Ins were not diabled. Gotta love that!

Shopping Details:
Eyes – [Detour], Delta Eyes (Hazel)
Hair – *Muism*, Nash (Black)
Skin – biancaF., *QS* Skin – Darjeeling – Acceso (Additional Make-Up) [Subscribe-O-Matic Group Gift - May 12/08]
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Dress – *Alchemy*, Primavera (Orange)
Shoes – Armidi Gisaci, Dalia Pumps (Orange)
Bangles – PERSONA, Bangles Pack (Orange)
Necklace – Swallowtail, Full Prim Beaded Necklace (Red)
Ring - Caroline’s, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire


The Retrology Mother's Day Rose Hunt Is an INSANE Success... We have had the SIM at full Capacity most of the day (50 Avatars), and the Feedback is WONDERFUL! I thought I would let everyone know that the HUNT CONTINUES until Midnight on Monday, May 12/08, So Get Over While You Still Can! There are 30 Roses to Be Found for $0L each! Here is A Showcase of The Fabulous SWAG from the Amazing Retrology Vendors! What are you waiting for?

Every Item in Every Picture is From The Hunt (With The Exception of the Skin, Lashes & Shape)!
Chair - RetroActive Furniture, Hair - Old Gravy (Fat Pack), Necklace & Bangle - /artilleri/, Dress - *Alchemy*, Shoes - Periquita, Eyes - Skin Within
Art - TART Gallery, Dress - Amplify
Art - TART Gallery, Dress - *ICING*, Bracelet - ~*Fresh Baked Goods*~
Record Bin with Flipping Records - Killing Moon Records, Top & Pants - Kid Asia
Suit - comme il faut, Dress - comme il faut, Dress - PIN UP DOLLS Boutique
Hair with Hat - PERSONA, Shirt Dress with Leggings - PERSONA, Checkerboard Bustier & Pants - Old Gravy, Pornstar Checkerboard Sneakers (Unisex) - Urban Bomb Unit
Purple Dress - Ivalde, Green Splash Dress - Hang The DJ!
Unisex Bowling Shirt - Hell Bop Clothing, Scrubs Unisex T-Shirt - Hang The DJ!, Label This Tank Tops (2 0f 6 in Set) - ..Marlys..
Cloudy Sweater - Thimbles, Grey Skirt - Thimbles, Tattoo Tank Top - Punch Drunk, Sunglasses - Thimbles, Swimsuit - ::eLDee::, All Stars Cheer Set - Trixi Stix (Men's Version Included)
Rose Costume - Kitsch*en*Couture

So There is a Brief Glipse of all the FABULOUSNESS to Be Had! An entire wardrobe with Hair (Fatpack of All Shades), 2 Hats (Thimbles Hat Not Shown), Jewelry, Shoes (2 Pair!), 7 Dresses, 4 Pants & Top Sets (Kid Asia Outfit in 2 other Colour Variations), A Swimsuit, 2 Costumes, Tons of Tank-Tops and Some Great Unisex Tops. Not to Mention 2 Pieces of Art, a Great Retro Kitchen Chair (Pick Up As Many as You Need!), and a Fab Flipping Record Bin for Your Chill Pad. Not to mentions a FREE Hosting Mic from RPM Club Supply!

Hurry -- 24 Hours Left To Get It All For FREE, Then Come Back & Shop The Amazing Vendors That Wanted to Make Mother's Day Brilliant for all Of US!

I want to thank all the PARTICIPATING VENDORS once again, for their incredible generosity and assistance with making this amazing event HAPPEN!

Other Credits:
Skin - biancaF., *QS* Skin Freebie
Lashes - Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Shape - Model's Own

Sunday, May 11, 2008

NEW From *Hang The DJ!*

So many things on the go, but I still had time to make some goodies from Hang The DJ! for the Rose Hunt and a New Dress for My Shop. Gonna make it quick so I can Nap Before the SIM BASH @ 11AM Today!

I have added 2 Roses to The Hunt:
One For The Ladies! A Limited Edition Mother's Day Green Version of the Splash Dress! (Only Available in Today's Rose Hunt!)
One For The Gents (or Unisex)!

I also have released a NEW Dress Inspired by the Pop Art Explosion I am loving on the Runways, The Splash Dress Comes in 4 Colour Combinations, each with 2 Flexi Skirt Options. They Sell for $100L Each. Available NOW in My Shop on Retrology!
The Men's/Unisex Scrub T-Shirt (Shown Above) is also Available in My Shop for $50L, It's Tint-Able and comes Tucked & Untucked on all Layers Possible! This One is Definitely Unisex, and can really be customized nicely by Tinting on a grey shaded base. But Get Yer Butt in the Hunt and get it FREE!

Check out "Hang The DJ!" On Retrology Today and HUNT For FREE SWAG! YAY!