Monday, April 14, 2008

[Review] Seldom Blue Serenity Gown

Limited Time Freebie at Seldom Blue!

I am not a review blogger by intention, I don't want to feel obligated to review items, I don't ask for freebies, and I don't want to ever accept items and give the impression that I will blog something that is dropped on me. I have accepted some items as gifts from friends, and I wear them if I think I would have likely purchased them anyways, but that is pretty much the extent of my relationship to reviewing items. I am not a critic, I do not feel I have the skill or fashion knowledge to do so. This morning, as I was logging on, I was clicking through notices and accepting note cards, etc, as I normally do, and realized that someone had dropped a gown on me. I was not familiar with the name, but noticed a flashing IM box from IndigoBlue Dagostino, with a note saying that she wanted me to have a look.

Normally, I put these items in a separate folder to look at as time permits, but as I was getting dressed today, I thought, lets take a peek and see what this gown looks like. I was impressed to say the least. This is the Serenity Gown in Cream from a shop called Seldom Blue, one I had never heard of. I loved that there were three options for the top of the dress, a silky strapless, a lace strap, or a modesty lace jacket option (all show below). The skirt is in two parts, with a lovely sheer chiffon layer over top of the base that moves so nicely and is a lovely full ballgown shape. I also love the Ivory colour of the gown, very pretty, not flashy or over the top, really just a lovely neutral shade. I decided to blog it then and there, and set off to the shop to see how much this item might cost me had I bought it. I was shocked to see that it is a Limited Time Freebie at Seldom Blue, and normally would cost a very reasonable $475LaLas.

To me it had a lovely Classy Retro feel, so I paired it with a sweet pair of gloves from bossa nova, this amazing Juliana hair from ETD, and a pair of simple Vanilla Helia Pumps from =DeLa*=. I was glad to have another reason to wear this lovely pair of Kailena Earrings and Necklace from Muse, sold separately, I think Muse has really set the bar for fine fashionable jewelry in-world. I am also wearing one of my new favorite skins, a review copy from biancaF., and Love Lashes from Detour. I decided to give some lovely eyes from BBBM a try, and love this pair of Watery Eyes in Mud Shades, this one is called Splatter.

I have no idea how long this amazing free gown will be available at Seldom Blue, but I urge you to rush in and grab one, and then check out the rest of the goodies that IndigoBlue Dagostino has to offer!

[Review] Seldom Blue Serenity Gown 3

[Review] Seldom Blue Serenity Gown 2

[Review] Seldom Blue Serenity Gown 1

Shopping Information:
Eyes – BBBM – Big Booty Big Money, Watery Eyes, Mud (Splatter)
Hair – ETD, Juliana (Blonde)
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Skin – bianca F., *bf* Ivoryfata-base [Review Copy]
Gown – Seldom Blue, Serenity Gown (Cream) [Review Copy]
Necklace – Muse, Kailena Earrings (Ivory/Fern)
Necklace – Muse, Kailena Necklace (Ivory/Fern)
Shoes – =DeLa*=, Helia Pumps (Vanilla)
Gloves – bossa nova, From Norma Dress (Moss)[Availability May Vary]
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire


Thema Felix said...

Thanks for the note about the freebie :) This look is so lovely on you!

Small technical note: whenever I try to click your links (to in-world locations) on your blog or through the rss feeds, they don't work. Are you pasting them in without the http:// in front perhaps? Maybe giving them a test will make what I mean a bit clearer.

I totally dig this blog. I greatly enjoy your passion for fashion (yes, it rhymes; and yes, I groaned when I said that haha!). Have a great evening!

Jhuzen Ketsugo said...

Oh Lord.. TY Thema, I can't believe I have been doing them all wrong this whole time. Here I was thinking I was a big-shot doing the HTML by hand, and blogspot apparently doesn't recognize mine, but uses an identical looking imbedded link tool. Yikes, Thanks again, will be done properly from now on! ~ Ketsy