Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Feeling Fierce!

I was thrilled to be invited to the Opening of the Starlust Motel by friend Stein Shilova last Friday, and decided to Glam up for the Party. Stein has created some really adorable and unique shapes in her shop HOT BOX, and I was thrilled to finally get a look at what has been keeping her so busy! The invite called for Glam, but the Glam look I put together was slightly unconventional I would say, and it all started with my Shopping Day last week. Starting at Paper Couture, I picked up these amazing chunky Art Deco Earrings. After picking up armloads of goodies at P.C., I dragged my fella along to REDGRAVE, to take a look at their new Men's stuff, particularly the new shoes. Of course I had to take a peek at the Women's shop, and when I saw this sexy little Brown Glitter Clubbing Dress... I had to make it mine. I normally don't go for anything so overtly sexy, but this dress was fierce! It came with the Fishnets, and some Gold Ring & Bangles sets that were a little too over the top for me, but still very nice. I think that these Boots from REDGRAVE in the Smoke Leather colour go so well with the dress, and they are so nicely made. There is a little alpha oddness about them on the calf, but only transient, and depending on the angle you are looking from, still a boot I adore and highly recommend.

So going with the Fierce theme, I was ecstatic to wear this amazing NEW hair from Philotic Energy. I just felt so sexy in this unexpected and very funky Xantha hair, and I just love that it cam be dressed up with a glam club look, or could work equally well with a grungy urban look. PE is fast becoming my go-to place for unique and show-stopping hair. Sexy Cake Bedroom Lashes add even more drama to the look and draw focus to some great Hazel Eyes from Detour. I think that this great Found Hearts Bracelet from Yummy pulled in the gold of the earring nicely, and didn't clutter up the look.

I have been looking closely at the new line of Canimal Skins, ever since Canimal Zephyr dropped a review pack on me upon their release. I don't normally do reviews, so I wasn't sure how I would handle the situation, but I must say, trying the skin on and getting a good look at it made me really re-think my exclusive love affair with Celestial Studios skins. I really think wearing them a few times made all the difference, and the look of the brows and the lovely make-ups is not such a drastic departure from my usual look. So this week I went out and picked up a three-pack from Canimal, and I am really loving them. This is the Essence of... PinUp in the Grace skin tone, and I really think it is a stunning skin. Perhaps the best part about the Canimal skins, the price! $800LaLa Bucks for one, and a Pack of three for $2000LaLas. Not only that, but it came with a gift card for $1000LaLas to use towards other 'body shop' items, like shapes, eyes, and lashes. Really worth a look, a Fierce one!

Look Of The Day [Apr.5/08] 2

Look Of The Day [Apr.5/08] 1

Eyes – [Detour], Delta Eyes (Hazel)
Hair – PE – Philotic Energy, Xantha (Black)
Lashes – FNKY! & Cake, Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Skin – Canimal, Essence (Grace)… of PinUp [Gloss & Lip Colour Mods]
Brow – Canimal, Med Sharp Arch
Earrings - P.C. Paper Couture, Art Deco Earrrings
Dress – REDGRAVE, Brown Glitter Clubbing Dress (Incl. Fishnets)
Bracelet – (Yummy), Found Hearts Bracelet, Gold (Script To Black Bands)
Boots – REDGRAVE, Smoke Leather Sculpties


Anonymous said...

wow WOW..you look amazing..and that dress ohlalala..it will be mine!!!

Nika said...

WOW, I love that dress. *Adds Redgrave to the shopping list*

Abby Coalcliff said...

That is freakin fierce!