Sunday, June 8, 2008

Spice Up Your Life

Look Of The Day [June 1/2000] 1

Oh Shoes, How I Love Thee! When my sister Anessa told me that ETD had some great new shoes, I was eager to see. Elika's buckle boots were the first prim shoes I owned (ignoring a pink blingy platform error, I was such a noob!), and I have been a fan ever since. Her new releases are brilliant, there is no other word. The shape of these Starley Pumps is so lovely, I got it in at least 4 different colour or print options, and I was spoiled for choice really. But the one I HAD to have, this warm orange Spice colour. I didn't know if I would ever find the dress to wear with them, but I wanted them.

Anessa and I power shop like maniacs when we can finally hit the shops together. After hitting ETD, Anessa and I moved on to <3 Cupcakes to grab up the dozens of free and fabulous dresses, but when I saw this Tangerine Mini Dress in the New Releases section, I was over the moon! That's the dress to go with the shoes! I love this sexy minidress, and since this is the summer of legs (so says I), I showed of my stems in style. I stayed with the warm tones, opting to wear my Gold Burlington Handbag from Adam n Eve. I love a wee bit of kitsch, and these huge earring from (Yummy), the Together Earrings, look very glam from afar, but close up are adorable little Japanese dolls. I pulled in some lovely bangles from /artilleri/ that Antie put out in the Mother's Day Rose Hunt on Retrology, I am not sure if she sells them in her shop, but she should! The Wooden Bangles are touch scripted to change wood colour textures. how awesome is that? Also wearing my Caroline's Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire.

Look Of The Day [June 1/2000] 2

This hair is a new release from *Muism*, Cindy, and I am seriously Jonesing for more releases in their hair department (as well as pretty much everything else they make to be honest). The Skin is from bianca F., one of my favorites, the Longeyes make-up is so dramatic. Speaking of bianca F., her new sim *Velvet* opened to the public yesterday, and she has some great freebies (including a skin) hidden around the SIM in big red hearts, easy to find, and there are some great goodies out for you to grab! Eyes are from Freak Fantasia, Love Lashes by [Detour].

Shopping Info:
Dress - <3 Cupcakes, Mini Dress (Tangerine)
Shoes – ETD, Starley Pumps (Spice)
Bag – Adam n Eve, Burlington Handbag (Gold)
Bangles - /artilleri/, Wooden Bracelets (Texture Change, Set to Brown Wood) [Retrology Rose Hunt]
Earrings – (Yummy), Together Earrings
Ring – Caroline’s, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Skin – bianca F., fata-ivory-longeyes
Hair - *Muism*, Cindy (Silver)
Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes

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