Tuesday, June 3, 2008

If You Want Attention...

In response to her questions about a new flickr group called "Thinspo in SL", Tenshi Vielle was told "If you want attention, wear a watermelon around your neck" by the groups founder. The group is basically promoting unhealthy looking avatars and idolizing chachexic (it means a wasted body, as in one that has used every single fat cell to keep itself alive... pays to be an RN) and possibly anorexic RL models, and using these images as "Thin Inspirations" and ideals to strive towards.

If You Want Attention... [1]

Tenshi Vielle, among a number of other advocate bloggers, brought the issue to the fore on her blog. In the commentary that followed Tenshi's post on Shopping Cart Disco, she highlighted this ludicrous response to her attempt to join the Flickr group. My comments stated that if someone would make me a Watermelon Necklace, I would wear it and blog it; Because if being anti-PRO ANOREXIA is seeking attention, then count me in!

If You Want Attention... [2]

Moire Georgette of bossa nova fame and the new comme il faut brand promptly dropped this baby on me, and I just got around to wearing it. Sorry for the delay Moire! Embrace the Watermelon People... It is your friend! No one is saying that thin is evil and fat is good, but the promotion of an unhealthy lifestyle in any form is deplorable.

If You Want Attention... [2]


Sakuradawn Lei said...

:O I want attention and a watermelon!

I love my sl curves too!

Dot Lane said...

I totally blogged the watermelon!


Bella Baroque said...

i have like 5 more watermelons since moire dropped one on me! I LOVE THEM!!!!! anyone want one, i have some spares, hehehe

Torley said...

Pretty soon, you're not going to have a necklace, 'cuz you know what? I eat watermelons. :3

Jhuzen Ketsugo said...

Torley Totally Commented on My Blog! I May Now Die Happy! *lolz*
/me makes mental note to send Torley a Melon!