Saturday, September 6, 2008

Red Foxy

Look Of The Day [September 4/08] 1

Oh how I love to discover "New to Me" designers. I had never heard of *Fishy Strawberry* before this week, but how could you forget a name like that? Although it is not the palatable of names, the offerings at *Fishy Strawberry* are a delight. I first nabbed this great pair of Gold Jeans, which come will full length and the Capri versions I am wearing, and several cuff options, including a sculpted version. The next bit of yumminess I purchased was this great Minihood Jacket, with sculptie arms and hood. The colour selections are out of this world, the shop is adorable and then some, and the clothes are sweet and fun, they even have some men's items in store. Right next door is the new mainstore for *i-Candy*, a shop I have visited and shopped in the past. Some seriously cute items, from the Boom Box Bags (there is one for sale as a Dollarbie in the shop, grab it!), the the high-top chucks, and even some great Harajuku mini-skirts. On this trip to *i-Candy* I picked up this adorable Green Butterfly Ring. I am always on the hunt for big impressive rings, so I was thrilled to but to find this cute little guy to take home with me.

Look Of The Day [September 4/08] 2

I had been using the same ears and tail for the "Naughty Nekos" events at PIN UPS for a long time, and decided it was time for a change. I headed to *=Hybrid=*, perhaps the best place for a Neko to start, and picked up this adorable Kitsune Starter Set. Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox, and I love the tail and soft velvety looking ears, the set is fully scripted, with more options that I can figure out, but I decided to tint the parts a deep burgundy red, just my personal taste, but you can modify them dozens of ways. I have had this great T-Shirt from PanJen for ages, but it is still a favorite. The slogan "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life from a Broken Heart" is so up my alley, I believe that music can heal, and in our virtual world, the voice of a DJ is sometimes the most real thing about it. The belt is a great combo belt and purse from Cake. The Flexi Utilitarian Belt Bag is unisex, comes in two sizes, and each size had two possible attachment points. I love the little cell phone tucked in the pocket, details like that always make me smile. The shoes are the amazing REDGRAVE Sculpted Sneakers in Red Stripped, wish I had these in RL.

Look Of The Day [September 4/08] 3

Another great wig from (JUNWAVE), this Spicy stile in this fabulous dark ruby like Red is a great piecey shag cut, I love wearing spiked punky cute hair with a street wear look. Canimal's Essence of Earth skin in the Grace tone this time, how I adore these skins, I am really enjoying them. Miriel really does make some of the most amazing eyes I have seen in-world, these Hazel Eyes are so lovely, the texture in them is like Jewelry, all her eyes are lovely, and worth a loog if you have never been. My favorite [Detour] Love Lashes make me feel very foxy indeed.

Shopping Details:
Jacket - *Fishy Strawberry*, Minihoood (Red)
T-Shirt – PanJen, DJ Saved My Life (Short)
Jeans - *Fishy Strawberry*, Jeans Gold (Capri)
Belts – Cake, Flexi Utilitarian Belt Bag
Shoes – REDGRAVE, Red-Stripped Sculptie Sneakers
Ring - *i-Candy*, Green Butterfly Ring
Ears, Tail - *=Hybrid=*, v2 Kitsune Starter Set (Large Ears, Small Tail, Tinted)
Hair – (JUNWAVE), Spicy Red_L
Skin – Canimal, Essence (Grace)… of Earth
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Eyes – Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)

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Keaira Skytower said...

Mm, I love that minihood jacket. I might just have to go get me that :)