Monday, September 15, 2008

A Highland Fling!

Scottish Lass_1

Every now and again, I get inspired and think of insane Events for PIN UPS. A few weeks ago, while DJing, we were discussing favorite movies and hit upon "So I Married An Axe Murderer". If you have not seen it, you simply must. Mike Myers is an absolute scream, playing both the lead, and his own father, and he does a brilliant Scottish accent. We all started quoting the film, "Head... Move!", and then I came up with my latest hair-brained idea, let's do an "If It Ain't Scottish It's Crap" Event! Sound like great fun, we all go get a nice tartan, we get to see men in kilts, WIN/WIN. I had no idea how hard it would be to actually find a suitable costume for the event. There is little to be had in traditional Scottish attire for women, and what I did find was pretty primitive in design. I literally spent days looking for something, and then with only ten minutes to spare, hit SLX hoping to get lucky. I purchased the first costume I found that looked authentic (there are a lot of teensie prim mini-skirts that claim to be Scottish costumes), and threw the folder on myself with moments to spare before the event started. I think I must have had the fashion angels looking out for me, this amazing Ja Sa' Lady of Boldness costume is traditional, beautiful, and I felt like a Celtic Princess in it.

Scottish Lass_3

I adore this Juliana Style from ETD, it is perhaps one of 10 styles I will wear with any regularity, it is simply lovely. I really like the small curl on the forehead, it has a decidedly retro flavor, while still looking polished and contemporary depending on what you wear it with. I managed to snag the Naturals I pack, so having it in 5 shades makes it really wearable. I have mentioned it before, but this is actually the second premium skin I ever purchased, and my first from Celestial Studios. This Charmed Line Earth 4 Skin is the one that makes me feel most like myself, if that makes any sense, and it will always be my favorite. Eyes are the luminous Splatter from Big Booty Big Money's Watery Eyes in the Mud colour pack. Separated Lashes are from Cake.

Scottish Lass_6

I went light on accessories, but couldn't resist this amazing new release from Caroline's Jewelry. Caroline Apollo is endlessly talented, and her new releases are truely objects of desire. This Black Pearl and Diamond Flower Set in the Silver setting is lovely, and includes these great stud earrings as well as a matching ring. I am also wearing another piece from (Caroline's), my Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring. I wore a simple pair or flats from (Shiny Things), these Cocoa Ballet Flats have an ankle wrap, and work well with a lot of costume looks. So off I went, exploring the Second Life Eilean Donan Castle Recreation, an ancient Scottish Castle built, and I felt perfectly at home, it was a joyous fling with another fabulous traditional costume.

Scottish Lass_4

Shopping Details:
Costume – Ja Sa’, Lady of Boldness by Stephania Vuvkovic [SLX]
Shoes – (Shiny Things), Ballet Flats (Cocoa)
Earrings, Ring (R) – (Caroline’s), Black Pearl & Diamond Flower Set (Silver)
Ring (L) – (Caroline’s), Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring
Hair – ETD, Juliana (Copper)
Skin – Celestial Studios, Chamed Line (Tone 20, Earth 4)
Lashes – Cake, Separated Lashes
Eyes – BBBM, Watery Eyes, Mud (Splatter)
Location: Second Life Eilean Donan Castle Recreation

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