Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Modest Silks

Look Of The Day [August 31/08] 1

Silks are a tricky business. There are lots of fabulous silks out there, every colour imaginable, some scripted, some adorned, and some purely prim creations. But the most common feature is that they are very baring. When we have "Saturday Silks" events on occasion at PIN UPS, I always try to wear new silks, but I am not personally comfortable revealing to much skin, call me silly, I know it's just my avatar, but I am a modest person, and it just isn't my thing, it's on of the reasons I don't blog very much lingerie, which I own in truck-loads, for me personally, that is private. In any case, one of the best solutions for a modest yet sexy silks look, is this great set of Red India Silks from *Solange*. By no means inexpensive, the silks from *Solange*, sometimes labeled The Silk Raven (TSR), are worth the price for all the amazing extras they include, jewelry, multiple layer options, long or short prim silk skirts, and different sheerness layers. The colour selection is perhaps the most difficult decision you will have to make, which includes metal accent options, as the selection is extensive. *Solange* also offers other items, some really sexy dresses, and the men's silks are incredibly well made too. This India set comes with this great modest tied system skirt, I love the dangling coin texture cutouts. The singlet on the forehead is low prim, being more of an alpha texture image, but still really lovely. You can also purchase an optional add-on pack with additional traditional prim scarf skirt options.

Look Of The Day [August 31/08] 2

I never wear shoes with silks, it just doesn't look right to me, so I opted for bare feet here, and went heavy on the accessories. I started with some bangles, these stacks were an in-store gift at Zaara Indian Couture, and I believe they are still available. I wore the orange set, then modified them, selecting all the orange bracelets and tinted then a dark red to match the silks. I rarely wear belly charms, but decided my exposed tummy needed a little something-something, and went with a simple ruby dangle bead from All That Glitters, there doesn't seem to be an in world location that I can find however, so I have no idea how long i have had it. Going with the ethnic themed accessories, I brought in this fabulous pair of earrings from {JUNK}, the Crescent Moon Chandelier Earrings have great intricately curved prims filling out the crescent moon shape. I also pulled in the Gold Florina Ring from (Shiny Things), I love the hammered look of the metal, the center pearl, details that would escape most unless you took a really close up look, but it is precisely the details that take my breath away. It may be a world of pixels and prims, but the talent of some creators, their efforts to bring touches of reality to our cartoon world, is astounding.

Look Of The Day [August 31/08] 3

This amazing Wild Orchid hair from EXILE is completely stunning, I love attending Expo shows for this reason above all, the discovery of as yet unknown (to me) content creators. This hair is a wonderful tousled updo, with great pieces falling over the forehead and to the side, but the best part is the exceptional sculpted orchid that is scripted to touch, you can select the colour of orchid to match your look, and as with all modifiable hair, you can even remove the orchid if you wish (as my sister Anessa did). Skin is Celestial Studios Charmed Line, the smokey eyed Red-Dusk make-up adds some drama. Love lashes are from [Detour], and Hazel Eyes from Karamia. Altogether a sexy look, and the best way to go if you want to wear silks and keep a little bit left up to the imagination.

Shopping Details:
Silks - *Solange*, India in Red/Gold (M) [Headband, System Necklace, Bra, Jacket, Pants, & Skirt]
Bangles – Zaara:, Bangles Set *Orange and Green*, ID Special Bangles (Orange, Orange Bangles Hand Tinted to Red) [In-Store Free Gift]
Belly Ring – All That Glitters, Belly Star – Tarnished (Ruby)[No SLURL Found]
Earrings – {Junk}, Crescent Moon Chandelier Earrings
Ring – (Shiny Things), Florina Ring (Gold)
Hair – EXILE, Wild Orchid, Blacks (Black Cherry, Orchid to Gold)[Hair Fair]
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Red- Dusk)
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Eyes - -KM-, Hazel Eyes

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