Monday, September 15, 2008

The Party Girl

Look Of The Day [September 14/08]1

Putting an outfit together is usually something that takes me quite a bit of time. Choosing the right shoes, accessories, hair, skin, lashes, it is an obsession, and takes the better part of half an hour when I can spare the time. But on the night of my shared Birthday Party with my sister Anessa, I literally went from a Pajama Party Event that ended at 9PM SLT, to the Birthday Bash Anessa had organized for 9PM SLT within 10 minutes. How does one go from a pair of PJs and Slippers to party ready in a flash? It's a little thing I like to call the party dress, and when I was looking for something with WOW factor and little effort, I dove into my inventory and found this amazing Auto De Fe Black Dress from Big Booty Big Money.

Look Of The Day [September 14/08] 2

I had wanted it for ages, and when Evelyn Edelman of BBBM was closing her shop on [ENVY], she had a huge sale and I finally snagged it. I really love the bow details on the hem, they look like a cross between butterflied and small knotted ribbons, they are really spectacular. The bodice of the dress is one of the most daring plunge v-necks I have ever worn, and frankly, there is no way I could wear something like this in RL, but it is really a creative masterpiece, the greys and blacks accented with a soft lilac shade. It pretty much screams "Party Dress".

Look Of The Day [September 14/08] 3

Next, think shoes, what one pair of shoes goes with almost everything? Well the Maitreya ChiChi Pump of course! When Onyx LeShelle released them, I could only afford two pair, so I opted for the white and the black versions. I wear them both, very often, and the scripted colour change rims make them customizable to match your look best. When Caroline Apollo debuted her recent releases, I headed out to Caroline's Jewelry to get a pile of new baubles for myself, courtesy of my man Draco's gift of shopping LaLas. I had purchased this great Broken Long Strand Black Pearls necklace in the shop, before wandering outside to take a look around and discovering that the Lucky Chair had a scripted version that you or anyone else can break apart with a click on the lower part of the long loop. Draco stood by as I waited for over an hour to see my letter come up, worth every second, as I adore scripted jewelry. Speaking of scripted, this set of ~*Fresh Baked Goods*~ Gem Jelly Donut Bangles are the perfect accessory when time is short, with one click you can make them match anything by setting the gem and bangle colours. I pulled on a great Princess Ring from Paper Couture when I got back to my studio to take these shots, also adding this cute Nerdy Birdy bag.

Look Of The Day [September 14/08] 4

I wore a different hair style to the party, for a more "me" look, but later put on this great Teagan style from ~Tickled Pink~, another Hair Fair find. I love a cute up-do, and this one is really sweet, I especially like the texturing on it, the transition from a darker black to a more smokey black colour on the tips. Parties call for party pretty make-up, so I went with this glittery eyed Silver 2 make-up from Celestial Studios Charmed Line. Also wearing Delta Eyes in Hazel from [Detour], and Bedroom Lashes from Cake. So I went from pajamas to party ready in about 10 minutes, a record time for me. It should be an Olympic Sport!

Shopping Details:
Dress – Big Booty Big Money, Auto De Fe Black Dress
Shoes – Maitreya, Chi Chi Pumps (Black)
Bag – Nerdy Birdy, Mechanics Badge Purse “Bunny” (Lavender)[No Current Location]
Necklace – Caroline’s Jewelry, Broken Long Strand Black Pearls (Scripted) [Lucky Chair]
Bangles - ~*Fresh Baked Goods*~, Gem Jelly Donut Bangle Set (Silver)
Ring – Paper Couture, P.C., Princess Ring
Hair - ~Tickled Pink~, Teagan – Tickled Jet Black
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Glitter – Silver 2)
Lashes – Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Eyes - [Detour], Delta Eyes


Anonymous said...

are you really sisters?

Jhuzen Ketsugo said...

Yes "Anonymous" we are really identical twin sisters in RL. That post on the website (now defunct) was written at a time when I had moved from using my legal and payment verified Alt account "Catherine Fairweather" back to my first and main account. I stopped using that account because of an awful personal relationship and becuase it was created at a time when I didn't realize you could be many things in the same avatar (I once thought they were just characters in specific defined roles). Most people who know me for any period of time know that we are one and the same person, and it is not something I hide, no big secret, the account was and is legal, and is now used for PIN UPS business purposes only.

TY for your inquiries, no need for anonymity, you could have asked directly.

~ Ketsy

Ghanima said...

lovely dress ^^