Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blue Jean Junkie

Look Of The Day [September 28/08] 1

I think it has been well established that I have more Jeans then anyone could ever wear, at last count about 120 pair. I had convinced myself that there would be absolutely no more denim in my future shopping lists, I even bragged to my partner Draco that there was really nothing I needed to buy ever again, having hundreds of items I have yet to even wear once, and ten-fold that number of things I have only worn once. But that was before the brilliantly talented Zaara Kohime introduced her new line of denim this week. They are just too fantastic not to own, and I had to seriously use every bit of restraint to decide on only one pair. These Zaara Jewelled Jeans in Indigo are so classic and well made, with three sculpted cuff options, and those little touched that make Zaara one of my favorite places to shop of late. The lovely gold jewelled chain over one hip make these jeans not only unique but incredibly sexy. I wanted to show off the jewelled accent on the jeans, so choose a top that revealed the details while offering a lot of style and coverage. This 1/3 of a Tee Shirt from *Thimbles* was the perfect pick, not only is it sexy, as the 1/3 Tee reveals a great tank-top beneath it, but it comes in all layer options, including the pieces individually or together on one layer.

Look Of The Day [September 28/08] 2

Boots were an easy choice here, as I have been looking for another opportunity to wear these INSOLENCE Natasha Boots, here in a Violet colour that matched the aubergine of the T-Shirt well. Prim cuffs on pants make it easy to convert tall boots to go a step further by only using the shoe base parts, for a tucked under pants look. I wanted to continue with the theme of natural stones in antique looking gold settings to match the chain on the jeans, so I started with some Turquoise Natural Stone Earrings from Swallowtail. I was pleased to discover this great Vintage Heart Necklace from [Curio] in my inventory, a previous group gift. It comes in silver and gold, new and old metals, and looked really great with the high neckline of the Tee. When I was sent a review pack from Burroughs Jewellery, I remember looking at the items and thinking how pretty they all were, but not really seeing them working into my personal sense of style, that was before I realized that each and every item from Burroughs is scripted to change not only stone and gem colours, but also the metal colour and size. They are really fantastic pieces, and can work in so many ways, mixed and matched between sets, and personalized to suit your own style to a tee. Here I am wearing the Julia Ring and the Rommy Bracelet, setting the stones and metals to match the rest of the look.

Look Of The Day [September 28/08] 3

The more I find in my Hair Fair folders, the more I realize just how wonderful it was to be exposed to dozens of hair designers I had never known previously. I spend thousands of LaLas there, and that was pretty painful at the time, but I have yet to find one style I have purchased that I am not instantly in love with. This *ARGRACE* Hunting Style, Chiffon Curl in the Black shade is absolutely lovely. The hair texture is incredible realistic and the alphas work nicely without the normal high-glitch factor. The hat is part of the wig, and really stylish with a scripted colour change option. My only issue is that this *ARGRACE* wig is no-mod, and comes with a re-sizer script, which is nice for making it larger or smaller, but makes it impossible to do small prim adjustments around the ears or forehead, making it necessary to wear a larger size then you might otherwise choose. A small criticism, but one I think is important for hair designers to consider. Skin is another favorite from Celestial Studios with Love Lashes by [Detour], and Hazel Eyes from Philotic Energy.

Shopping Details:
Top – *Thimbles*, 1/3 a Tee Shirt (Eggplant)
Jeans – Zaara:, Jeans {Jewelled} (Indigo)
Boots – INSOLENCE, Natasha Violet Boots (Foot Part Only)
Necklace – [Curio], Vintage Heart Necklace (Purple, Old Gold) [Previous Group Gift]
Earrings – Swallowtail, Natural Stone Earring (Turquoise)
Ring – Burroughs Jewellery, Julia Ring [Review Copy]
Bracelet - Burroughs Jewellery, Rommy Bracelet [Review Copy]
Hair/Hat - *ARGRACE*, Hunting – Chiffon Curl (Black)[Hair Fair]
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Rubies)
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Eyes – PE, Hazel Eyes