Saturday, September 13, 2008

Doing Time In Horst

Doing Time in Horst [1]

Look Of The Day [September 10/08] 1

Melatonin Hax is a down girl, she is one of the most marvy people I have ever met. She is cool but it is effortless, she is smart, and funny, and has great taste in tunes. She is also half of the think-tank from *Thimbles*, and the genius behind ::SPLIT PEA:: Hats. She has been busy the last few weeks, and I can tell you now that you will be very happy that she has been. Take a look at your maps, class, and look at the new neighbors to Floyd and Lloyd, home of the Starlustrious Peoples. There are some new kids on the block named Polly Jean and Horst. Mel and the rest of the Starlust Crew have been very busy, filling up another SIM with fabulous, and having spent a little time in Horst Von Starlustinberg State Pen, you will see why you would be willing to kill to get in behind those bars. A whole crop of fabulous new shops, or inmates as we call them, have set up on Cell Block H, and you are going to love it! Mel sent me this adorable ::SPLIT PEA:: Horst Von Starlustinberg State Pen Pillbox Hat with Veil this week, and I was dying to put a look together to showcase this adorable creation. I can't wait till the official opening of Horst so that you all can get a look, it is going to be a great place to discover new-to-you content.

Look Of The Day [September 10/08] 2

When I think prison, I think stripes, so I went for it with this adorable dress from **THE CLOSET**. The Scale Print Dress comes in a number of colour combinations, but the black and white stripes make it slimming and eye catching. I really like the ruffled details on the cap sleeves. So many colours to work with here, but I decided to stay with the black and white, and paired the dress with a great White pair of Tights from Blaze*. These shoes are absolutely drop dead fabulous too. The Death Dolly Goth Mary Jane Pumps from Unique Needs! are the antidote to sugary sweet Mary Janes, with rows of spikes and skull and crossbones adornments. I love a chunky pump like this, and pairing it with a pale opaque tight and mini-dress is always a great move. A fabulous bag from **DP**yumyum means I can carry all those prison essentials, shiv, cigarettes to barter with, maybe some girly mags for those lonely nights. This is one of the great Vinyl Totebags offered by **DP**yumyum, and the selection is great, as is the price. Now to the prison meals, nothing better then some ~*Fresh Baked Goods*~ to make doing hard time a little easier, and the new Turkish Delight Bracelet Set is a great way to go. These sets from come in several combinations, a real departure from the candy colours I normally associate with the shop, and the price of $100 LaLas for a set is a steal.

Look Of The Day [September 10/08] 3

Hair is more Hair Fair fabulousness, this wig is from Philotic Energy, one of my longtime favorites. I love the texture of this Charcoal with White Tips Colour, and the Adi style works well with the Pill Box Hat too. Skin is Canimal's Essence of Pinup, an absolute favorite, and eyes are the piercingly sexy Splatter Eyes from the Watery Eyes - Mud Collection at Big Booty Big Money. If prison garb looked this sexy, people would be desperately trying to get in rather then out. I await the opening of Horst, so I can do the Jail House Rock reenactments I have been longing for.

Shopping Details:
Dress - **THE CLOSET**, Scale Print Dress_YLW
Tights – Blaze*, Pantyhose/Tights Bundle of 13 Colors (White)
Shoes - *UN!*, Death Dolly Goth Mary Jane Pumps (Black)
Hat - ::SPLIT PEA::, Horst Von Starlustinberg State Pen Pillbox (Veil)
Bag - **DP**yumyum, Vinyl Tote Bag 05 (Left Hand)
Bracelets - ~*FBG*~, Turkish Delight Bracelet Set (Black & White)
Hair – PE, Adi (Charcoal, White Tipped) [Hair Fair]
Eyes – BBBM, Watery Eyes, Mud (Splatter)
Skin – Canimal, Essence (Grace)… of Pinup

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