Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pure Jeanius

Look Of The Day [August 11/08] 1

I love a great pair of jeans, this is particularly evident if you ever saw my inventory, since I own close to one-hundred pair. I have pretty much forgotten what most of them look like, and I certainly have favorites, but this great pair of -Veschi- Jeanius Pants has got to be one of them. I love something that is completely unique, and Alla Ruff has a whole shop full of that. These Speckled Denim Pants from -Veschi- were a previous group gift, and I had almost completely forgotten about them until this past week when I was looking through my NEW STUFF folders for something I had never worn. I love the buttons and high waist panel in the front, and the wide flared cuffs are really funky. I opted to pair them with a very simple Aqua Tank Top from *Muism*, and built the rest of the look from there.

I seem to forget to wear Tattoos until we have an event at PIN UPS that calls for them, but this Body Graffiti Rockstar Set from Canimal was my first set, and is still my favorite. I received this awesome Bliensen + MaiTai Bottle Tops Jewelry Choker as a review copy many weeks back, and it is another piece I really love. That fact that the pendant has the letter K on it makes it even more special for me, since everyone calls me "Kets" in world. I really love anything that looks hand-crafted, there is too much futuristic looking jewelry in-world, and Bliensen + MaiTai do a lot of great pieces that fit the bill. Anessa sent me this set of M.R.M. FACTORY "Universe" Mix Bracelets a few weeks back, they are a really funky jumble of bracelets and bangles, and they are scripted to touch to change to several themes, for completely different looks, really an amazing set to have. The bag is a great find from a trip to Gritty Kitty this week, as I am always on the hunt for great purses. This Gritty Kitty Tote Bag is scripted to change to a number of different textures, so you actually get close to a dozen looks with the one purchase, talk about making your LaLas go the distance. This trend for scripted items is one I am enjoying, it saves on items in inventory, and makes for a lot of individuality in your accessories. I love these Kitties Lair Kewt Peep Mules, the colour selection in this style is great, but I really liked this Aqua and Gold pair, they are a really unique combination. Also wearing my Drifting Sands Tunnel Multi Set Ear Piercings.

Look Of The Day [August 11/08] 2

I was really interested in the many hair styles on the feeds this week with bright coloured chunks in them. I picked up this Metric Style from Gritty Kitty, but since it was not scripted and had no streaks, I opted to modify it by hand, selecting linked parts, and hand-tinting a section to match the Aqua Blue in this look. That is one major benefit of wearing white wigs, they are easily tinted. Skin is one of the amazing Canimal Essence Skins, the Simplicity Make-Up was in the Release Review Pack that Canimal Zephyr sent out to a lot of bloggers, and it was the reason I went a purchased a three skin pack, this week I am planning to go back and buy more of them, since they are such a unique skin. Love Lashes are favorites from [Detour], and Glassy Mustard Green Eyes are from Freak Fantasia.

Shopping Details:
Top - *Muism*, Tank Top (Aqua)
Pants - -Veschi-, Jeanius Pants (Speckled Denim) [Previous Group Gift]
Shoes – Kitties Lair *KL*, Peep Mules Kewt! (Aqua Gold)
Bag - Gritty Kitty, Tote Bag (B) Texture Change
Choker – Bliensen + MaiTai, Bottle Tops Jewelry, Choker S [Review Copy]
Earrings – Drifting Sands, Tunnel Multi Set Ear Piercing
Bracelets – M.R.M. FACTORY, Mix Bracelet “Universe” – Texture Change
Tattoos – Canimal, Body Graffiti (ROCKSTAR Pack, Blue)
Hair – Gritty Kitty, Metric (White, One Section Hand Tinted Turquoise)
Skin – Canimal, Essence (Grace)… of Simplicity [Review Copy]
Lashes - [Detour], Love Lashes
Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green Eyes

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Nice blog! I really like that short hairstyle, you are very god at this fashion blog thing, i cant put 2 complements together, much less make proper description or review about them, the tragedy is that i actually have a blog myself, im trying to "promote" my "shop"...not sure these are terms i can use since..well it's all a bit disasterous really, but if you have a time take a look, you may even like something and i may even become a second life magnate...yes...most likely not.