Friday, August 15, 2008

Grape & Berry Jellybeans

Look Of The Day [August 8/08] 1

A quickie today becuase I am DJing my little buns off today for the Vain Inc. Party on *Velvet* this afternoon at 4pm SLT. It's gonna be a sexy Boudoir Theme, so come out in your sexy sultry looks, and don't be shy! There is also a gift hunt on the *Velvet* SIM this weekend, and I have it from Hazel Homewood herself that the SWAG is fabulous! Don't Miss It!

I threw this berry coloured confection together when I was a bit down, colour always has a way of perking me up. I love this **DP**yumyum Naughity Jelly Bean Jacket in Blue, just a nice casual layer, and it comes with four different version. Right now shopping at places like **DP**yumyum is especially worthwhile, as I am busy collecting my CSR cards. I am wearing a great Grapes Retro T-Shirt from Twosome, who do some really great separates, and I adore having Long tummy covering shirts on that I can tuck it, coming on shirt and undies layers for versatility. The shorts are from D!FF=>, which are no longer available, but I am so glad I snapped up a couple of pairs before the closed shop, the style is really cute and funky. The /Feul/* Summer Chibs in Berry were a limited edition pair of flats at the recent Footwear Expo, but they have a great assortment of sweet colours available in shop for you to drool over.

Look Of The Day [August 8/08] 2

I am wearing some great Turquoise Uncut Gems from Swallowtail, both Necklace and Bracelet, though sold separately are great pieces to add a dash of colour and an organic touch to any look. Similarly, the Paper Couture Diamond Bee Ring adds a lot of Personality to any look. Hair is also another sweet style from **DP*yumyum, I really am loving their hair, this one simply named 03. The styles are cute and the textures are really nice too. Catwalk Lashes from MMS, and Glassy Mustard Green Eyes from Freak Fantasia. Just a sweet, simple, colourful look that made me feel comfortable and a little brighter.

Shopping Details:
Jacket - **DP**, Naughity Jelly Beans (Blue 1)
Top – Twosome, Grapes Retro Top
Shorts – D!FF=>, Hot Pink Dongipani Shorts [No Longer Available]
Shoes – /Feul/*, Limited Edition *Summer Chibs Berry [Footwear Expo]
Necklace – Swallowtail, Uncut Gems Necklace Turquoise
Earrings – Swallowtail, Uncut Gems Bracelets Turquoise
Ring – Paper Couture, P.C., Diamond Bee Ring
Hair - **DP**yumyum, 03 (Sesame Black)
Lashes – MMS, Catwalk Lashes
Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green Eyes

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