Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Skinny On Skin Fair 2014 - Part 2

So this is the post where I reveal my favorite Skin Fair Exclusives, the skins that made my jaw drop open and my Linden dollar balance shrink at once. While I only purchased one set of skins this month, I will have my eyes and my heart all tied up with all three of these amazing skins.  Let me say that of all the skins at the fair, these were the three I tried on last. Why? First, because I remember these content creators and their work from my past, and they were always going to be among my finalists. Secondly, they were the only selections I made that came boxed as opposed to in a folder, which meant I couldn't try them on at the fair, I had to go to my own little corner of SL and open them up to get a look at them. I did this will all the DEMO skins, since the images were snapped in my studio, but these came after the images for Part 1 of this post were already taken.

Best Custom Options

Hart Larrson of [PXL] Skins nearly gave me heart failure at the mere sight of his new skins at the fair. I have worn and blogged [PXL] in the past, but the limitless ability to customize these new skins is beyond a dream come true for me.  Moles and freckles, brow colors, cleavage options, and stunning make-up on top of all that. How fast can you say "Yes Please!".  To be sure I wasn't blinded by past feelings for my [PXL] past, I even tried on a darker olive skin tone, and yup, still loved it. If I had these in my inventory, I might have a difficult time choosing a skin to go with my look-of-the-day posts, never mind just an outfit. [PXL] wins my prize for the most customizable skins that work beautifully on my existing shape. 

The Runner Up

Second Runner Up Award goes to TULI::, by Tuli Asturias, not a skin I have worn before, but one I have always had my eyes on. In the past, I just couldn't find the right skin out of all the wonderful ones offered at TULI::, they required too much of a shift in my avatar for my comfort. But when I saw the amazing quality of this new Sunny line, I was more than willing to make to switch. Funny thing was, I loved it on my shape just as it was, and that's pretty impressive considering it is a completely different look from my norm. There are just so many lovely details on these skins, the make-up in particular is a style that I can really fall for, and all three tones offered in the DEMO package at the Skin Fair are equally lovely. TULI:: has really upped her game this time, and I will be sure to save up the Lindens to pick up at least one or two of these beauties in the not-so-distant future.

Hands Down Favorite

So here it is folks, my absolute favorite skin (on my shape) from this year's Skin Fair. It has been the talk of the blogger feeds and plurk too, and it is from my very own *League*. The moment I tried this skin on, I gave an audible gasp, it is breathtakingly perfect. The Erin series from *League* has everything I love in a skin, and then some, the brows are perfectly arched, the lips are pouty and well shaped, the brow is highlighted, the collarbone is perfection. The cleavage options are endless, the brows are multi-hued tattoo layers, and it gives me cheek bones for days. I didn't have to modify my shape one iota, and just look at how it worked out. Every new make-up version I tried had me falling deeper and deeper in love with *League*, so I guess it's official, not a huge change maybe, but it is a change that still looks like me. I don't know how Nena Janus does it, makes these skins so brilliantly, line after line, but she just does. I have seen this very same skin DEMO on some of the most famous faces in SL, and yet it looks completely different on every shape, that is a sign of true talent. I already have the hand and feet appliers for the pale tone, so I took advantage of my early access to buy all 10 make-up versions in one great Fat-Pack, for just over 4,500 Lindens. I may be broke now, but I am a happy broke woman. *League* you had me at hello!

**Click on the images to see Larger Sizes on my Flickr Feed.

Skin Fair 2014
March 14th-30th

Your TAXI to the 2014 Skin Fair:

Hair - Clawtooth:, Business Time - Chocolate Cake [NEW@COLLABOR88]
Lingerie - DCNY,Cotton Lingerie_Vintage Flower Field Bra
Eyes - IKON, Ascension Eyes - Hazel (L)
Shape - Models Own

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