Monday, March 31, 2014

Ducks In A Row

Getting My Ducks In A Row: NEW Blog Post @ Second Life Fashion Addict
[Full Credits Below Post]
Sometimes, 'Getting Ones' Ducks In A Row' is like chasing Ice Cubes in a Hot Frying Pan. A little ridiculous, a lot useless, no matter how hard you try, they keep shifting out of place. This is sort of my theme this week, I need to let the ducks do their thing, and hope they get organized on their own.

Getting My Ducks In A Row: NEW Blog Post @ Second Life Fashion Addict

Having had a painful and weepy day at the hospital, I was just happy to finally get home and find a minute to pull this long in the making post together. Ever since I got these sweet GACHA Birdy/Alchemy Spring Babies at The Chapter Four, this post has been germinating. 

Getting My Ducks In A Row: NEW Blog Post @ Second Life Fashion Addict

Needing to build a space where I could unleash my little Ducky family meant a special build on my parcel. I wanted it to be kitschy and homey, lots of spring flowers and lots of pops of color and whimsy.  I had so much fun, I may leave it on the lot far below my sky box - just for kicks. 

Getting My Ducks In A Row: NEW Blog Post @ Second Life Fashion Addict

I wanted to pull out lots of the goodies I have gotten from The Arcade, which closes down today, so I hope you all have been GACHA'd out for the time being. I admit, I went back at least three times, just wanted to try for some of the things I skipped the first time, and some things I wanted to have more of inventory, like these wickedly awesome -tb- Vintage Campers.

Getting My Ducks In A Row: NEW Blog Post @ Second Life Fashion Addict

Lots of colorful clothing from a -new to me- shop, Luas Urban Style, and accessories made this look as geeky chic as I had hoped. Shoes from deeR are my new favorite kicks, with a zillion ways to customize them by color, textures, metals, prints, in all parts. While, I never managed to wrangle my ducks, so I tucked them safely back into my inventory. Now I am off to bed to read so I can let my real ducks hop into a row!

Shoes - * .:: deeR ::. *, MESH higher HW shoes [Multi-Texture Change HUD]
Sweater - !gO! Dey, hoodie vest [Marketplace]
Shorts -  Luas Urban Style, Meg Shorts S Green
Tights - Luas Urban Style, Funny Tights Stars Socks
Headband - Luas Urban Style, pom pom headband yellow
Glasses - [Deadwool],  San Diego Glasses - pois red (NEW@The Arcade)
Necklace - *Epic* Kawaii Sweet Goo Necklace! {Plum} (NEW@Luck Of The Irish)
Bangle - JD - Piramide Bracelet Right (NEW@The Dressing Room)
Facial Piercings - .:ellabella:., Mariejean [Scripted]

Hair - Magika[Hair] Such 
Skin - *League*,  Skin Erin Pale Aurorat Brunette Chest D (NEW @Skin Fair 2014)
Skin Add On - *League*Erin Brows Black - Pale & Erin Tintable Lipstick - 3 (Included In Fat-Pack)
Eyes - IKON, Ascension Eyes - Hazel
Hands - Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant1 R & Flat L
Feet - Slink, Avatar Enhancement Feet - Mid Height
[Note: Above Textured With Slink Advanced HUD from *League*]
Nails - [V/I],  Slink Hands Fingernails Applier - ROCK #1 (NEW@Rock Attitude Fashion Fair)
Lashes - MMS, Thora Lashes [No Longer Available]
Facial Tattoo - Letis Tattoo, :: Stars (L) :: 100% :: FC12001

Poses - 
Diesel Works
Glitterati Poses [Marketplace]
Props/Decor -
Birdy/Alchemy - Spring Babes - Ducky - Lemon, Winter, Butter, Chocolate, Midnight (NEW@The Chapter 4
[PM] Pixel Mode - THG - Small Clay Pots (NEW@The Arcade)
[PM] Pixel Mode  - THG - Watering Can (NEW@The Arcade)
Lark - Sunflowers (NEW@The Arcade)
Lark - Handkerchief Bunting (NEW@The Arcade)
-tb- Spring Living - Radio (Green)(NEW@The Arcade)
-tb- Vintage Camper - Pink (NEW@The Arcade)
-tb- Vintage Camper - Blue (NEW@The Arcade)
-tb- Spring Living - Chair (Yellow) (NEW@The Arcade)
-tb- Spring Living - Clothesline (NEW@The Arcade)
-tb- Spring Living - Clothesline (NEW@The Arcade)
Zigana . birdhouse . wicked (NEW@The Arcade)
::Fabuleux:: My lil Garden
LISP Mesh Bluebell Garden Arch
LISP Mesh - Bluebell Fence Middle Broken 1
LISP Mesh - Bluebell Fence with Posts - Yellow
LISP Mesh - Bluebell Fence with Posts
.lame - Tiara Laundry Basket - White
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass06 - white*b & a (Mesh)
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass06 - mix(warm colors)*a & b (Mesh)
leaf .firefly grasses
2pTree Cherry Blossom by Sql Miles

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