Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Week 7: Flickr SL - Look Of The Day Winner!

This amazing submission by Grazia Horwitz wins the Week 7 prize for the Flickr: Second Life: Look Of The Day weekly contest. The photo is simply stunning, and the look is so well crafted, I just had to show you all how special it is. Grazia has set this shot in "The Far Away", and if you have not been to see it, you simply must. I love that she incorporated so many fantastic elements here, and her use of layering, with these amazing "Thimbles" Suspenders over a Tied Top from "Fashionable Dead" is brilliant. This look is sexy and strong at the same time. Bare Rose has had some amazing releases lately, and the elements from the "Over The Rainbow" look pulled in here are really amazing.

Grazia wins the $500L weekly prize for her submission this week, and an awed "Congrats" from me. The submissions to the Flickr Pool are coming fast and furious, and I am so thrilled to see everyone embracing the "Look Of The Day" Idea. Please make sure your entries include the credits for clothing, shoes, hair, skins, etc., the more the better if you want to be eligible for the Weekly Contest. Grazia has provided these details, so I can share them with you and provide you with the SLURLs so you can shop for the elements of this look that you love. Thanks again to all those who submitted their snapshots this week, another $500L is up for grabs next week! Get Snapping and Shopping!

Even Cow Girls Get The......
by Grazia Horwitz

Even Cow Girls Get The......

Tied Up top - Toast Bard @ Fashionably Dead
Suspenders - Apatia Hammerer @ Thimbles
Pants - From "Over The Rainbow" outfit by June Dion @ BareRose Tokyo
Gloves - From "Over The Rainbow" outfit by June Dion @ BareRose Tokyo
Desert Boots - Onyx Leshelle @ Maitreya
Red Shemagh - Vette DeCuir @ Vette’s Boutique
Hair - Willis III (with hat) in Ebony by Elika Tiramisu @ ETD
Skin - Linda Sunkissed, coffee lips, dark eyes by Hart Larsson @ PXL Creations

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Grazia said...

Thx DJ! The Far Away is just awesome for taking pictures. Usually I work from my studio, but every once in a while, it is nice to go on location.