Monday, February 18, 2008

Bollywood Dreams

I love movies, all kinds of movies; Drama, Comedy, Foreign Films, Period Films, Action, Sci-Fi,... name it... I love it. But there is one kind of Movie that most people are shocked to learn I love, and that is Bollywood! I own over 300 titles on DVD, at one point watching them endlessly night and day till I usually didn't need to read the English subtitles anymore, the Hindi began to make sense. So I have always had a passion for all things from India, the food, the music, and of course, the fashion.

I own many Sari in SL, I love the striking colours and the flowy flexi skirts, but they are a very difficult thing to do well. If they move well, they don't tend to show well in photographs, if they look great in photos, then you usually can't dance in them. So I was intrigued to hear about a new 'Scupltie' Sari from Vlintuition. When the most recent "Bollywood Night" Event rolled around at PIN UPS, I decided to give it a good test run. By far this is the most real looking Sari I own, the colour choices were awesome and it was hard to pick just one. The skirt part looks as it should, like it is tucked into a petticoat, and the upper part that wraps the body was so nicely sculpted, looked very real I felt, and even covered my amble bust line. But of course, with the pluses, there was one drawback, when dancing or posing for pics, I had arms sticking through the top wrap at times, and so had to choose my poses carefully for this shoot. I still think that it was worth the Lindens, as it does photograph well in many poses, and when walking it looks fine. I also love that it came with the Flip Flop sandals as well as 4 choices of Tops to wear under the Sari. The one I am modeling in the main photos comes with a Sculptie Gem on the Halter Top as well. I love this TaP skin in Bronze; it really is a lovely shade and looks great against the vibrancy of the Sari. The 'Ginza' hair from "Armidi" is just one of my absolute favorite styles, and I think it really made for an authentic Bollywood Starlet look.

Bollywood Nights [Feb.17/08] 2

Bollywood Nights [Feb.17/08] 1

Sari – Vlintuition, Sculpted/Flexi Designer Sari (Royal Star)
Shoes – Vlintuition Zhu Xi Beaded Flip Flops [Included in Royal Star Sari Set]
Eyes – Miriel, Hazel (Big)
Lashes – Celestial Studios, Prim Lashes (Classic 10)
Hair – Armidi Hair, The Ginza (Midnight II)
Skin – TaP, Tete a Pied - Now Fleur Skins, Vivant Bronze, Paon 4 [Group Gift]
Bracelets – Mashooka Designs, Churiya Set 3 (Red)
Tattoos – Taliah Talamasca, The Wardrobe Trunk (on SLX), Henna Tattoo [Part of Red Sari Set]
Bangle – Taliah Talamasca, The Wardrobe Trunk (on SLX) Upper Arm Bangle [Part of Red Sari Set]
Piercing – Tickled Pink, Uma Nose Stud
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire

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