Monday, June 8, 2009

Golden Years [Ivalde/L'Abel Day Post 3/4]

~~Ivalde~~ & -L’Abel- Blogging Challenge Day [June 8/09] 1

It has been amazing watching Neferia Abel's skill and range grow over the two plus years that I have known her. She has gone from making reproductions, to branching out and making "inspired" looks. She looks at the fashion of a particular era, seems to be able to distill the flavor of that time period down, and then make a look that is not only classic and familiar, but also timeless and unique. This ~~Ivalde~~ Ranka Gold Dress is a perfect example. It has the flavor of the sixties, but is also incredibly trendy and fresh. I adore that Nef includes stocking with so many of her looks, as she does with this look. The details are also spectacular, look closely at the tiny round buttons on the back of the collar, things that she could have easily skipped and would have gone unnoticed, but her inclusion of them just makes the outfit all the more perfect.

~~Ivalde~~ & -L’Abel- Blogging Challenge Day [June 8/09] 2

I pulled in some adorable ETD boots, and a bag from [gisele] to round out the look. Accessories includes a great Bangle from [Armidi Gisaci] and a ring from (Caroline's). Hair is by TRUTH, with skin by -AnaLu-. I just think this look is perfection, great for any party occasion, or a day of shopping in the city.

This look makes me smile, largely because it makes me see Nef's talents in a new way. These are truly her golden years, she is now producing on a whole new creative level. She has gone beyond mere reproductions and has become an entirely different sort of content creator, creating what is new and innovative, catering to her customer base, and making herself happy in the process. Nef has always struck me as a wonder woman of sorts. She is a mother of six, a devoted wife to her amazing husband Brumm, her RL work has been in a caring and often selfless vocation, and she is unfailingly generous with her time and talents. I have seen so many pictures of her family, including her dog, that I have lost count. I have spoken to her about the pressures of owning a SIM and managing a SL business, and we have shared our love stories. We live in entirely opposite time zones, so we rarely got a chance to get together, but when we did catch each other, our conversations would go on for upwards of an hour, and cover all manner of topics, always ending with hugs and kisses and "I love you". She calls me her "Ketzmin", and she is my Nefmin, my dear Nef.

Shopping Details:
Dress - ~~Ivalde~~, Ranka Gold Dress
Shoes - ETD, Kristin Booties (Natural)
Bag - [gisele], bag/maman ecru (front)
Bangle - [Armidi Gisaci], (Left) Healing Giraffe Bangle - Brown
Ring - (Caroline's), Natural Gold Bead Ring
Hair - TRUTH, Linda - Black & Whites (Night)
Skin - -AnaLu-, *InRainbows* NAT13 .brownish.
Lashes - MMS (Now LeLutka), Thora Lashes
Eye - Miriel, Standard Eyes - Sunlit Tree

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