Friday, October 24, 2008

Expletive Deleted

Look Of The Day [October 16/08] 1

So I have officially found a new addiction, like I needed one, and the Devil's name is Plurk. In case you are as out of the loop as I was about what it is, think of it as a giant IM conference with dozens of friends happening live, and everyone can see everyone else's conversations. It is instant gratification, there is always someone on, and you can share URLs, Video, Photos, and anything from RL updates to pet peeves to gossip. Oh, and did I mention you get "Karma" points for being especially addicted. Oh yes! If you want to check it out, you can find my little Plurk profile link at the side panel of my blog, but I would caution most that it is really addictive and may not be for everyone. In any case, one needs to be comfy while sitting about Plurking all day. I think the new collaborative releases from Celestial Studios, Kari, and TorridWear are absolutely remarkable in quality, options, and details, and this Pink New School Jacket is a great example of why. It is a unisex top, comes in a pile of great colours to choose from, and the pack includes collar size options, layer options, including a T-shirt or Tank Top under layer that can be all on one Jacket or separate, and is modifiable, so of course I had to tint! I can see this one jacket going the distance in my wardrobe. I paired it with a favorite pair of Betsy Pants in Dark Blue from /artilleri/, simple, sweet, and inexpensive. I anxiously await new releases from Antie!

Look Of The Day [October 16/08] 3

Can you say Cute Shoes? I love some cute casual flats, and these Kushi Shoes from *i-Candy* are so sweet. They come with bow and bow-less versions. All I know is that Khushi is the word for happiness in Hindi, and these shoes make me happy indeed! The Fuck You Bag is one I have had for ages, and it always make me laugh. Red Ruin was an early favorite for me when I joined up almost two years ago, and I still find some of their items to be favorites in my inventory. The moment I spotted this Happy Bead Set in Rainbow from Studio Sidhe, I had to have it. I am thankful for Miriel Enfield's Jewelry Expo for introducing me to so many great content creators I was oblivious to. These beads are brilliant, they look like real Murano hand-blown glass, they are luminous and the texturing is fabulous. I love the sunburst charm on the necklace, the simple complimentary hoop earrings, and a great matching bracelet. I have to say, a set where things are not all matchy matchy, but rather a thoughtful collection of workable items is a real treat.

Look Of The Day [October 16/08] 2

I have been wearing this great Lolli Hair wig from *Katat0nik* for weeks, but was waiting to blog it until the furor, very well deserved mind you, had died down a bit. It is fabulous and fun, I love the bangs, and the scripting options for Hair and Bow colour are a fabulous bonus. Another great Canimal Skin, can't wait for new make-ups on these Essence Skins, I want to devour them, they are so delicious! Gorgeous Brown Eyes are from ** [Riddle] **, and Love Lashes are from [Detour]. So now I will go check the 59 new unread messages in Plurk that have popped up since I started this post. Pray for me!

Jacket – (CS Kari & TW), New School Jacket (Pink) [Includes Tank Top/T Shirt Options, Tinted Green]
Pants - /artilleri/, Betsy Pants *Dark Blue*
Shoes - *i-Candy*, Kushi Shoes (Khaki)
Bag - *Red Ruin*, Fuck You Bag
Jewelry - :+:SS:+:, Happy Bead Set (Rainbow) Includes Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet [Jewelry Expo]
Hair - *Katat0nik*, Lolli Hair
Skin – Canimal, Essence(Grace)… of Roses
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Eyes - ** [Riddle] **, Realistic Brights (Brown)

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you look adorable <3 love you in kat's hair.