Sunday, December 30, 2007

That Rocker Chick...

Every week as I do my walk around the Retrology SIM, I check out the shops for new finds. This week I was delighted to see that "Punch Drunk" had a new outfit, and boy was I game. I love a little Rock in my wardrobe, and this look had the Grunge, the Glam, the Punk, and the Pizazz! Paired with this "MUST HAVE" Armidi hair, The Roxy, I felt like a Punk Rock Princess! Throw in some arm warmers, a little Gothic Lolita necklace and some chunky boots and I was good to go!

Look Of The Day [Dec.29/07]

Hair – Armidi Hair, The Roxy (Magyk, Black Tips)
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed (Tone 20, Rubies)
Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green
Lashes – Celestial Studios, Prim Lashes (Classic 10)
Outfit – (Tops, Skirt, Fishnets) Punch Drink, Rock Star
Arm Warmers – Canimal, Skulls Arm Warmers (3)
Boots – Shiny Things, Chunky Ribbon Boots (Black, Grey Ribbon)
Necklace – Red Ruin, Black Gothic Lolita Necklace
Bracelets – WRONG, Spike Band Cuffs (Black)

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dorie said...

Hi, just surfing around - found your blog - never had heard of SL - very fascinating and inspiring!