Thursday, December 13, 2007

Another Winter Day, Another Great Coat!

I really love the warm colour of this open front coat from TRUTH, it just looks well worn and well traveled. This hair, a freebie from Maitreya upon the opening of her new shop, is insanely great, and I will wear it over and over again. And it was time to pull out the PushButton Thermals, simply awesome underwear and glove layer thermals that can pretty much work under anything and are a wardrobe staple for me.

Look Of The Day [Dec.11/07]

Hair - Maitreya, Loelle (White)
Skin - Celestial Studios, Charmed (Tone 20, Earth 4)
Eyes - (Miriel) Eyes, Hazel (Big)
Coat - TRUTH, Gypsy Coat (Brass)
Shirt - PBI, PushButton Industries, Forensic Thermal (Cream)
Jeans - Love Cupcakes, Side Button Jeans (Dull)
Boots – FD, Frangipani Designs, Vixen Boots (Voodoo)
Ring - Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire

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