Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pretty in Pink

I love [MG Fashions], and when i got word of new releases I hurried over to grab em' up! I am in love with the new "London Calling" collection, and of course, colour choices is my only stumbling point when it comes to MG. I loved the Pink Jacket on sight, and decided on the Burgundy Sequin Skirt to complete the look. When a "Best in Pink" event arrived at PIN UPS, I was all set to go. I love the trendy hair at Philotic Energy, and this style is Punky Chic and so fun. I love updos lately, anything that shows off my ears is great! A chance to show off earrings is NEVER a bad thing.

Pretty In Pink [Dec.03/07]

Hair - Philotic Energy, PE Ocean (White)
Skin - Celestial Studios, Charmed (Tone 20, Gloss-Mauve)
Eyes - Celestial Studios Optics, Natural Series (Hazel)
Jacket - [MG Fashions] London Calling Collection - Vinil Jacket (Pink)
Skirts - [MG Fashions] London Calling Collection - Sequin Skirt (Burgundy)
Shoes - Tekilah Elytis, Crisis Pumps (HUD Controlled Tintable)
Brow - ITF Brow Dual Ball
Nose - Tickled Pink, Uma Nose Stud
Ring - Caroline's Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Earrings - (CREAMSHOP) Skull Rhinestone Earring Set

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