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May The Fourth Be With You

May The Fourth Be With You (Star Wars Day 2014) - Second Life Fashion Addict

A long time ago, in a Second Life far far back in November of 2006, a little avatar named Jhuzen Ketsugo stumbled into her Second Life. She joined SL after watching an evening news program that highlighted the 'game' and all it's various role play communities. When she joined, she didn't know that you could be anything and everything on one avatar or account, so she choose a name that was similar to a Star Wars fan-fiction character that she had been writing about, for her own geeky amusement.

May The Fourth Be With You (Star Wars Day 2014) - Second Life Fashion Addict

Ket-Su Jhuzen, the name of the original fan-fic character set out to become a Jedi in the city of Naboo, and found herself a Jedi Master who tried to teach her how to use the Force. Unfortunately, a huge snag was hit when Ketsy could not figure out how to build a darn thing, her own light saber included, linking two prims was simply too much to handle.  And thus Ket-Su tired of her quest to become a Jedi. Besides, most of the time she sat in on NOJ Council meetings and watched warring groups of posturing SL Jedi fight over how things should be conducted in the larger RP community. Bo-ring much?

May The Fourth Be With You (Star Wars Day 2014) - Second Life Fashion Addict

So Ketsy branched out, met people, learned to shop like a mad woman, made another account and did her little stint as club dancer to manager to co-owner in literally a week's time, and then a new DJ was created. From there, the story takes off on it's own. A legendary Shopping Addict was born from themed events at a little hot spot called PIN  UPS, that required new outfits on a daily basis, and a blogging journey began. But let's be clear, I joined SL because of a love for Star Wars, and love it I still do. So on this May the 4th, or Star Wars Day, I wish you all the good things that can come from your Second Life, and hope it has enriched your first life in the way it has mine.

All three of these fabulous futuristic fashion looks are from R2, and can I just say, Star Wars geeks have never had it so sexy. This amazing Twi'lek Skin and matching Lekku (head tentacles) are by Stargazer Creations.  This is so much more advanced then my last Twi'lek Dancer look, back in July of 2008, and at the time that was spectacular in and of itself. Mesh clothing and shoes just makes all the difference, not to mention the ability to use appliers to blend in my amazing Slink Avatar Enchance hands and feet.  The look here is not inexpensive, but you never know when you might feel the urge to pull out a blaster and blow some Villainous Scum into the dust of the Dune Sea. Speaking of the Dune Sea, if you have never been, you have to visit the Little Mos Eisley SIMs. There are two linked SIMs, and they are visitor friendly, all you need to do is wear a floating text tag and explore. The details and the builds are sheer perfection, an absolutely a must visit location for anyone in SL. Check out all twelve of shots, with better details of the costumes, in the flickr embedded app above.

Location -
Little Mos Eisley, Tatooine & The Dune Sea - The Ultimate Star Wars Role Play SIM
Little Mos Eisley Cantina Location

Skin - Stargazer Creations Blue Curacao Skin Cleavage w/ SG Eyelash Alpha
Twi'lek Parts - SG Blue Curacao Front Lekku, Blue Curacao Twi'lek Ears, Lekku Crown
Facelight - *League* Windlight Facelight Softer
Eyes - IKON, Ascension Eyes - Glass (L)
Hands - Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant1 R & Flat L
Feet - Slink, Avatar Enhancement Feet - High & Mid Height
[Note: Above Textured With Slink Advanced HUD from SG ]
Nails - Hello Dave - Slink AvEnhance - Got Designs on U
Lashes - MMS, Thora Lashes [No Longer Available]
Facial Piercings - :Diamante: Gluttony Facial Piercing 

Look 1 -
r2 A/D/E Enbi Boots - White
r2 A/D/E Enbi Suit - White
RCS - Heavy Blaster [No Creator Found]
Look 2 -
r2 A/D/E Kagaya [Silver]
r2 A/D/E Kagaya Boots [Silver]
Han Solo Pistol w/ Script [No Creator Found]
Look 3 -
Leverocci - Peeptoe Ankle Boots_Pony_Black
r2 A/D/E Reijin [Black A]

Avatar Eye Control - 
AnyPose Expression HUD [Free On Marketplace or Inworld @Phate Sheppard Creations]
Poses - 
(marukin) [Rebuilding]

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