Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Walking The Line

With a fabulous pose prop from 
. Infiniti . I walk the line between cute and circus act with ease. The Walk The Line pose prop, a rope between two wooden stakes in the ground, is full of 15 unique and wonderful poses. Scroll through to see all 8 that I have posted in this flickr set.  You can pick up this exclusive at the current Pose Fair 2014 which continues to go strong until May 3rd. Today, I am walking the line for a cause, EB.

The other exclusive in this post, this fabulous new wig from  +Spellbound+ that is only available in a special Spring color set at the EB Awareness Event, which is on now. EB (Epidermolysis Bullosais a very rare but heartrendingly painful set of connective tissue disorders that affects many infants and children from birth onward until adulthood. If you have never heard of it, don't blame yourself, I am a trained Neonatal Nurse and had never heard of it until last year, when I was introduced to a newborn with an extreme form of the disorder. It is characterized by skin that quite literally rubs off with the slightest touch, cracks, and is open to infection in these tiny little fighters.  

As a parent, you want to comfort your child when they are in pain, imagine not being able to comfort and hold your baby because it would damage their fragile skin. We need to find answers to help these families, and help those affected to heal and live more normal lives. This is a genetic condition, so there is hope for answers in the future. Please stop by the EB Awareness Event while you can, shop, or just drop a few Linden dollars into the collection jars, every penny can help. 
Poses - . Infiniti . - Walk The Line - 15 Pose Prop (NEW Exclusive @Pose Fair 2014) [Review Copy]

Hair - +Spellbound+ Sunday // Unrigged - Spring (NEW Exclusive@EB Awareness Event)
Hair Base - *League* Erin Hairbase Tattoo Blonde - Pale
Skin - *League*  Skin Erin Pale Aurora Brunette Chest D w/ Erin Brows Black - Pale
Facelight - *League* Windlight Facelight Softer
Eyes - {S0NG} :: Hope~ Hazel Eye
Hands - Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant1 R & Flat L
Feet - Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) XS - Flat
[Note: Above Textured With Slink Advanced HUD from *League* ]
Nails -  Hello Dave - Slink AvEnhance - High Gloss Mixed 3 (F)
Facial Tattoo - Letis Tattoo :: Stars (L) :: 100% :: FC12001
Shoes - _CandyDoll_ Grile Flats Rose
Glasses - Faenzo Bold Sunglass - Cayenne
Top - *TuttiFrutti* Emma Mesh Blouse - Cayenne
Shorts - Ricielli - Jeans Minishorts /floral
Hair Bow - ~_* Cooties  *_~ Sun Salmon Glitter Bow
Necklace - (Kunglers Extra) TDRF #037 - Necklace - Silver
Bracelets - GizzA - Multi Bangles - Silver Aragonite
Facial Piercings - :Diamante: Gluttony Facial Piercing

Avatar Eye Control & Facial Expressions - 
AnyPose Expression HUD [Free On Marketplace or Inworld @Phate Sheppard Creations]
Decor -
-tb- Vintage Camper - Pink (Previous Arcade Gacha Item)
-tb- Vintage Camper - Blue (Previous Arcade Gacha Item)
-tb- Spring Living - Chair (Yellow) (Previous Arcade Gacha Item) 
-tb- Spring Living - Clothesline (Previous Arcade Gacha Item)
LISP Mesh - Bluebell Fence Middle Broken 1
LISP Mesh - Bluebell Fence with Posts - Yellow
LISP Mesh - Bluebell Fence with Posts
.lame - Tiara Laundry Basket - White
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass06 - white*b & a (Mesh)
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass06 - mix(warm colors)*a & b (Mesh)
leaf .firefly grasses

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