Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Hunt Is On In OZ

There is a wonderful Egg Hunt going on right now in the Magic of Oz SIM in Second Life. This is the first hunt I have participated in since my return to SL over 8 weeks ago, after a 4 year abscence, and boy have things changed - for the better.  No more grid hopping madness, this is a one SIM wonderful experience. Hosted by the amazing Content Creators on the SIM, including GRID favorites like Ozimals, Silent Sparrow, Schadenfreude, and Katot0nik, among many more, the prizes are all beutiful items worth coveting, and you can spend as much or as little time collecting as you like. It all starts at the main TP point HERE.

The Hunt Is On in OZ... - NEW Blog Post @ Second Life Fashion Addict

Once you teleport in, grab up a free basket (in regular or small sizes for the wee SL folks), by touching the sign at the start of the Yellow Brick Road. You can't miss it. Attach the basket to your avatar by wearing it, and get your hunt on. All you have to do is spot one of the many colored eggs about the SIM, touch it (or right click and then touch if it's being tricky) and it will appear in your little basket. Once you have collected just 6 eggs, a pop-up menu will appear, and allow you to pick the shop you want your prize from. There are nine choices to be had, one for each participating shop in Munchkin Land.

The Hunt Is On in OZ... - NEW Blog Post @ Second Life Fashion Addict

You will then be offered an 'Egg Stack' from the shop you have chosen. At this point, you can either stop hunting and go visit the shop, or keep on hunting, and collect more and more stacks of eggs.  To collect your prizes, you visit the shop in Munchkin Land, and stand close to the big Easter Basket in the shop. Add the egg stack to your Avatar, it will end up on your head. Then click on the stack of eggs sitting on your head while within 2m of the basket and you will be given a prize.  Some shops have several different prizes, delivered at random, so you may have to visit a few times if you want them all. But I assure you, all the prizes are lovely and each one is worth the trip.

The Hunt Is On in OZ... - NEW Blog Post @ Second Life Fashion Addict

The 'Egg Stack' once used, may detach itself from your avatar, or you may detach it yourself, and then it will no longer work. You can then delete it or put it into a folder as a decorative item. Every six collected eggs brings up the menu, and a new stack can be collected. There are no limits. The eggs are also a Temp-Rez type item, so even if someone gets there before you do, it is only a matter of time before another pops up in the same place.  They can be found on the ground, in the shops, in little hiding spots like up in trees or near windows, or even underneath objects.  Look high and low, and have FUN!

Big thanks to all the vendors participating in the hunt, I know how difficult it is to arrange an event that is SIM wide, and to make it fun and rewarding. Explore the SIM, do some shopping, and if it is your first visit to OZ, I assure you, it won't be your last! Thanks go out to ~Silent Sparrow~, Schadenfreude, Cubic Cherry, Fallen Gods Inc., Ozimals Pufflings, Ozimals Bunnies, *katat0nik*, Pixel-Mode, & +Half-Deer+.

**Outfit Credits To Follow Tomorrow on On Your Toes.**

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