Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pretty Life

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So much has changed in the 4 years I was absent (by choice) from SL, and yet some things never do. Great friends that have welcomed me back have made it so nice, and new friends make it a new adventure too. As a Blogger, it is a huge challenge, not to mention an expensive proposition, to start anew. There are new features to learn about and showcase, new designers, new and really exciting changes to fashion in general, but then there are the things I missed. 

As always, I blog items I love, and I try very hard to be sure that I blog original content. I am mindful of copyright and IP rights, and I want to fall on the right side of the line in what I choose to showcase. However, there is going to always be the back story that I am missing, and even if I ask old friends and fellow bloggers a thousand questions, there will always be some drama that I have missed. So please feel free to comment, drama free, if any of the items I am wearing are from suspect sources, and I will apply due diligence to be sure that I cover my bases too. I want to celebrate the best and the most wonderful things about SL, and that means getting a little help from my friends to be sure that I am living a guilt free "Pretty Life".

Top - *ionic*, My second hand cardigan (black & white)
Pants - *Fishy Strawberry*, Tapered Cargo Pants (Grey, No Belt Version)
Boots -  Maitreya, Stagioni Xtd Leather (Artichoke)
Necklace - MG Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Wicked little Heart (Short Version, Texture Change Gems)
Hair - Magika, [Hair, Un-rigged Version] Plenty
Skin - *League*, Jen Pale Bloom
Hands - Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant1 R, Flat L
Shape - My Own (with help from the fabulous Anessa Stine)
Eyes - .ID., Real Eyes - Hazel
Lashes - MMS - Thora Lashes by Minnu Palen (No Longer Available)
Poses - **KoumB** by Koumia Bellah (No Longer Available)

Song In My Head: Jakalope - Pretty Life

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