Monday, December 8, 2008

Living Dead Girl

Look Of The Day [Nov.20/08] 1

I didn't realize until yesterday that there is a general love-in for the amazing June Dion of Bare Rose Tokyo on the feeds. If you check my previous posts by tags, I have done dozens of posts featuring Bare Rose fashions. I have always adored the amazing creativity, selection, options included for each look, price point, and the fact that everything is transferable. I have said it before, yes, but it makes it a must recommend shop for me when people ask me the "do you know where I can get...?" question. I get that question, a lot, and usually from total strangers, which is incredibly flattering. Bare Rose is overwhelming for most of us seasoned cam shoppers, I can only imagine what it must be like for new shoppers in-world. But it is worth a visit just to see the evolution of the brand over the years. I am always astounded. I had this look all ready to blog, about two weeks ago, but I am glad it fits in with the Bare Rose tribute. This is probably one of the first outfits I ever purchased at Bare Rose.

Look Of The Day [Nov.20/08] 3

The tutu style dress, gloves, and stockings are all part of the Exile set from Bare Rose, and I opted to wear the black option for the separate parts. I love the Goth looks the June makes, they are so detailed and well shaded, they make it easy to throw a look together without much thought since so much is included with each outfit. The gloves have the great ruffled cuffs, and the skirt attachment had a prim belt that is part of it, sidestepping attachment point issues perfectly. I added some cute accessories, starting with the *Red Ruin* Gothic Lolita Necklace, which looks great in combination with the system layer choker on the top part of the dress. The hat is from *~*Illusions*~*, a great basic Lady's Cabaret Top Hat, perfect for a doll-like look. I am wearing the Princess Ring from Paper Couture, a nice classic silver and enamel look ring. I wanted to wear a big chunky boot to compliment the Gothic look, and enhance the Lolita style, and went with these brilliant Goth Mutation Boots from Skanks R Us. Gotta love some big a**-kicking boots!

Look Of The Day [Nov.20/08] 2

I went with a Celestial Studios Charmed Line, Tone 00 Skin, this one is called Black Smoke and is perfect for Goth look. I love wearing a faded black ink tattoo with a pale white skin, and AITUI TATTOO offers my favorite, the full-body Butterflies tattoo, here I chose to wear Faded version. I love a glimmering colored eye with a pale skin, and the Petit Ange* Cleareyes in this Yellow Orange Colour are just so luminous and almost feline. The hair is an older, possibly retired style from Celestial Studios, but still one of my favorites. The Femme Hair in this Black Shiny shade is really great to wear with hats particularly. The spider-like Club 1 Lashes are also from Celestial Studios. When I need a Gothic look in a flash, the first place I look is in my Bare Rose folders, but there is so much more then Gothic inspired looks available now, you need to go explore it again and again.

Dress - :::B@R:::, Exile (Black)[Includes Stockings, Gloves]
Boots - [SRU], Goth Mutation Boots
Hat - *~*Illusions*~*, Lady's Cababret Top Hat - Black
Earrings - Sian Birke Jewelry, Stud Earrings
Ring - P.C., Princess Ring
Necklace - *Red Ruin*, Black Gothic Lolita Necklace
Tattoos - AITUI TATTOO, Butterflies *Full Body* (Faded)
Hair - Celestial Studios, Femme Hair, Black Shiny
Skin - Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 00, Black-Smoke)
Lashes - Celestial Studios, Lashes (Club 1)
Eyes - Petit Ange, *an*cleareyes_yellow_orange_bright


Kim (Funkykim Schuman) said...

The hat is so sweet... and the tutu is totally WOW! Will it look as stunningly cool on a red head? (eg mine?) Will I take my saving for a walk? Well.... I might!

Anonymous said...

Quick question - What shape are you using here? This is AMAZING.