Monday, November 10, 2008

Gold Rush

Look Of The Day [November 9/08] 1

Another day, another chance to switch things up. When the event at PIN UPS called for best in yellow, I actually couldn't find anything for about ten minutes. It is clearly time to clean the clothing inventory up. The first thing I did hit, was this brilliant Chidori Coat from Bare Rose Tokyo. It comes in several colours in the box, and this chic coat has both a short version (pictured) as well as a long almost babydoll length version. It has really great sculpted shoulders and sleeves, but I am particularly smitten with the amazing collar and bow pieces. The sculpted rose is so lovely, and the bow ads a really nice contrast, and makes for a lovely focal point in this look. I tried to work with a monochromatic palette for the rest of the look, opting for warm brown tones in these {Gisaci} Brindisi Slacks in a luscious Mocha shade. The Ribbed Sweater under the jacket is from ~*LaLa, and was white, but being a modifiable item, tinted up nicely to a coffee colour.

Look Of The Day [November 9/08] 2

I was thrilled to discover I had purchased the new (Shiny Things) Tuli Pumps in Brown. I was in such a shopping flurry on my last trip, I literally forgot what I had purchased, a good sign that enough is enough maybe. They are a really nice pump with a sweet bow on the toe, and they are scripted so the bow colour can be changed. I pulled in some more yellow with some Mustard Plain Tights from (CREAMSHOP), just for a little pop of colour to echo that of the jacket. A great Jaden Bag from Cachet was the perfect size and style for this warm fall look. The nice chunky Color Wood Bangles Trio are from M.R.M., with great scripting to change each individual bangle to one of about a dozen colours with just a click. Natural Gold Bead Ring is from (Caroline's), and hidden but fabulous Stud Earrings are from Sian Birke Jewelry.

Look Of The Day [November 9/08] 3

If you haven't yet been to ETD to check out Elika's fabulous sale, may I ask why the heck not? This amazing Laine wig is part of the sale, as are all the other new releases as well as all hair, shoes, and purses. I love the casual messiness of this hair, with an attempt to make it somewhat polished with a headband. The band is scripted to colour change as well, but I choose to wear it in the dark charcoal colour so it was less obvious. A lovely natural hued make-up from Celestial Studios Charmed Line adds to the understated look I wanted here, with some great Splatter eyes from Big Booty Big Money to pick up on the yellow and warm brown tones. Love Lashes are from [Detour].

The golden yellows and warm browns of this look make it a fall favorite. The style of this amazing jacket from Bare Rose is classic and timeless, and the cost is unbelievable for the quality, versatility (two length options) and the number of different colours available in the same pack. Just another example of why you don't need a lot of "gold" to rush out and get something incredibly stylish and chic.

Shopping Details:
Coat - :::B@R:::, Chidori Coat (Yellow, Short Jacket)
Shirt - ~*LaLa:, Ribbed Sweater (White, Tinted)
Slacks - {Gisaci}, Brindisi Slacks (Mocha)
Socks - (CREAMSHOP), Plain Tights Set (Mustard)
Shoes - (Shiny Things), Tuli Pumps (Brown)
Purse - Cachet, Jaden Bag (Earth)
Bangles - M.R.M., Color Wood Bangle *Trio* (Right, M)
Earrings - Sian Birke Jewelry, Stud Earrings
Ring - (Caroline's), Natural Gold Bead Ring
Hair - ETD, Laine (Black)
Skin - Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Earth-2)
Lashes - [Detour], Love Lashes
Eyes - BBBM, Watery Eyes, Mud (Splatter)

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SugarKane said...

Oooo! Love it! You've finally convinced me to go back and get that purse. Cute Outfit :)