Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Eyes Have It

Anju Enoch of *Petit Ange* released some truly amazing eyes this week. She IMd me early this week to ask if I would take a look and tell her what I thought. As I tried on pair after pair, I was struck by their beauty and the lovely jewel like quality. The colour combinations in the *an* Cleareyes are magical, I wanted to show them off in the best way I know how, by using a completely greyscale backdrop. They come in three sets, all with a lovely mix of colour options. Each set of 5 shades is just $200LaLas each. The three sets are pictured below, for specific colours, see the detailed list at the bottom of the post.

*Petit Ange* Cleareyes - Set 01

*Petit Ange* - Cleareyes [Review] 4

*Petit Ange*
Cleareyes - Set 02

*Petit Ange* - Cleareyes [Review] 3

*Petit Ange* Cleareyes - Set 03

*Petit Ange* - Cleareyes [Review] 2

Each Pack of Eyes comes with Regular and Bright white versions. I am wearing the Bright versions in all of the pictures above, but this is a direct comparison of the two. You can see that the Regular version has a more realistic white, with some shading and colouring. The Regular is on the left, with the Bright version on the left side.

*Petit Ange* - Cleareyes [Review] 1

Some really lovely and unique eyes, which are particularly suited to Neko or Gothic looks. Check them out at the *Petit Ange* Mainstore, also available at the Retrology location.

1. *an* cleareyes_bicolor_purple_green_Bright
2. *an* cleareyes_bicolor_yellow_pink_Bright
3. *an* cleareyes_olive_green_Bright
4. *an* cleareyes_purple_sky_Bright
5. *an* cleareyes_warm_ashgrey_Bright

6. *an* cleareyes_blue_peacock_Bright
7. *an* cleareyes_dark_coolgrey_Bright
8. *an* cleareyes_maroon_Bright
9. *an* cleareyes_purple_black_Bright
10. *an* cleareyes_taupe_Bright

11. *an* cleareyes_bicolor_blue_green_Bright
12. *an* cleareyes_bicolor_green_brown_Bright
13. *an* cleareyes_bicolor_orange_purple_Bright
14. *an* cleareyes_bicolor_purple_grey_Bright
15. *an* cleareyes_yellow_orange_Bright

Other Details:
Hair - [Aden], Skin - Celestial Studios, Lashes - [Detour]

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Anonymous said...

These eyes look fantastic – thanks for blogging about them!