Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Trip To Moscow.

Look Of The Day  [Dec. 12/09] 1

It is no secret that I love shoes, but just as in my RL, it is boots that really get me going. When I was in high-school, I lived in heeled boots, cowboy boots, or fryers. I was such the bad-ass rocker chick. I still love boots, and when I received a gift of these amazing review copy boots from *REDGRAVE*, the Moscow Boot I had to log and try them on. The minute I had them rezzed on my feet I was in love. The amazing fur texture, the buckles, and a perfect fit from minute one. I decided to build a whole outfit around them. I chose the Pure Black pair, although they come in at least 5 variations.

Look Of The Day  [Dec. 12/09] 2

I have been hanging on to this great coat from :bijou: since last season, as I often do, I hadn't even tried it on, but when it matched the boots so perfectly, I knew I was on to something. This is the Avanti style in Black Rabbit. Rather then try to layer the look up, I simply went with a great pair of Tartan Tights from Maitreya. I couldn't resist pulling on *KessKreations* Festivus Ring, the name makes me laugh, and a great pair of Art Deco Earrings in Onyx from Bliesen & MaiTai. Both are scripted to customize metals and gem colors, something I adore in Jewelry. I found the bag in my Review Copies folder, have no idea how long I have had it, but Wanda's 'Tania' Handbag was a perfect match as it is scripted to ting, and I matched it to the Jacket with a click.

Look Of The Day  [Dec. 12/09] 3

I have a folder full of hair from the last Hair Fair, which was just before my 'break' from Second Life. I dove in and found this amazing (fd)Dorothy's Morning wig, it has a sleek look, but is soft and has a very realistic strand texture. I loved pairing it with this Fleur Vivant Blush Dig Ophelia 3 Skin, the beauty mark made me feel a touch like Dita Von Teese. I wore my favorite [Detour] Love Lashes and the fabulous but no longer available Miriel Realistic Eyes in Muted Hazel.

Something about the whole combination of soft fur textures and the lovely softness of the wig just worked for me. It is a simple look, but it is really sleek and refines. The tights add just enough colour to keep it from being too monochrome. Yesterday, when I logged to blog, I did something I haven't done in over 6 months in SL, I shopped a little. It was just a little, but it felt strange and kind of good in that people watching, waiting for things to rez sort of way. Maybe I will see you out on my next trip, if I can muster the nerve to brave the lag again.

Shopping Details:
Coat - :bijou:, Avanti {Black Rabbit)
Tights - Maitreya, Tartan Tights (Wine)
Boots - *RG* REDGRAVE, Moscow Boots (Pure Black)[RC]
Bag - Wanda's, 'Tania' Handbag - Silver/Blue (Script Tinted) [RC]
Ring - *KessKreations*, Festivus Ring (Right Hand)[RC]
Earrings - Bleisen & MaiTai Art Deco Earrings Onyx [RC]
Hair - (fd), Dorothy's Morning (Earth Pack) - Nothingness
Skin - Fleur, Vivant Blush Dig Ophelia, 3
Lashes - [Detour], Love Lashes
Eyes - Miriel, Realistic Eyes (Muted Hazel)[No Longer Available]


Nikkita Auerbauch said...

Love it! That hair looks really great on you and I love all the subtle details in your outfit. *bows to the true Fashion Addict*

Jhuzen Ketsugo said...

lol, TY TY! *hugs*

~ Ketsy