Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

Look Of The Day  [November 26/08] 1

Sometimes, when I am putting together a "Look Of The Day" for my blog, things just seem to come together almost organically. Other times, not so much. When I try to really work a mash-up, I try to think outside the 'folder' so to speak, taking things that normally would not occur to me, and reworking them. I occasionally have some success with this exercise, other times, it just turns out all wrong. This look has literally been sitting in a draft form since November of last year when I wore it, I just wasn't completely certain I was happy with it. I love all the individual parts, I love most of it, but I am not sure it it works as one look, and that was holding me back a bit. Afraid of being judged for a less then stellar post, I was my own editor, and held back. Today, I decided that the exercise itself was interesting, and that I should just go for it and accept that I am not perfect. This look may be a mistake in someone's eyes, and maybe that is a good thing to reveal, that even those that are known for doing it 'right' occasionally are unsure if they have.

Look Of The Day  [November 26/08] 2

This look started with the need to craft a look based in the colour blue for an event at PIN UPS. I started the way I always do, typing the word "blue" into search, and seeing what comes up. The first thing I hit on was a dress from *DP Serendipity, the Amenohini_Odekake dress. I had forgotten about it, like so many other things I own, and when I threw it on realized it had some blue in it, but was not exactly what I had imagined. I liked it though, well enough to try to work with the top of the dress and see what I could do with it. The striped top is from the dress, which is adorable and as you can see, versatile. It is actually strapless, the tiny straps you see are part of it, so I wanted something more to cover my arms, but it had to be on the undershirt layer. I have no idea how I aquired it, but was lucky to find a Leotard Set from (PixelDolls), it was likely a freebie at some point, and this one was in pink, but tinted up beautifully to an almost exact match to the blue. Joy! I went with a high-waisted Pencil Skirt from Ingenue, here in a lovely Aubergine, making use of the jacket layer for the upper part of the skirt. I get all excited seeing the possibilities of layers, what can I say. I pulled in more blue with some [MG Fashion] socks, and tied it all down with some great ETD Shoes ankle boots.

Look Of The Day  [November 26/08] 3

I was dying to wear this great huge Statement Necklace from Paper Couture, so may have rushed it a bit, but it was too fabulous to resist really. It is one of the parts that has me scratching my head as to it's success in this look. Some big stacked bangles from .+*aya V.*+., which I modded slightly to match, a basic hoop earring, and my engagement ring round out my accessories. I have to say that this Jaden Bag from Cachet is a favorite of mine, I own it in two colour variations, and just love the shape and shading/texturing of it.

I admit I got away from the "blue" intentions of the look, so made a save with this huge-tastic hair from Pudge:. Bowie's in Space in a great Blue Black shade is a big, lopsided pile of love. The lovely porcelain-like skin is from [RockBerry], eyes are Freak Fantasia, while Lashes hail from Celestial Studios. Feel free to let me know whether this look is a hit or a miss for you, I am still on the fence. But I think a little glimpse into the process of creating a mash-up, a willingness to make mistakes, and the guts to put it out there for public scrutiny (or as public as things get on my little blog here) is a good thing.

Shopping Details:
Top - *DP Serendipity, Amenohini_Odekake (Blue, Top From Dress)
Blouse - (PixelDolls), Leotard Set, Longleeve (Pink) [Undershirt Layer, Tinted]
Skirt - Ingenue, Vintage Basics: The Pencil Skirt ~ Aubergine
Socks - [MG Fashion], Knitted Socks - Purple Blue
Shoes - ETD Shoes, T-Strap Ankle Booties (Eggplant)
Purse - Cachet, Jaden Bag (Red)
Necklace - P.C., Tumbled Stone Set, Statement Necklace
Bracelet - .+*aya V*+., Gold Bracelet
Earrings - P.C., Basic Hoop Earring [Previous Season In-Store Gift]
Ring - Caroline's Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring
Hair - Pudge:, Bowie's in Space (Blue Black)
Skin - [RockBerry], Mia F Light
Lashes - Celestial Studios, Classic 10
Eyes - Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green Eyes

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