Friday, January 23, 2009

Gonna Be Some Bunny's Baby

Look Of The Day [Jan. 22/09] 1

Well it looks like it is Bunny Blogger Day today, so why not add a little more fur to the feeds. Rabbits tend to reproduce rapidly so I have heard. With my shopping diet well over two months in progress, I was generously gifted CSR cards by friends Dove Swanson and Ana Lutetia, and the very first gift I chose was the *DP*yumyum* Story of a Bunny avatar. It is just too adorable, and watching Achariya show it off so spectacularly over the last few weeks made it a must have. I wanted to have some fun in-world again, and there is nothing more giggle inducing then a silly avatar and a group of friends to laugh about it with.

Look Of The Day [Jan. 22/09] 2

But my bunny is doing a happy dance, and with very good reason. The Heart of Love fundraiser for Shir Dryke hit it's goal of $700,000 LaLas today, and there is nothing more wonderful and joy inspiring then knowing that a very special persons is going to get some much needed health care. But more then that, it speaks to just how much we as a community can accomplish in a really short time. I am overjoyed for Shir and her family and friends, and I am proud of each and every person who donated even a single LaLa to the fund.

Look Of The Day [Jan. 22/09] 3

I decided to dress my bunny in one of the adorable Heart Of Love t-shirts from Surf Co., one of the many items I picked up in my "off diet" binge for the charity. I got the fat-pack, and since we are having a Best in Yellow contest at PIN UPS tonight, it was the natural choice. I just felt my bunny needed a baggy pair of shorts, and I adore these Hot Pink Dongipani Shorts from Differ*nt, a shop that has unfortunately disappeared from the grid. I loved the idea of hi-top chucks on my bunny, so my MK Fashion Super Sneaks Platforms were the natural choice, they are cartoonish, and are amazingly versatile with a touch script to change the shoe colour in a flash. I added a cute touch with this *i-Candy* Strawberry Necklace in Blue, just for a touch of whimsy, and it is a sweet accessory to be sure. My only other added "Ketsy Bunny" touch was the wig, the Oxygen hair in Steel from The Abyss, which has always been one of my favorites in the sexy and cute variety.

Shopping Details:
Shirt: Surf Co., [SC] HoL Fundraiser Tee Top - Yellow
Shorts: D!FF =>, Hot Pink Dongipani Shorts [No Longer Available]
Necklace: *i-Candy*, Strawberry Necklace [Blue]
Shoes: MK Fashion, MK Super Sneaks Platform V1.1b
Hair: The Abyss, Oxygen (Steel)
Bunny Avatar: CSR Winter 2008, CSR:DP*yumyum*stoory of a bunny:gray(BOX)[CSR Winter 2008 Campaign Ended Jan. 18/09]

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Achariya Rezak said...

*SQUEE* you look gorgeous bunny or not ! yay!