Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wee Bunny Bunting...

There are some clothes in SL, love them as I do, I simply cannot wear. It has to do with my, ahem, ample bust. I don't have a large chest in SL because I think it is a way to get attention, or because I think it is sexy, I have it because, well... in RL I am actually even bigger than I am in SL. So while trying to fit outfits with Prim pieces on top, I often have to give up on some looks entirely. The only shape mod I am willing to do, and believe me it took me a while to do it, is the "Skirt Shape" so that I do not look ridiculous in a System Skirt or have my derrière sticking out of a Prim skirt or dress.

When I saw this adorable Poncho at "LYCEE", I wanted it, I knew it might be a big 'don't' for us Busty gals, so I was aware that I might not ever be able to wear it. Last Friday, as I was set to start my shopping rounds, I figured it was time to give it a go. At first try, I did have the same problem, my bust protruding through the top prims, but I just stretched the top a bit and hey... it didn't look too bad! Yippee! So with a sigh of relief, I put together this adorable look and for once, I can say, yep... I am wearing a prim top! For a while, I had opted for white hair in SL, since my RL hair is determined to be white. But when it comes to the adorable hair from "BP*", I am willing to go back to Black in a BIG WAY! it is simply adorable, and though it requires a little fiddling to get it to fit right, I am never disappointed in it. Pushbutton Skolnick has been releasing some fabulous *NEWNESS* lately at her main "Pushbutton Industries" Store in LeZoo, and I am madly in love with these must-have 'Drifter' Jeans, the colour choices are great, and as always, you get the choice of a number of different looks in one pack, in this case there are a variety of different belt looks (not worn). I love when jeans come in undies layer, so that I can throw some great boots in the mix, and these brilliant Moccasin boots from "::69::" were to delicious to pass up in this 'Chocolate' brown colour. An adorable bag from "BP*" means I am ready to shop!

Look Of The Day [Feb.22/08] 2

Look Of The Day [Feb.22/08] 1

Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Skins (Gloss - Mauve)
Hair – BP*, Micky Dango Hair (L)
Jeans – Pushbutton Industries, The Drifter Jeans (Pavement)
Boots - ::69:: (Sixty Nine), Moccasin Boots (Chocolat)
Purse – BP*, Leather Bag Red (Skull Bunny)
Earrings – Drifting Sands, Tunnel Multi Set Ear Piercing
Nose Piercing – Tickled Pink, Uma Nose Stud
Poncho – LYCEE@, Poncyo Red

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whoah those jeans go perfectly with that poncho!!