Friday, February 29, 2008

Purple Rose Heiress

When I saw this dress at "Little Rebel", I just had to grab it. One of the newer items in the mix, I loved the way it looked like there were natural folds in the silk taffeta skirt, I loved the way the system skirt was used to perfection, the shape of it really appealed to me, and it included glitchies, which some of my previous "Little Rebel" dresses did not. I thought it was simple and pretty, and I really liked the purple/blue roses design; I could almost hear the swish when I walked!

Paired up with a wrapped pearl bracelet and necklace, and this fabulous "TaP" bag, I was feeling like quite the little Heiress Socialite (but I was wearing panties, unlike most of them it seems). I love this bad from TaP, and I hope they still have it at the re-named "Fleur" because it is so nicely made, and I love that it is touch scripted and can change to a number of classic colours to match whatever you are wearing (something I didn't event know till after I bought it, I LOVE that kind of surprise!). Tesla's classic leather vixens, which come is dozens of colours, are a perfectly sleek sculptie shoe and just polish this look off nicely.

This hair, called 'Trina' is some *NEWNESS* from ETD, and is really nice and casually dressy, something I think is so workable. I do love that ETD hair offers so much in it's newly repackages colour packs, 9 colour/tip options for $175L is a steal in my opinion. I was actually there checking out the newly laid out store, which does seem to be a lot cleaner and be a lot less laggy... and of course I checked out my wall Poster as well as those of the other chosen by Elika to cover the walls. I find is so amusing that the picture Elika chose of my many submissions, was the one where I am a blue-eyed blond... most people would not even know it was me but for my name beneath it! Ah well... it gave me a chuckle.

Look Of The Day [Feb.26/08] 2

Look Of The Day [Feb.26/08] 1

Eyes – Celestial Studios, Optics, Natural Series (Hazel)
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Skins (Tone 20, Rubies)
Hair – ETD, Trina (White, Blackened)
Lashes – Celestial Studios, Prim Lashes (Classic 10)
Dress – Little Rebel, Blue Rose Party Dress
Bracelets – Bonita Popinjay’s Jewelry, White Marbled Double Wrap Bead Bracelet
Necklace – Bonita Popinjay’s Jewelry, White Marbled Wrapped Bead Necklace
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Purse – TaP, Tete a Pied - Now Fleur Skins, Heiress Handbag (Touch Script Colour Change)
Shoes – Tesla, Leather Vixens (Grape)