Sunday, February 10, 2008

Putting Out An A.A.B. - Where Is Old Gravy!

Since getting a little more serious with my blog, I have been compiling a list of SLURLS so that I can let you know where you can buy what I am writing about. Yesterday, while doing my rounds, I headed over to "Old Gravy" to get the SLURL, as I was wearing this fabulous 'Jersey Girl' hair from them. When I first TPd in I was sure I must have had an old landmark, so I checked search... No Old Gravy in search either. I knew they were on the Unsung Heros SIM, so I scoured the whole thing, no Old Gravy. I was panicked. I looked at Satine Dot's profile... this is what it said:

No updates for OG in the for-see-a-ble-future

Sorta gone.. Sorta here.. Sorta tired...

Hmmm... I checked her picks, surely she had a link to the store in her picks. And she did [No Parcel, Unsung Heroes (137, 95, 44)], but guess what, back in the middle of an empty plot. Ok, surely her partner in OG, Candi Honey, must have the REAL Landmark in her picks, ok here we go [No Parcel, Unsung Heroes (156, 103, 42)]and you guessed it, NADA! Another owner, Malkov Trescothick, he must know the new 'Secret' Location... in his picks [Hannah Hannya, Voice-aholics Headquarters, Unsung Heroes (173, 100, 26)] again NOTHING! I immediately joind the Update Group, to search past notices for any news, not a single archived notice in the last month. And it appears as if none of the owners have logged in several weeks. I IM'd my sister Anessa Stine who was attending the GLAM World Fashion Extravaganza. I said... "OMG, Old Gravy is Gone!". She knew nothing and asked Antonia Marat, who was sitting nearby, Antie was similarly perplexed, we all knew nothing!

If Anyone Knows Anything About Where Old Gravy Went... Please Please IM Me or Leave a Comment on my Blog, I am so sad, this was my "Rockabilly Princess" Home in SL, and I am distraught.

So here I am in this Uber cute outfit, with my favorite hair from Old Gravy, the 'Jersey Girl' and all I can ask is, will I ever see "Old Gravy" Again? I wanted to gush about these amazing Leopard Print Pumps from ::69:: with the itty bitty skulls on them wearing Top Hats and Hair Bows, and about this awesome Sweater from "amerie's NAUGHTY" with the cute little charms on the zipper pull and the amazing arm prims, and the sweet bunny ears hood.. but I am finding it hard to focus. Here is one of my favorite skirts of all time, my "WRONG!" plaid mini, yet I feel no joy today. So I am putting out an ALL AVATARS BULLETIN... please help me find OLD GRAVY!

Look Of The Day [Feb.09/08]

Eyes – Naughty Designs, Eyes by Lost, Doll Eyes (Mystical)
Lashes – Celestial Studios, Prim Lashes (Classic 10)
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Skins (Tone 20, Drama)
Hair – Old Gravy, Jersey Girl (Black, Leopard Bandana)
Tights – Petit Ange, Knit Tights Black (From Dark Color Set)
Shoes - ::69:: (Sixty Nine), Succubus Pumps (Leopard)
Sweater – amerie’s NAUGHTY, USAMIMI! Knitparka (Leopard)
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Skirt – WRONG!, Plaid Mini (Red)


Valryn Vandeverre said...

I too recently tried to find Old gravy, with no luck I went to the same LM you did it seems, and found a half empty shop with some hair that was from Old Gravy, but seemed to be stuff just forgotten when the rental expired and things were returned to them?

I've seen a few great hairstyles blogged recently from them in the more retro style I perfer but I think.. well it seems as if perhaps they are gone :(

Sasy Scarborough said...

Hi, I was there a few weeks back, did the same thing using her picks as search didnt have here and landed in a field with a posestand and a wall sitting there all lonely but a big wall and building were there and if you flew around the front of that there was the entrance to a different build again, all orange and retro with half Satines work and half the other girls work, sorry cant think of her name out of world.

It was there at least 3 weeks ago but I am not sure now :( and I have loved her stuff since she was literaly a hole in the ground and through all her rebuilds so I pray she isnt gone :((

xoxo Sasy xxoxo

Jhuzen Ketsugo said...
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Jhuzen Ketsugo said...

Yeah, about three weeks back I found the same thing that I had landed sort of beside it in an empty feild, cammed and saw that Orange Build and everything in there. But now that too seems to have vanished.
This just sucks!

Thanks for commenting tho, any info is better than none.

~ Kets

Pianissimo said...

I guess, the tights being sold by not "amerie’s NAUGHTY" but "Petit Ange" . Check'n'correct, plz ;)

Jhuzen Ketsugo said...

@ Pianissimo

You are absolutely right, they are from Petit Ange, but for some reason are not very well labled and say:
But on checking the creator, they do say Anju Enoch and the Profile suggests the same location in Honmuku which is near the amerie's NAUGHTY mainstore. My mistake, thats for the info. :)

~ Kets