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About Me - Jhuzen (Ketsy) Ketsugo

I have been a Second Life resident since late 2006, and though I have taken a bit of time away, I am happily back among friends again and doing what I love. I am primarily a fashion blogger, but I do attend many events in SL, and often blog aspects of events in both an official and unofficial context, depending on the event. 

I blog things I love, so if it is here in a post, it is because I truly love it and have found a way to work it into the outfit or 'look' that I am wearing at the time.  I always attempt to credit the content creators, but I am only human, so if you find an error on the blog or a broken link to a Marketplace or In-world Store, please do let me know. I buy 99% of what I am using in my posts with my own Linden Dollars, and receive no payment for any of my work, so rest assured that I represent no one other than my own opinions and tastes.

Store And Event Blogger Groups

Currently I quite proudly belong to the TRUTH  HAIR blogger group.  I am grateful to receive review copies from ISON[Fetch], Ama., Bliensen & MaiTaiBaiasticeL. Warwick, Lacuna, -Tesla-, DCNY, and [girl Thursday]

I have blogged POSE FAIR 2014, Skin Fair 2014, Fashion For Life 2014Rhapsody, Atelier Kreslo Donut Festival 2014, and Hair Fair 2014.
Upcoming Events I Will Be Covering:
- Blogger for The Hottie Cooterati Experience 
- Official Media Rep. & Blogger for Shoetopia Shoe Fair 2014 (November 2014)
- Blogger For The Monthly Fantasy and Role Play Event, Genre
- I Also Blog Regularly for On Your Toes, Second Life's Premier Shoe Focused Blog Since 2007

If you would like to add me to your Blogger Group, please drop a note-card on me and let me know. I will quickly respond to let you know whether we are a good fit or not. Just because I am part of your blogger group does not mean I stop buying content from you, I often shop older content that is "NEW" to me.

Review Policy

I do not actively solicit review copies, as I show my love for your work through my Linden purchases. That said, I have been away from SL for some time, and there are so many new and fantastic content creators I have yet to discover.  If you think you fall into this category, please read on.

I do accept review copies, so please feel free to send me things you think I might enjoy, however, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to use your items on my blog. Time only allows for so many posts per week, and I have an overflowing inventory of items I have purchased.  If I don't use them, I apologize in advance.  I will never critique or write negative reviews of content on my blog, that is not in-line with my values. Please note that I will only give constructive criticism when asked for my opinion, so if you are looking for feedback privately, feel free to ask. 

Intellectual Property and Copyright Respect

I take issues of Intellectual Property and Content Theft very seriously, and will not blog any items from shops that have misappropriated logos, designs, or content from others. If you (or your alt) have been guilty of IP Theft in the past, and I am aware of it, or made aware of it, I will no longer patronize your shop or buy your goods. I give all creators the benefit of the doubt in these cases, as false DMCA cases have been filed in SL in the past, so please know that I will do all I can to find out the truth behind any claims or accusations.  I just ask that you not waste your time, or mine, if you choose to use Logos or Artwork that is not your own.  Full perms items that are part of your own creations and purchased/licensed for 2nd Party use are not the same as IP theft.  

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