Friday, February 29, 2008

Cute As A Cherry Button

I have been enjoying visiting the 'Cherry Buttons' Shopping Village and been picking up mucho much stuff lately. These Fabu 'Hustler' glasses from "Sonny's Sunnies" by Melatonin Hax are so Hunky Chunky Awesome! This top, from “Twosome” as well as the great tights were nifty finds there as well! And YAY for “Twosome” for giving us tucked top options… LOVE LOVE LOVE that! I am so in love with these bunchy legged shorts from "D!FF", it was hard to settle on just one colour, and I will likely be back for a second... or heck even a third! All these items are available at 'Cherry Buttons', and so much more... you have ta go!

I picked up this sweet wig from "Cake" this week too, and it sort of reminds me of one of my other favorite styles lately, but it is much more tousled and funky, and I am so digging it! The jacket was a gift from my Sister Nessa, and I love the brightness, surprised to see it was from "Dutch Touch" which I normally would associate with darker more urban and subdued garb. The shoes, well if you haven't got a pair yet... you are missing out... there is nothing more perfect to pair with tights then some sweet 'Mary Jane' styles shoes, but Tesla Miles really done good with these, the textures didn't photograph as well as I had hoped, but they look like silk taffeta up close. I love the ribbon detail on the heel, how cute right? But also, the buckle is so nicely made... the colours of this "Estella" shoe are fruity-liscious... and so fun! I loved to put in the little detailed bits like this "Yummy" 'Mixtape' necklace, and these cute 'Heart Dangle' Bangles from "Boing Fromage'. This look made me smile from the inside out...

Look Of The Day [Feb.27/08] 2

Look Of The Day [Feb.27/08] 1

Eyes – Decollage, Hazel Eyes
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Skins (Tone 20, Rubies)
Hair – Cake (FNKY! & Cake), Rumor (Snow)
Jacket – DUTCH TOUCH, Leather Jacket (Pink)
Top – Twosome, Passion Fruit Retro Top
Tights – Twosome, Yummy Socks
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Pants – D!FF => Differ*nt , Dongipani Shorts (Rose)
Necklace – Yummy, Mixtape Necklace
Glasses – Sonny’s Sunnies by Melatonin Hax, Hustler Sunglasses
Bracelet - !BF! (Boing Fromage!), Buncha Heart Dangles (Rave)
Shoes – Tesla, Estella Shoes (Pink)

Purple Rose Heiress

When I saw this dress at "Little Rebel", I just had to grab it. One of the newer items in the mix, I loved the way it looked like there were natural folds in the silk taffeta skirt, I loved the way the system skirt was used to perfection, the shape of it really appealed to me, and it included glitchies, which some of my previous "Little Rebel" dresses did not. I thought it was simple and pretty, and I really liked the purple/blue roses design; I could almost hear the swish when I walked!

Paired up with a wrapped pearl bracelet and necklace, and this fabulous "TaP" bag, I was feeling like quite the little Heiress Socialite (but I was wearing panties, unlike most of them it seems). I love this bad from TaP, and I hope they still have it at the re-named "Fleur" because it is so nicely made, and I love that it is touch scripted and can change to a number of classic colours to match whatever you are wearing (something I didn't event know till after I bought it, I LOVE that kind of surprise!). Tesla's classic leather vixens, which come is dozens of colours, are a perfectly sleek sculptie shoe and just polish this look off nicely.

This hair, called 'Trina' is some *NEWNESS* from ETD, and is really nice and casually dressy, something I think is so workable. I do love that ETD hair offers so much in it's newly repackages colour packs, 9 colour/tip options for $175L is a steal in my opinion. I was actually there checking out the newly laid out store, which does seem to be a lot cleaner and be a lot less laggy... and of course I checked out my wall Poster as well as those of the other chosen by Elika to cover the walls. I find is so amusing that the picture Elika chose of my many submissions, was the one where I am a blue-eyed blond... most people would not even know it was me but for my name beneath it! Ah well... it gave me a chuckle.

Look Of The Day [Feb.26/08] 2

Look Of The Day [Feb.26/08] 1

Eyes – Celestial Studios, Optics, Natural Series (Hazel)
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Skins (Tone 20, Rubies)
Hair – ETD, Trina (White, Blackened)
Lashes – Celestial Studios, Prim Lashes (Classic 10)
Dress – Little Rebel, Blue Rose Party Dress
Bracelets – Bonita Popinjay’s Jewelry, White Marbled Double Wrap Bead Bracelet
Necklace – Bonita Popinjay’s Jewelry, White Marbled Wrapped Bead Necklace
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Purse – TaP, Tete a Pied - Now Fleur Skins, Heiress Handbag (Touch Script Colour Change)
Shoes – Tesla, Leather Vixens (Grape)

Going For The Gold

When an event rolls around that calls for a specific Colour, in this case "Yellow", I always start by doing a search on that colour... I type "Yellow" and let er' rip! So when this dress by "Heart Cupcakes" came up, I decided it would be perfect. More of a gold then a yellow, but that is just fine with me. I loved the crinkled look to the fabric, and I must say, that whenever I stop in to "Heart Cupcakes" I never walk out with less than 3 dresses. They just have the most adorable baby doll dresses in SL. Seeing the darker almost 'Ochre' colour in the folds of the skirt, I opted for these yummy "=CREAMSHOP=" Tights in 'Mustard', and I think the match really warms up the look.

I have this rule, that when there are details like a one-shoulder dress or collar, I don't like to muddle it up with a necklace, so I opted for these great bangles from "Bonita's", and I love the detailed textures in these bangles, and they come in like a zillion colour combinations so you can really find pieces that work well with your wardrobe. This hair from "Celestial Studios", called 'Whitney' is one of my favorite, I love a long style that has some volume yet is really sleek, and I love that you can change the colour of the headbands to match whatever you are wearing. Again, I think I found the perfect shoe in the "Sylfie's" that I have had for eons, yet they are non-scultpie, but I think they really work well in this look. I think that there is so much focus on sculptie shoes lately, that we forget that there are some really dynamic and creative non-sculpties out there to be had.

Look Of The Day [Feb.25/08] 2

Look Of The Day [Feb.25/08] 1

Eyes – Celestial Studios, Optics, Natural Series (Hazel)
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Skins (Tone 20, Purple, Orchid)
Hair – Celestial Studios, (CS) Hair (Whitney, White)
Lashes – Celestial Studios, Prim Lashes (Classic 10)
Dress – Heart Cupcakes, One Shoulder Yellow Dress
Bracelets – Bonita Popinjay’s Jewelry, Browns & Pearls Bracelet 4, #4
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Tights – =CREAMSHOP=, Plain Tights (Mustard)
Shoes – Sylfie’s Prim Seductions, SM Alure Stiletto (Gold/Tangerine)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Week 7: Flickr SL - Look Of The Day Winner!

This amazing submission by Grazia Horwitz wins the Week 7 prize for the Flickr: Second Life: Look Of The Day weekly contest. The photo is simply stunning, and the look is so well crafted, I just had to show you all how special it is. Grazia has set this shot in "The Far Away", and if you have not been to see it, you simply must. I love that she incorporated so many fantastic elements here, and her use of layering, with these amazing "Thimbles" Suspenders over a Tied Top from "Fashionable Dead" is brilliant. This look is sexy and strong at the same time. Bare Rose has had some amazing releases lately, and the elements from the "Over The Rainbow" look pulled in here are really amazing.

Grazia wins the $500L weekly prize for her submission this week, and an awed "Congrats" from me. The submissions to the Flickr Pool are coming fast and furious, and I am so thrilled to see everyone embracing the "Look Of The Day" Idea. Please make sure your entries include the credits for clothing, shoes, hair, skins, etc., the more the better if you want to be eligible for the Weekly Contest. Grazia has provided these details, so I can share them with you and provide you with the SLURLs so you can shop for the elements of this look that you love. Thanks again to all those who submitted their snapshots this week, another $500L is up for grabs next week! Get Snapping and Shopping!

Even Cow Girls Get The......
by Grazia Horwitz

Even Cow Girls Get The......

Tied Up top - Toast Bard @ Fashionably Dead
Suspenders - Apatia Hammerer @ Thimbles
Pants - From "Over The Rainbow" outfit by June Dion @ BareRose Tokyo
Gloves - From "Over The Rainbow" outfit by June Dion @ BareRose Tokyo
Desert Boots - Onyx Leshelle @ Maitreya
Red Shemagh - Vette DeCuir @ Vette’s Boutique
Hair - Willis III (with hat) in Ebony by Elika Tiramisu @ ETD
Skin - Linda Sunkissed, coffee lips, dark eyes by Hart Larsson @ PXL Creations

Wee Bunny Bunting...

There are some clothes in SL, love them as I do, I simply cannot wear. It has to do with my, ahem, ample bust. I don't have a large chest in SL because I think it is a way to get attention, or because I think it is sexy, I have it because, well... in RL I am actually even bigger than I am in SL. So while trying to fit outfits with Prim pieces on top, I often have to give up on some looks entirely. The only shape mod I am willing to do, and believe me it took me a while to do it, is the "Skirt Shape" so that I do not look ridiculous in a System Skirt or have my derrière sticking out of a Prim skirt or dress.

When I saw this adorable Poncho at "LYCEE", I wanted it, I knew it might be a big 'don't' for us Busty gals, so I was aware that I might not ever be able to wear it. Last Friday, as I was set to start my shopping rounds, I figured it was time to give it a go. At first try, I did have the same problem, my bust protruding through the top prims, but I just stretched the top a bit and hey... it didn't look too bad! Yippee! So with a sigh of relief, I put together this adorable look and for once, I can say, yep... I am wearing a prim top! For a while, I had opted for white hair in SL, since my RL hair is determined to be white. But when it comes to the adorable hair from "BP*", I am willing to go back to Black in a BIG WAY! it is simply adorable, and though it requires a little fiddling to get it to fit right, I am never disappointed in it. Pushbutton Skolnick has been releasing some fabulous *NEWNESS* lately at her main "Pushbutton Industries" Store in LeZoo, and I am madly in love with these must-have 'Drifter' Jeans, the colour choices are great, and as always, you get the choice of a number of different looks in one pack, in this case there are a variety of different belt looks (not worn). I love when jeans come in undies layer, so that I can throw some great boots in the mix, and these brilliant Moccasin boots from "::69::" were to delicious to pass up in this 'Chocolate' brown colour. An adorable bag from "BP*" means I am ready to shop!

Look Of The Day [Feb.22/08] 2

Look Of The Day [Feb.22/08] 1

Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Skins (Gloss - Mauve)
Hair – BP*, Micky Dango Hair (L)
Jeans – Pushbutton Industries, The Drifter Jeans (Pavement)
Boots - ::69:: (Sixty Nine), Moccasin Boots (Chocolat)
Purse – BP*, Leather Bag Red (Skull Bunny)
Earrings – Drifting Sands, Tunnel Multi Set Ear Piercing
Nose Piercing – Tickled Pink, Uma Nose Stud
Poncho – LYCEE@, Poncyo Red

Married To The Mob

One of the first 'Vintage' Design Houses that I found in SL was "1-800-Bettie's", and even though that was well over a year ago, Fey Fuller and Jacqueline Boehm still offer some of the best. They have some very classic fashions, and lets face it, when you do Retro in SL, it never really goes out of style. You are re-creating the past, and that is an era frozen in time, the looks are classic. I own several dresses and suits from "1-800-Bettie's", and I seem to be throwing on their stockings every time I want a nice seamed stocking look. I know Draco has at least two of their men's suits, and they are really well done. While new releases from the gals are few and far between, I think that they are often overlooked as one of the best Retro Fashion Go-To Places in SL. When we opened the Retrology SIM, we knew it would not be complete without "1-800-Bettie's".

Recently, we had a "Married to the Mob" Event at PIN UPS, and it is the one event where we can have some classic Retro fun, getting out the Tommy Guns, the Flapper looks, the Capone Era gangster looks, and so it was time for me to be a 1940s 'Mob Doll'. This 'Day Suit' is Era perfect, and so are the fabulous stocking and shoes, all from "1-800-Bettie's". The hair is the delightful 'Torch Song' from "Ingenue", and I loved another opportunity to wear this 'Another Fundraiser' Skin from Betty Doyle. I wore my chunky Princess Cut Diamond Engagement ring from 'Caroline's Jewelry', and threw on some classy Black Pearl earrings from "Paper Couture", and I was ready to go "On The Run" with my man Bugsy!

Married To The Mob [Feb.21/08] 2

Married To The Mob [Feb.21/08] 1

Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green
Skin – Ingenue, Another Fundraiser Retro Doll (Blonde Brow)[Not Available in Store]
Hair – Ingenue, The Torch Song (Platinum)
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Suit – 1-800-Bettie’s, 1940 Day Suit (Red, Black Collar & Cuffs)
Earrings – Paper Couture, Black Pearl Set, Vintage Black Earring
Stockings – 1-800-Bettie’s, Stockings by Betties (Taupe)
Shoes - 1-800-Bettie’s, Slingback Buckled Pumps by Betties (Black)

A Sassy Little Devil

Sometimes being bad just feels so good, or looks so good as the case may be. For the recent 'Saints & Sinners' Event at PIN UPS Night Club, I decided to get a little bit devilish, but as always, I put my own spin on things. I love pulling apart costumes and re-working them to make them fresh, so I started off with the horns, tail, and trident from a costume I had from "Reasonable Desires". I paired them with this adorably devilish hair from "Celestial Studios" called 'Cypher', although I am not certain it is still even sold, the colour, called 'Blood Red' is simply amazing, I love this hair texture.

For the main part of this costume, I went with this very sexy 'Assassin' costume from "Red Ruin". I opted not to wear the bra and garters/stocking that came with it, going instead for sizzle in a big way with 'The Catalyst Boot' from "The Abyss". This boot is too delicious, and it works so well in a costume look like this. It just seems to wrap the leg so perfectly, and they required no adjustments for my Avatar whatsoever, this is straight out of the box. So this is my take on a Sassy Little Devil, next time the 'Saints & Sinners' Event rolls around, I may have to be an Angel, to make up for how much I loved being the bad girl!

The Sinner [Feb.21/08] 1

The Sinner [Feb.21/08] 2

Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Skins (Tone 20, Drama)
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Hair – Celestial Studios, Cypher Hair (Blood Red)
Boots – The Abyss, The Catalyst Boot (Red)
Kimono – Red Ruin, Assasin 7 Layer Costume (Kimono & Corset)
Horns, Tail, Trident – Reasonable Desires, Lil’ Lucy Devil

Love At First Sight

Draco and I have been together in SL for over a year now, we had our first date on February 20th, 2007. When people ask how we knew we were in love, all I can say is that it was the strongest feeling I have ever had, a pull on my heart, and I just knew. It wasn't so much "Love At First Sight", but more like... "Love At First Chat", since that was what got me. When we took a night off from PIN UPS to celebrate our One Year Anniversary, I knew exactly what I was going to wear, and I assure you, when I saw this dress, it was definitely "Love At First Sight".

I was making my rounds, as I do every week, and stopped in to "~Ivalde~" to see what Nef had that was *NEW*, and BAM! There it was, the minute I saw this dress, I knew it was THE DRESS. The 'Tilly Dress' isn't a gown, which is not what I wanted; it is a versatile dress that has both a floor length and knee length version. The movement on it is brilliant for dancing too; it flutters around the body like feathers might. It comes in 4 colour choices, but I wanted the blue because it is Draco's favorite colour, and I rarely wear it. It also matched perfectly with this "Shiny Things” Roses and Thorns Jewelry Set that Draco gave me early on in our relationship. When I made the jump from a very pale "GALA" skin that was my first premium skin to the skins I now wear almost exclusively from "Celestial Studios", this one, from the 'Charmed Line' called EARTH 4, was the first I purchased, originally it was a Demo I wore to a 'Demo Night' Event, and Draco helped me make the jump. So for our anniversary, I put together a look that was simply me. My first "Celestial" skin, the jewelry he gave me, a dress from "~Ivalde~" which I adore, and some sleek hair from Armidi to keep it simple. But before I forget, check out these SHARP new shoes... from "Storm Schmooz", the 'Laque' shoe comes in some amazing colours, and is a really nice shaped sculptie shoe. I decided to add them to my look, hey, first anniversary gifts are supposed to be paper, but in SL.. I think they should be 'SHEWS!'.

Anniversary Dress [Feb.20/08] 2

Anniversary Dress [Feb.20/08] 1

Lashes – Celestial Studios, Prim Lashes (Club 13)
Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green
Hair – Armidi Hair, The Angel II (Midnight I)
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Skins (Tone 20, Earth 4)
Dress – ~Ivalde~, Tilly Blue Dress
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Bracelet, Choker, Ring – Shiny Things, Rose & Thorns (Blue)
Shoes – Storm Schmooz, Laque (Aqua)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Please Don't Stop The Music!

Second Life is all about making our dreams come true, and today one of mine has. As I mentioned in my Previous Post, Pin Upshaw of "PIN UP DOLLS Boutique" unveiled her "Cosmo Dress" today, and it is an amazing re-creation of the "Versace" gown that Rihanna is wearing on the March 2008 Cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine (USA/Canada Version). Pinny overheard me saying how much I loved it, and would kill for it, and surprised me with it this week when she stopped in to see me while I was snapping away for my Blog. I was floored! Look at that Babydoll skirt! It is not Poofy or Fluffy, but form fitted and sleek, it moves so naturally, not like a pile of Flexi flaps, but as a whole, as close to fabric movement as I have seen. It is ingenious, and I am not sure I have seen it before in my travels in SL. I love this gown, and yes, the "Lemon Drop" Yellow, just like Rihanna's is my Fave!

So here is my recreation of that very "Cosmo Girl" look! I have included a shot from the Cover, so you can truly marvel at what an amazing job Pinny did here. I paired it with some sleek hair from "The Abyss", this Style called 'Secret' really has the same feel to the style Rihanna has on her cover. I threw on some "EARTHTONES" Jewelry, these fabulous Carollin Earrings, and a bangle on my Forearm, this one is the 'Deco Wood Bangle'. Shoes, well, when you get to see legs like this, the only thing to do is wear some "Stiletto Moody" to make the Couture look complete, these 'Foxy Slingbacks' are very FOXY Indeed! Amazing skin from "TaP" (Now Fleur Skins) in Bronze looks amazing against the bright of the dress, and I felt like I was ready for my Cover Shoot!

Rhianna Cosmo

Please Don’t Stop The Music! [Feb.23/08] 2

Please Don’t Stop The Music! [Feb.23/08] 1

Dress – PIN UP DOLLS Boutique, Cosmo Dress (Lemon Drop)
Lashes – Celestial Studios, Prim Lashes (Club 13)
Skin – TaP, Tete a Pied - Now Fleur Skins, Vivant Bronze, Paon 4 [Group Gift]
Eyes – Miriel, Hazel (Big)
Hair – The Abyss, Secret (Smoke)
Bangle – EARTHTONES, Deco Wood Bangle, Tri-colour
Shoes – Stiletto Moody Shoes, Foxy Slingbacks (Gold)
Earring – EARTHTONES, Carollin, Earrings (Gold/Black)

PIN UP DOLLS Boutique Releases - The Cosmo Dress!

I have been sitting on this particular 'JOY' for days now and am finally so glad to show you what I have been hiding! My dear friend Pin Upshaw of "PIN UP DOLLS Boutique" attended an Event at PIN UPS Night Club Recently, where I was reading silly little bits from Cosmo Magazine (which, honestly, I had not even purchased in about 10 years) on my Mic Breaks. At one point, I said "and Rihanna is on the Cover wearing a dress I would Kill For in SL!". And Pin, or Pinny, as I call her decided to surprise me by making this most amazing dress in the most delicious yellow I had ever seen! She surprised me with it this week, and I was so thrilled, I convinced her she HAD to release it in her shop in as many delicious colours as possible! And today, I am thrilled to see this "Dream Dress" realized. The original worn by Rhianna on the cover of Cosmo is now "The Cosmo Dress" and you can own one too!

The Dress comes in 8 colours, for just $200L each, or you can get the 4 pack of 'Tarnished Gold' or 'Tarnished Silver' Bodice Sets for just $700L. I can hardly believe it! This is Pinny's best work by far, and it is definitely as Couture as the "Vesace" that inspired it. But Pinny did not stop there, she went and created a completely new 'Gown Version' in some delicious Pastels that would be perfect for a Spring Formal or a Bridesmaid Gown, and at only $250 L, they are a steal. Not only that, you can dress your whole wedding party in the "PIN PACK" of all 4 (Transfer) Gowns for only $850L. But best of all, check out the Special "Deluxe Edition Gown/Dress" Pack in the Fashionista's Favorite BLACK! It comes with both the Tarnished Gold and Tarnished Silver Versions of the Gown AND Dress, which is 4 amazing looks for just $350L! Run... Do Not Walk to "PIN UP DOLLS Boutique" Main Store in Retrology NOW and get yourself a delicious sip of Cosmo! Cheers!

The Cosmo Dress/Gown in Deluxe Edition [Black]
The Cosmo Dress/Gown Deluxe Edition - Black!
[L-R] Cosmo Gown in Black/Silver, Cosmo Dress in Black/Silver, Cosmo Dress in Black/Gold, Cosmo Gown in Black/Gold

The Cosmo Dress in Tarnished Gold
The Cosmo Dress! Tarnished Gold [Feb.23/08]
[L-R] Citrus Twist, Lemon Drop, Mocha Kiss, Saucy Tomato

The Cosmo Dress in Tarnished Silver
The Cosmo Dress! Tarnished Silver [Feb.23/08]
[L-R] Blueberry Tart, Fresh Fuchsia, Great Grape, Orange Julius

The Cosmo Gown in Soft Pastels
The Cosmo Gown! Pretty Pastels [Feb.23/08]
[L-R] First Blush, Ice Blue, Spring Green, Sweet Mauve

In All Photos:
Dress - PIN UP DOLLS Boutique, The Cosmo
Lashes – Celestial Studios, Prim Lashes (Club 13)
Skin – TaP, Tete a Pied - Now Fleur Skins, Vivant Bronze, Paon 4 [Group Gift]
Eyes – Miriel, Hazel (Big)
Hair – The Abyss, Secret (Smoke)
Bangle – EARTHTONES, Deco Wood Bangle, Tri-colour
Shoes – Maitreya, ChiChi (Black)
Earring – EARTHTONES, Carollin, Earrings (Gold/Black)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Shutter Buggin' Baby!

Sometimes you build an outfit from the Shoes up, and that is what I did with this look. I wanted to wear shoes by Onyx LeShelle of "Maitreya", who recently discovered she too was a victim of content theft and that her delicious 'Slinky Stiletto' Shoes were ripped off. Onyx, who must have been crushed by this discovery, quickly set out her Originals as Freebies, saying that she would rather give them away then have people allow a Thief to Profit. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to work on perfecting a shoe, a skin, a design, and have it ripped by some individual whose only contribution to the SL Community is one of Cold Calculated Theft and Profiting from the hard work and creativity of others. We do not need these people in our Second Lives; they contribute nothing and are spineless, hidden behind ALT Accounts and Quickly Shifting IP Addresses. If you have not done so already, please make sure you add your name to the list of individuals who have voted for the JIRA SVC-1446 and make sure the Lindens take some actions to help stop this ongoing crisis in SL.

While everyone is likely to jump on the opportunity to grab up some Fabulous Free Shoes from "Maitreya", please don't just go for the Freebies, Onyx has some amazing designs in her store, and she deserves some recognition for her amazing contributions to SL Fashion. If you see something else you love while there, and have the lindens, give a little back and make a purchase too.

So here are the amazing "Maitreya" Dessert Boots, I love the un-done sculptie laces; I think they are simply brilliant. I paired it with these great jeans from "Karamia" that I nabbed on my last trip to the 'Cherry Buttons' Shopping Village, and this Fab NEW Tank from "PBI" which is so fantastic, coming in both Shirt and Jacket layers, with a tucked-in version (worn) and colour splash options in each pack making it really like a dozen tops for the price of just one. I threw on a bra underneath it, cause this look felt so grunge that it needed a little extra something-something in the details! I picked up these cool knit arm warmers on my last stop into "Argyle", a shop I can't wait to see more from. This hair is, believe it or not... a Dollarbie! Yep, "TRUTH" is offering this adorable 'Berri' as a Dollarbie, but seriously, it is as fabulous as any of their regularly priced styles and definitely worth grabbing on your next stop, besides, they just celebrated an anniversary, and have lots of NEWNESS for you to check out while there. Oh, before I forget, this amazing scarf from "=CREAMSHOP=" is just too cute, I really do love their detailed Prim Work in their Jewelry and Accessories, and this is one of my favorites. A scarf like this can pull any look together, and I just felt like I was ready to hit to Fashion Show circuit and snap away!

Look Of The Day [Feb.20/08] 2

Look Of The Day [Feb.20/08] 1

Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Skins (Tone 20, Earth 4)
Lashes – Celestial Studios, Prim Lashes (Classic 10)
Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green
Hair – TRUTH, Berri (Carrot) [Dollarbie]
Scarf – =CREAMSHOP=, Check Charm Stole (Brown, M)
Arm Warmers – Argyle, Grey Knit Armwarmers
Tank Top – Pushbutton Industries, The Error (Chestnut – Green, Tucked)
Pants – Karamia, Relaxed Lowrise (Slate)
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Bra – Digital Knickers, Sheer Pleasure (Cinnamon)
Boots – Maitreya, Dessert Boots (Green)
Camera – Nikon D80 by Tor Beerbaum

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Little Less Conversation

Every four weeks, we have a "That 70s Event" party at PIN UPS. I spin some Retro Disco and 70s Rock and we all have a blast, it's just fun to listen to "YMCA" and "The Hustle" and not have to pretend you hate it. It is pure fun, and I love getting my Retro looks together. Yesterday, I decided it was time to pull out the Disco Diva... and was so looking forward to wearing this look from "BARE@ROSE Tokyo". I was thrilled when they released it a couple months ago, and one of the main reasons I love to tell people to shop there, is because the prices are insanely low, the outfits are detailed nicely, and that often you get many colour options in one pack. This look called the "Disco Star" came in 4 colours in one box, and since they were transfer, I passed on outfits to a couple of the PIN UPS GIRLS. I loved this brilliant yellow one the minute I put it on, and so it was the "Keeper" for me.

I felt great the minute I put this look on, but needed the perfect shoes to match the sheer volume of the Bell Bottom pants. I remembered checking out the On Your Toes blog this week, and my RL sister had reviewed these great 'Daphne' Shoes from "SIN". I literally TPd down to the Retrology Location in my bare feet to grab them... they are perfection for this look! The 70s' were all about BIG Hair, so I always put this Curly Hair from "Nylon Outfitters" on if I can work it. A little cute from "Rave Nation" in the form of this 'Guitar Necklace' and I swear I was channeling Elvis! I could feel my hips start to wiggle!

Look Of The Day [Feb.19/08] 2

Look Of The Day [Feb.19/08] 1

Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Skins (Tone 20, Blue - Evening)
Lashes – Celestial Studios, Prim Lashes (Club 13)
Hair – Nylon Outfitters, Crazy Curls Hair & Bangs
Outfit – BareRose Tokyo of Tokyo, Disco Star (Yellow)
Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green
Shoes – SIN by Lyanis Sin, Daphne Shoes (Black)
Necklace – Rave Nation, Rockstar Guitar Necklace

Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana!

Oh how I love my Orange! I love that we have Theme Colour Events at PIN UPS Night Club so that I remember to buy things in every shade of the Rainbow. But Orange is an easy one; I am drawn to it like a Big Old Magnet! So this past Monday, when my "Rockabilly Ball" Event went Orange... I went all out! I love this look, and loved putting it together. It is the kind of look I could never get away with in RL, but is just too fun to resist in SL!

The 'Flouncy Florence' Jacket from "Thimbles" is too sweet... I was crushing on it from the moment I spotted it! Vibrant and Fun is one of the things the gals at "Thimbles" do best. It paired nicely with these slightly orange infused Jeans from "Digit Darkes" that I was lucky enough to pick up during a spur of the moment insanity sale last week. I think the were $1L at that time... but they are really nice and the more I look at them the more I could see myself paying full price for them (and if I didn't already own over 100 pair of Jeans I might have done it). Again, favorite shoes from Armidi make an appearance, as well as this "Celestial Studios" Hobo bag in Patent Orange, which I also own in Denim (as well as Red Patent thanks to Starley's Generosity to her Group over Valentine's Week). I love this hair from BettyPage Voyager's "BP*", and although I find I have to spend a bunch of time adjusting it to make it work on my melon, it is so worth it. The earrings are a Freebie welcome gift from "Bebe", love nice clean basics like this. Check out the sculptie Bracelet from "Bonita's", which I visited for the first time last week after getting a FashCon notice about this release. Really nicely textured and a great use of sculpties I think... can't wait to see more like this in the future. Again, "/artilleri/" has given me joy in the form of Eye Wear, I love these Huge Sunglasses from Antie, and of course nabbed the Fat Pack of 'Reptile Sunglasses' when I was there last. Knock Knock! Who's There...

Orange You Glad [Feb.18/08] 2

Orange You Glad [Feb.18/08] 1

Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Skins (Tone 20, Gloss - Red)
Eyes – Miriel, Hazel (Big)
Hair – BP*, Naname Dango Hair (L)
Bag – Celestial Studios, Hobo Bag (Patent Orange)
Jacket – Thimbles, Flouncy Florence (Naranja)
Eye Wear - /artilleri/, Reptile Sunglasses (Orange)
Shoes – Armidi Gisaci, Delia Pump (Orange)
Bracelet – Bonita Popinjay’s Jewelry, Cube Bracelet (Black Shine with Orange, Blue, Black)
Jeans – Digit Darkes, Denim (Studded Jean)
Earrings - Bebe, Manhattan Earrings [Freebie, Mainstore Welcome Gifts]

How to Emo-te

I think "amerie's NAUGHTY" is now one of my favorite shops in SL, Amerie Spitteler's work is creative and fresh, the designs are cute and kitschy, and the options in each look are infinitely re-workable and her separates are really versatile. This outfit, with the exception of the tights is called "EMO Girl" and I love the open collar with the loose tie, the Jacket is classic and the skirt, also included is just adorable. Sometimes schoolgirl looks are tricky, you either look like a Porn Star or like something from a Japanese Anime Fantasy. This look is a little bit School Girl, but a lot classy too.

I was looking for an opportunity to wear these fabulous printed tights from ":bijou:", and I think they look fabulous here. The shoes, called 'Serpenti' by Damen Gorilla of "Adam N Eve" were a gift; they appeared in the folder of items I sent in my BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) Voucher Request after the recent sale. Some folks may not a fan of a pointy-toed shoe, but I love them, and these look positively dangerous, so sexy! The purse, a little touch of cute that I picked up from "Nerdy Birdy" ages ago came in a pack with about 8 colours, but when I tried to hunt down the SLURL today, it looks like the shop has been sold and the new owner has yet to re-open, so I am not sure it will be available again.

When it come to hair, I must say that I like to mix it up, but I do have my favorite designers (ETD, Armidi, TRUTH, Celstial Studios, Maitreya, Old Gravy come to mind immediately) but I have been checking out some "NEW to ME" stuff lately, and this style called 'Elina' from "Diversity Hair" is one of them. I really love how it looks, the textures are nice, and although not really Flexi, I think this style is really well done and something I really have not seen around, I am a big fan of something that sort of diverts from the well traveled fashion paths. This is my version of the EMO Girl... but I could have done it a dozen other ways, which is why it is worth every Linden!

Look Of The Day [Feb.18/08] 2

Look Of The Day [Feb.18/08] 1

Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Skins (Tone 20, Blue - Sea)
Eyes – Decollage, Hazel Eyes
Lashes – Celestial Studios, Prim Lashes (Club 13)
Hair – Diversity Hair, Elina (Sleet Soot)
Outfit – amerie’s NAUGHTY, EMO Girl Set (Skirt, Blouse, Tie, Jacket)
Tights – :bijou:, StockingD (Black)
Shoes – Adam N Eve, Serpenti (Diablo)[Gift]
Purse – Nerdy Birdy, Mechanics Badge Purse, Bunny (Clouded)[Closed at This Time, Contact: Owner Kismet Muromachi]
Lip Ring – Red Ruin, Lip Ring

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Week 6: Flickr SL - Look Of The Day Winner!

Week 6 Winner, Tinker Hax's submission was an easy choice... Her Look is Hella Cute and she definitely knows who she is! Tinker put this great look together, and having run into her in-world on occasion, I think she has a great look going on pretty much all the time. Tinker is wearing some of the *NEW* Fabulousness from "Canimal" with the Rainbows Top, those great "Armidi" boarding shoes, and has a great Mash-Up look from some of my favorite content creators in SL, as well as some I have yet to discover... I love the belt by "EKO" and will definitely be checking out the shop in world on my next outing.

As a Weekly Winner, Tinker nabs the $500L Weekly Prize from yours truly, this photo met all the criteria for a Winning Submission; having shown her look clearly, and giving us all the pertinent details so we can pick up on the "Goodness" we want for ourselves! With almost 200 members in the Flickr Second Life - Look Of The Day Group, the competition is heating up and it is getting tougher to pick out the weekly winners! But keep those submissions coming, there will be another winner next week... and another $500L going into someone's SL Shopping Fund! Again, thanks for all your submissions, I love checking them all out... and I can't wait to see what rolls in this week!

look of the day 19/02/08
by tinker Hax

look of the day 19/02/08

Skin - Gala Skins @ Empyrean Emporium, (Cherry Bomb)
Tattoo - Red Ruin, (japanese water)
Eyes - Celestial Studios, (natural series - light brown)
Hair - Kin, (Emi - blonde)
Septum Piercing - Aitui Tattoo
Belt - EKO (db)
Pants - WRONG!, (black 3/4 pants)
Top - Canimal, (rainbows)
Beads - Amplify, (red)
Shoes - Armidi, - skull s001 b+w

Sundays Are For The Birds

This past Sunday, I didn't feel like getting all dolled up, I wanted to dress for the day, and I wanted a look that felt genuinely Sunday. You know, casual, no over-thinking, and the kind of thing you would wear out with your best friends for Pizza and a Movie. "Fashionably Dead" has a lot of stuff that I think falls nicely into this category, I love hand-painted looks, and these are some of the best around. This Boat Neck top is casual but still stylish. A pair of comfy jeans like these from "Fangipani Designs" helped me stick with the 'Grayscale' look I was going for. Throw on a great pair of boots, and some Casual Hair from "ETD" and the look is almost complete.

One thing that drives me nuts in SL, is the common faux pas of 'Over Accessorizing'. There are times, like for special events, high fashion looks, or kitschy outfits where it is fun to go nutty with some fun accessories. But, just because you can wear things on a zillion attachment points, doesn't mean you should. Sometimes, when you wear something like these stacked bangles from "Bebe", they are more then a statement and you don't need to pile on necklaces and earrings and all sorts of other neat do-dads. I mean really gals (& guys), if you were running out to grab a bite with the gang, would you spend an hour choosing the right earrings to match your necklace that matches you bracelets... well you get the point. So as this was a casual look, I kept it simple opting for something I felt I would actually wear in RL. Sometime keeping it simple says so much more about your fashion sensibilities. Yay for Sundays!

Look Of The Day [Feb.17/08] 2

Look Of The Day [Feb.17/08] 1

Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Skins (Tone 20, Pink – Sugar)
Eyes – Miriel, Hazel (Big)
Lashes – Celestial Studios, Prim Lashes (Classic 10)
Hair – ETD, Naomi (White Blackened)
Piercing – Tickled Pink, Uma Nose Stud
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Top – Fashionably Dead, Bird Boat Neck
Jeans – Frangipani Designs, Entourage Snowdrop (Black)
Boots – Frangipani Designs, Vixen Boots (Black Widow) [Foot Part Only]
Bracelets – Bebe, Sazerac Black Bangles

Monday, February 18, 2008

Bollywood Dreams

I love movies, all kinds of movies; Drama, Comedy, Foreign Films, Period Films, Action, Sci-Fi,... name it... I love it. But there is one kind of Movie that most people are shocked to learn I love, and that is Bollywood! I own over 300 titles on DVD, at one point watching them endlessly night and day till I usually didn't need to read the English subtitles anymore, the Hindi began to make sense. So I have always had a passion for all things from India, the food, the music, and of course, the fashion.

I own many Sari in SL, I love the striking colours and the flowy flexi skirts, but they are a very difficult thing to do well. If they move well, they don't tend to show well in photographs, if they look great in photos, then you usually can't dance in them. So I was intrigued to hear about a new 'Scupltie' Sari from Vlintuition. When the most recent "Bollywood Night" Event rolled around at PIN UPS, I decided to give it a good test run. By far this is the most real looking Sari I own, the colour choices were awesome and it was hard to pick just one. The skirt part looks as it should, like it is tucked into a petticoat, and the upper part that wraps the body was so nicely sculpted, looked very real I felt, and even covered my amble bust line. But of course, with the pluses, there was one drawback, when dancing or posing for pics, I had arms sticking through the top wrap at times, and so had to choose my poses carefully for this shoot. I still think that it was worth the Lindens, as it does photograph well in many poses, and when walking it looks fine. I also love that it came with the Flip Flop sandals as well as 4 choices of Tops to wear under the Sari. The one I am modeling in the main photos comes with a Sculptie Gem on the Halter Top as well. I love this TaP skin in Bronze; it really is a lovely shade and looks great against the vibrancy of the Sari. The 'Ginza' hair from "Armidi" is just one of my absolute favorite styles, and I think it really made for an authentic Bollywood Starlet look.

Bollywood Nights [Feb.17/08] 2

Bollywood Nights [Feb.17/08] 1

Sari – Vlintuition, Sculpted/Flexi Designer Sari (Royal Star)
Shoes – Vlintuition Zhu Xi Beaded Flip Flops [Included in Royal Star Sari Set]
Eyes – Miriel, Hazel (Big)
Lashes – Celestial Studios, Prim Lashes (Classic 10)
Hair – Armidi Hair, The Ginza (Midnight II)
Skin – TaP, Tete a Pied - Now Fleur Skins, Vivant Bronze, Paon 4 [Group Gift]
Bracelets – Mashooka Designs, Churiya Set 3 (Red)
Tattoos – Taliah Talamasca, The Wardrobe Trunk (on SLX), Henna Tattoo [Part of Red Sari Set]
Bangle – Taliah Talamasca, The Wardrobe Trunk (on SLX) Upper Arm Bangle [Part of Red Sari Set]
Piercing – Tickled Pink, Uma Nose Stud
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Over-All Fabulous!

I have been looking for a great cute pair of overalls in SL forever! So far the ones I have found are either too "Down on The Farm" or made for Pregnant AV shapes (don't even get me started on that). But the other day, while checking out the new 'Cherry Buttons' Shopping District I happened into "*UnTone Quilt*" and saw these babies... I didn't even have to think twice about it, and gladly forked over the Lindens. When I got home, I threw them on, and then came the Dilemma, they are cut low on the side, and the straps are jacket layer, so how do I wear a shirt layer something under them and then cover my hips too?

I have made my own 'Key Hole Thermals' for "HANG THE DJ!" that address this issue, and come in the 'tucked' version, but the Key Hole didn't look right with this. So I began to open folder after folder until 'Lo And Behold'... Perfection! This sweater from "Pushbutton Industries" called the 'Cold Comfort' has the tucked and un-tucked layers, so I could wear it under the overalls and still wear the Jacket layer overall straps... JOY! Not only that, but it comes in a plain version as well as one with the stripe down the front, with Prim collar and cuffs, it's like a miracle in a folder! My husband Draco loved it so much, noting that "it looks like you can actually touch it and feel the cable knit", that he went and picked it up in two colours for himself, yes men can wear this one too! Some casual hair from "ETD" was just what I needed to go with this fun look, and since a belt would have looked silly, I was thrilled to be able to finally wear this great 'Fanny Pack' from "Yummy". I love the little charms on the zipper pulls, details like this make me giddy, just look at that flying pig! Some sleek boots from "INSOLENCE" wrap the leg nicely and with the 'Capri' layer of the overall pants, there are no pant edges poking out from the boot (a personal pet peeve). Love my "/artilleri/" eyewear, and have all of Antonia's glasses in fatpack since the colours are always amazing, these 'Paula' glasses in Teal pick up nicely on the colouring in the sweater.

Look Of The Day [Feb.16/08] 2

Look Of The Day [Feb.16/08] 1

Eyes – Karamia, Hazel Eyes
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Skin (Tone 20, Purple - Sunset)
Hair – ETD, Paula II (White Blackened)
Overalls – *UnTone Quilt*, Overall & Capris, Denim
Sweater – PBI, Pushbutton Industries, The Cold Comfort (Ice, Striped)
Glasses - /artilleri/, Paula Glasses (Teal)
Bag – Yummy, Fanny Pack EXTREEEME!!! (Mysterious Black)
Piercing – Tickled Pink, Uma Nose Stud
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Boots – INSOLENCE, Natasha Boots (Violet)

Anchors Away Me Mates!

As you have all noticed by now, I make multiple posts to my blog on most days. This is not because I sit around my loft thinking up outfits for the sole purpose of blogging them. I usually have one outfit I piece together and wear as a "Look Of The Day", for shopping or visiting friends, and then as the Events get started at my club, PIN UPS, I have to change into Event Specific Costumes. So yes, I actually do wear these looks, for at least a few hours, and I am usually logged solidly (barring crashes) for about 10 hours a day, sometimes more... g-d help me!

Yesterday we had one of our classic events, the "Anchors Away" Party... and that's when we all get Nauti, er, Nautical. I have worn this look before for the same event, but had never blogged it, but since it is one of my favorites, and features a complete look from one of my favorite designers in SL, I thought it was time to give it a moment in the Sun. The Bikini Top, Skirt, Tattoos, and even this fabulous Sculptie Hat all come in a set called 'Nautical Waste' from "Winter Moon". It is PIN UP Fabulous! I love the fullness of the skirt, and if you look close at the hat, you can see that they carefully textured it to mirror the logo into the Patent Leather Brim. I love details like that. The Tats are a bonus, and are placed so you can see them, but come in undershirt layer in case they are not your thing, so you can leave them out. I decided to wear some Fishnets with it, these from "Celestial Studios" 'LuLu' Line which come in a pack of three colours on tone, so I selected the Gray Pack to get the black pair too, Fishnets are a tricky business in SL, the system elements play havoc when you go from foot to leg, and often cause a weird stretch effect, but I think these are well done in order to compensate for that problem. And yes, my 'ChiChi' shoes from "Maitreya" come in handy once again, as I own them in Black and White. I know they will be put to good use with all the Rim Colour Options. I can never do sexy looks without a little kitsch, so these fab Retro Eyeglasses from "/artilleri/" really funk up this look!

Anchors Away [Feb.16/08] 2

Anchors Away [Feb.16/08] 1

Eyes – Karamia, Hazel Eyes
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Skin (Tone 20, Red - Diva)
Hair – Magika Hair, Classy (White)
Glasses - /artilleri/, Rhinestone Retro (Black)
Costume – Winter Moon, Nautical Waste (Includes Bra Top, Skirt, Hat, Tattoos)
Piercing – Tickled Pink, Uma Nose Stud
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Stockings – Celestial Studios, LuLu Socks – OTK- Fishnets – Grays (Black)
Shoes – Maitreya, ChiChi Pumps, White (Rim Touch Script to Black)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Working My Cute!

So after Valentine's, after the Ball Gowns and Sexy Lingerie, and all the rest of it, I needed to escape back to cute. This look has to be one of my favorites, and yes, I love my Avatar, but seeing myself in this outfit that I pieced together from a pile of NEWNESS in my closet, all I can say is I "How Cute Am I?".

This is the way I love to dress; it is a look I built one piece at a time starting with these fabulous pants from "KUROTSUBAKI", which also come with a skirt version. So there I was with the pants on, and wondering what top could I wear with them, and I tried on a few, but the minute I tried this "Thimbles" 'P is for Pauline' Sweater I went... Ooooh YES! Ok, shirt and pants covered, lets see what else I can pull out, some socks were required, and these from "MG Fashion" in this delicious dark Eggplant colour were just the thing, again, having a FATPACK of socks like these is always a good move. So there I was, cute matching socks and now I needed to settle the hair issue, looking in my NEW HAIR folder, I spotted this style from "*0 Style*" that I picked up on a whim. Hella cute right? Yep Yep... I know! All that needed now was the finishing touches, a few accessories and I was set to go... this Bangle from "Naughty Designs" finally got some use, I love it but hadn't gotten a chance to wear it yet. Then I remembered this sweet little pocket book from "+MimiEden+" I picked up on my last trip to Cotton Candy Mall, I was all set to buy it, but found out it was a freebie, how cool is that! The thing that brings this look all together however, is the fabulous 'Ziggy Boot' from "Tesla" which has both the Brown and the Purple tones in them. This look is just the thing I needed to "Work My Cute".

Look Of The Day [Feb.15/08] 2

Look Of The Day [Feb.15/08] 1

Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Skin (Tone 20, Twinkle)
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Shoes – Tesla, Ziggy Boot (Enlighten)
Eyes – Karamia, Hazel Eyes
Hair - *0 Style* - Zero Style, Necoco (Milky White)
Socks – MG Fashion , Knitted Socks (Eggplant, from Pack03)
Pants – KUROTSUBAKI, Pants (Brown Check)[Comes With Skirt Version]
Sweater – Thimbles, P is for Pauline Sweater
Bag - +MimiEden+, Psychedelic Flower (Bag) [Freebie @ Cotton Candy]
Bracelet – Naughty Designs, Sanskrit Cuff & Silver Sparkle Ring Bracelet
Nose Stud – Tickled Pink, Uma Nose Stud
Brow Piercing – ITF by Lyric Meiji , Brow Piercing, Dual Ball [No Store Location Found]

Valentine Nights

I have a huge collections of lingerie in SL, I love it, and I love that I can put it on and not have to risk a run in my stocking, not have to struggle to get the hook and eye closures sorted, and I don't have wires or straps cutting in to me. I keep it all in a specially dedicated Lingerie folder with about 12 sub folders, I am a manic about organizing my inventory. But, when I but something new, it goes into my NEW! folder, and in that folder there are another dozen subfolders... ok.. I am rambling. My NEW! Lingerie goes into a folder named "Lingerie! aka. New Surprises For Draco", I kid you not. There are so many set I have collected and every now and again, I will do a little private fashion show for my man. This look however, was specifically earmarked for Valentine's Day.

When I was at swaffette Firefly's recent fashion show, I saw this little number come down the runway and well, I was SOLD! Called 'Petite Coquine', it has so many of the things I love about a lingerie look. I love the Flexi Prim Laces on the back of the Corset, I love this particular colour of Pink, something I really don't wear that often in RL or SL, and I love the Lace Trim on the décolletage and the stockings. The little skirt keeps things flirty. I threw on this fabulous tousled hair look from "ETD" called 'Maaliyah', and the ever versatile "Maitreya" 'ChiChi' Pumps. Some Pearls class the look up, these from "EARTHTONES", still one of my favorite Jewelry Designers in SL, they always offer quality work and put out new items on a fairly regular basis, and really offer a unique product line. Oh and BTW, the bra top for this lingerie set also comes in a Sheer Version, but that my friends, was for Draco's eyes only... I assure you he liked it very much!

Valentine Nights [Feb.14/08] 2

Valentine Nights [Feb.14/08] 1

Lashes – Celestial Studios, Prim Lashes (Club 13)
Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Skin (Tone 20, Purple - Orchid)
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Hair – ETD, Maaliyah (White Blackened)
Bracelets – EARTHTONES, Grazia Bracelet (Divine, Silver)
Necklace – EARTHTONES, Grazia Necklace (Divine, Silve)[Earrings Included, Not Worn]
Lingerie Set – sf Designs, swaffette Firefly Designs, Petite Coquine (Pink)
Shoes – Maitreya, ChiChi Pumps, Black (Script Touch Rim to Pink)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Empress of Hearts

Anyone who knows me well knows that there is one holiday that I love above all other, it isn't religious, or historical, and it isn't about materialism or consumerism, at least not to me it's not. Valentine's Day is the day when we can freely tell other people that we value their presence in our lives and our hearts, and it doesn't have to have anything to do with romance. I send valentines to my parents, my siblings, my nieces and nephews, and to my friends in SL. I wear red on valentines day, because it is the colour of passion for me, and it is the colour of the crayons I used as a child to draw lop-sided hearts on white paper doilies to gift to my parents and my dearly missed grand-parents.

When I was trying to decide what to wear for this months submission for my column in "Vain Inc. Magazine", I spotted this gown and fell in love. But it wasn't right for the look I was going for, so it went on my wish-list and I moved on. For weeks now, I have thought of this gown, it is perhaps the most stunning work of art I have seen in SL, and I knew that it was going to be my "Look Of The Day" for February the 14th and Tonight's "Sweet Hearts Ball" at PIN UPS. I knew I wanted it and I was willing to pay full price for it, because work like this should be rewarded, and I was going to save my lindens if I had to camp on Zombie Island for weeks on end. And yesterday was the day, off I went to "Nicky Ree" and I parted with $980L and was positively elated that I could finally call this treasure mine.

Look Of The Day - Valentine's [Feb.14/08] 3

I went home immediately to try it on and grab some pictures for my Blog, but was having some issues attaching prims and so decided to re-log and give it another go. I have never dealt with inventory loss before, so imagine my Shock and Horror when I logged to find it GONE. Not in inventory, not in my trash folder, not in a box on the floor of my loft, yet the textures of the shirt and pants were still baked onto my body. I checked my Edit --> Clothing bar and it said I was naked but for shoes. I immediately panicked, drafted up a note with the transaction record and sent it off to Nicky Ree in the hopes she would understand and replace the Gown for me (being no transfer, I could not have given it away). I think I sobbed for at least an hour, it was ridiculous in retrospect, but it was in correlation to how dearly I loved this work of art.

When I logged this morning, Nicky had indeed sent me a replacement, and I am certain she thinks I am a total nut-bar for telling her I was distraught in my note to her, but it was the truth. So here it is, my Pride and Joy, my outward expression of the way my heart feels on Valentine's Day; Grand, Extravagant, Swollen with Emotion. I felt so good I went for the complete look as created by Nicky, with the Hair from "Zero Style" and the Jewelry and Ornaments from "BijouxOr Design", so amazingly crafted, the Hair Ornaments over 220 Prims on their own, and yes, I bought some lindens to be able to afford them at $2200L for the necklace/earrings and headdress together. I was lucky enough to be given these "Stiletto Moody" shoes from Stiletto herself, a review copy, that are perhaps the only shoes that could truly match the grandeur of the gown, and they are perfection in the form of footwear. No one will see them under the full gown tonight, but I will know they are there, and that makes me happy.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone... whether you admit you like it or not, I send you my warmest wishes.

Look Of The Day - Valentine's [Feb.14/08] 1

Look Of The Day - Valentine's [Feb.14/08] 2

Look Of The Day - Valentine's [Feb.14/08] 4

Gown – Designing Nicky Ree, Tang Empress Gown (Red)
Necklace & Earrings – BijouxOr Design , Gold Oriental Tang – Mui Fei Set (Red)
Headdress - BijouxOr Design , Gold Oriental Tang – Mui Fei Hair Pieces (Red)
Lashes – Celestial Studios, Prim Lashes (Club 13)
Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green
Hair - *0 Style* - Zero Style, Nicky (Black)
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Skin (Tone 20, Gloss – Red)
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Shoes - Stiletto Moody Shoes, Elegant Slingback (Ruby Red)

Be Your Own Valentine...

For my Second Contribution, as a Fashion Editor of "Vain Inc. Magazine", My "Look of the Month" Page for February and Valentine's Day was decidedly "Un-Valentiney". My Copy Read as Follows;

Enough of the red flowers and pink hearts, enough of waiting for that someone else to make your Valentine’s Day special for you. Be your own Valentine by wearing clothes you love and being the Diva you are! A fabulous jacket from ‘Digit Darkes', sassy shorts from ‘MG Fashion’, and just a touch of red in some sizzling shoes from ‘Armidi’ is all you need. Celebrate your love for yourself this month! Whether you are singing “Love Fool”, “Love Stinks”, or “I Love Myself Today”, have a great one!

Vain Inc.  Magazine Shoot - February 2008 [Test Shot 2]

I had so much fun putting this look together, because lets face it, I can be a DIVA if I really put my mind to it! Every item I am wearing in this look is a favorite of mine, and I am really proud of these photos and the staging of the scene and my choice of look for the month. I do not post-edit my photos in Photoshop with filters and such, these are cropped screenshots. I wanted to do something un-predictable, and although I fell in love with a very special gown at "Nicky Ree" that I am actually wearing tonight, this look shows off my personality and flair for peicing together a look from what I already owned.

Vain Inc.  Magazine Shoot - February 2008

Pick Up Your Copy of "Vain Inc. Magazine" in World at their Headquarters.. and do some shopping while you are there! Vain Inc. Boutique is a great place to shop and see some of the best designers in SL showcase their work, as well as some up-and coming content creators, lots of good stuff! Also make sure you Check Out The Vain Inc. Blog!

Jacket – Digit Darkes, “Fur Bomb Crop Jacket” (Black)
Corset – Kyoot Army, Black Stripes Austere Corset
Shorts – MG Fashion , London Calling Collection, Sequin Short (Black)
Stockings - *Sheer*, Nylons Leaves (Black)
Gloves – Sugar Cube, Felicidade Gloves (From Set)
Shoes – Armidi Gisaci, Barcelona Slingback (Falu)
Bracelets – EARTHTONES, Grazia Bracelets (DivineS)
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Piercing – Tickled Pink, Uma Nose Stud
Hair – Celestial Studios Hair, Whitney (Pearl)
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Skin (Tone 20, Red-Diva)
Lashes – Celestial Studios, Prim Lashes (Club 13)
Eyes – Decollage, Hazel Eyes

And They Call It... Puppy Love!

I am not a huge Pet Lover in RL, by that I mean that I don't own any, and that I really have no desire too, I like animals, am kind to them, but they are not my thing really. In SL however, I think pets can be a blast, you don't have to walk them or clean litter boxes, and you can tuck them neatly back into your inventory when you go out for a night on the town. This little sweetie, named Toto, was picked up back when I was putting a Wizard of Oz 'Dorothy' Costume together for an Event at PIN UPS. I just think he is adorable, and if someone clicks on him, he yips and barks at him or her, how is that for attitude!

So it was time to take little Toto out on a shopping trip, and what can I say, cute little puppies make me want to dress the part! Girly pink from "/artilleri/", in these fab Plaid Pants and sweet 'Lacy Leo' Leopard Print Camisole, made a nice jumping off point for this look. The strapped chucks from "EnvYou" in Mischief Cove are still my casual shoe of choice, and I own them in all 8 colours, I think I wear them more than any other single pair of shoes I own. Still going with the cute factor, this adorable necklace and bracelet I picked up at "Miam Miam", I have always been a fan of a charm bracelet and tiny prim work. Now check the purse, yep it's transparent, and what is that you spy through the bag -- cell phone, compact, hairbrush, and BIRTH CONTROL PILLS! Could you die! No unwanted Prim Babies in this Avatar's future I tell ya!

This hair, from my last trip to "Old Gravy", called 'Gun Club' is adorably punky! And yes, still no word on the whereabouts of the M.I.A. "Old Gravy", but my quest for information continues. Again, anyone who has any details about the goings on at "Old Gravy" can IM me in-world or leave comment on my blog. Thanks for all the comments; we need to SAVE THE GRAV-Y!

Look Of The Day [Feb.12/08]

Eyes – Miriel, Hazel (Big)
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Skins (Tone 20, Silver 1)
Hair – Old Gravy, Gun Club (White)[No Longer Found]
Top - /artilleri/, Lacy Leo (Long, Pink Lace)
Pet – Wynx’s Whimsical Wonders, Black Teacup Poodle
Purse – Aimee Weber @ Midnight City, Handbag (Canada)
Necklace – Miam Miam, Yummy Charm Necklace (Scripted, Silver)
Bracelet – Miam Miam, Yummy Charm Bracelet (Scripted, Silver)
Pants - /artilleri/, Plain Plaid Pants (Baby Pink)
Shoes – Sumire & EnvYou , Strapped Chucks (Black)