Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Martini Time!

Dirty Martini [October 31/08] 4

So here it is folks, my final Halloween costume for the year! I am wearing this tonight as I DJ at the PIN UPS "Big Halloween Bash" Event, it's going to be a hell of a party, lots of treats and a great big costume contest too. I love Friday night parties, it's 80s' night tonight! I wanted to go with a retro and pin-up style look, and when I spotted this adorable Ms. Dirty Martini at ~Digital Knickers~, I had to have it. It is seriously saucy, and reminds me of a World War II era Cocktail Waitress, with a little more sex appeal. The set comes complete with the hand held scripted martini glass, complete with lipstick stain on the rim. It utters some very cheeky phrases while you sip. The ice cube earrings and martini pendant necklace are also included. But the hat is the topper, it gives the costume that extra bit of polish, and the sweet olive accents are positively yummy. If you want to know why it is called "Ms. Dirty Martini", you need to check out the optional top of the dress, let's just say, someone ate the olives.

Dirty Martini [October 31/08] 3

I wanted to wear some great seamed stocking with this costume, and dove into my inventory to find the perfect pair from Szentasha. These are part of the amazing ~J~ Bunny Girl costume, and are a seriously sexy seamed pair of fishnets, with the bonus of being tintable. The tray with Martini is also part of the Bunny Girl costume, and I decided to wear it with this look, as it doesn't talk as much and will be less chat spamming during my DJ set.

Dirty Martini [October 31/08] 2

Can we talk shoes? I have had these sexy "Playful" Stilettos from Sylfie's Prim Seductions since February, 23rd of 2007. Back then, they were the height of Prim Footwear (Pun intended), but I still love wearing them, and they just worked perfectly with this costume. the lace detail and red trim could not be better suited, and even though they are not a sculpted shoe, they really hold up well for shoes almost two years in age. In-world, that is older then most everyone on my friends list. I am also wearing my (Caroline's) Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring, just a little more "Ice" for my Martini.

Dirty Martini [October 31/08] 1

I always go for my ETD Juliana Hair when going for a more retro sophisticated look, it is one of my most worn wigs, and that is saying a lot when I own over 400 styles. The skin had to be the perfect red-lipped beauty to match the lipstick stain on the Martini glass, and this Celestial Studios Charmed Skin in Red Diva is just the right shade of sexy red with lash heavy lids. Separates Lashes are from Cake, and Olive toned eyes are Miriel's Big Hazel Eyes. So as the Reverend Horton Heat song says, "It's Martini Time"! Happy Halloween! Feel free to join us at PIN UPS starting at 7pm SLT for a big old relaxed and silly "Halloween Bash"!

Shopping Details:
Costume - ~Digital Knickers~, HALLOWEEN EDITION Ms. Dirty Martini [Includes Dress, Necklace, Earrings, Hat, & Hand Held Martini Glass]
Fishnet Stockings & Martini Tray - From Szentasha ~J~ Bunny Girl Costume
Shoes - Sylfie's Prim Seductions, "Playful" White With Black Lace/Red Detail Stiletto
Ring - (Caroline's), Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring
Hair - ETD, Juliana (Black)
Skin - Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Red - Diva)
Eyes - Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)
Lashes - Cake, Separated Lashes

Elvira, Mistress of the Dorks!

Elvira Mistress Of The Dorks [October 30/08] 2

Just having a little more Halloween fun tonight, with the "Horror Pops" Event at PIN UPS. I wasn't ready to go full-on gore, but settled on a cross between favorite vampy icons Elvira and Morticia Adams. It started with this great costume from A Touch of Ireland, and if you have never been there to costume shop, you have to check it out. Some crazy adorable costumes, and all really sexy too. This Morticia Dress also came with a choker I decided to leave off, but it is the plunging v-neck that made it feel more Elvira to me.

Elvira Mistress Of The Dorks [October 30/08] 3

How could you not take every opportunity to wear this amazing Amy hair from Aden. It is the biggest of Bee-Hive Dos I have found yet, and it so over the top it screams for attention. The skin was a gift from bianca Foulon, who's bianca F. Drama make-ups are really worth checking out. Some are a little too over the top for me, but they are really interesting and photograph so well. Separated Lashes are from Cake, and my favorite Hazel Eyes are from Miriel.

Elvira Mistress Of The Dorks [October 30/08] 1

I went with some great jewelry pieces, starting with one of the amazing gifts from the Jewelry Expo, (Caroline's) Satin Ribbon Mermaid Cameo Necklace. It's a really sweet piece, and I would have bought it if it hadn't been free, I like it that much. Kayla Brushed Steel Earrings are from from (Second Mirage), which is back in business after a brief hiatus, which is something to really be glad about. Incredibly fantastic, though mostly hidden, are the phenomenal BAX Patent Black Ankle Boots. I have no idea how Bax Coen managed to made these look so amazingly real, like they wrap the ankle like a glove, but they are undeniably sexy and sharp. Also wearing my (Caroline's) Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring, which I am happy to wear any time my hand is free.

Yes I am a dork when it comes to Halloween, it is the ultimate costume-a-thon, but when else can you get away with such campy fun? Happy Halloween everyone!

Shopping Details:
Costume - A Touch of Ireland, Morticia Dress/Costume
Shoes - BAX, Ankle Boots Black Patent [Review Copy]
Necklace - (Caroline's), Satin Ribbon Mermaid Cameo Necklace [Jewelry Expo Gift]
Earring - (Second Mirage), Kayla Brushed Steel Earrings
Ring - (Caroline's), Gimcrack DIamond Solitaire Ring
Hair - Aden, Amy (Black)
Skin - bianca F., fata3-saharabase-dramalightdeep [Review Copy]
Lashes - Cake, Separated Lashes
Eyes - Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Big Yellow Taxi

Look Of The Day [October 27/08] 1

Although I had this look ready ahead of time, and was planning on calling this post "Big Yellow Taxi" in any case, it seems to me that the current Open Space Sim Bait & Switch tactic in Phil's Place going on, it is even more relevant.

They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot
With a pink hotel, a boutique
And a swinging hot SPOT
Don’t it always seem to go
That you don't know what you’ve got
‘Til it's gone
They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot.

~ Joni Mitchell

I feel for those who were using there Open Sim under the, albeit vague, terms set forth by Phil's place, and am worried we are about to lose a lot of beautiful places, quiet retreats, and art spaces for yet more overcrowded ugly places in-world. Time will tell, but it seems wrong to punish the many for the crimes of a few, if in-fact there were those who were abusing the "Light" use terms.

Look Of The Day [October 27/08] 3

This look started with this jacket I picked up at Trix' or Treats during the recent Grid Wide Ghost Busters Hunt, it wasn't the free gift, but when I saw it I had to have it. The Yellow Retro Hoodie with optional Black Shirt beneath it is bold and bright and really makes me happy. I paired it up with a great pair of Soft Black Leather Pants from IBIZARRE, a place I discovered for the first time this week, and love the soft sheen of them, really a great pair of classic pants. I love my EnvYou Strapped Chucks, own them in every colour, but this may be the first time I have worn the Yellow. Love this Caution Tape Belt from [THE SYNDICATE], it's got great visual impact. One of the first purses I ever purchased is this adorable 8 Ball Bag from /artilleri/.

Look Of The Day [October 27/08] 2

When Canimal Zephyr passed me this adorable Deadly Lullaby Necklace, I was thrilled. Not only is is super cute, but it also has amazing scripting and you can customize the details, like bows and pendant colours, to make it work so many ways. I pulled on a cute bracelet from ::MEZZO::, they have great inexpensive sweet jewelry. I love these great ~MAGIKA~ Lightening Earrings, which are multi set, and with a little linked part editing are a great look. Also wearing my Caroline's Jewelry Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring.

Another great Hair Fair find is this Mia Koda wig from Hair Solutions. I really am enjoying re-discovering what I purchased during that lag infested spending spree, particularly from the shops I bought from and learned of for the first time. A favorite Celestial Studios skin, great eyes from **[Riddle]**, and lashes from Cake complete the essentials. I am sad watching the Open Space Sim issue hurt so many, I hope those at the "Licken Labs" get a clue before it's too late.

Shopping Details:
Jacket - Trix' or Treats [TT], Yellow Retro Hoodie, Black Shirt
Pants - IBIZZARE, Soft Black Leather Pants
Shoes - EnvYou, Strapped Chucks (Yellow)
Belt - [THE SYNDICATE], Caution Tape Belt
Bag - /artilleri/, 8 Ball Bag
Necklace - Canimal, Deadly Lullaby Necklace [Review Copy]
Bracelet - ::MEZZO::, Bangle Dots Black/Red
Ring - Caroline's Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring
Earrings - ~MAGIKA~, Lightning Earrings
Hair - Hair Solutions [HS], Mia Koda - White Rice [Hair Fair]
Skin - Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 10, Purple - Orchid)
Lashes - Cake, Separated Lashes
Eyes - ** [Riddle] **, Realistic Brights (Brown)

Nightmares & Ghost Stories

Look Of The Day [October 28/08] 2

Last night at PIN UPS we had a "Nightmare Night" event with DJ Azu, a spooky and silly Halloween Pajama Party. I knew exactly what I wanted to wear when I saw this adorable Fantasy Football costume from (TCKLZ), a collaborative effort including the talented folks behind TorridWear, Kari, and Celestial Studios. I knew the Pumpkin set was the one I wanted, even thought it is somewhat limited to Halloween wear with it's Trick or Treat logo. What makes it a great buy is all the parts that are included, sneakers, legwarmers, and even a pumpkin football. The socks are really cute, and sexy, and this is precisely the kind of shirt I love to wear to bed. I picked up the perfect Halloween slippers on Xstreet SL (formerly SLX) with these sweet Scripted Black Cat Slippers from PediPetz. They are scripted to blink, among other things, and are sweet and creepy at the same time. Simple bedtime friendly accessories are my Caroline's Gimcrack engagement ring and my favorite locket from Karsten Rutledge, a gift from Draco when we first started dating over twenty months ago.

Look Of The Day [October 28/08] 1

My girl Marly sent me this hair this week, her latest release from ..Marlys.., and I am always happy to see her wigs. The Tre Salon Blonde style, in my favorite Whipped Cream shade is a sweet tight curlers wig, very kitsch, and the curlers are colour scripted to change to a dozen great shades. I find curler hair in-world to be hysterical, maybe it's just me. I anxiously await "Bed Head" and "Hat Head" hair style, or even one with a brush hanging from the side that got caught in the tangles, so if anyone wants to run with those ideas, go for it! Skin is a dramatic Supernova from Canimal's Essence Line, just the trick for a Halloween party. My favorite Hazel Eyes from Miriel and Love Lashes from [Detour] complete the essentials. Sweet and Spooky dreams everyone, Happy Halloween!

Shopping Details:
Pajama Dress, Socks - (TCKLZ), Fantasy Football (Pumpkin)
Slippers - PediPetz Slippers, Scripted Black Cat Slippers (R. Eye) [Xstreet SL]
Necklace - Karsten Rutledge, Silver Heart Locket
Ring - (Caroline's), Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring
Hair - ..Marlys.., Tre Salon Blonde (Whipped Cream)[Review Copy]
Skin - Canimal, Essence (Grace)... of Supernova
Lashes - [Detour], Love Lashes
Eyes - Miriel, Hazel Eyes

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali [October 27/08] 1

Diwali is the Indian Festival Of Lights, a joyous celebration often marked with Fireworks and the Lighting of Hundreds of Candles or Lamps. Also known as Deepavali, it marks the homecoming of King Rama of Ayodhya after a 14-year exile. Rama was welcomed by lighting rows (avali) of lamps (deepa), thus its name, Deepavali. This word, in due course, became Diwali in Hindi. The festival marks the victory of good over evil, and uplifting of spiritual darkness. Symbolically it marks the homecoming of goodwill and faith after an absence, and if often celebrated with new clothes and by sharing sweets and snacks. I can't offer you Galub Jamun, Jalebi, or Ladoo, some of my favorite sweets, but I can show you my newest costume from Zaara Indian Couture. The Visaka Lehnga and Choli Costume includes the veil and the tied sash at the waist so you can dance like a starlet Right out of a Bollywood Movie. The colour is sensational and joyous, and the hand made textures are some of Zarra Kohime's best work to date.

Happy Diwali [October 27/08] 3

I pulled on the great Jangle Bangle Bracelets from Ephemeral Creations that I picked up at the Jewelry Expo, and tinted the silver ones pink to work with the outfit. Zaara also has some of the most amazing traditional and modern Indian jewelry, and I love this Suvarna Kundun necklace, it is incredible well made and is very like the ones real Indian brides wear on their wedding day. The Suvarna set comes with an entire trousseau of pieces, including anklets, which I am also wearing. The Sari's Aubergine Henna tattoos were a gift from the Grid Wide Ghostbusters Halloween Hunt going on now with Vain Inc. and over 100 amazing creators. I love the colour and style of this henna set. Also wearing my Caroline's Jewelry Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring.

Happy Diwali [October 27/08] 2

Hair is a lovely sculpted Chestnut Brown wig from Armidi Hair in The Pasadena Girl IV style. The lovely warm Golden Bisque skin is from ~~Ivalde~~, the Inari A make-up. Neferia has really created a lovely line of skins, and they are so well priced for a package of several make-ups. Head to ~~Ivalde~~ to try some of her Demos, they are worth a look if you love make-up options and deals! Eyes are **[Riddle]**, the lovely Realistic Brights in Brown, and sexy Separated Lashes are from Cake. Happy Diwali everyone, may you find light in your life everyday.

Shopping Details:
Costume - Zaara:, Visaka (Green)
Henna - Sari's, Aubergine Henna [Grid Wide Ghost Hunt Gift]
Bangles - Ephemeral, Jangle Bangle Bracelets (Silver, Tinted Pink)
Necklace, Anklets - Zaara:, Suvarna (White)
Ring - Caroline's Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring
Sandals - !Boing Fromage!, Studded Leather Sandals (Brown/Brown)
Hair - Armidi Hair, The Pasadena Girl IV, Brown Collection (Chestnut)
Skin - ~~Ivalde~~, Golden Bisque - Inari A [Review Copy]
Eyes - **[Riddle]**, Realistic Brights (Brown)
Lashes - Cake, Separated Lashes

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sascha's Designs [Review]

Sascha Frangilli of Sascha's Designs contacted me recently about sending me some gowns for review. I explained that I really don't do "Reviews" in the traditional sense, I blog what I have time for, what I love, and although I graciously accept review items, I can never promise anything. It has been a while since I got all dolled up, and I have missed wearing elegant gowns. Sascha was sweet enough to send me four of her gowns, and when I found a little time this afternoon, I decided to take a peek at them. When I saw them, I was really impressed with the elegance and variety of gowns she creates, and even more pleased to note many skirt style options for each gown.

SAS, Patrice (Black)

Sascha's Designs Review [October 26/08] 4

Sascha's Designs Review [October 26/08] 3

SAS, Grandiosa (Honey)

Sascha's Designs Review [October 26/08] 2

Sascha's Designs Review [October 26/08] 1

SAS, Rumble (Black)

Sascha's Designs Review [October 26/08] 7

Sascha's Designs Review [October 26/08] 8

SAS, Addiction (Red)

Sascha's Designs Review [October 26/08] 6

Sascha's Designs Review [October 26/08] 5

The Gowns are $400 LaLas each, very reasonable for Evening Wear, and with many skirt options, some with gloves and added prim details, you can work each gown differently every occasion you wear it. The colour selections in store are plentiful, and there is something for everyone. Check out Sascha's Designs the next time you are looking for that perfect party dress or special occasion gown.

Shopping Details:
Hair - [Curio], Holly (Black, Shinier)
Eyes - Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)
Lashes - Cake, Separated Lashes
Ring - Caroline's Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring
Earrings - Sian Birke Jewelry, Stud Earrings
Look 1:
Skin - Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Silver 2)
Shoes - FNKY!, Pumps T-Strap (Black)
Necklace - Caroline's Jewelry, Broken Long Strand Black Pearls (Scripted) [Lucky Chair]
Bracelets - ~*FBG*~, Sculpted Sugar Gem Bangle Set (Silver)
Look 2:
Skin - Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Gold 2)
Bracelet - {JUNK}, Tangled Antique Gold Bangles
Shoes - *REDGRAVE*, Pumps - Leather /BROWN/ Sculpties
Look 3:
Skin - Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Silver 2)
Shoes - FNKY!, Pumps T-Strap (Black)
Necklace, Bracelets - -EARTHTONES-, Grazia - Divine/Silver
Look 4:
Skin - Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Silver 2)
Shoes - FNKY!, Pumps T-Strap (Black)
Necklace - -EARTHTONES-, Conessa Medallion de Fleurs (Scarlet/Black)

A Touch Of Sunday Denim

Look Of The Day [October 22/08] 1

When hopping about the grid this chilly October weekend, be it hunting or shopping, or both, you need to have a look that is casual and comfortable, and ready for action. This fabulous Vintage Leather Jacket from ::DUTCH TOUCH:: had been in my inventory forever, and I love the weathered rust colour of it, great for layering over a cozy thermal, this one from Tres Blah. The Vintage Floral Thermal in Plum is one of a fatpack of lovely shades I picked up at the Starlust Motel during the recent wee fundraiser for Crystyle Bukowski. I love the button details on the neckline, and the cute floral print. All the colours are equally delicious. This relaxed pair of New School Jeans from the Kari and TorridWear collaboration are really wonderful. I love the hand-drawn elements, and the pack is reasonably priced, coming with both Black and the Blue version shown here. The set is Unisex as well, so everyone can partake.

Look Of The Day [October 22/08] 3

I really had fun with these accessories, starting with this great *Sprawl* Library Necklace. This is the Alice in Wonderland Version, with a tiny book that opens with a click. There are several version, but I couldn't say no to Alice. I rarely remember to wear glasses, and this pair of Onyxia Sunglasses from /artilleri/ are really classic. I always buy eye wear from /artilleri/ in fatpack, the colours are exceptional and the prices too good to pass up. Dark Mouse is one of the newest vendors on Retrology, and when I stopped in to take a peek after Mouse Mimstrobel set up shop, I couldn't resist this nifty Gold Paint Splashed Bangles & Earring Set. I think the earring is a delicate masterpiece, I really love the shape of it, and the bangle is nice and chunky, with fabulous textures. I pulled in a must-have Hobo Bag in Denim from Celestial Studios, as well as some complimentary Natasha Violet Boots from INSOLENCE to go with the Plum colour in the top I am wearing.

Look Of The Day [October 22/08] 2

Another fabulously cute short wig, this one is from [Curio], with the adorable name of Hipster. I love the texture on the White shade of [Curio] hair, and it is almost always a lower prim choice, simple and elegant are trademarks of the brand. Skin is Celestial Studios, from the Charmed Line, and Green Eyes are from Ibizarre, a steal with four shade variation for just $40 LaLas. Well, a hunting I will go, this time for more winning items on my list compiled from watching the feeds this week. Happy Sunday everyone!

Shopping Details:
Jacket - ::DUTCH TOUCH::, KAT, Leather Jacket Vintage
Shirt - -tb-, Vintage Floral Thermal (Plum)
Jeans – (Kari & TW), New School Jeans (Blue)
Bag – Celestial Studios, (CS) Hobo Bag – Denim (Hand)
Boots – INSOLENCE, Natasha Violet Boots (Foot Only)
Glasses - /artilleri/, Onyxia Sunglasses *purple*
Necklace - *Sprawl*, Library Necklace (Alice In Wonderland)
Bangle, Earrings – Dark Mouse, Gold Paint Splashed Bangles & Earring Set
Hair – [Curio], Hipster – Fairy J- (White)
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Earth 4)
Eyes – Ibizarre, Green Eyes #04

Carmen Macabre! Free Costume @ comme il faut - Candle Hunt

Edit: Moire Passed Me the Pumpkin Accessories which are NOT Part of the Hunt. The Skulls and Roses ones ARE. The Pumpkin Accessories will likely be available to you all soon, perhaps in a Lucky Chair... so Keep your eyes Out! Sorry for any confusion. Also, I am not wearing the system shoe bases in these pictures and was too tired to notice, whoops! Accept my apologies everyone, and make sure you don't miss this fabulous outfit. Thanks Moire for letting me know.


I Just Got Wind of an AMAZING Costume Hunt going on NOW at the comme il faut Mainstore! Carmen Miranda Does Voodoo!

Halloween Candle Hunt @ Comme il Faut [6]

There are 13 black candles hidden around the comme il faut Store and the Boulevard. Each one has a piece of the Carmen Macumba costume, probably one of the most creative retro and chic costumes you`ll find around this Halloween!

Halloween Candle Hunt @ Comme il Faut [5]

Halloween Candle Hunt @ Comme il Faut [4]

Most of the pieces can be worn by themselves, or mixed and matched with other costumes, so even if you don`t find all of them you`ll still have some great stuff to wear! Here are just some of the looks I came up with using the Costume Pieces!

Halloween Candle Hunt @ Comme il Faut [3]

Halloween Candle Hunt @ Comme il Faut [2]

Pieces Include: Hats, Hair in Several Shades, 2 Top Styles, 2 Sleeve Styles, System Skirt, 2 Glitch Pants, 2 Prim Skirt Styles, Necklace, A Pair of Earrings, Skull Maracas, Hand Held Platter, Ring, and The Amazing Platform Shoes!

Look For These Candles! Have Fun & Make Sure You Check Out Moire's Latest Releases, 2 Fabulous Cocktail Dresses!

Halloween Candle Hunt @ Comme il Faut

Hair, Clothing & Accessories- comme il faut, Carmen Macumba Costume
Skin - Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Gold 2)
Eyes - Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)
Lashes - Cake, Separated Lashes

Friday, October 24, 2008

Expletive Deleted

Look Of The Day [October 16/08] 1

So I have officially found a new addiction, like I needed one, and the Devil's name is Plurk. In case you are as out of the loop as I was about what it is, think of it as a giant IM conference with dozens of friends happening live, and everyone can see everyone else's conversations. It is instant gratification, there is always someone on, and you can share URLs, Video, Photos, and anything from RL updates to pet peeves to gossip. Oh, and did I mention you get "Karma" points for being especially addicted. Oh yes! If you want to check it out, you can find my little Plurk profile link at the side panel of my blog, but I would caution most that it is really addictive and may not be for everyone. In any case, one needs to be comfy while sitting about Plurking all day. I think the new collaborative releases from Celestial Studios, Kari, and TorridWear are absolutely remarkable in quality, options, and details, and this Pink New School Jacket is a great example of why. It is a unisex top, comes in a pile of great colours to choose from, and the pack includes collar size options, layer options, including a T-shirt or Tank Top under layer that can be all on one Jacket or separate, and is modifiable, so of course I had to tint! I can see this one jacket going the distance in my wardrobe. I paired it with a favorite pair of Betsy Pants in Dark Blue from /artilleri/, simple, sweet, and inexpensive. I anxiously await new releases from Antie!

Look Of The Day [October 16/08] 3

Can you say Cute Shoes? I love some cute casual flats, and these Kushi Shoes from *i-Candy* are so sweet. They come with bow and bow-less versions. All I know is that Khushi is the word for happiness in Hindi, and these shoes make me happy indeed! The Fuck You Bag is one I have had for ages, and it always make me laugh. Red Ruin was an early favorite for me when I joined up almost two years ago, and I still find some of their items to be favorites in my inventory. The moment I spotted this Happy Bead Set in Rainbow from Studio Sidhe, I had to have it. I am thankful for Miriel Enfield's Jewelry Expo for introducing me to so many great content creators I was oblivious to. These beads are brilliant, they look like real Murano hand-blown glass, they are luminous and the texturing is fabulous. I love the sunburst charm on the necklace, the simple complimentary hoop earrings, and a great matching bracelet. I have to say, a set where things are not all matchy matchy, but rather a thoughtful collection of workable items is a real treat.

Look Of The Day [October 16/08] 2

I have been wearing this great Lolli Hair wig from *Katat0nik* for weeks, but was waiting to blog it until the furor, very well deserved mind you, had died down a bit. It is fabulous and fun, I love the bangs, and the scripting options for Hair and Bow colour are a fabulous bonus. Another great Canimal Skin, can't wait for new make-ups on these Essence Skins, I want to devour them, they are so delicious! Gorgeous Brown Eyes are from ** [Riddle] **, and Love Lashes are from [Detour]. So now I will go check the 59 new unread messages in Plurk that have popped up since I started this post. Pray for me!

Jacket – (CS Kari & TW), New School Jacket (Pink) [Includes Tank Top/T Shirt Options, Tinted Green]
Pants - /artilleri/, Betsy Pants *Dark Blue*
Shoes - *i-Candy*, Kushi Shoes (Khaki)
Bag - *Red Ruin*, Fuck You Bag
Jewelry - :+:SS:+:, Happy Bead Set (Rainbow) Includes Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet [Jewelry Expo]
Hair - *Katat0nik*, Lolli Hair
Skin – Canimal, Essence(Grace)… of Roses
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Eyes - ** [Riddle] **, Realistic Brights (Brown)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Around The Grid in 365 Posts!

Look Of The Day [October 14/08] 1

When I started this blog on November 30th of 2007, it was just a sort of hobby, some way of documenting my burgeoning wardrobe and making me feel less guilty about spending so many LaLas in-world. Who knew that in less than a year, I would hit the 365th post! It really is a labor of love, and I feel like I have accomplished a lot since I started. My pictures are better, I am accessorizing with more flair, and I am really learning to mix and match pieces and make unique looks for myself. Today's look got lots of great reactions, so I am glad it marks this big milestone. I love this amazing [MG fashion] Wool Capelet, and of course it is in my favorite Green. It is really sweet and cozy looking, with wide sleeves and a babydoll feel. I paired it with a simple yet classic pair of Dark Blue College Bound Jeans from Total Betty. A simple pair of socks from [MG Fashion] keep my tootsies warm, and this Red Brown colour is one from a fatpack of colours, all really nice and great staples in your sock drawer.

Look Of The Day [October 14/08] 3

With the red accents on the coat, I went with a favorite boot from (Shiny Things), the Scarlet Ruffle Boots are sexy and have a really nice detail to them, with the button and loop closures and the butter soft leather ruffle. I decided to accent this look with golds, and started with this great bag from Cachet. The Anya Bag comes in two version for one price, with Gold or Silver Accents, and the almost chartreuse golden colour is really interesting. I love the look of these sweet Charm Earrings from Bonita's, a simple low-prim options that adds some colour as well as some cute. I pulled in some ~*Fresh Baked Goods*~, with the Sculpted Sugar Gem Bangle on the left wrist, and the Gem Jelly Donut Bangle with Gold settings on the right. I always love wearing these pieces, as you can customize them to match almost anything. Also wearing my favorite ring from Caroline's Jewelry, the Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring.

Look Of The Day [October 14/08] 2

How cute is this wig? I think it's adorable, and everyone that saw me in it felt the same, so it's even more wonderful when you take into consider that this CUTIE Hair from (JUNWAVE) is not just fabulous, it is extremely inexpensive. Gotta love great hair that costs next to nothing. Skin is from Celestial Studios Charmed Line, with eyes from Freak Fantasia. My favorite Love Lashes from [Detour] round out the essentials. Well, 365 posts in less then a year makes me think that I am actually a certifiable blogger, lets see what the next 365 have in store (pun intended)!

Shopping Details:
Coat – [MG fashion], Wool Capelet (Green)
Jeans – Total Betty, *College Bound* Jeans (Dark Blue)
Socks – [MG Fashion], Knitted Socks – Red Brown (Pack 01)
Boots – (Shiny Things), Ruffle Boots – Scarlet
Bag – Cachet, Anya Bag (Gold-Gold)
Earrings – Bonita’s Jewelry, Charm Earrings
Bracelet (L) - ~*FBG*~, Sculpted Sugar Gem Bangle (Gold)
Bangle (R) – ~*FBG*~, Gem Jelly Donut Bangle (Gold)
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring
Hair – (JUNWAVE), CUTIE Hair_5Set (Black_L)
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Drama)
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green Eyes

Monday, October 20, 2008

Urban Sprawl

Look Of The Day [October 130/08] 1

I love a great coat, living in the Great White North, I have many in my RL closets, and in-world, I collect them like postage stamps. For some reason, many are plaid, not at all an easy pattern to work with on the mesh templates and prims, but when it is done well, it has a brilliant impact. This *Thimbles* The Angel of Your Plaid Nightmares Coat in Blackish is really a winner, coming in several colour versions, it is a great one for layering, with lots of options. I think my favorite part of all is the collar though, I love the height of it, and it is a really nice sculpt. I paired it with some newness from *Sprawl*, Pushbutton Skolnick's new line, which I greedily snapped up upon preview release. I love Pushbutton's work, it is always great value, fits my grungier style well, and it always has all the layer options you could ever want. This great Plain Therms top in White is an essential, with the great glove pieces that extend from under the jacket, it is really a perfect basic layering piece. Pants are also from *Sprawl*, The Treble pant in Ash has a nice baggy cuff, and works nicely over a boot base.

Look Of The Day [October 130/08] 2

Boots are from ETD Shoes, the Buckled Calf Boot in Black is one of the oldest prim boots in my inventory, and is still a favorite, and recently Elika released a new sculpted version in dozens of great colours. The bag is one I nabbed at Cachet recently, The Jayden Bag in Earth is a nice warm tones sculpted bag, I can never seem to get enough purses. I added on a similarly warm toned necklace from *PERSONA*, one of Myllie Writer's newer releases, the Polished Stone Sets Tiger Eye Necklace in the Bronze Setting. This is the shorter version, and works nicely with the collar of the coat. I added on a nice Natural Gold Bead Ring from Caroline's Jewelry to complete the accessories for this look.

Look Of The Day [October 130/08] 3

I have always adored hair from Maitreya, the styles are really unique, the textures beautiful, and of course they have an amazing white shade, my hands-down favorite. This amazing Nahla style was one I happened upon at the Hair Fair this year, and I didn't even try the demo before snapping it up, I think the long ponytail is fantastic, and the loose front frames the face so nicely, another winner from Maitreya. A favorite Canimal skin, some [Detour] Lashes, and eyes from Freak Fantasia round out the essentials. This look is perfect for the cooler fall weather, exploring the hunts all around the grid, and taking in a hunted house or two.

Shopping Details:
Jacket – *Thimbles*, The Angel of Your Plaid Nightmares Coat (Blackish)
Shirt - *Sprawl*, Plain Therms (White)
Pants - *Sprawl*, The Treble (Ash)
Boots – ETD Shoes, Buckled Calf Boots (Black)
Bag – Cachet, Jayden Bag (Earth)
Necklace - *PERSONA*, Polished Stone Sets – Tiger Eye (Short Necklace/Bronze) [Review Copy]
Ring – (Caroline’s), Natural Gold Bead Ring
Hair – Maitreya, Nahla (White) [Hair Fair]
Skin – Canimal, Essence (Grace)… of Poison
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green Eyes

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hi Top Hell Bop

Look Of The Day [October 10/08] 1

Forgive me blogger, and it's been 9 days since my last blog post. Yikes, I have more guilt than any one is entitled to, but I am glad to be getting back on track. The Retrology Trick or Treat Pumpkin Hunt has had me super busy, but that's no excuse. This look is another that pulls in two of my favorite colours to work together, pink and grey just work for me. It started with these great Hi Top Pants from Hell Bop Clothing by Floatie Hock, something I nabbed on my last trip around Retrology. I love high waited cigarette pants, and these are a great pair, with the great buttons in front and great textures waist panel. The Pink sweater is from Aleri Darkes, the Brita Top is great, and comes on the shirt layer so that you can wear it with your high-waited pants. I can't stress enough how great it is when designers offer their fashions on all available layers. Yes it takes a lot of time, but it makes me that much more likely to buy and wear it, and I am willing to pay a bit more for that luxury. I really like the texturing on the top, the deep v-neck, that is still modest and yet sexy.

Look Of The Day [October 10/08] 2

With simple system pieces in the look, I was able to pile on some great accessories, starting with some of my favorite shoes from Lya, the Nichelle Pumps in this lovely Pearl shade, a opalescent pink suede texture. The purse is one of the amazing bags from Bare Rose Tokyo, found in the Bare Rose Couture Boutique. They are insanely inexpensive, and come with a number of shape or style options, as well as holds in each box. This Freja Bag comes in this rounded shape, as well as a more square option, and I like the opalescent texture here as well. After my trip to the Jewelry Expo, I came away with armloads of goodies, including this great *kraftika No. 129 Necklace, strands of spaced out black pearls on a thin wire, amazing prim work here. I also bough this great Tahitian Pearl Ring from The Body Politik, with it's many scripted options, it is truly amazing, and a really lovely ring. I adore Tahitian Pearls in RL, it's great to have them in my virtual wardrobe too. I have had this great White Classic Tank Watch from ~Muse~ for some time, I always forget to wear my watches in-world, it might have something to do with that little clock up in the corner of the viewer. I pulled on a favorite bangle from *PERSONA*, the Crack Metal Large Bangle in Gold is a perfect example of the great work that Myllie Writer is doing on her Jewelry these days. With this great up-do, I was able to pull on some great Vintage Black Pearl Earrings from Paper Couture, part of a set.

Look Of The Day [October 10/08] 3

This lovely Sally Hair wig is from Panache ZF, and I am not certain I own very much of their hair, but I so want to now. I picked this one up at the Hair Fair, and love this Marshmallow shade. My all time favorite skin always feels like home to me somehow, the Celestial Studios Charmed Line is my favorite in general, but specifically this Earth 4 Make-up. Lashes are also from Celestial Studios, these big and romantic Classic 10 Lashes are favorites too. Delta Eyes in Hazel are from [Detour]. Ok, now that I have slapped my own hand for not blogging in so many days, I can get down to business, I have an awful lot of fall weather wear to show off in the next few days.

Shopping Details:
Top – *AD*, Britta Top (Pink)
Pants – Hell Bop, Hi Top Pants (Black)
Shoes – Lya, Nichelle Pumps (Pearl)
Bag - :::B@R:::, Freja RD White (Hand)
Necklace - *kraftika, No. 129 Necklace (Black Pearls) [Jewelry Expo]
Ring - .::TBP::., Tahitian Pearl Ring
Watch - ~Muse~, Classic Tank Watch in White/Silver (Silver Face)
Bangle - *PERSONA*, Crack Metal Large Bangle (Gold)
Earrings – Paper Couture, P.C., Black Pearl Set (Vintage Black Earrings)
Hair – Panache ZF, Sally Hair – Frosts (Marshmallow)
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Earth 4)
Lashes – Celestial Studios, (CS) Prim Lashes – Classic 10
Eyes – [Detour], Delta Eyes (Hazel)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Maverick Librarian

Look Of The Day [October 8/08] 3

Draco loves it when I wear glasses in-world, I have no idea why, I don't wear them in RL at all. I have a hunch it might be something to do with a secretary or librarian look, but I can't be sure. I always forget to wear them and it's usually because I am so stuck on lashes, which usually have the same attachment point. I own pretty much every fat-pack of glasses from Antonia Marat's /artilleri/, by far my favorites for style, colour selection, and price point. The Paula Glasses, here in Black, are really retro-chic, and look almost identical to a pair my grandmother wore when I was a little girl. Diving into my new hair folder, I came across this -Hiccup- wig. When I bought it, I never looked at the name, but noticing it looked very much like a certain Vice Presidential Candidate's style, I was laughing hysterically when I realized it was called Foreign Policy = Hockey Fights. Skin is Celestial Studios Charmed in Rubies, I adore the lip colour on this skin, and Glassy Mustard Green Eyes are from Freak Fantasia.

Look Of The Day [October 8/08] 1

I was working on one of my Postcards From Retrology shoots yesterday, and decided to do one from "Savvy?", still forthcoming. But I have always had my eye on this Dear Stephanie outfit. It is really classic, includes the blouse, waistcoat, knee length pant and stockings. I decided to pair it with these fabulous boots from Jaywalk that Lyra Muse sent me months back in a fat-pack. The Kit boot is really neat, and comes in some great colours, each with two buckle colour options. I went with the Grey Boot with Black Buckles here, they matched the outfit perfectly.

Look Of The Day [October 8/08] 2

I wear this Decollage Bubblegum Pearls necklace so often, it is tintable, and I love the size of the beads, really fun and chunky. The Pearl Bauble Flower Ring was another Jewelry Expo find from (Caroline's), and it comes in a set with this Black version as well as two other tones. I love the size of it, and it works really well paired with the Decollage necklace. I asked Draco if I looked sexy int his outfit, he said "absolutely", I then asked if I looked like Sarah Palin, to which he responded, "she is not sexy". I love my man!

Shopping Details:
Blouse, Waistcoat, Pants, Socks – “Savvy?”, Dear Stephanie
Boots – Jaywalk, Kit (Grey, Black Straps) [Review Copy]
Belt – Refuge: Motive Belt (Stitched)
Glasses - /artilleri/, Paula Glasses *black*
Necklace – Decollage, Bubblegum Pearls (Tinted)
Ring - (Caroline's), Pearl Bauble Flower Rings (Black) [Jewelry Expo]
Hair - -Hiccup-, Foreign Policy = Hockey Fights (Black)
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Rubies)
Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green Eyes

Watching The Detectives

Look Of The Day [October 8/08] 1

Another new viewer, another batch of issues, in this case getting used to having freedom from camera constraints and therefore a whole lot of fiddling to get sizing right. Ah well, what are we if not pawns in the game of LL. In any case, it is that time of year again, October brings us Octoberville 2008, one of my favorite activities ever. If you are looking for some really great Halloween fun, without collecting a pile of orange and black everything, and something you can do with groups of friends at once, check it out. It always makes me gear up for fall, you can't get your Detective on to hunt for the clues to a murder in a T-Shirt, so I started with a great coat I have been saving up since last year, the Penny Plaid from *fuse in this smokey Purple Rain colour. I grabbed the first pair of pants in my **NEW** folder, and it happened to be this great scrunched cuff pair of Monocrom Pants in Black from Sweetest Good-bye. Being out in the fall weather calls for layering, so I played around by adding this fabulous Aubergine Knitted Vest from Twosome, which is spectacular on it's own, and with so many layer options, gave me the opportunity to wear it tucked in. A basic Zee Tank Top! from /artilleri/ in White the I tinted to an olive green is a nice muted colour addition.

Look Of The Day [October 8/08] 2

I wanted to pull on some gloves, since I may be handling evidence in Octoberville, so I opted for these delicious Davenport Weathered Velvet Gloves in Plum from Argyle. Some great black leather boots from Jaywalk get me ready to roam the town. I opted for the foot bases here in the Liah Onyx pair. Every detective needs a bag to hold all her sleuth gear, and this Fleur Heiress Handbag should do the trick. A *Muism* Crinkle Scarf keeps my throat warm in case I need to call for back-up in the form of my partner in crime-solving Draco, actually it's more like scream, there are some mighty creepy thing going on in Octoberville. At the Jewelry Expo, I picked up this great pair of No. 127 Earrings from *karftika, I am always stunned by great prim-twisting, and these earrings are really classic.

Look Of The Day [October 8/08] 3

A good detective needs a Fedora, and I adore this Fedorable Loveless Hair/Hat combination from *Torrid Wear* that I discovered at the Hair Fair. The side knotted ponytail is a nice touch with scarves, collars and necklaces, lets them be seen without hair poking through the prims. I love the vibrant yet subtle purple shadow on this Canimal Essence Skin, this is the Ether Skin in the Grace tone. Separated Lashes are from Cake, and Freak Fantasia is the place for these great Glassy Mustard Green Eyes, a must for searching out the clues. Maybe I will see you on the trail of the murderer at Octoberville.

Shopping Details:
Coat - *fuse, Penny Plaid (Purple Rain)
Pants – Sweetest Good-bye, Monocrom –Black/Pants (Woman)
Vest – Twosome, Aubergine Knitted Vest
Tank Top - /artilleri/, Zee Tank Top! Short (ushirt layer, White) [Tinted]
Gloves - Argyle, Davenport Weathered Velvet Gloves (Plum)
Boots – LC Covet (Now Jaywalk): Liah – Onyx
Bag - *TaP* (Now Fleur), Heiress Handbag
Scarf - *Muism*, Crinkle Scarf/White_Small [Tinted]
Earrings - *kraftika, No. 127 Earrings
Hair - *Torrid Wear*, Fedorable Loveless (Raven) Black Pack [Hair Fair]
Skin – Canimal, Essence (Grace)… of Ether
Lashes – Cake, Separated Lashes
Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green Eyes