Sunday, October 26, 2008

Carmen Macabre! Free Costume @ comme il faut - Candle Hunt

Edit: Moire Passed Me the Pumpkin Accessories which are NOT Part of the Hunt. The Skulls and Roses ones ARE. The Pumpkin Accessories will likely be available to you all soon, perhaps in a Lucky Chair... so Keep your eyes Out! Sorry for any confusion. Also, I am not wearing the system shoe bases in these pictures and was too tired to notice, whoops! Accept my apologies everyone, and make sure you don't miss this fabulous outfit. Thanks Moire for letting me know.


I Just Got Wind of an AMAZING Costume Hunt going on NOW at the comme il faut Mainstore! Carmen Miranda Does Voodoo!

Halloween Candle Hunt @ Comme il Faut [6]

There are 13 black candles hidden around the comme il faut Store and the Boulevard. Each one has a piece of the Carmen Macumba costume, probably one of the most creative retro and chic costumes you`ll find around this Halloween!

Halloween Candle Hunt @ Comme il Faut [5]

Halloween Candle Hunt @ Comme il Faut [4]

Most of the pieces can be worn by themselves, or mixed and matched with other costumes, so even if you don`t find all of them you`ll still have some great stuff to wear! Here are just some of the looks I came up with using the Costume Pieces!

Halloween Candle Hunt @ Comme il Faut [3]

Halloween Candle Hunt @ Comme il Faut [2]

Pieces Include: Hats, Hair in Several Shades, 2 Top Styles, 2 Sleeve Styles, System Skirt, 2 Glitch Pants, 2 Prim Skirt Styles, Necklace, A Pair of Earrings, Skull Maracas, Hand Held Platter, Ring, and The Amazing Platform Shoes!

Look For These Candles! Have Fun & Make Sure You Check Out Moire's Latest Releases, 2 Fabulous Cocktail Dresses!

Halloween Candle Hunt @ Comme il Faut

Hair, Clothing & Accessories- comme il faut, Carmen Macumba Costume
Skin - Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Gold 2)
Eyes - Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)
Lashes - Cake, Separated Lashes

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danieli said...

oh damn... i was so sleepy last night I sent you some stuff i shouldn't DX. the pumpkins are not avaliable [i]yet[/i], they'll be a lucky chair prize and I'm still working on them. And I forgot to send you the system shoes for the plataforms! I'm dropping them on you right now.