Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cheeky Monkey!

Look Of The Day [September 30/08] 1

I felt like having a little fun with today's look. Going with cute and punky, and utilizing as many hidden gems in my closet as I could. I am a huge fan of the film of Kevin Smith, I think Clerks is probably the best student film ever made. I know it line for line, word for word, I have watched it so many times. I came across this great :.:71:.: top back in Spring of 2007, that's the date it came into my inventory. It's called Mallrats, and features a picture of Jay and Silent Bob with their signature phrase "Snoochie Bootches". Last night Draco asked me what that meant, I honestly have no idea, but it is darn funny anyways. Unfortunately there was no in-world location to be found, one of the hazards of having been in-world for almost two years. I paired it with a favorite mini skirt from (Pixeldolls) simply called the Everything Skirt, and it really is, it can be use in a dressy look or a punky look with ease, and the prim skirt can be slid up or down depending on the length of the top you pair it with. This Lime Sheer Daisy Lingerie Set from POPPY was probably one of the first I ever bought at the original Lalique Square. I wanted to pull out the colour from the bow on the back of the top and use it as an accent. I always love wearing stocking with a funky mini-skirt or dress, and the bright Lime colour really pops here. Skull Arm Warmers from Canimal get me into a funky mood, and really add some colourful fun, these are great because they are tint-able and you can make then match anything you like.

Look Of The Day [September 30/08] 3

These are some of my favorite boots ever, from **C-Shoes**, they are one heck of a sexy Fetish Heel boot, real ass-kickers with a sexy twist. They are all prim, and I have to say as someone with a crap graphics card, I miss the days when shoes appeared instantly when you put them on, instead of taking 10 minutes to fully rez into shape. I wanted to go big on the fun with all my accessories, so I started with this absolutely adorable Cuppycake Necklace from {Violet Voltaire}. Violet does some of the best Gothic and kitschy accessories I have seen, and the colour combination here, the fluorescent links and pastel beads really make the Cuppycake Birthday Set so great. What goes better with cake then candy, and ~*Fresh Baked Goods*~ Time For Candy Necklace is a cute and easy choice, and works well with the layering of necklaces here. Some great [Woo's] Bangles do the trick on the wrists, they are really fabulous, and so inexpensive. Well verifying the SLURL to the shop today, I noticed several great freebies by the door, and almost everything in the shop is less then $100 LaLas. Skull Rhinestone Earrings are favorites from (CREAMSHOP).

Look Of The Day [September 30/08] 2

Can we talk Hug Monkey? This little fella had been sitting in my inventory for quite a while, a Freebie at Asian Monks Store. Sometimes the sort of Harajuku Punk Princess looks are the perfect ones to add some tag-along friends. Grab him up yourself while he is still Free. More great hair from BP*, the simple and sweet Yuka Chignon was another great Hair Fair find. Skin is from Celestial Studios, with Love Lashes by [Detour] and Glassy Mustard Green Eyes are favorites from Freak Fantasia. So in this look, I get to dance about and be as cheeky as I want to be, or else I will sic my Monkey on you!

Shopping Details:
Top - :.:71:.:, Mallrats (by Tymber Donovan)[No Location Found]
Skirt – (Pixeldolls), Everything Skirt
Stockings, Bra – POPPY, Sheer Daisy Lingerie (Lime)
Arm Warmers – Canimal, Arm Warmers (Skulls 2, Colorable – Tinted)
Boots - **C-Shoes**, “Fetish Heel” Boots
Toy – Hug Monkey by Asian Monks Store EA [Freebie]
Necklace – {Violet Voltaire}, Cuppycake Birthday Set, Cuppycake Necklace (Short)
Choker - ~*Fresh Baked Goods*~, Time For Candy Necklace (S – Spine)[Review Copy]
Bangles – [Woo’s], Black & White Checkered Messy Bangles
Earrings – (CREAMSHOP), Skull Rhinestone Earring Set
Hair – BP*, Yuka Chignon (Dark Brown)[Hair Fair]
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Gloss Pink)
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green Eyes