Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Soft, Pink, Hope...

Look Of The Day [April 27/2008] 3

Each year I look forward to the Relay For Life Campaign in-world, so that I can shop with purpose, and wear these special items with pride. When I stopped in to ETD this week, I was thrilled to see that once again, Elikapeka Tiramisu was taking part, and offering special Hair packs, with proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. This adorable style, called Strength III from ETD comes with a head-scarf in the RFL signature colour pink, and in a number of shades packs. I just love how bright and fresh this pink is, it fills me with hope and joy.

To dress myself from the top down, so to speak, I choose this soft and lovely sweater from BP*, called the Unisex Border Sweater, it has prim collar, cuffs, and waist hem pieces, and looks so darn real. I pulled on these fabulous jeans from SD Wears that I snagged at The Starlust Motel. Called the Valley Girl Jeans, they ooze casual relaxed comfort and I love the use of system elements for belts. I chose these amazing Patent Urban flats from !Boing Fromage!, which are colour scripted to change 5 different parts of the shoe for endless combinations. If you like a casual shoe, you have to put these on you MUST HAVE List. I pulled in my favorite relaxed purse, this adorable Denim Hobo from Celestial Studios, which is so brilliantly textures, and uses sculpties to perfection. With all the prims in the sweater, all I needed was a sweet ring, this one called the Princess Ring from Paper Couture.

I have switched back to my old favorite eyes for now on urging of my man who missed them, from Freak Fantasia, called the Glassy Mustard Green, the are so big and glossy, very sweet. Lashes are from [Detour], and although I have about 4 sets of lashes from them, but always wear these Love Lashes. This sweet and lovely skin is from biancaF., called the LONDON2 in the Ivory tone, Fata line. The more I wear Bianca's skins, the less I can imagine ever wearing another. So here I am, soft, pink, and full of hope!

Look Of The Day [April 27/2008] 2

Shopping Details:
Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green
Hair – ETD, Strength III (Naturals 1) White [RFL Item]
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Skin – biancaF., fata2-Ivory-LONDON2
Purse – Celestial Studios, Hobo Bag (Denim)
Ring – Paper Couture, Princess Ring
Jeans – SD Wears, Valley Girl Jeans
Top – BP*, Unisex Border Sweater
Shoes - !Boing Fromage!, Mary Jane Flats (Patent – Urban)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No Shrinking Violet

Look Of The Day [April 25/2008] 5

When the Invitation to the Vain Inc. Magazine Anniversary Celebration arrived, the dress code was "Informal Black & White Ball". I own a lot of Black, and a lot of white, but as we were there for a fashion show first, then a party after, I wanted a classic simple look, something that could work at the office, at a cocktail party, or a night on the town. Miko Omegamu of *ICING* never lets me down. The quality of her work has increased exponentially since I first discovered her shop, and this Femme em Noir Dress is no exception. It is so classic, modern, yet timeless, and the dragonfly pin on the chest is included and really makes this look complete. Not only is it wonderful as a dress, but you could easily use the top or skirt separately in another look.

To complete the look, I chose a pair of bangles from ~*Fresh Baked Goods*~ a NEW shop opening on Retrology in the next few days. I am really excited to see what else will be released, but if this fabulous Sculpted Sugar Silver Gem Bangle Set is any indication of what's to come, I will be parked on their doorstep! These bangles come in a set of 2 (Left & Right) and the Gemstones are Colour Scripted to change to one of 12 Gem Tones. I set this pair to Onyx, but they looked equally lovely in diamond or even pink sapphire. I love jewelry with scripted options. Sweetie Pye, one of the three owners of ~*Fresh Baked Goods*~, tells me that they will be selling for $100LaLas a Set, and also available in Gold and Copper tones. I although I didn't want to take extra prims to the Fashion Show, in studio I did throw on this great bag I found OnRez, called the Ruffled Handbag by Urid Dal, very pretty sculpted shape, and a reasonable size. The fabulous Silver StudSides Pumps from Stiletto Moody are beyond fabulous, a very sexy shoe, and it is remarkable classy as well. Also wearing my Gimcrack engagement ring by Caroline's Jewelry.

Look Of The Day [April 25/2008] 1

I am wearing the Ivory-Fata-Base Skin from biancaF. that I love, with [Detour] Love Lashes, and Glassy Mustard Green Eyes from Freak Fantasia. This fabulous Hair was the free preview gift from MM Skins, called the Venessa, this is the Pitch Black Version. When I put it on, my husband Draco immediately remarked, "You Look Like That Violet Girl from the Incredibles Movie". Well, I may look like Violet... but I am no shrinking violet, not by a long shot.

Shopping Details:
Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green
Hair – MMS, Venessa Hair (Pitch) [Group Gift]
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Skin – biancaF., *bf* ivoryfata-base
Purse – Urid Dal, Ruffled Handbag (Dark Grey)[OnRez]
Dress - *ICING*, Femme en Noir (includes Dragonfly Pin)
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Ring
Shoes – Stiletto Moody, Silver Studsides Pump (All Colour, Scripted to Black)
Bracelets – Fresh Baked Goods, ~*FBG*~, Sculpted Sugar Bangle Set (Scripted to 12 Gem Tone Selection, Worn in Onyx) [Opening Soon on Retrology]

Monday, April 28, 2008

New Bohemian

Look Of The Day [April 26/2008] 2

Every now and then, I like to switch up my look and go for something that may not be the hottest look of the moment, but rather a classic style that can work from season to season. I have always loved a Bohemian look, and this adorable Skirt and Camisole from the Sela Set at Luminosity is really wearable. The skirt moves really nicely, and is a bit sheer, so it almost floats around you when in motion. The Sela Set comes with two jacket options of it's own, but I opted instead for the Laine Bolero from !Boing Fromage!, which is tintable and can be made to match any look. I opted to pick up the green in the camisole, and tinted it this lovely olive colour.

I have been asked a whole bunch about this hair from Tukinowaguma, and I honestly don't remember how I found the shop, but it has some really cute hair for gals and guys, and the Tae style is just so fresh and flirty. My eyes are my old favorites, Glassy Mustard Green from Freak Fantasia, and I love the glossy look of them. I am addicted to Love Lashes from [Detour], and wear them almost exclusively lately. Another great skin from biancaF., the *QS* Freebie Skin [an Update Group Gift] is so lovely, and I am hungry for more new releases and make-ups.

I stumbled on a little shop called Missakiss months ago, and picked up this cute Tote Bag for all of $50LaLas. The shop has some cute stuff, and nothing over that price, so it is worth a look. This sweet necklace from Paper Couture, called the Heirloom Pendant, is really special, I love the organza ribbon tied in a bow around the Cameo. I am wearing my very un-bohemian Gimcrack Diamond Ring from Caroline's Jewelry, but it is my engagement ring, so I wear it unless another attachment takes it off my hand. I love these boots from Frangipani Designs, called the Vixen Boot, I have them in this great Voodoo Brown colour as well as a black version. I am also rocking one of Bonita Popinjay's fabulous bracelet sets, this Browns & Pearls Set has some really interesting textures and colours, and it works with so many of my outfits.

Look Of The Day [April 26/2008] 1

Shopping Details:
Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green
Hair – Tukinowaguma SHOP, Tw Tae b (White)
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Skin – biancaF., *QS* Skin Freebie [Update Group Gift]
Purse – Missakiss, Tote Bag
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Ring
Skirt, Camisole – Luminosity, from Sela Outfit
Jacket – Boing Fromage!, Tintable Laine Bolero (Tinted Olive)
Boots – Frangipani Designs, >FD< Vixen Boots (Voodoo)
Bracelet – Bonita’s, Browns & Pearls, Bracelet 4 - #4
Necklace – Paper Couture, Heirloom Pendant

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Being A Good Sport...

Look Of The Day [April 21/2008] 2

I am finally getting the hang of the new Snapshot feature in-world. I miss my 1024x1024 undistorted shots, but I shall have to crop, crop, crop for now. I also am having a hell of a time with System Skirts, but that is whole other story. So I am being a good sport so to speak, playing along with Phil's constantly changing rules. So here is a sporty little look that is all about comfort and fun, with a whole lot of style. On my last trip to :bijou:, I snagged this awesome Foxy Sweatsuit, which comes in a set with a printed version and non-printed version. This is the Blue Printed, with adorable pink lip prints. Very sweet, and I love the prim hood & pant legs. I decided that my chest was a little bare without something under it, although it is damn sexy. For for me a sassy Pink Zee Tank Top from /artilleri/ did the trick.

I tossed on a watch from Fetch Alternative, love this chunky Pink Vega Watch. I threw in a little piece of twinkle, with this cute Pink Lucky Star Necklace from Simply Spoiled, had it forever, and it is a bit-o-newbie-bling, but it makes me laugh. My fab Hearty Flats are from ~GRACILE~, and they are so cool, it picks up on the hot trend for flats, and keeps it sporty. For added value, they are texture change scripted, so you have some colour options too. Of course, I am wearing my Caroline's engagement ring.

This hair is another great find, across the way from :bijou: at Mirai. This is the Lavn style in White, and it is punky, but not overly so, and I love all the height on top, hot big volume hair is always welcome. Skin from biancaF. in the Ivory Fata Tone, and this amazing Bloom purple and pink eye-shadow is so pretty. Eyes are the Big Money Watery Eyes from BBBM, so lovely, and Love Lashes from [Detour]. OK Phil... you wanna play with my "other" life, I am so up for the challenge!

Look Of The Day [April 21/2008] 1

Shopping Information:
Eyes – BBBM, Watery Eyes, Mud (Splatter)
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Hair – Mirai, .+*Lavn*+., (White)
Skin – biancaF., fata-Ivory-bloom
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Shoes – ~Gracile~, Flats “Hearty” (Script touch to Blue)
Necklace – Simply Spoiled Jewelry, Pink Lucky Star Necklace
Watch – Fetch, Vega Watch for Women (Pink)
Tank Top – /artilleri/, Zee Tank Top (*Pink*)
Sweatsuit - :bijou:, Foxy Sweatsuit (Blue, +Lips)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Old Gravy Is Back!

Old Gravy Returns! YAY! [1]

This is going to be a quickie, because I am working away on my article for Vain Inc. Magazine which is due in Tomorrow... but I had to share my JOY! Old Gravy (OG) is BACK! After months of wondering if/when Satine Dot and Candi Honey would return to our little mega-verse, I got word from Candi just yesterday that she had seen my previous blog post asking for information about the whereabouts of the shop, and news of any return. She IMd me, and told me that Satine was swamped with RL work/school and wasn't likely to come back anytime soon. I was glad for the update, sad for the news, but made Candi the offer of a shop on Retrology for them, if they felt like making a return.

Today I got word from Candi that she had been in touch with Satine, and that they were interested in a spot on Retrology! As I am typing, Satine and Candi are setting up shop, and I could not be more thrilled! My go-to for all the best in Rockabilly, Psychobilly, and Punk is back and right on my doorstep! I am wearing the amazing Never Die hair from OG, it just seemed appropriate! This little skirt and top set is the Kat Von Dee, also from OG, I would have worn my OG Horror Pop Chucks too, but I thought they might look odd with this sexy number. For the rest of my outfit details see the Credits, and then stop by the new Old Gravy Location opening Tomorrow on Retrology! YAY! Did I mention YAY?

Old Gravy Returns! YAY! [2]

Shopping Details:
Eyes - BBBM, Big Money Watery Eyes – Mud (Splatter)
Skin – Canimal, Essence (Grace) of… PinUp [Lip Colour/Gloss Mods]
Hair – Old Gravy, Never Die (White & Black)
Lashes – [Detour],.Love Lashes
Leg Tat – AITUI Tattoo, Damage
Arm Tats – AITUI Tattoo, Shooting Stars (Colored, Faded, Half Sleeves)
Skirt & Top – Old Gravy, Kat Von Dee Set
Bracelet – Yummy, Found Hearts Bracelet (Colour Change Script to Touch)
Necklace – Decollage, Bubblegum Pearls [Tinted Black]
Earrings - /artilleri/, Bead Hoop Earrings (Colour Change Script to Touch)
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Ring
Shoes – ZHAO, Alexis Black

Fourteen Months Together

14 Month Anniversary [April 20/2008] 2

Draco and I have been together for 14 month in-world, and it just about snuck up on us un-noticed. Not that we don't celebrate these little milestones, just that we have been so busy in RL that we didn't realize that the day had arrived. So it was date night, and I wanted a classy but not overly fussy gown. Enter []::TULI::[], and the Powder Blue Gwen Gown I picked up at the Relay For Life Clothing Fair. It is magnificent. The colour is exquisite, the shimmer of the fabric so impressive, and the high collar and cape shoulder is so elegant. I felt great in this gown, and it can literally stand on it's own with very few accessories needed, all the 'bead' work on the waist is glitz enough. This dress is also well worth the reasonable price, as it includes a short cocktail length skirt as well as the classic long one.

I did decide to wear a simple muted cuff from Frangipani Designs, one of my favorite pieces, called the Black Pearl and Silver Cuff, it has a single black pearl on one of the bracelets, and I felt the tarnished metal went well with this gown without showing it up. I am also wearing my favorite accessory of all, my hunky chunky engagement ring from Caroline's Jewelry, a huge Princess Cut Diamond called the Gimcrack Ring. Shoes are the brilliant Slinky Stilettos from Maitreya in Silver, which are a great shoe to have when wearing some colour, since it is almost impossible to find an exact match, and it is classy and polished, without drawing too much attention to the feet.

I opted for a simple pony tail style for my hair, with some lose strands around the face, this Lynne 2 style from ETD is classy, without looking stuffy or too mature. This skin, another one from biancaF., is the Ivory Fata Base review copy I received, and is a lovely neutral make-up that can be dressed up or down, depending on your mood. I am very much taken with these Watery Eyes from BBBM, in the Mud pack, called Splatter, I love how light they are, very pretty. It wouldn't be an anniversary without a little love, so I am wearing my favorite Love Lashes, from [Detour] as well. A simple yet classic look for a night on the town. Happy Anniversary to us!

14 Month Anniversary [April 20/2008] 1

Shopping Information:
Eyes – BBBM, Watery Eyes, Mud (Splatter)
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Hair – ETD, Lynne 2 (White)
Skin – biancaF., fata-2-Ivory-base [Review Copy]
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Dress – []::TULI::[], Gwen (Powder Blue, @ RFL Clothing Fair)
Bracelets – Frangipani Designs >FD<, Black Pearl & Silver Cuff
Shoes – Maitreya, Slinky Stilettos (Silver)

Note: Sorry For The Poor Quality of the First Picture Particularly, Still Getting Used to the MANY Limitations of the Snapshot Feature of the New Viewer... Which SUCKS!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tart Art Plays It's Part!

Look Of The Day [April 20/2008] 2

Last Saturday, I was pulling my look together, trying to fins a cute casual look, and so I dove into my recent Relay For Life Clothing Fair finds folder. I found a "look", or complete outfit, from WRONG!, which included this adorable Black Skulls Cardigan and sweet Grey Anarchy Mini Skirt. I wanted to add a splash of colour, so I pulled in this great Aqua Tank Top from *Muism*, which came in a two-set with an equally yummy Yellow version. I wasn't sure about the leggings I wanted to wear, so left that for the last minute.

I pulled on these great HUD Colour-able Desert Boots from Luna Viola at PixelDolls, which come in a Black or Brown Accented Version. A messy mis-matched Bracelet Combination from /Milk/, and a single Silver Circle Earring from a set from Diamonde., where some of my favorite earrings can be found.

This fantastic Bysh hair is from Mirai, I love that it is so Rock N' Roll, very cool. Wearing another biancaF. skins, this is the Disco make-up in the Ivory Fata tone, very nice. Still working the BBBM Splatter Eyes from the Mud Set, and Detour Love Lashes.

So all that was left was deciding on the Socks, and that was when I got a little Din Ding IM from friend and RL Artist ByrneDarkly Cazalet, who is the owner of Tart Gallery in-world. She had just opened her Tart Art Clothing shop, which features amazing Pop-Art Prints on Clothing Layers, totally unique and really interesting wearable art. Although the pieces are system element/slider clothes, and do not have hand-drawn seems, they are still full of graphic impact and really worth a look! I chose these fabulous Trapeze Socks, which matched my look perfectly!

Look Of The Day [April 20/2008] 1

Shopping Information:
Eyes – BBBM, Watery Eyes, Mud (Splatter)
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Hair – Mirai, .+*Bysh*+. (White)
Skin – biancaF., fata-2-Ivory-Disco
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Tank Top - *Muism*, Tank Top (Aqua, Tucked)
Earring – Diamonde., Silver Circle Earring
Bracelets - /milk/, Bracelet Combination (*Sunny*)
Boots – PixelDolls, (Luna Viola) Desert Boots (HUD to Black, Black Accent)
Skirt/Sweater – WRONG!, from Look 6 (RFL Clothing Fair)
Tights – Tart Art Clothing, Trapeze Socks

Hell Yeah... I'm The Prom Queen!

Look Of The Day [April 19/2008] 1

When I was planning the re-opening of PIN UPS, and I knew it was going to be a Retro Prom, I was on the look-out for the perfect over the top 80s Pageant Gown. When Paper Couture dropped it's new spring line, I realized I had found it! This adorable Peach Sorbet Gown is just the right mix of Couture, Retro, and Pageant Queen, utilizing flexi, and sculptie attachments in symphony. The adorable turquoise neck ribbon is also included. It moves so nicely, but be warned... the Cheeky Lu sisters did not include a full glitch pant with this gown, and while everything looks fine from above, I would recommend some undies here, unless your goal is to have your va-jay-jay on Display.

I paired this gown with this adorable Kino wig from +*DEJAVU*+, that came with the itty bitty tiara in it, so even if I did not make Prom Queen, I still felt like one! This colour is called white, and while not a true white, a lovely shade in any case. I am wearing one of the new biancaF. skins again, and after being someone using only one line of skins for over a year in-world, I have to say that I am really enjoying the fresh faced look of these skins. Love Lashes from Detour and Splatter Mud Eyes from BBBM complete my list of body essentials.

Look Of The Day [April 19/2008] 2

Little was needed in the way of accessories, but what would prom be without a honking wrist corsage? So when my man gave me this one, I thought it the perfect kitsch accessory. It is by Naydee McGettigan and I believe it is available at the Blue Note SIM. I also picked out the perfect pair of matching slingback shoes, from Shiny Things, these are the must-have Lady Slingbacks, in the Salome Edition - Pink Champagne. So did I make Prom Queen? You bet I did, after repeated Mic Breaks telling everyone to IM the hostess with their votes so we could put the Bling-O-Rama Tiara on some poor girls' head, they chose me to be that lucky gal! Hell Yeah!

Shopping Information:
Eyes – BBBM, Watery Eyes, Mud (Splatter)
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Hair – .+*DEJAVU*+., Kino (White)
Skin – biancaF., Ivoryfata base [Review Copy]
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Flowers – Notable Gifts by Naydee McGettigan, Sparkling Pink Wrist Corsage
Shoes – Shiny Things, Lady Slingbacks, Salome Edition (Pink Champagne)
Gown – Paper Couture, Peach Sorbet Gown (included Neck Ribbon)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Banana Who?

Look Of The Day [April 18/2008] 2

Ok, so... Prom and The Re-Opening of PIN UPS Literally knocked me out, we were packed to the gills, and it was a crash-tastic time! So I have been a little behind on the blogging, but now it is time for a little catch-up! The day of Prim [Virtual but still A Blast], I decided to put an easy casual look together, and I started it off with these great Tres Blah! Sunny Jeans. Love the colour of them, and the shading is really nicely done. I wanted to stick with a colourful theme, so I went with this fabulous layered T-Shirt (On Jacket Layer) from Ki-Squared. Called the Banana Mayhem Layered Top, I love the kitsch and the colour of it, and it really makes putting a look together so easy.

I slid into some fabulous comfy flats from Shiny Things, these Francoise Flats in Mango are simply flawless, and I have them in 3 different colours, so you know they gotta be good. Some bangles from Boing Fromage add a little more colour, and the mismatched sets look like I threw them on while dashing to the mall for some last minute Prom related goodies. This Sea Suede Purse, one I have had for quite a while, from Naughty Designs is adorable, I got my hair brush and my keys, and I am ready to rock. I threw on one of my all time casual necklaces, this Picture Pendant from Canimal is great and you can change the picture by clicking on it.

Look Of The Day [April 18/2008] 1

More fabulous Two-Toned Exclusive Hair from Here Comes Trouble, this is the Ajilee in Black, and I love the flexi ponytail in the back, and the height of the semi-braided crown. This skin, a Freebie Subscribe-O-Matic gift from *QS* to the biancF. group is so amazing, I love the eyes on it, very smokey but not too dramatic, and the neutral lip is very sweet. I can't wait to see the full line of *QS* Skins. Really loving theses BBBM Splatter eyes for their light colour and the way they look so expressive, and again Love Lashes from Detour make an appearance. I am all set to go grab that Super Shiny lip-gloss for Prom Night!

Shopping Details:
Eyes – BBBM, Watery Eyes, Mud (Splatter)
Hair – Here Comes Trouble :HCT:, Exclusives Pack1 – Ajilee (1Black)
Skin – biancaF., *QS* Skin Freebie [Subscribe-O-Matic Gift]
Purse – Naughty Designs [ND], Sea Suede Purse
Bracelets – Boing Fromage, Bangles Set
Necklace – Canimal, Picture Pendant
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Pants – Tres Blah, !tb Sunny Jeans
Shoes – Shiny Things, Francoise Flats (Mango)
Top - *Ki2* (Ki-Squared), Banana Mayhem Layered Top

Friday, April 18, 2008

Prom Night on Retrology! Join Us!

PIN UPS Grand Re-Opening Prom Invite!

You Are Cordially Invited To The Grand Re-Opening of the Famous PIN UPS Night Club & Burlesque Bar! Tonight it is Time to CELEBRATE!

Where: PIN UPS Night Club & Burlesque Bar
When: Friday, April 18/2008
Time: 7pm - 11pm SLT
What: It's the SPRING PROM! Grab a Date (or Come Stag/Doe) and Get your best Prom Formal Wear on and Join Us for a Night of Dancing to all the best in Fun Fabulous 80s Music & All Requests as we go Retro Prom! Everyone is Welcome!

Fabulous Re-Opening Giftie @ PIN UPS!

***Freebie Fabulous PIN UP Shades from Thimbles Designer Melatonin Hax to cover "Been Up All Night" Red Eyes are $0L® on the Bar! Big Thanks To Mel!***

Linden® Dollar Prizes for Best Guy & Gal in Formal Wear. Plus we will be crowning this year's Prom King & Queen by Write in Votes! Trivia Ball, Skills Sploders, and So Much More!

I will be DJing the Party, and acting as Chaperone! So No Spiking the PUNCH! Romantic Dancing, Sexy Kisses, and a Brand New Club to Break In!

Note: PIN UPS Management will not be held responsible for any activities occuring off PIN UPS Grounds. This includes those Limos the kids are all nuts about, and any Hotel Room Shenanigans. *wink wink*

The Future's So Bright... I Gotta Wear Shades!

Look Of The Day [April 17/2008] 2

While I was piecing together my look today, I got a little 'Ding Ding' IM from Melatonin Hax of Thimbles, who asked if I would like anything as a free giftie for the Grand Re-Opening of PIN UPS Night Club & Burlesque Bar tonight. When she offered to craft a special pair of shades called PINUPS, I was thrilled, I love Mel's work, and thought her offer was so sweet! So here are these fabulous Shades, available right now on the bar in the new club [Look For The Box With My Face On It... A Picture I Shot to Show Mel How Fan-Frippen-Tastic the Glasses are!]. Stop in and check out the place anytime, the Opening officially starts at 7:00 PM PDT Tonight and it's Prom Night! Yay!

The rest of my look was already sorted, and I was happy to give up eyelashes for the opportunity to wear these fab shades. The Mile High hair was a find this week in a little shop called Tukinowaguma Hair, or Tw for short. This style is called Lisa and I love the height of it! I am wearing one of the new skins I bought at biancaF. this week, this is the Ivory Fata LongEyes skin, and it is really a hot one! You can still see the amazing BBBM Splatter eyes through the shades, they are that great!

The well executed Heart of Glass Dress from Emery looks brilliant paired with a pair of the MUST HAVE Tintable ShinyShiny Magic Pants from Fashionably Dead. I love the spiderweb cutout on the back of this dress, so sexy, so '80s! I am rocking some great shoes from Lyanis Sin's SIN Shoes, called Daphne, I loved adding even more height to my big hair with these chunky platforms. I felt eight feet tall!

Awesome thin metallic bracelets from OPIUM Everyday, and more fabulous earrings from {JUNK}, these called the Crescent Moon Chandelier Earrings. I had been waiting for the right time to wear this Coco Necklace with Pearls from Miam Miam, and a high neck like this gives it a great backdrop. Miam Miam has always impressed with the Metal Colours scripted to change by touch. Rockin' my big rock, my engagement ring from Caroline's Jewelry, and this great Sophie Bag from Paper Couture.

Look Of The Day [April 17/2008] 1

The way I feel about the NEW PIN UPS Building can be summed up with one song lyric, "The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades!" Join us Tonight for the base or just to come take a peek and grab these hot PINUPS Shades!

Shopping Details:
Glasses – Thimbles PINUPS Sunglasses by Melatonin Hax [Limited Time Freebie/Opening Giftie in PIN UPS Night Club & Burlesque Bar – On The Bar!]
Eyes – BBBM, Watery Eyes, Mud (Splatter)
Hair – Tw - Tukinowaguma Hair, Lisa (White)
Skin – biancaF., fata-Ivory-longeyes
Earrings – {JUNK}, Crescent Moon Chandelier Earrings
Purse – Paper Couture, The Sophie Bag (Blanc)
Dress – Emery, Heart of Glass (Black Version)
Leggings – Fashionably Dead, ShinyShiny Magic Pants (Tinted Gold)
Bangles – OPIUM Everyday, Layered Bangles
Necklace – Miam Miam, Coco Necklace with Pearls (Script Touch Metal to Gold)
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Shoes – SIN, Daphne Shoes (Black)

So What Have We Been Up To?

PIN UPS Grand Re-Opening Prom Invite!

You Are Cordially Invited To The Grand Re-Opening of the Famous PIN UPS Night Club & Burlesque Bar!

We Have Been Busy On Retrology! Re-building and making amazing changes on the SIM, Inviting in some Brilliant New Vendors! And Tonight it is Time to CELEBRATE!

Where: PIN UPS Night Club & Burlesque Bar
When: Friday, April 18/2008
Time: 7pm - 11pm SLT
What: It's the SPRING PROM! Grab a Date (or Come Stag/Doe) and Get your best Prom Formal Wear on and Join Us for a Night of Dancing to all the best in Fun Fabulous 80s Music & All Requests as we go Retro Prom! Everyone is Welcome!

Linden® Dollar Prizes for Best Guy & Gal in Formal Wear. Plus we will be crowning this year's Prom King & Queen by Write in Votes! Trivia Ball, Skills Sploders, and So Much More!

I will be DJing the Party, and acting as Chaperone! So No Spiking the PUNCH! Romantic Dancing, Sexy Kisses, and a Brand New Club to Break In!

Note: PIN UPS Management will not be held responsible for any activities occuring off PIN UPS Grounds. This includes those Limos the kids are all nuts about, and any Hotel Room Shenanigans. *wink wink*
***Freebie Fabulous PIN UP Shades from Thimbles Designer Melatonin Hax to cover "Been Up All Night" Red Eyes are $0L® on the Bar!***

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Belting One Out!

Look Of The Day [April 16/2008] 2

Belts are in this season in a big way, so imagine my delight on finding these amazing slacks at LeeZu Baxter! They are called BellyBelt Pants, this is the Black Satin version, but it comes in about a dozen awesome colour variations. Six hot belts, not a prim in any of them, talk about your low lag accessorizing! I paired these awesome pant/jacket layer high waisted pants with the adorable Armidi Limited Faux Vest Tee in White, and I love how it again makes this outfit totally fun and a real fooler to the eye.

So of course, with low Prim clothes, I went to town with the rest of my accessories. I love these bangle sets from aya V. called the Belt and Fur Bracelet Set. Very cool, and yay for more belts on my wrists! I slid into these great Dhali Bow Platforms in Ivory Moss from Armidi, for a feminine touch to this look. I also decided on this great low prim ring from Paper Couture, called the Princess Ring, it was a gift from my sister Anessa. At 5 Prims, it is a lot of style for a very few prims, and looks flawless. Another great bag here from Bare Rose Couture, this Lucky Horseshoe Bag in Red, which is super stylish, and comes in 3 hold locations (shoulder, forearm, and hand). Almost hidden are these amazing Horn Earrings from {JUNK}, a shop that I am really keeping my eye on for new releases, since the quality of the prim-work and the price are remarkable! This look has just the right touch of the Tribal trend that is heating up the runways, without being to obvious.

I always love to pull on a feminine menswear look if i can, and this amazing Charley Hair/Hat combination from ETD is adorable! What is hotter then a Fedora on a sexy gurl! I am also wearing an amazing Freebie Skin from the *QS* Line from biancaF., it was free yesterday in the Subscribe-O-Matic group and it is remarkably perfect. If you are not already in the biancaF. Update Group, head to the main store in Addictive and touch to sign-up, check the past notices history to see if this skin gift is still there, so worth the trip! I am wearing my favorite lashes from Detour, and yes, the name Love Lashes is no longer a coincidence for me, I really really Love them! These amazing light Splatter eyes from the Mud Set at BBBM (Big Booty Big Money) are also becoming favorites.

Look Of The Day [April 16/2008] 1

Shopping Information:
Eyes – BBBM, Watery Eyes, Mud (Splatter)
Hair – ETD, Charley, Whites Pack (White)
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Skin – biancaF., *QS* skin freebie [Subscibe-O-Matic Group Gift, April 17/08]
Bracelets - .+*aya.V*+., Belt & Fur Bracelets
Top – Armidi Limited, The Faux Vest Tee (White)
Pants – LeeZu Baxter, BellyBelt Pant, Satin Black
Purse – BareRose Tokyo, Lucky Horseshoe (Red, Hand)
Earrings – {JUNK}, Horn Earrings
Ring – Paper Couture, Princess Ring
Shoes – Armidi Gisaci, Dhali Bow Platforms, Ivory Moss

Week 13: Flickr SL™: Look Of The Day

With 332 Members in the Flickr Group Second Life® - Look Of The Day and going on to Week 13 of the weekly contest, I am thrilled to announce our first winning submission from a Fella! This week's winning submission comes from Steve Hansen, and it is a clean, simple and well put together look. Steve is clearly a man who knows what image he wants to project, and a man brave enough to wear pink is a man who is secure in who he is. I myself am a fan of Redgrave, so I was happy to see Steve pull in this great Redgrave shirt, called the SoftPinks LongSleeved Retro Shirt. He is also kickin' the fabulous Redgrave sculpted men's boots, which I have purchased for my man as well, they are simply great, clean, nicely textured, near flawless. Steve is wearing Chinos from Armidi in a really nice Charcoal colour, and I love putting pink and Gray together, they just work!

This hair from Cake, called Rumor, is really hot on Steve, I love the mussy bed head casual look of it. I had never really seen any skins from The Abyss on men, but this great Scorpio Origin 3D skin is really nice, and a really different looking skin to my eyes.

Steve put together a wonderful look, and presented it in a really simple way, but it has great impact. Steve's look wins the weekly $500L™ prize and a big congrats, he was sure to include all the details of his look so anyone could grab up the bits they like, and also he gives credit to the talented designers who toiled away to make such fabulous virtual fashions for us all. Submissions to the group are coming fast and furious with over ten per day. You can submit one photo each day to Second Life® - Look Of The Day, a total of seven per week for your chance to win. Picking just one winner is so difficult, but so much fun!

by Steve Hansen


Shopping Details:
Skin - The Abyss, Scorpio Origin 3D
Hair - Cake, Rumor (Black)
Shirt - Redgrave, SoftPink Longsleeved Retro Shirt
Pants - Armidi, Charcoal Low Rise Chinos
Shoes - Redgrave, Sculptie Black Boots

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Very Precious Metals

Look Of The Day [April 15/2008] 2

Feeling Like I have been lacking a little shine lately, so I though it was time to get the lead out and get metallic. I picked up this great jacket and jeans combo from Digit Darkes at the Relay For Life Clothing Fair a few weeks back, and I decided to throw it on and see what I could work with it. It is called the Digit'all Tracks outfit, and includes the tube top, jacket, and cuffed capris, this is the Graphitee combination, but it comes in a bunch of hot colours. Very cute, and really leaves a lot of room for funky rockin' accessories.

I started with these great Armidi Gisaci Oxford Leather Ankle Boots in Silver II, and they really pick up nicely on the silver of the jacket. A bracelet from *UnTone* in black and silver, again a nice match and really quite a cool looking item, with the interesting textures on the sculptie hearts. Nice to see sculpties in Jewelry too, less prims and some really creative pieces on the market. I belted up with this fabulous Muism Double Zip Belt, which comes in a studded version as well. I think the flexi prim flaps are really nicely done, giving it a real movement most belts are sadly lacking. Always happy to wear a little Violet Voltaire, I threw on this great and very intricate (237 Prim) Angel Necklace, it comes with matching earrings too. A Cute little purse from Nerdy Birdy means I am ready to go back to work collecting Red Sticks in the ongoing hunt!

I am wearing one of my fabulous new biancaF. skins, this is the Bloom make-up on the Ivory-fata skin tone. I just love how luminescent this skin is, and an really not looking forward to the Windlight Viewer I have yet to install for fear it may change the way my pictures turn out. More hair from HCT, this funky Smitten style is really cute. I am wearing amazing BBBM eyes, and yep... Detour's fab Love Lashes once again. Red Sticks, here I come!

Look Of The Day [April 15/2008] 1

Shopping Details:
Eyes – BBBM, Watery Eyes, Mud (Splatter)
Hair – Here Comes Trouble, :HCT:, Smitten, Gray Scale (Small, Black-White)
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Skin – biancaF., *bf* Ivoryfata-bloom
Bracelet - *UnTone*, Black Heart Bracelet
Necklace - ::Violet Voltaire::, Angel Necklace (Black/Black)
Outfit – Digit Darkes, Digit’all Tracks (Graphite)
Belt – MUISM, Double Zip Belt (White)
Purse – Nerdy Birdy, Bunny Purse (Clouded) [No Current Location]
Boots – Armidi Gisaci, Oxford Leather Ankle Boot (Silver II)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Easy Breezy Steps into Spring

Look Of The Day [April 14/2008] 2

Spring may bring with it a whole lot of Sunshine and Tulips and All Kinds of Fresh New Things, but in RL, my allergies have come back with a vengeance. Good thing there is no Pollen or Dust in our virtual world. What is also brings is the return of a bare leg, and wonderful strappy sandals, and colour, colour, colour! This look started after Draco and I went to check out the new /artilleri/ releases this week. Antonia Marat, I Love You! I wanted to buy fatpacks of everything, but seriously, I rarely wear the same thing twice, so having the same thing in a bazillion colours is even more likely to sit in my closets. I instead called upon Draco to pick one colour in all of the new releases for me, and he chose this lovely Green Carla Circle Skirt, and the fabulous crisp White Carlita Top. I love the prim tie detail on the top, and instantly fell in love with this amazing skirt with a slightly higher and belted waist. The skirt moves brilliantly, and the texturing is absolutely flawless. I am more then impressed with Antonia's skills and how they have evolved over the years.

I wasn't sure what shoes to choose, and then remembered some amazing Sandals that Anessa gave me last week, the new =DeLa*= Celine Sandal. When she dropped them on me (love having a shoes blogging sister), I didn't have time to look at the colours, but was over the moon when I found this pair in the Wordsworth combination that matched the skirt and blouse to perfection! The are a lovely feminine sandal that are simply perfect for a bare leg, with sweet fabric bows at the ankle, and a lovely gemstone on the top of the sandal. Wow! I needed a little bit of jewelry here, and remembered this fabulous set I picked up from Violet Voltaire recently, called the Girl Germs Cameo Set, this one in Butterfly in an Olive colour. Again, a match to the outfit, both in femininity and colour choice. Violet does simple amazing tiny prim work. I pulled in one of the new Paper Couture bags, this one appropriately named The Blossom Bag in Blanc (White). Very Fresh, Very Spring.

More amazing hair from Here Comes Trouble, and I must say, the two-toned styles, like this one, are becoming fast faves and helping to sooth my broken heart over the missing Old Gravy. This style is called Satelina, and the best part is that the hairband/bow is colour script change to touch, so you can match it with what you are wearing. I love details like that. Again, I am wearing my review copy of the new biancaF. skins, and actually made the jump to buy some yesterday, finding 2 I really wanted, and luckily they were also available as part of a three-pack, with another nice make-up choice for $2200LaLas. Considering the skins are a very reasonable $1000LaLas each, getting a third for only $200LaLas was a deal and a half! Hazel Eyes from Decollage, and Love Lashes from Detour.

Look Of The Day [April 14/2008] 1

Every Canadian girl loves a good Donut, and when I met the ladies behind the new Fresh Baked Goods Brand this week, soon to open their main store on Retrology, Sweetie Pye passed me a preview copy of their soon to be released Bangles. This is the Sprinkled Donut Inset Gem Bangle, and is is so pretty, but best of all, it has a touch scripted bangle to 12 different yummy colours! I can't wait to see the line when Sweetie and her partners Dessert Furst and Sugar Babii open their shop at the end of the month.

Shopping Details:
Eyes – Decollage, Hazel Eyes
Hair – Here Comes Trouble, :HCT:, Exclusive Pack 1 – Satelina (Small, Black)[Colour Script to Touch Bow]
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Skin – biancaF., *bf* Ivoryfata-base [Review Copy]
Skirt - /artilleri/, Carla Circle Skirt (Green)
Top - /artilleri/, Carlita Top (White)
Necklace & Earrings - ::Violet Voltaire::, Girl Germs Cameo Set, Butterfly (Olive)
Bag – Paper Couture, The Blossom Bag (Blanc)
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Shoes - =DeLa*=, Sandal Celine (Wordsworth)
Bracelet – Fresh Baked Goods - ~*FBG*~, Sprinkled Donut Inset Gem Bangle [Preview Copy, Main Store Opening Soon on Retrology, Colour Script Bangle To Touch]

Monday, April 14, 2008

[Review] Seldom Blue Serenity Gown

Limited Time Freebie at Seldom Blue!

I am not a review blogger by intention, I don't want to feel obligated to review items, I don't ask for freebies, and I don't want to ever accept items and give the impression that I will blog something that is dropped on me. I have accepted some items as gifts from friends, and I wear them if I think I would have likely purchased them anyways, but that is pretty much the extent of my relationship to reviewing items. I am not a critic, I do not feel I have the skill or fashion knowledge to do so. This morning, as I was logging on, I was clicking through notices and accepting note cards, etc, as I normally do, and realized that someone had dropped a gown on me. I was not familiar with the name, but noticed a flashing IM box from IndigoBlue Dagostino, with a note saying that she wanted me to have a look.

Normally, I put these items in a separate folder to look at as time permits, but as I was getting dressed today, I thought, lets take a peek and see what this gown looks like. I was impressed to say the least. This is the Serenity Gown in Cream from a shop called Seldom Blue, one I had never heard of. I loved that there were three options for the top of the dress, a silky strapless, a lace strap, or a modesty lace jacket option (all show below). The skirt is in two parts, with a lovely sheer chiffon layer over top of the base that moves so nicely and is a lovely full ballgown shape. I also love the Ivory colour of the gown, very pretty, not flashy or over the top, really just a lovely neutral shade. I decided to blog it then and there, and set off to the shop to see how much this item might cost me had I bought it. I was shocked to see that it is a Limited Time Freebie at Seldom Blue, and normally would cost a very reasonable $475LaLas.

To me it had a lovely Classy Retro feel, so I paired it with a sweet pair of gloves from bossa nova, this amazing Juliana hair from ETD, and a pair of simple Vanilla Helia Pumps from =DeLa*=. I was glad to have another reason to wear this lovely pair of Kailena Earrings and Necklace from Muse, sold separately, I think Muse has really set the bar for fine fashionable jewelry in-world. I am also wearing one of my new favorite skins, a review copy from biancaF., and Love Lashes from Detour. I decided to give some lovely eyes from BBBM a try, and love this pair of Watery Eyes in Mud Shades, this one is called Splatter.

I have no idea how long this amazing free gown will be available at Seldom Blue, but I urge you to rush in and grab one, and then check out the rest of the goodies that IndigoBlue Dagostino has to offer!

[Review] Seldom Blue Serenity Gown 3

[Review] Seldom Blue Serenity Gown 2

[Review] Seldom Blue Serenity Gown 1

Shopping Information:
Eyes – BBBM – Big Booty Big Money, Watery Eyes, Mud (Splatter)
Hair – ETD, Juliana (Blonde)
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Skin – bianca F., *bf* Ivoryfata-base [Review Copy]
Gown – Seldom Blue, Serenity Gown (Cream) [Review Copy]
Necklace – Muse, Kailena Earrings (Ivory/Fern)
Necklace – Muse, Kailena Necklace (Ivory/Fern)
Shoes – =DeLa*=, Helia Pumps (Vanilla)
Gloves – bossa nova, From Norma Dress (Moss)[Availability May Vary]
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire

A Coating of Many Colours...

Saturday was event hopping day, and event hop I did. I started of at The Ivalde and Elegance Hats Show Under the Big Top at NexCore, and then caught the amazing show at Best of SL Boulevard for the opening of the SIM. Since my first stop was literally a Circus, I wanted to go for bright and fun colours, and needed look no further than this amazing ensemble from :bijou:. This is the Linda in Green, and includes the bustier, Corset belt, shorts, leggings, gloves, and prim/stocking leg-warmers. It also comes in half a dozen other colour combinations, all utterly fabulous, and all ready to wear as a set, or to take apart and use individually. The system elements are really brilliantly utilized in this look, and it makes it well worth the price for all the ways you can work it. And even better, :bijou: has just remodelled their shop and put out oodles of new stuff, it really is worth a trip!

This look was so complete, I didn't feel it needed much in the way of accessories, but since my favorite colour this season is yellow, I wanted to kick in a little more from my box of Crayolas. This adorable Yellow Clutch from Tres Blah! is a wonderful item that can really make almost any look more polished, and is just one of the shades of yellow to have this season. I was dying for a chance to wear these awesome Slinky Stilettos from Maitreya in this tart-sweet Yellow colour, and opted for the steel tipped heels to go with the metal of the buttons on the pants. I was feeling a bit of the Hip-Hop Diva Vibe here, so threw on a Chunky Heart Necklace from Miam Miam as well.

I am wearing one of my new Canimal skins, the Essence of.. PinUp in Grace Tone. I really am enjoying them, and can't wait to see what new make-up options Canimal Zephyr will release next... I can't help it, I want more! The wig I am sporting is another bit of fun from Here Comes Trouble, again in the fabulous two-toned Exclusive Pack. I love this style, called Nalirra, for it's awesome back combed beehive top, and the streaks of blond to contrast the black. Hazel Eyes from Decollage, and once again, my beloved Love Lashes from Detour. Who says you can't wear the whole box of Crayolas at once? Not Me!

Look Of The Day [Apr.12/08] 2

Look Of The Day [Apr.12/08] 1

Eyes - Decollage, Hazel Eyes
Hair – Here Comes Trouble, :HCT:, Exclusive Pack 1 – Nalirra ((small)) (e2tp –1 Black)
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Skin – Canimal, Essence (Grace)… of PinUp [Lip Colour/Gloss Mods]
Outfit - :bijou:, Linda (Green Set) [Incl. Bustier, Corset, Shorts, Leggings, Leg Warmer, Gloves]
Necklace – Miam Miam, Chunky Heart Necklace
Shoes – Maitreya, Slinky Stilettos (Yellow, Steel)
Purse – Tres Blah!, Clutch (Yellow)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

They Call Me Mellow Yellow

About a week ago, while checking the Fashion Planet feeds, I saw this fabulous NEW outfit from ::eLDee::, and knew I had to have one. I love high waisted pants, and I just thought the colour combinations offered, and the amazing lovely spring fresh floral prints on the top, were divine. I headed over to ::eLDee:: this week to pick up this outfit, the Kiki 4, although all of the colour combinations available are lovely. I particularly love yellow, and so I decided to work my yellow accents, since it is the colour to have this season.

I added in these amazing chunky earrings from Creamshop, so huge (and this is the Medium size too!). The Glam earrings in Lemon are so amazing, love the details and in RL they would stretch the heck out of my earlobes, but in pixelated form they are fabulous! I pulled in more yellow with this great bag from Pampered Princess, a shop I never had even heard of before I stumbled on it this week. I got some really great items, but this Leather Purse in Honey is just so great. Any excuse to wear some Stiletto Moody is good enough for me, and I was thrilled to slip my feet into these Gold Foxy Slingbacks once again, they are so well made and always class up an outfit. I pulled in some gold accessories to go with the gold buttons on the pants, a great bracelet from {Junk}, called Tangled Antique Gold Bangles, and also decided to wear this great Long Gold Necklace from Swallowtail.

Let's talk skin for a moment. This skin is a Review Copy of the new releases from biancaF. and I must say, I can't stop looking at my face to check it out. It is just so darn pretty. I have never worn a skin with a glossy almost luminescent tone to it, and love this one. The highlighting on the face is perfection, and I took a good look at the body and it is really nice, no seams or anything that would be of concern. I did think the shading in the butt crease was a bit dark, but that is just a personal preference, and let's face it, no one is seeing my bum crack if I can help it. I am also wearing some new hair from Here Comes Trouble, another new to me shop, and I am loving the two-toned versions of their new releases. This one is simply called In and I think it is great, reminds me of the still missing in action Old Gravy. Love Love Love my Love Lashes from Detour, and still rocking my deep dark Hazel Eyes from Decollage. OK, so I may not be a very Mellow person, but I got the Yellow thing down!

Look Of The Day [Apr.11/08] 2

Look Of The Day [Apr.11/08] 1

Shopping Info:
Skin – bianca F., *bf* Ivoryfata – base [Review Copy]
Eyes - Decollage, Hazel Eyes
Hair – Here Comes Trouble, :HCT: In Exclusive ((small)) (e2tp –1 Black)
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Bag – Pampered Princess [PP], Leather Purse – Honey
Necklace – Swallowtail, Gold Long Necklace
Outfit - ::eLDee::, Kiki4 (Yellow/Blue)
Earrings – (=CREAMSHOP=), Glam Earrings (Lemon, Medium)
Bracelet – {JUNK}, Tangled Antique Gold Bangles
Shoes – Stiletto Moody Shoes, Foxy Slingback (Gold)

Fruit Salad!

Grapes, Mangoes, and Pineapples! Oh My! Yep, I may be a bit of a nut, but I love my fruity colours this season. I just can't get enough! I nabbed these amazing Kogo Skinny Pants from Armidi Limited on my last trip, and was immediately drawn to this delicious colour, called Mango. They are really nicely shaded, seem to pick up the light, and I love the prim pant cuffs which make them great with any shoe at all (No funky sustem pant glitches). I love to mix and match colours that are normally not seen together, and when I threw on this yummy shrug from Tree Of Second Life (TOSL) and saw the similar trim colour, I knew I was on to something. The colour of the shrug is not so Edible, called Thistle, but I assure you that the main store for TOSL is full of yummy, starting with the giant candy house and cupcakes at the base of the tree house.

I was not about to walk about with nothing on under the shrug, and remembered my last trip to Twosome, when I picked up this delicious Grapes Retro Top. It comes with a tucked in version, yay! So I was ready to dig into my shoe vault to see what I could find. The amazing ETD Heel Strap Platforms in Orchid jumped out at me, a fine match I think. I decided to wear one of the fabulous freebies I picked up at the Starlust Motel opening, this adorable Gargoyle Cameo from Violet Voltaire. Violet has always made some of my favorite trinkets, from her adorable crowns to the fabulously yummy little cake necklaces. I thought I could use a cool bangle, and tossed this great Gold & Onyx Bracelet from Curio in the Mix.

On my last trip to Mirai, I nabbed this fabulous huge wig, called Yoka. It made me feel like a total Bardot-esque Bombshell! I can tell you that my man was all over it, and mentioned running his fingers through it more then once. I am wearing one of my favorite Celestial Studios skins, from the Charmed Line, called Sunset, it has such a lovely smokey purple eye-shadow. The Love Lashes from Detour add a whole lot of sexy, and these Hazel Eyes from Decollage are big and dark, and look like you could get lost in them.

To finish off my little fruit salad, I brought in this amazing Pineapple Bag from Chapeau Tres Mignon. Megg Demina has some really amazing hats and accessories, and it is really worth a trip to her main store to check out all kinds of creative and inspired pieces of what I consider art. Yep... It's time for a snack!

Look Of The Day [Apr.10/08] 2

Look Of The Day [Apr.10/08] 1

Shopping Details:
Eyes - Decollage, Hazel Eyes
Hair - Mirai, +*Yoka*+ (White)
Lashes - [Detour], Love Lashes
Skin - Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Purple Sunset)
Necklace - Violet Voltaire, OrArch Cameo Necklace [Freebie, Starlust Motel]
Pants - Armidi Limited, Kogo Skinny Pants [Mango]
Top- Twosome, Grapes Retro Top
Shrug - Tree of Second Life (TOSL), Eiru Stitched Trim Shrug, Thistle
Shoes - ETD Shoes, Heel Strap Platforms, Orchid
Bangle - [Curio] Gold & Onyx Bracelet
Purse – Chapeau Tres Mignon, Pineapple Bag** by Megg Demina

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Around The World...

A little trip around the world with this look, a lot like home. I started off with the Armidi Limited Denim Cotton Jumpsuit in Black, and built a look around it. My sister Anessa lent me her fabulous Rubba Boots from Storm Schmooz, and they are the first stop on my world-wide jaunt. With the face of Che Guevara on the boots, an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, I started my worldwide trek on the right foot. I picked up the pink print in the boot in this fabulous Pink Vinil [sic] Jacket from MG Fashion's London Calling Collection. I have worn this on before and love the shine on the vinyl so much, it is a really nicely made jacket. So from Argentina, to London, and finally hitting Japan, with these adorable Jpop Can Earrings from Canimal. They are fashioned after Japanese soda cans, so darn cute!

The Wig I am travelling in is some NEWNESS from Diversity Hair, and I picked it up on the day it was introduce for 75% off the normal price, this is the new Tippi style on Crowe Black, and it is really sweet. Aleri Darkes always reduces the price of one random colour pack on her new releases, and I was lucky that it was again in my pack of choice. Get into that subscribe-o-matic update group so you can get in on the great prices! I am rocking more of the fabulous Canimal Essence skins, the skin tone is Grace and the make-up is called Poison. I always mod the lip tints just a bit, and I love that Canimal Zephyr had given me that option with her skins. I am wearing some funky lashes from Lynnix's Lashes, with dotted tips for a little bit of drama.

Last but certainly not least, this fabulous purse I got way back in the day, simply called the Record Purse. It is by Nicoletta Giovinazzo and I couldn't find the shop again, but she may still sell them somewhere. I just love it, being a DJ and music fan, and think it is just adorable. As records go round and round and eventually come to an end, so did my little trip around the world.

Look Of The Day [Apr.9/08] 2

Look Of The Day [Apr.9/08] 1

Shopping Details:
Eyes –Karamia, Hazel Eyes
Hair – Diversity Hair, Tippi (Crowe)
Lashes – Lynnix’s Lashes, Dots w/ Long Bottom Lash
Skin – Canimal, Essence (Grace)… of Poison [Gloss & Lip Colour Mods]
Earrings – Canimal, Jpop Can Earrings (Lemon)
Pants – Armidi Limited, Denim Cotton Jumpsuit (Black)
Purse – Record Purse by Nicoletta Giovinazzo [No SLurl Found}
Jacket – [MG Fashion], London Calling Collection, Vinil Jacket (Pink)
Boots – Storm Schmooz, Rubba Boots

Friday, April 11, 2008

Model Certification?

In RL, there are dozens of companies out there that prey on the young and inexperienced. This is particularly rampant in the Modeling Industry, where so called 'Schools' charge exorbitant prices to take portfolio shots, train girls and guys how to walk, and teach them so-called "Tricks of the Trade". Many a young girl with the dream of becoming a model has found out the hard way, through the wallet, that you cannot by a dream, you have to work for it. The fashion industry may need models, but there are so many other roles that people can play if they don't have the "look".

Apparently, there are individuals in our virtual world that similarly wish to prey upon the young and inexperienced members. And what girl who loves her avatar has not wanted to be a model? Just a warning... this was passed on to me this morning, and I personally think it is a total crock. I have not spoken to the individual involved, but I would warn anyone that someone who asks for $350LaLas and a further $100LaLas a month for the privilege of being a so-called 'Certified SL Model' is out for cash, pure and simple. This individual has no ties to the fashion industry that I am aware of, nor do they promise work. Here is the contents of the note card in question, and a photo of the proprietor of this 'Group'. Use your heads, beware! The $350LaLa Price may seem like small potatoes for a potential career, but if just 200 people join, this individual stands to benefit to the tune of $70,000LaLas!

Fia Bonetto
From Her Profile:
Hi! The girl you´re looking at is Fia! I´m a 25 years old girl in RL and in Second Life i run a business called Certified Model SL. The idea of that business is to secure quality and high standards in the modeloccupation in SL. If your´e interested in becoming a certified model IM me for further information! Check the ad in my classified for teleport and some other details!

Direct Cut & Paste From the No-Edit Notecard:

Welcome to an information about being
acknowledged as a

Certified Model SL

My name is Fia Bonetto. I´m the owner of the group Certified Models SL.
As You problaby know the fashionbusiness in Second Life has developed under the recent years with increasing quality and quantity. However there is also a fact that the qualityissues is more and more in focus because of higher demands from the business. In Second Life there are lots of modelagencys with different way of hiring models. The standards of the models are very different and with this initative we give the business a new way to assure good quality. The agencys can make less effort in checking up applicances and the employers can get a quick confirmation by the certifying that the models have certain standards making them more suitable for the job.

Becoming a Certified Model SL demands the following basic level. The group can also help out those who hasn´t reached the basiclevel with support in customizing etc.

1. A welldeveloped avatar, female or male, with exclusive quality in shape, skin, hair and so on.

2. Basic knowledge about the modellingbusiness, how to act on stage and under photosessions etc.

3. A nice and sophisticated way of being and good english languageknowledge. Additional competence in language is most positive!

If You pass the qualificationprocedure You will get a membership in our group and the cost for the procedure and ackreditation is 350 linden.
The reason for charging is also the goal to keep this certifying exclusive to a low number (200 members max and then a waitinglist) of really highquality models. As long as youre a member in the group you should provide a weekly tip of minimum 100 linden. This way we can for example arrange our own beautycontests with greater chances of winning greater amounts of pricemoney. And we know these contests isn´t rigged....:)

If You find this information interesting Your most welcome to IM Fia Bonetto for the next step of becoming a Certified Model SL.

Kind Regards


From Her Classified Ad:
We are dedicated to secure the quality of the modeloccupation in Second Life.
The fashionindustry in Second Life has experienced an explosion in both quantity and quality. As this business has developed there has also been an increase in demands for a higher quality in the modellingbusiness. The most ambitious actors in fashion demands the highest quality among their models. We provide an exclusive certifying by interviews and visual control.
IM Fia Bonetto for more information!
Keywords: model,topmodel,exclusive,quality,certified,best,

Spelling and grammatical errors in the note card aside, the only fashion groups this member belongs to are the FREE TO JOIN, OPEN ENROLLMENT: Business Women of Second Life, Fashion Consolidated, Fashion Consolidated Cafe, Models Inc., and SL Models. She also belongs to Instyle Fashion Agency (While a Respected Agency, this is a Free To Join Public Open Enrollment Group).

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please, Please... If you want to find out how to be a model in our Virtual Megaverse, speak to those that work for the most well known and respected agencies, be they models or owners. They can give you tips and insights that will actually lead to your success. Just like in RL, if you have to pay to get in the door with no promise of returns of any kind... BEWARE!

A Sundress On A Dolly

I usually shop during daylight PST, heading out on my own with a list I have made from watching the blogs or going to stores I love that need a re-visit. Sometimes I am able to get my man to follow me on my fashion jaunts, having him grid hop with me as I shop, and when I do, I occasionally let him choose the colour of the outfit I am getting. This dress is the result of just such a trip to Ivalde, where I asked Draco to pick what colour of the lovely Yvette dress I would buy. It's a pretty safe bet, he has great taste, knows mine, and I pretty much loved it in every colour. This Violet one is a real spring-like pop of colour, and I think he did a great job!

I choose this sweet wig from ETD to pair with the breezy sweet dress, I really have not found a single style from ETD that I don't love, I think this Xaria style is cute, but not overly so, and still looks womanly. This is another of the Essence (Grace) skins from Canimal, this make-up is called Poise, and again I really like the shading of it, particularly the cheek bone which is subtly contoured, and gives more depth to the complexion. I am wearing eyes from Karamia in Hazel, and for the first time on my blog, the Cake Separated Lashes, which are quite pretty.

Not many accessories, but I must say I do love this Freja Purse from Bare Rose Tokyo. It is really nicely sculpted and shaded, and comes in 2 shapes (Round shown here), and 3 carry points (Shoulder, Forearm, Hand). It is a really nice staple bag, and with 6 options for one very low price, really worth picking up in the Bare Rose Couture section. When it comes to shoes, I must admit I have very few from Periquita, but when I saw Erpla Prieto's Newest release, I thought it was time to pick some up, I was on my way to do so, when Erpla arrived on Retrology to talk to us about moving her shop from the Obscure Finds Fleamarket to a Proper shop on the SIM. When I complimented Erpla on her shoes, she dropped fat-packs of all her new Dollys shoes on me. Lucky Lucky Me, but Erpla has always been so generous since the days before she really sold her shoes and I ran into her on Retrology and she asked me to look at her shoes and tell her what I thought, still have that pair too. These are the Wrap Me Up Dollys in Purple. A very sweet shoe indeed.

I decided to wear one simple piece of Jewelry that means a lot to me, last year during the Relay For Life campaign, I picked up a set of 5 bands from Funk-O-Rama, each different colour with a unique slogan aimed at Cancer Awareness. This purple band reminds us of the tears of children. I thought it was pretty much all I needed to wear. I have to say, as much as I love shopping, there is nothing more rewarding then shopping for a cure. Hope everyone feels the same way. Now, off for a bit of... shopping, what else!

Look Of The Day [Apr.8/08] 2

Look Of The Day [Apr.8/08] 1

Shopping Details:
Eyes – Karamia, Hazel Eyes
Hair – ETD, Xaria (White, Blackened)
Lashes – FNKY! & Cake, Cake - Separated Lashes
Skin – Canimal, Essence (Grace)… of Poise [Gloss & Lip Colour Mods]
Purse – BareRose Tokyo, Freja Round (White)
Dress – ~~Ivalde~~, Yvette Violet Dress
Bracelet – F.O.R, Funk-O-Rama Relay For Life Inspirational Bands (Purple)[Last Year’s Campaign]
Shoes – Periquita, Wrap Me Up Dollys (Purple)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Feeling Fierce!

I was thrilled to be invited to the Opening of the Starlust Motel by friend Stein Shilova last Friday, and decided to Glam up for the Party. Stein has created some really adorable and unique shapes in her shop HOT BOX, and I was thrilled to finally get a look at what has been keeping her so busy! The invite called for Glam, but the Glam look I put together was slightly unconventional I would say, and it all started with my Shopping Day last week. Starting at Paper Couture, I picked up these amazing chunky Art Deco Earrings. After picking up armloads of goodies at P.C., I dragged my fella along to REDGRAVE, to take a look at their new Men's stuff, particularly the new shoes. Of course I had to take a peek at the Women's shop, and when I saw this sexy little Brown Glitter Clubbing Dress... I had to make it mine. I normally don't go for anything so overtly sexy, but this dress was fierce! It came with the Fishnets, and some Gold Ring & Bangles sets that were a little too over the top for me, but still very nice. I think that these Boots from REDGRAVE in the Smoke Leather colour go so well with the dress, and they are so nicely made. There is a little alpha oddness about them on the calf, but only transient, and depending on the angle you are looking from, still a boot I adore and highly recommend.

So going with the Fierce theme, I was ecstatic to wear this amazing NEW hair from Philotic Energy. I just felt so sexy in this unexpected and very funky Xantha hair, and I just love that it cam be dressed up with a glam club look, or could work equally well with a grungy urban look. PE is fast becoming my go-to place for unique and show-stopping hair. Sexy Cake Bedroom Lashes add even more drama to the look and draw focus to some great Hazel Eyes from Detour. I think that this great Found Hearts Bracelet from Yummy pulled in the gold of the earring nicely, and didn't clutter up the look.

I have been looking closely at the new line of Canimal Skins, ever since Canimal Zephyr dropped a review pack on me upon their release. I don't normally do reviews, so I wasn't sure how I would handle the situation, but I must say, trying the skin on and getting a good look at it made me really re-think my exclusive love affair with Celestial Studios skins. I really think wearing them a few times made all the difference, and the look of the brows and the lovely make-ups is not such a drastic departure from my usual look. So this week I went out and picked up a three-pack from Canimal, and I am really loving them. This is the Essence of... PinUp in the Grace skin tone, and I really think it is a stunning skin. Perhaps the best part about the Canimal skins, the price! $800LaLa Bucks for one, and a Pack of three for $2000LaLas. Not only that, but it came with a gift card for $1000LaLas to use towards other 'body shop' items, like shapes, eyes, and lashes. Really worth a look, a Fierce one!

Look Of The Day [Apr.5/08] 2

Look Of The Day [Apr.5/08] 1

Eyes – [Detour], Delta Eyes (Hazel)
Hair – PE – Philotic Energy, Xantha (Black)
Lashes – FNKY! & Cake, Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Skin – Canimal, Essence (Grace)… of PinUp [Gloss & Lip Colour Mods]
Brow – Canimal, Med Sharp Arch
Earrings - P.C. Paper Couture, Art Deco Earrrings
Dress – REDGRAVE, Brown Glitter Clubbing Dress (Incl. Fishnets)
Bracelet – (Yummy), Found Hearts Bracelet, Gold (Script To Black Bands)
Boots – REDGRAVE, Smoke Leather Sculpties

Monday, April 7, 2008

Week 12: Flickr SL™: Look Of The Day Winner

Week 12 already? Wow! With over 300 members submitting pictures to the group, it has gotten so challenging to pick just one winner for the Weekly Prize of $500L™. Today I chose a winner that I think has a great sense of personal style. I know Lacey Alderson in-world, and I think what I admire most about her is that she has always been true to herself. She wears what she loves, as I do, and she really enjoys playing dress-up. When I ran into her yesterday while shopping at Cachet, she was giddy about her purchases, she was enjoying the store so much. I was thrilled to see her put this adorable look together and submit it to the Flickr Second Life™ - Look Of The Day group last night. Say what you like about a brand or designer, but beautiful things are still beautiful no matter what drama and politics might be playing out elsewhere.

Lacey is wearing the adorable spring-fresh Baby Doll Dress from Cachet, called Jodie in London. She also picked up her fabulous Tiffany Hat, Sunglasses, and Big Bag from the new Cachet spring line, all lovely well made pieces. Lacey's Boho Gypsy Necklace and Leopard Bangles are from another wonderful content creator, EARTHTONES, and I always love to see how people work their fabulous pieces into a look. I think just about everyone I know owns at least one pair of these great Armidi Dhali Bow Platforms, here in Bole, and they are a great shoe to have in your closet.

Lacey's skin is one of the adorable Rosy Cheeked RaC skins, called Dina, they really are very pretty and work so well for so many people. Her hair is a style I recently blogged myself, from Muism, it is called Ivory, and is a great choice when worn with a Hat. Lacey is also rocking the awesome Bedroom Lashes from Cake. Lacey is not alone in her picture either, and has brought her little Pug with her to the beach. The hand held puppies from Zooby's are really quite sweet. I think this photo is lovely, and really captures a trip down to the seaside nicely. I haven't yet gotten a look at Windlight™ myself, but the water looks awesome in this shot, and it is a really nice capture.

Lacey wins the $500L™ weekly prize from yours truly, and a hearty Congrats! She was sure to include all the shopping details so everyone can grab up the goodies they love for themselves, and she even gets snaps for providin the SLURLS™ too. Another weekly winner will be choosen each week from the Flickr Pool and all you have to do is Join the Flickr group, submit a picture, and include all the details of your look in the description or comments, to be eligible to WIN. You can submit one picture each day, so that is 7 chances to WOW me a week! Get snapping and show me your wardrobe Mash-Ups, I can't wait to see what rolls in this week!

by Lacey Alderson


Hair: Muism, Ivory (Platinum)
Skin: RaC, Dina (Palette #2, Smoky)
Eyes: [ND] Naughty Designs, Lost - Doll Eyes - Ice
Lashes: FNKY! & Cake, Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Dress: Cachet, Jodie in London
Shoes: Armidi, Dhali Bow Platforms (Bole)
Hat: Cachet, Tiffany Hat (Earth)
Sunglasses: Cachet, Sunglasses (Brown)
Necklace: EARTHTONES, Boho Gypsy Necklace
Bracelets: EARTHTONES, Leopard Bangles
Bag: Cachet, Big Bag
Dog: Zooby’s, Female Pug (Lulu)