Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Easy Breezy Steps into Spring

Look Of The Day [April 14/2008] 2

Spring may bring with it a whole lot of Sunshine and Tulips and All Kinds of Fresh New Things, but in RL, my allergies have come back with a vengeance. Good thing there is no Pollen or Dust in our virtual world. What is also brings is the return of a bare leg, and wonderful strappy sandals, and colour, colour, colour! This look started after Draco and I went to check out the new /artilleri/ releases this week. Antonia Marat, I Love You! I wanted to buy fatpacks of everything, but seriously, I rarely wear the same thing twice, so having the same thing in a bazillion colours is even more likely to sit in my closets. I instead called upon Draco to pick one colour in all of the new releases for me, and he chose this lovely Green Carla Circle Skirt, and the fabulous crisp White Carlita Top. I love the prim tie detail on the top, and instantly fell in love with this amazing skirt with a slightly higher and belted waist. The skirt moves brilliantly, and the texturing is absolutely flawless. I am more then impressed with Antonia's skills and how they have evolved over the years.

I wasn't sure what shoes to choose, and then remembered some amazing Sandals that Anessa gave me last week, the new =DeLa*= Celine Sandal. When she dropped them on me (love having a shoes blogging sister), I didn't have time to look at the colours, but was over the moon when I found this pair in the Wordsworth combination that matched the skirt and blouse to perfection! The are a lovely feminine sandal that are simply perfect for a bare leg, with sweet fabric bows at the ankle, and a lovely gemstone on the top of the sandal. Wow! I needed a little bit of jewelry here, and remembered this fabulous set I picked up from Violet Voltaire recently, called the Girl Germs Cameo Set, this one in Butterfly in an Olive colour. Again, a match to the outfit, both in femininity and colour choice. Violet does simple amazing tiny prim work. I pulled in one of the new Paper Couture bags, this one appropriately named The Blossom Bag in Blanc (White). Very Fresh, Very Spring.

More amazing hair from Here Comes Trouble, and I must say, the two-toned styles, like this one, are becoming fast faves and helping to sooth my broken heart over the missing Old Gravy. This style is called Satelina, and the best part is that the hairband/bow is colour script change to touch, so you can match it with what you are wearing. I love details like that. Again, I am wearing my review copy of the new biancaF. skins, and actually made the jump to buy some yesterday, finding 2 I really wanted, and luckily they were also available as part of a three-pack, with another nice make-up choice for $2200LaLas. Considering the skins are a very reasonable $1000LaLas each, getting a third for only $200LaLas was a deal and a half! Hazel Eyes from Decollage, and Love Lashes from Detour.

Look Of The Day [April 14/2008] 1

Every Canadian girl loves a good Donut, and when I met the ladies behind the new Fresh Baked Goods Brand this week, soon to open their main store on Retrology, Sweetie Pye passed me a preview copy of their soon to be released Bangles. This is the Sprinkled Donut Inset Gem Bangle, and is is so pretty, but best of all, it has a touch scripted bangle to 12 different yummy colours! I can't wait to see the line when Sweetie and her partners Dessert Furst and Sugar Babii open their shop at the end of the month.

Shopping Details:
Eyes – Decollage, Hazel Eyes
Hair – Here Comes Trouble, :HCT:, Exclusive Pack 1 – Satelina (Small, Black)[Colour Script to Touch Bow]
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Skin – biancaF., *bf* Ivoryfata-base [Review Copy]
Skirt - /artilleri/, Carla Circle Skirt (Green)
Top - /artilleri/, Carlita Top (White)
Necklace & Earrings - ::Violet Voltaire::, Girl Germs Cameo Set, Butterfly (Olive)
Bag – Paper Couture, The Blossom Bag (Blanc)
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Shoes - =DeLa*=, Sandal Celine (Wordsworth)
Bracelet – Fresh Baked Goods - ~*FBG*~, Sprinkled Donut Inset Gem Bangle [Preview Copy, Main Store Opening Soon on Retrology, Colour Script Bangle To Touch]

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