Friday, April 11, 2008

A Sundress On A Dolly

I usually shop during daylight PST, heading out on my own with a list I have made from watching the blogs or going to stores I love that need a re-visit. Sometimes I am able to get my man to follow me on my fashion jaunts, having him grid hop with me as I shop, and when I do, I occasionally let him choose the colour of the outfit I am getting. This dress is the result of just such a trip to Ivalde, where I asked Draco to pick what colour of the lovely Yvette dress I would buy. It's a pretty safe bet, he has great taste, knows mine, and I pretty much loved it in every colour. This Violet one is a real spring-like pop of colour, and I think he did a great job!

I choose this sweet wig from ETD to pair with the breezy sweet dress, I really have not found a single style from ETD that I don't love, I think this Xaria style is cute, but not overly so, and still looks womanly. This is another of the Essence (Grace) skins from Canimal, this make-up is called Poise, and again I really like the shading of it, particularly the cheek bone which is subtly contoured, and gives more depth to the complexion. I am wearing eyes from Karamia in Hazel, and for the first time on my blog, the Cake Separated Lashes, which are quite pretty.

Not many accessories, but I must say I do love this Freja Purse from Bare Rose Tokyo. It is really nicely sculpted and shaded, and comes in 2 shapes (Round shown here), and 3 carry points (Shoulder, Forearm, Hand). It is a really nice staple bag, and with 6 options for one very low price, really worth picking up in the Bare Rose Couture section. When it comes to shoes, I must admit I have very few from Periquita, but when I saw Erpla Prieto's Newest release, I thought it was time to pick some up, I was on my way to do so, when Erpla arrived on Retrology to talk to us about moving her shop from the Obscure Finds Fleamarket to a Proper shop on the SIM. When I complimented Erpla on her shoes, she dropped fat-packs of all her new Dollys shoes on me. Lucky Lucky Me, but Erpla has always been so generous since the days before she really sold her shoes and I ran into her on Retrology and she asked me to look at her shoes and tell her what I thought, still have that pair too. These are the Wrap Me Up Dollys in Purple. A very sweet shoe indeed.

I decided to wear one simple piece of Jewelry that means a lot to me, last year during the Relay For Life campaign, I picked up a set of 5 bands from Funk-O-Rama, each different colour with a unique slogan aimed at Cancer Awareness. This purple band reminds us of the tears of children. I thought it was pretty much all I needed to wear. I have to say, as much as I love shopping, there is nothing more rewarding then shopping for a cure. Hope everyone feels the same way. Now, off for a bit of... shopping, what else!

Look Of The Day [Apr.8/08] 2

Look Of The Day [Apr.8/08] 1

Shopping Details:
Eyes – Karamia, Hazel Eyes
Hair – ETD, Xaria (White, Blackened)
Lashes – FNKY! & Cake, Cake - Separated Lashes
Skin – Canimal, Essence (Grace)… of Poise [Gloss & Lip Colour Mods]
Purse – BareRose Tokyo, Freja Round (White)
Dress – ~~Ivalde~~, Yvette Violet Dress
Bracelet – F.O.R, Funk-O-Rama Relay For Life Inspirational Bands (Purple)[Last Year’s Campaign]
Shoes – Periquita, Wrap Me Up Dollys (Purple)

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