Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fruit Salad!

Grapes, Mangoes, and Pineapples! Oh My! Yep, I may be a bit of a nut, but I love my fruity colours this season. I just can't get enough! I nabbed these amazing Kogo Skinny Pants from Armidi Limited on my last trip, and was immediately drawn to this delicious colour, called Mango. They are really nicely shaded, seem to pick up the light, and I love the prim pant cuffs which make them great with any shoe at all (No funky sustem pant glitches). I love to mix and match colours that are normally not seen together, and when I threw on this yummy shrug from Tree Of Second Life (TOSL) and saw the similar trim colour, I knew I was on to something. The colour of the shrug is not so Edible, called Thistle, but I assure you that the main store for TOSL is full of yummy, starting with the giant candy house and cupcakes at the base of the tree house.

I was not about to walk about with nothing on under the shrug, and remembered my last trip to Twosome, when I picked up this delicious Grapes Retro Top. It comes with a tucked in version, yay! So I was ready to dig into my shoe vault to see what I could find. The amazing ETD Heel Strap Platforms in Orchid jumped out at me, a fine match I think. I decided to wear one of the fabulous freebies I picked up at the Starlust Motel opening, this adorable Gargoyle Cameo from Violet Voltaire. Violet has always made some of my favorite trinkets, from her adorable crowns to the fabulously yummy little cake necklaces. I thought I could use a cool bangle, and tossed this great Gold & Onyx Bracelet from Curio in the Mix.

On my last trip to Mirai, I nabbed this fabulous huge wig, called Yoka. It made me feel like a total Bardot-esque Bombshell! I can tell you that my man was all over it, and mentioned running his fingers through it more then once. I am wearing one of my favorite Celestial Studios skins, from the Charmed Line, called Sunset, it has such a lovely smokey purple eye-shadow. The Love Lashes from Detour add a whole lot of sexy, and these Hazel Eyes from Decollage are big and dark, and look like you could get lost in them.

To finish off my little fruit salad, I brought in this amazing Pineapple Bag from Chapeau Tres Mignon. Megg Demina has some really amazing hats and accessories, and it is really worth a trip to her main store to check out all kinds of creative and inspired pieces of what I consider art. Yep... It's time for a snack!

Look Of The Day [Apr.10/08] 2

Look Of The Day [Apr.10/08] 1

Shopping Details:
Eyes - Decollage, Hazel Eyes
Hair - Mirai, +*Yoka*+ (White)
Lashes - [Detour], Love Lashes
Skin - Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Purple Sunset)
Necklace - Violet Voltaire, OrArch Cameo Necklace [Freebie, Starlust Motel]
Pants - Armidi Limited, Kogo Skinny Pants [Mango]
Top- Twosome, Grapes Retro Top
Shrug - Tree of Second Life (TOSL), Eiru Stitched Trim Shrug, Thistle
Shoes - ETD Shoes, Heel Strap Platforms, Orchid
Bangle - [Curio] Gold & Onyx Bracelet
Purse – Chapeau Tres Mignon, Pineapple Bag** by Megg Demina

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