Saturday, April 12, 2008

Around The World...

A little trip around the world with this look, a lot like home. I started off with the Armidi Limited Denim Cotton Jumpsuit in Black, and built a look around it. My sister Anessa lent me her fabulous Rubba Boots from Storm Schmooz, and they are the first stop on my world-wide jaunt. With the face of Che Guevara on the boots, an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, I started my worldwide trek on the right foot. I picked up the pink print in the boot in this fabulous Pink Vinil [sic] Jacket from MG Fashion's London Calling Collection. I have worn this on before and love the shine on the vinyl so much, it is a really nicely made jacket. So from Argentina, to London, and finally hitting Japan, with these adorable Jpop Can Earrings from Canimal. They are fashioned after Japanese soda cans, so darn cute!

The Wig I am travelling in is some NEWNESS from Diversity Hair, and I picked it up on the day it was introduce for 75% off the normal price, this is the new Tippi style on Crowe Black, and it is really sweet. Aleri Darkes always reduces the price of one random colour pack on her new releases, and I was lucky that it was again in my pack of choice. Get into that subscribe-o-matic update group so you can get in on the great prices! I am rocking more of the fabulous Canimal Essence skins, the skin tone is Grace and the make-up is called Poison. I always mod the lip tints just a bit, and I love that Canimal Zephyr had given me that option with her skins. I am wearing some funky lashes from Lynnix's Lashes, with dotted tips for a little bit of drama.

Last but certainly not least, this fabulous purse I got way back in the day, simply called the Record Purse. It is by Nicoletta Giovinazzo and I couldn't find the shop again, but she may still sell them somewhere. I just love it, being a DJ and music fan, and think it is just adorable. As records go round and round and eventually come to an end, so did my little trip around the world.

Look Of The Day [Apr.9/08] 2

Look Of The Day [Apr.9/08] 1

Shopping Details:
Eyes –Karamia, Hazel Eyes
Hair – Diversity Hair, Tippi (Crowe)
Lashes – Lynnix’s Lashes, Dots w/ Long Bottom Lash
Skin – Canimal, Essence (Grace)… of Poison [Gloss & Lip Colour Mods]
Earrings – Canimal, Jpop Can Earrings (Lemon)
Pants – Armidi Limited, Denim Cotton Jumpsuit (Black)
Purse – Record Purse by Nicoletta Giovinazzo [No SLurl Found}
Jacket – [MG Fashion], London Calling Collection, Vinil Jacket (Pink)
Boots – Storm Schmooz, Rubba Boots

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Nicoletta Giovinazzo said...

I love that someone loves my record purse, and yes I ahve moved recently. Here is my new SLURL