Thursday, April 17, 2008

Week 13: Flickr SL™: Look Of The Day

With 332 Members in the Flickr Group Second Life® - Look Of The Day and going on to Week 13 of the weekly contest, I am thrilled to announce our first winning submission from a Fella! This week's winning submission comes from Steve Hansen, and it is a clean, simple and well put together look. Steve is clearly a man who knows what image he wants to project, and a man brave enough to wear pink is a man who is secure in who he is. I myself am a fan of Redgrave, so I was happy to see Steve pull in this great Redgrave shirt, called the SoftPinks LongSleeved Retro Shirt. He is also kickin' the fabulous Redgrave sculpted men's boots, which I have purchased for my man as well, they are simply great, clean, nicely textured, near flawless. Steve is wearing Chinos from Armidi in a really nice Charcoal colour, and I love putting pink and Gray together, they just work!

This hair from Cake, called Rumor, is really hot on Steve, I love the mussy bed head casual look of it. I had never really seen any skins from The Abyss on men, but this great Scorpio Origin 3D skin is really nice, and a really different looking skin to my eyes.

Steve put together a wonderful look, and presented it in a really simple way, but it has great impact. Steve's look wins the weekly $500L™ prize and a big congrats, he was sure to include all the details of his look so anyone could grab up the bits they like, and also he gives credit to the talented designers who toiled away to make such fabulous virtual fashions for us all. Submissions to the group are coming fast and furious with over ten per day. You can submit one photo each day to Second Life® - Look Of The Day, a total of seven per week for your chance to win. Picking just one winner is so difficult, but so much fun!

by Steve Hansen


Shopping Details:
Skin - The Abyss, Scorpio Origin 3D
Hair - Cake, Rumor (Black)
Shirt - Redgrave, SoftPink Longsleeved Retro Shirt
Pants - Armidi, Charcoal Low Rise Chinos
Shoes - Redgrave, Sculptie Black Boots

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Ana Lutetia said...

Steve is one of the hottest male avies around SL! <3