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Retrology Is For Lovers (of Fashion & More) Photo Contest!

Hurry, The Deadline For Entries is February 11th, 2009 @ Midnight!

It's Almost Valentine's Day, And Retrology is For Lovers! Lovers & Friends, Lovers of Fashion, and Lovers of Fun!

Retrology Is For Lovers Photo Contest! ON NOW!

We Are Having A Photo Contest, Show Us How You Photograph Love on Retrology and You Could WIN!

Entries Must be submitted via the Retrology Flickr Group. And will be accepted between 12AM Wednesday, January 28th and Wednesday, February 11th at Midnight SLT. A Maximum of 10 entries will be accepted per Person (Avatar/Flickr Account). Photos must fit into any or all of the following 3 judging categories; People, Places and Fashion. Please Tag Photos With One Of The Following For Category Consideration: People, Places, Fashion. The first 2 categories are fairly self explanatory... the Fashion Category must feature clothing/hair/accessories etc. available on the Sim. (Outfits may include non-Retrology items, but Items found on the sim will be the focus of the judges - all entries in this category must list the items they are wearing in the Flickr image description.)

We will be selecting the best entries and displaying them in a gallery in 'Retrology Square' Starting February, 12th/2009. Winning Photos will be announced on Valentine's Day, Saturday, February 14th/2009 @ 12pm during the SIM Wide Valentine's Day Celebration. There will be a total of 10 prizes awarded. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each of the Categories (receiving amounts of $ 2500 L, $ 1500 L, and $ 1000 L respectively) and an overall Grand Prize Photo that will receive $ 5000 L!

*January 28th - February 11th, Entries submitted to Retrology Photo Contest Flickr Group. THIS DATE WILL NOT BE EXTENDED~!
*February 12-14 - A Display Of Finalists' Photos In Retrology Square!
*February 14th @ 12PM SLT - Winners Announced.

**If You Use More Then One Flickr Account to Submit Your Photographs, You Will Be Disqualified, it is 10 Per Person.
**Photos MUST Be Taken on the Retrology SIM
**Please Contact Jhuzen Ketsugo for Assistance with Moving Vote Boxes, Building/Rezzing Poses Etc. If Needed.
**No Nudity or Sexually Explicit Photos, No Weapons or Violence. This is a PG Contest.


It's easy to submit your images! You can find the Retrology Photo Contest Flickr Group here:
Not a Flickr Member? Join up here and get started:

All entries must adhere to these simple rules:
1) You must be creator of the image to have the right to submit it to this competition.
2) Maximum of 10 photos per person. You may remove and replace images up to and until the deadline.
3) All submitted photos must have the tag 'contest' to be included in the judging.
4) All photos must be taken on Retrology. If you require assistance or special rezzing permissions please contact Jhuzen Ketsugo with your request.
5) The Judges decisions are final. Judges are Retrology Owners & Managers.
6) Finalists & Winning photos will be displayed in an exhibit on the Sim.
7) Upon the agreement to accept the prize(s) offered all rights for the publication of the winning picture as promotion or marketing will be granted to Jhuzen Ketsugo. This will include use on the blog, and contest announcements, but may also include ads and billboards.


For More Details About Retrology, The Shops & Attractions, Please See the Retrology Blog!

I Am The Best Smelling Woman In SL®!

I get a lot of review copies dropped on me, and lately, since all my messages have been getting capped, I sometimes don't know for sure who has sent me something. I am not always certain what is a review item, and what is a gift from a friend. When I saw the title of this item in my "Objects" folder, I was simply too curious to let it go, Belice No. 5 it was labled, I rezzed it on the living room floor to have a look.

Belice No.5 - Second Life Perfume? [8]

I have heard about perfume in Second Life®, and I must say, it always has struck me as beyond silly. I think about pixelated food in a similar way, but we eat with our eyes and other senses, not merely taste, so I can suspend reality long enough to toast in the New Year with a flute of bubbly champers. A decorative item also holds value in SL®, from the art we put on our walls, to the knickknacks we line our virtual bookshelves with. I can see a pretty prim make-up case or perfume decanter, I understand the appeal of beautiful things in our living space. But a perfume in a place where the sense of smell is not required and frankly sometimes a blessing (who hasn't worn the same outfit for a week or more), it just doesn't make much sense to me (pun intended).

Belice No.5 - Second Life Perfume? [7]

So here I am, with this review copy of a virtual scent, and it has me giggling and scratching my head, and cracking jokes, but I figured I really should try it before I get to far ahead of myself. I mean, maybe it's really tongue in cheek, maybe we are meant to be in on the joke, maybe it is precisely the thing I have been looking for all of my Second Life®. So there in the folder is the wearable version of Belice No. 5, and I Right-click and wear it, as well as the HUD attachment. The HUD removes my AO, but who needs to walk sexy when you smell great! Immediately I am surrounded by a poof of little flowers, and there on my HUD, a sleek purple bottle.

Belice No.5 - Second Life Perfume? [6]

A little script chat pops up on the screen, telling me that I am "Now spraying every 45 seconds". That seems rather often to me, but as I don't wear perfume in RL, I may just be out of the loop. A click on the HUD brings up the dialog box with lots of lovely options. Target: interesting enough, I can "emote" perfume at a selected avatar, that will be very handy in a crowd. Scale: This has something to do with the HUD, so I ignore it as usual. Graphics: The ability to turn the poofer spray on or off, well, why would I want to turn it off? Emotes: The ability to turn the text emotes on or off. Why would you want to turn off something that tells people how great you smell? Private: You can turn all the emotes to private IM, so as not to alert others to how great you smell, seems to defy the point, but a nice option all the same.

Belice No.5 - Second Life Perfume? [5]

I decide to wear it as packaged, and not fiddle with the settings. I am immediately aware of the green object chat emanating from my person. The first thing it tells me? BeliceNo5_wearable whispers: ><><>< An air of seductiveness surrounds Jhuzen ><><><. Well what do you know, I do have an air of seductiveness surrounding me! But the real test, as you all know, is whether others find me as seductive as I find myself. I approach my man, who is blissfully unaware of my seductiveness, as he lies on the couch.

Belice No.5 - Second Life Perfume? [4]

Bam! Here we go, what will he say, will he notice immediately? No response. Oh right, he is getting some dinner. So I wait. The screen fills with little flowers and messages about my amazing sensuality.

[21:31] BeliceNo5_wearable whispers: ><><>< Jhuzen's perfume carries a hint of warmth to Draco ><><><
[21:31] BeliceNo5_wearable whispers: ><><>< The innocently swirling currents of rosewood and pine merge ><><><
[21:32] BeliceNo5_wearable whispers: ><><>< A perfume full of seductiveness carries the scent of rosewood innocently through the air ><><><
[21:33] BeliceNo5_wearable whispers: ><><>< The warmth of Jhuzen's perfume suits her perfectly ><><><
[21:34] BeliceNo5_wearable whispers: ><><>< The scent of rosewood conveys a note of seductiveness ><><><
[21:34] BeliceNo5_wearable whispers: ><><>< Jhuzen's perfume carries a suggestion of warmth ><><><

Belice No.5 - Second Life Perfume? [3]

I figure there is no use standing around waiting for his return, I might as well cuddle up close.

[21:35] BeliceNo5_wearable whispers: ><><>< Jhuzen's perfume carries seductiveness towards Draco ><><><
[21:36] BeliceNo5_wearable whispers: ><><>< The innocent scent of rosewood drifts around Jhuzen ><><><
[21:37] BeliceNo5_wearable whispers: ><><>< Draco can smell rosewood, combined with pine and cloves ><><><
[21:37] BeliceNo5_wearable whispers: ><><>< The aroma of rosewood spreads tenderly till it reaches Draco ><><><
[21:38] BeliceNo5_wearable whispers: ><><>< Draco can smell rosewood ><><><
[21:39] BeliceNo5_wearable whispers: ><><>< Jhuzen's seductiveness is carried to Draco by the breeze ><><><
[21:40] BeliceNo5_wearable whispers: ><><>< A fragrance of rosewood, pine and cloves drifts towards Draco ><><><
[21:40] BeliceNo5_wearable whispers: ><><>< Jhuzen's scent is heavy with warmth ><><><
[21:41] BeliceNo5_wearable whispers: ><><>< The warmth of Jhuzen's perfume suits her perfectly ><><><
[21:42] BeliceNo5_wearable whispers: ><><>< The innocent scent of rosewood surrounds Jhuzen and Draco ><><><
[21:43] BeliceNo5_wearable whispers: ><><>< Jhuzen's perfume exudes seductiveness all around her ><><><
[21:43] BeliceNo5_wearable whispers: ><><>< The aroma of rosewood spreads tenderly through the room ><><><
[21:44] BeliceNo5_wearable whispers: ><><>< Jhuzen's perfume carries seductiveness towards Draco ><><><
[21:45] BeliceNo5_wearable whispers: ><><>< A perfume full of seductiveness carries the scent of rosewood innocently through the air ><><><
[21:46] BeliceNo5_wearable whispers: ><><>< Jhuzen's perfume smells of rosewood ><><><
[21:46] BeliceNo5_wearable whispers: ><><>< The scent of rosewood conveys a note of seductiveness ><><><

Belice No.5 - Second Life Perfume? [2]

Well, finally my man returns, and we discuss the rapid fire chat assault from my scent and the dizzying poofs of flowers around my avatar. It is a bit much, but I know it is modifiable through the HUD, so I think that is a personal preference really, how aware do you want others to be of your presence?

[22:11] Jhuzen Ketsugo: ok
[22:11] Jhuzen Ketsugo: go shower
[22:11] Draco Tatsu: you sure?
[22:11] Jhuzen Ketsugo: yes
[22:12] Jhuzen Ketsugo: it's ok
[22:12] Jhuzen Ketsugo: go hunny
[22:12] BeliceNo5_wearable whispers: ><><>< Jhuzen's perfume carries seductiveness towards Draco ><><><
[22:12] Jhuzen Ketsugo: I will exude seductiveness on your afk avatar
[22:13] Jhuzen Ketsugo: hunny
[22:13] Jhuzen Ketsugo: come on
[22:13] Jhuzen Ketsugo: that was funny
[22:13] Draco Tatsu: lol
[22:13] Draco Tatsu: yes
[22:13] BeliceNo5_wearable whispers: ><><>< A fragrance of rosewood, pine and cloves wafts tenderly through the air ><><><
[22:13] Jhuzen Ketsugo: I am wafting tenderly
[22:13] Draco Tatsu: yes, yes you are
[22:13] Draco Tatsu: now that you mention it
[22:14] BeliceNo5_wearable whispers: ><><>< Jhuzen's seductiveness is carried to Draco by the breeze ><><><
[22:14] Jhuzen Ketsugo: is there a breeze in here?
[22:15] Draco Tatsu: i may have left a window ajar
[22:15] Jhuzen Ketsugo: I thought so
[22:15] Jhuzen Ketsugo: for it is carrying my scent!
[22:16] Draco Tatsu: yes, i smell rosewood, pine and... hmmm... is that cloves too?
[22:17] Jhuzen Ketsugo: I think it is
[22:18] Draco Tatsu: i thought so

Belice No.5 - Second Life Perfume? [1]

It made for a cute little exchange, but really, I don't think I am hooked on virtual "scent". The box is cute for display, it rings in at a lovely 14 prims, the bottle is 7 prims on it's own. So if you want a great little conversation piece for your dresser ladies, I can say it is a lovely little item of frivolity. It is a novelty piece, and it is pretty hysterical, for about 10 minutes really. It amuses the same way heel clicks did when they were first introduced to SL®, some people love them still, most people treated them as a fad and moved on to the next. The literature included with the set is also humorous, and seems to be very serious in tone, but I think that is to be expected when one makes an investment of this scale. Yes, Belice No. 5 is an investment. Available in-world HERE or on XStreet SL for a purse-stretching $1500 Linden® Dollars, it is definitely not an impulse buy or gag item, but would be perfect for the person that is impossible to shop for because they already have everything.

Would I buy this item myself, I think you can safely bet not, but it is just not my thing really. I think it would be an interesting experiment to wear it out in public, see how many times you might get muted or asked to leave nightclubs, or what kind of comment you can net from innocent bystanders. But it was good for a laugh, and isn't that the whole point of Second Life®? I think the developer and designer of Belice No. 5 would agree, and I did contact Omm Dufaux before blogging this item, to be sure it was sent as a review copy by him. It was indeed, and I did let him know I planned to blog it in a cheeky manner. I do admire the creativity, the scripting, the design of the physical box and bottle, and the interest in feedback in the form of reviews. That says something about Omm, and I can respect someone that has an idea and follows it through to completion. If I listen to my bottle of Belice No. 5, I am the best smelling woman in all of Second Life®. I dare you to prove otherwise!

Other Credits:
Hair - ETD, AI - Short Bob - AVEDA Noir (Closed Temporarily)
Skin - -AnaLu- SKIN *near future* 2, Splendor (mod) by Ana Lutetia (Available Soon!)
Eyes - Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green
Lashes - [Detour], Love Lashes
Shirt - /artilleri/, beatrix *pink*
Pants - /artilleri/, betsy pants *darkblue*
Shoes - ETD, Starley Pumps (Pink)
Ring - Caroline's Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring
Bracelets - ~*Fresh Baked Goods*~, Gem Jelly Donut Bangle - Silver (L) & Sculptured Sugar Silver Gem Bangle (R)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Vain Inc. Magazine - Issue 18 Now Available!

This month for my "Look of the Month" editorial in Vain Inc. Magazine, I decided it was time to celebrate my first fashion "Love" in-world. Vintage, Retro, & Rockabilly! I have been toying with the idea of being a "Paper Doll" for ages, and it was too much fun. I would love to see other bloggers take this challenge on, make a doll out of yourself, show us all a few of your favorite outfits! If you visit the Flickr page (click the images), you can actually see the full size versions, and can see how easy it was to do... it would have to be, since I have no PS skills whatsoever! Check out this month's issue of Vain Inc. Magazine online or in-world, it is another great one! Vain Inc. Magazine - Issue 18!

Vain Inc. Magazine - "Look Of The Month" [February 2009 Issue] Pg. 1

Vain Inc. Magazine - "Look Of The Month" [February 2009 Issue] Pg. 2

Vain Inc. Magazine - "Look Of The Month" [February 2009 Issue] Pg. 3

Clothing By /artilleri/, ~Ivalde~, & Ingenue.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Jive Bunny

Look Of The Day [January 2, 2009] 1

Sometimes, you buy something on impulse, not knowing if you will ever wear it, just wanting it. That is how I came upon this adorable Jess Hat/Hair style from Draconic Kiss. It was back at the Hair Fair, I would say I averaged about 80% impulse buying while there, and I sometimes come to regret it. But not this one. How great is a hat that is scripted not only to change textures and colours, but also shape? I think very!

Look Of The Day [January 2, 2009] 2

I have loved this sweater from Nylon Outfitters for ages, and have had it so long I can't remember when I got it, but I had never thought of tinting it before. I pulled on the Grey version of the Knitted Sweater and tinted it up lavender to match with the hat. The loose knit has holes that lend it to wearing a basic tank underneath, so I used one from *Thimbles*, part of a set because it happened to be nicely finished with an undies layer bottom edge that looked great with the low rise []::TULI::[] Jenny Jeans. I love the character of these jeans, the worn out shredded holes and the hand-prints, very funky. I have to mention these *REDGRAVE* Girls Biker Boots, because I simply can't get enough of them. They were sent to me as review copies, and I would otherwise be lusting over them endlessly. I just think they look brilliantly worn in and real, and they are precisely the kind of urban grunge gear that makes my heart go pitta-pat. The bag is a treasured find from Nerdy Birdy, no longer available as far as I can tell, but I couldn't resist the Bunny Mechanics Bag with the hat, so i went for it. The Choker and Bracelet are separates from (Shiny Things) one of my favorite places for accessories, the Niko pieces are wonderfully detailed.

Look Of The Day [January 2, 2009] 3

Skin is Crys from PXL, a darker one then I am used to, one of the reviews that Hart Larsson sent me months ago, but I think it is lovely, and like the idea of dappling in a sun kissed tone every now and again. Eyes are from Miriel, and Lashes are from Cake. Again, the fabulous Jess Hair/Hat combo from Draconic Kiss was my inspiration, so I decided to show you the other two options for the hat shape. Be it a jive Bunny, Kitty, or Mouse... remember to have a little fun with your look, impulsive ain't all bad!

Shopping Details:
Sweater - (NO), Knitted Sweater - Grey (Tinted Purple)
Tank Top - *Thimbles*, 1/3rd a Tee Shirt - Eggplant (Tank Only)
Jeans - []::TULI::[], Jenny Jeans (Blue)
Boots - *REDGRAVE*, Girls Biker Boots (Black)
Bag - Nerdy Birdy, Mechanics Badge Purse "Bunny" (Lavender) [No Location Found]
Necklace - (Shiny Things), Nico Choker - Pink
Bracelet - (Shiny Things), Nico Bracelet - Pink
Hat/Hair - Draconic Kiss, Jess (Midnight)
Skin - PXL, Crys_SK_DarkEyes_PassionLips_BlackEB
Eyes - Miriel, Hazel (Big)
Lashes - Cake, Bedroom Lashes

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

Look Of The Day  [November 26/08] 1

Sometimes, when I am putting together a "Look Of The Day" for my blog, things just seem to come together almost organically. Other times, not so much. When I try to really work a mash-up, I try to think outside the 'folder' so to speak, taking things that normally would not occur to me, and reworking them. I occasionally have some success with this exercise, other times, it just turns out all wrong. This look has literally been sitting in a draft form since November of last year when I wore it, I just wasn't completely certain I was happy with it. I love all the individual parts, I love most of it, but I am not sure it it works as one look, and that was holding me back a bit. Afraid of being judged for a less then stellar post, I was my own editor, and held back. Today, I decided that the exercise itself was interesting, and that I should just go for it and accept that I am not perfect. This look may be a mistake in someone's eyes, and maybe that is a good thing to reveal, that even those that are known for doing it 'right' occasionally are unsure if they have.

Look Of The Day  [November 26/08] 2

This look started with the need to craft a look based in the colour blue for an event at PIN UPS. I started the way I always do, typing the word "blue" into search, and seeing what comes up. The first thing I hit on was a dress from *DP Serendipity, the Amenohini_Odekake dress. I had forgotten about it, like so many other things I own, and when I threw it on realized it had some blue in it, but was not exactly what I had imagined. I liked it though, well enough to try to work with the top of the dress and see what I could do with it. The striped top is from the dress, which is adorable and as you can see, versatile. It is actually strapless, the tiny straps you see are part of it, so I wanted something more to cover my arms, but it had to be on the undershirt layer. I have no idea how I aquired it, but was lucky to find a Leotard Set from (PixelDolls), it was likely a freebie at some point, and this one was in pink, but tinted up beautifully to an almost exact match to the blue. Joy! I went with a high-waisted Pencil Skirt from Ingenue, here in a lovely Aubergine, making use of the jacket layer for the upper part of the skirt. I get all excited seeing the possibilities of layers, what can I say. I pulled in more blue with some [MG Fashion] socks, and tied it all down with some great ETD Shoes ankle boots.

Look Of The Day  [November 26/08] 3

I was dying to wear this great huge Statement Necklace from Paper Couture, so may have rushed it a bit, but it was too fabulous to resist really. It is one of the parts that has me scratching my head as to it's success in this look. Some big stacked bangles from .+*aya V.*+., which I modded slightly to match, a basic hoop earring, and my engagement ring round out my accessories. I have to say that this Jaden Bag from Cachet is a favorite of mine, I own it in two colour variations, and just love the shape and shading/texturing of it.

I admit I got away from the "blue" intentions of the look, so made a save with this huge-tastic hair from Pudge:. Bowie's in Space in a great Blue Black shade is a big, lopsided pile of love. The lovely porcelain-like skin is from [RockBerry], eyes are Freak Fantasia, while Lashes hail from Celestial Studios. Feel free to let me know whether this look is a hit or a miss for you, I am still on the fence. But I think a little glimpse into the process of creating a mash-up, a willingness to make mistakes, and the guts to put it out there for public scrutiny (or as public as things get on my little blog here) is a good thing.

Shopping Details:
Top - *DP Serendipity, Amenohini_Odekake (Blue, Top From Dress)
Blouse - (PixelDolls), Leotard Set, Longleeve (Pink) [Undershirt Layer, Tinted]
Skirt - Ingenue, Vintage Basics: The Pencil Skirt ~ Aubergine
Socks - [MG Fashion], Knitted Socks - Purple Blue
Shoes - ETD Shoes, T-Strap Ankle Booties (Eggplant)
Purse - Cachet, Jaden Bag (Red)
Necklace - P.C., Tumbled Stone Set, Statement Necklace
Bracelet - .+*aya V*+., Gold Bracelet
Earrings - P.C., Basic Hoop Earring [Previous Season In-Store Gift]
Ring - Caroline's Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring
Hair - Pudge:, Bowie's in Space (Blue Black)
Skin - [RockBerry], Mia F Light
Lashes - Celestial Studios, Classic 10
Eyes - Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green Eyes