Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Look Of The Day [December 24/08] 1

Tonight it is Christmas Eve, and though I do not celebrate it myself, in-world, it is a very special time for so many of the friends that I adore, it gets me into the holiday spirit. I will be DJing tonight at PIN UPS from 7-9pm SLT, a
"Night Before Christmas Pajama Party" and everyone is welcome to come out and join in the relaxed fun. I wanted the perfect seasonal PJs, but realized I really didn't own any. I haven't been shopping in weeks and weeks, but today, I broke my own vow, and headed out in search of the perfect "Night Before Christmas" pajamas. There is no question that I found them, and gladly parted with the well saved cash for these absolutely delightful Skin Flicks Sassy Trapdoor PJ's. These PJs caught my eye when a photo was submitted a few weeks back to the Second Life: Look of The Day Flickr Group. I made a note, and was thrilled to find them in seasonal snow-flake print versions, as well as a dozen other luscious and sweet colour options. They come with the booties, and two "butt-flap" version, I chose the more modest covered version here, but if you are more daring, you can get all cheeky too! They are so well done, the texturing is brilliant, and they are worth the price for the slouched slipper boots alone.

Look Of The Day [December 24/08] 2

A cozy hair and hat combo called .+*Lack*+. from Mirai Style has a brilliantly scripted cap that changes texture, and the red matched here so well, I couldn't resist. I am wearing a favorite PXL Skin, as well as eyes from Miriel and Bedroom Lashes from Cake. I feel cozy and warm, and ready for a night of partying, but my two most valued possessions, my (Caroline's) Gimcrack Solitaire Diamond Ring and my Karsten Rutledge Silver Heart Locket make me feel grounded and ready to share the joy of the season with one and all. Hope to see you tonight, bring a friend and get all egg-nogged up with the gang at PIN UPS.

Shopping Details:
Pajamas - Skin Flicks, Sassy Trapdoor PJ's (Snowflake Red, Includes Booties & 2 Butt Flap Styles)
Hair/Har - Mirai Style, .+*Lack*+. (Black)
Necklace - Karsten Rutledge, Silver Heart Locket
Ring - (Caroline's), Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring
Skin - PXL, Crys_NaturalEyes_NaturalLips_BlackEB
Eyes - Miriel, Hazel Eyes - Big
Lashes - Cake, Bedroom Lashes

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wishing You Peace, Joy, & Friendship...

Midnight On Retrology

Happy Holidays 2008/2009
Wishing Everyone The Very Best of
Health, Happiness, and Peace
This Holiday Season
and In The Coming Year!
However You Celebrate
Do It With Those You Love!
With Love, Ketsy

Just a simple wish, for each and everyone of you this holiday season and for the whole year ahead. Be well, he happy, and be surrounded by those you love and who love you best.

~ Ketsy

Happy Holidays From Ketsy

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Leaving On A Jetplane

Look Of The Day [November 29/08] 1

When I recently DJd for the re-opening of the Avatrait Gallery, I wanted to wear something classy, but not too formal, edgy and unique, but still tasteful. I tried to remember what new things I had that would fit the bill, and discovered this great Jetset dress in Tokyo from :bijou:. It includes two skirt versions, system and prim, bur I threw the folder on so fast I got both, and decided I really liked the way they looked together. This dress really re-minds me of a black silk dress I wore to s special event when I was about 17 years old, to this day I refuse to allow my mother to give it away, almost 20 years later, it is still a favorite, even though it no longer fits. The dress has a great system layer belt, with accentuates the waist, and adds interest, but also gave me the cute to go with brown and gold accessories. I really love the big flared bell sleeves too.

Look Of The Day [November 29/08] 3

I kept with the winter season look by adding a pair of **Battered Boudoir** hose, I love the different colours and options in Eloria LeShelle's hosiery. Any Canadian woman would never go out in the winter without hose or tights under a dress, so I naturally work it in-world too. The shoe solution that seems to be endlessly wearable are the Maitreya ChiChi Pumps in Black, with the colour change rims, here I chose gold. I pulled in a big clutch from *Muism* to add a little glam to the look. I went with wooden and brown accessories, and normally would not put black and brown together, but I think it really works here. The Polished Wood Hoop Earrings are one of Paper Couture's newest releases, they are really nice looking. I love this Luc Jewelry Ganesha Necklace , but I am enchanted by Hinduism in general, and the length was perfect with the neckline of the dress. My ring is from Caroline's Jewelry.

Look Of The Day [November 29/08] 2

Diving into my hair folder, I wanted and edgy short style, and settled on the ETD Aveda Short Crop 2 in Silver. The skin is from Celestial Studios, another favorite make-up, and I always come back to my Celestial Charmed Line Skins whenever I want to look like myself again. Lashes are from [Detour], with eyes from Freak Fantasia.

This is definitely a jet set look, and one that can work in semi-formal situation. It stands out without be too glitzy, and most importantly, made me feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. It's really interesting to re-discover my wardrobe, including the many hundreds of things I have never worn before.

Shopping Details:
Dress - :bijou:, Jetset [Tokyo]
Stockings - **Battered Boudoir**, Boudoir Legs - Delicate (Black)
Bag - *Muism*, Clutch (Gold Shined)
Shoes - Maitreya, ChiChi Pumps - Black
Earrings - Paper Couture, P.C., Polished Wood Hoop Earrings
Necklace - -EARTHTONES- (Now Luc Jewelry), Ganesha Dual Necklace (Gold)
Ring - (Caroline's), Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring
Hair - ETD, Aveda, Short Crop 2 Ad-Silver
Skin - (CS), Charmed Line (Tone 20, Earth-3)
Lashes - [Detour], Love Lashes
Eyes - Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green Eyes

Monday, December 8, 2008

Living Dead Girl

Look Of The Day [Nov.20/08] 1

I didn't realize until yesterday that there is a general love-in for the amazing June Dion of Bare Rose Tokyo on the feeds. If you check my previous posts by tags, I have done dozens of posts featuring Bare Rose fashions. I have always adored the amazing creativity, selection, options included for each look, price point, and the fact that everything is transferable. I have said it before, yes, but it makes it a must recommend shop for me when people ask me the "do you know where I can get...?" question. I get that question, a lot, and usually from total strangers, which is incredibly flattering. Bare Rose is overwhelming for most of us seasoned cam shoppers, I can only imagine what it must be like for new shoppers in-world. But it is worth a visit just to see the evolution of the brand over the years. I am always astounded. I had this look all ready to blog, about two weeks ago, but I am glad it fits in with the Bare Rose tribute. This is probably one of the first outfits I ever purchased at Bare Rose.

Look Of The Day [Nov.20/08] 3

The tutu style dress, gloves, and stockings are all part of the Exile set from Bare Rose, and I opted to wear the black option for the separate parts. I love the Goth looks the June makes, they are so detailed and well shaded, they make it easy to throw a look together without much thought since so much is included with each outfit. The gloves have the great ruffled cuffs, and the skirt attachment had a prim belt that is part of it, sidestepping attachment point issues perfectly. I added some cute accessories, starting with the *Red Ruin* Gothic Lolita Necklace, which looks great in combination with the system layer choker on the top part of the dress. The hat is from *~*Illusions*~*, a great basic Lady's Cabaret Top Hat, perfect for a doll-like look. I am wearing the Princess Ring from Paper Couture, a nice classic silver and enamel look ring. I wanted to wear a big chunky boot to compliment the Gothic look, and enhance the Lolita style, and went with these brilliant Goth Mutation Boots from Skanks R Us. Gotta love some big a**-kicking boots!

Look Of The Day [Nov.20/08] 2

I went with a Celestial Studios Charmed Line, Tone 00 Skin, this one is called Black Smoke and is perfect for Goth look. I love wearing a faded black ink tattoo with a pale white skin, and AITUI TATTOO offers my favorite, the full-body Butterflies tattoo, here I chose to wear Faded version. I love a glimmering colored eye with a pale skin, and the Petit Ange* Cleareyes in this Yellow Orange Colour are just so luminous and almost feline. The hair is an older, possibly retired style from Celestial Studios, but still one of my favorites. The Femme Hair in this Black Shiny shade is really great to wear with hats particularly. The spider-like Club 1 Lashes are also from Celestial Studios. When I need a Gothic look in a flash, the first place I look is in my Bare Rose folders, but there is so much more then Gothic inspired looks available now, you need to go explore it again and again.

Dress - :::B@R:::, Exile (Black)[Includes Stockings, Gloves]
Boots - [SRU], Goth Mutation Boots
Hat - *~*Illusions*~*, Lady's Cababret Top Hat - Black
Earrings - Sian Birke Jewelry, Stud Earrings
Ring - P.C., Princess Ring
Necklace - *Red Ruin*, Black Gothic Lolita Necklace
Tattoos - AITUI TATTOO, Butterflies *Full Body* (Faded)
Hair - Celestial Studios, Femme Hair, Black Shiny
Skin - Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 00, Black-Smoke)
Lashes - Celestial Studios, Lashes (Club 1)
Eyes - Petit Ange, *an*cleareyes_yellow_orange_bright

Hazy Shade Of Winter

Look Of The Day [Nov.18/08] 1

On cold winter days, I love to layer up and head out of doors before I get cabin fever. While I was winterizing the Retrology SIM, this was the outfit I threw together, starting with this adorable and cozy short parka from **DP yumyum**. Called simply the Hood Jacket, I choose this amazing Gray version because it was such a soft and warm looking option. The soft fluffy marabou trim on the hood and edge is really luxurious and photographs beautifully, something that can be difficult with transparent textures. I didn't realize till just this moment that my arms is through the jacket in the first pose, but I have been under the weather, so I have an excuse for such a bonehead mistake. Speaking of bone, the amazing horn/bone closures on the jacket are so well done and textured. There is so much detail here, and none of it superfluous or wasted. I needed a simple layer under the jacket, so I wore one of my own Key Hole Thermal tops from Hang The DJ!. Yes I made it, and I love it, and I usually don't blog my own stuff, but I have had a heck of a time finding basic thermals that come with a tucked options instead of jacket only, and I make all my stuff on all layers, so it worked here. Still on my shopping diet, I went with what I had. Dark Rinse Jeans from Tres Blah! literally sit at the top of my jeans folder which is sorted alphabetically, so they get worn a lot, but since they are such a brilliant hand-painted jean, I am happy to know what I can grab up fast.

Look Of The Day [Nov.18/08] 3

I added in some very simply accessories in this look, starting with a basic pair of must-have Stud Earrings from Sian Birke Jewelry. It may seem like a no-brainer, but I have been looking for basic studs for almost 18 months, and this pair is completely scripted to change gem and metal colours, which makes them indispensable. Wearing my engagement ring from (Caroline's), one of my favorite things, just makes me feel warm inside. The Tote bag was a great find at [Sweetest Good-bye*], I love basic casual bags with little kitsch details, and this was an inexpensive and really workable piece. Last but certainly not least, these awesome Heather Boots in Black from ETD Shoes. You have to grab up at least one pair before Elika's sale ends towards the end of the month, they were just $30Lalas, and they come in a short and longer boot option. The just look so soft and cozy, and work perfectly here.

Look Of The Day [Nov.18/08] 2

Speaking of favorites, probably my favorite short style in all of the two years I have been in-world is the ..Marlys.. Slim Pixie wig, here in the Licorice colour. It just really love how the angle of my jaw are complimented by the lines of the cut, the small tufts of hair tousled and plucky. Skin is from Celestial Studios Charmed Line, with eyes from Freak Fantasia and lashes by [Detour]. Not a high-fashion look by any means, rather a "My" fashion look that makes me feel a little warmer when the world gets cold.

Shopping Details:
Jacket - **DP**, Hood Jacket (Gray)
Thermal - Hang The DJ!, Key Hole Thermal (Back in Black)
Jeans - Tres Blah, Dark Rinse Jeans
Boots - ETD Shoes, Heather Boots (Black)
Bag - [SG*], Totebag
Earrings - Sian Birke Jewelry, Stud Earrings
Ring - Caroline's Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring
Hair - ..Marlys.., Slim Pixie Hair (Licorice)
Skin - Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Red-Dusk)
Eyes - Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green
Lashes - [Detour], Love Lashes

Friday, December 5, 2008

Gaucho Marks

Look Of The Day [Nov.14/08] 3

On my last trip to Celestial Studios, I stocked up on all my Charmed Skins, making sure I had all of them, since they are my trademark look, and the one that makes me feel most like myself. This purple Violicious skin inspired this look, I love the punky burst of colour, and decided to go with matching hair from the phenomenal Eat Rice!. This Stellar style is scripted so the front portion can be made one of several great manic panic colours. Lashes are also from Celestial Studios, and Realistic Brights Brown Eyes are from **[Riddle]**.

Look Of The Day [Nov.14/08] 1

I wanted to work with some of the clothing I have had for a while, but this great Sprawl Bricolage top in Grey is a great sheer blouse with all the layer options you could ever want. Pushbutton Skolnick's new line is really fantastic, and I am glad I nabbed a bunch before my funds totally bottomed out. Make sure you check the Sprawl shop out. I have had these great Gaucho Pants from BP* for a long time, but never really knew how to wear them. I think they work well with this layered look. I threw on some knit socks from [MG Fashion], and went with a monochrome leg look with Black Dune Boots from Maitreya. Since I am on the modest side, I wore a classic bra from House of Nyla under the Blouse, it gives the look a little more class and depth.

Look Of The Day [Nov.14/08] 2

I added a few punky accessories with Canimal's Picture Pendant, scripted to click through about 10 different cute designs. I pulled in a big bangle from ~*Fresh Baked Goods*~, the Jelly Gem Donut Bangle is scripted to change base and gem colours, and can be matched to almost any look. A Pouch Belt from ::MEZZO:: gives added interest at the waist, with cute little skull charms it is really a nice touch of kitsch. A big ~flirt~ Amythyst in Platinum Tiffany Ring pulls in another dash of purple to round out the look. Having fun with a dash of colour makes me oh so very happy.

Shopping Details:
Blouse - Sprawl, The Bricolage (Gray)
Jeans - BP*, Gaucho (Blue)
Bra - House of Nyla, Black Lace Lingerie Set 1, Full Cup Bra
Socks - [MG Fashion], Knitted Socks (Pack01, Black)
Boots - Maitreya, Dune Boots (Black)
Necklace - Canimal, Picture Pendant
Bangle - ~*Fresh Baked Goods*~, Jelly Gem Donut Bangle (Silver)
Ring - ~flirt~, Tiffany Plat/Amethyst Ring
Belt - ::MEZZO::, porch belt, skull (stomach, m)
Hair - Eat Rice!, Stellar (Black, Blackdark)
Skin - Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Purple-Violicious)
Eyes - **[Riddle]**, Realistic Brights - Brown
Lashes - Celestial Studios, Club 13

Leather And Lace

Look Of The Day [Nov.13/08] 1

(PixelDolls) has been a long time favorite of mine, when they completely re-focused the shop, selling limited editions of the old stock off, I was anxious to see what new and exciting things would come out of Port Seraphin. The Anticipation outfit was one of my first purchases from the new releases, and is probably still my favorite. I consists of a cream lace blouse, a black wrap sweater, and leather slacks. There are endless layer possibilities, which I always love, so you can wear pieces separately, something every budget conscious shopper should look for. It also comes with a sweet necklace, which I opted not to wear, but it is perfectly lovely. (PixelDolls) continues to create some incredible work, and it is worth it to be in the Subscribe-O-Matic group, as almost every new release offers a free group gift as a sample of their fine work.

Look Of The Day [Nov.13/08] 3

I chose to go with one of the last things I purchased before my "Shopping Diet", these amazing ETD Kristin Booties in a lovely Natural bone colour. I thought that cream coloured shoe would add some interest and echo the colour of the blouse nicely. To be sure they 'popped', I slipped into some basic black tights from (CREAMSHOP). A Ruffled Handbag from Urid Dal is a nice classic compliment. A very special necklace from (Caroline's) adds some nice interest at the neckline, the length worked well with the v-neck sweater. (Caroline's) Special Cameo Locket in Gold is scripted so that you can place a precious picture texture inside it, making it really personal and special. A great chunky Diamond Encrusted Square Curt Amethyst Ring from Paper Couture also pics up on the heirloom feel of many elements in the look. I pulled on a Vintage Basic Bangle and Earrings from Luc Jewelry, formerly -EARTHTONES-.

Look Of The Day [Nov.13/08] 2

Hair is a stunning Burnt tipped White shade from ETD, the Roxie wig. I am really moving towards shorter styles a lot lately, they feel really fresh, and they have so much more style potential then a lot of long wigs. ETD does some of the best I have seen. Skin is Canimal Essence of Pinup, a real favorite, I love the lip shade. Eyes are from **[Riddle]**, and Love Lashes are from [Detour].
All together a nice put together look with little effort and lots of impact.

Shopping Details:
Outfit - (PixelDolls), Anticipation (Leather pants, Lace Top, Sweater)
Tights - (CREAMSHOP), Plain Tights Set (Black)
Shoes - ETD Shoes, Kristin Booties (Natural)
Bag - Urid Dal, Ruffled Handbag (Dark Grey)
Necklace - Caroline's Jewelry, Special Cameo Locket in Gold
Ring - Paper Couture, P.C., Diamond Encrusted Square Curt Amethyst Ring
Earrings, Bangle - -EARTHTONES-(Now Luc Jewelry), Vintage Sets: Humble Blossom - Gold
Hair - ETD, Roxie (White Burnt)
Skin - Canimal, Essence(Grace)... of Pinup
Lashes - [Detour], Love Lashes
Eyes - **[Riddle]**, Realistic Brights - Brown

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Don't Feed The Shopper!

No Shopping Til' Valentines Day! [3]

Well, my 2 readers may have noticed my absence from the blog feeds for about 3 weeks. I was feeling a little burnt out, but mostly was taking a good hard look at what I was doing and how much time I was spending in-world, but particularly, how much money I was spending. In the month of October, I purchased almost $300.00 Canadian in Linden Dollars. Incredibly shocking for me, and apparently not at all uncommon. So this is it, harsh reality, I cannot buy any more money in-world, hopefully for ever. I am having money issues like pretty much everyone else in the world. So I am saving my money, and have vowed to go on a no shopping diet until Valentines Day this coming year.

No Shopping Til' Valentines Day! [2]

If you see me out in a shop, or hear me talking about things 'I need to buy', slap me upside the head PLEASE! I have an inventory nearing 37,000 items, I have hundreds of items I have never even worn and mostly sitting in folders to be discovered, add to that the generous but unsolicited review copies I receive, and we have probably a year's worth of blog posts sitting right there. So here is the challenge for me, and anyone else interested in trying it out. Come up with two new looks every day, made up entirely of items I already have in my inventory. Spend no Linden Dollars on clothing, shoes, accessories, skins, hair, eyes, lashes, or any other wearable. Fins out what I really have hidden in my closets, and let them all out for air. Hope you can all find something worth looking at in my blog posts, I have never really been a hottest newest must have and rush to blog person anyways. I thank those who have sent me reviews in the past, I hope to use them as much as possible in the coming weeks and months.

No Shopping Til' Valentines Day! [1]

Thanks to absolute sweetie Kesseret Steeplechase for making me this amazing shirt, after joking with me about my new slogan. It is too funny, I loves ya Kess! Wish me luck, and maybe you too will take on the challenge to think really carefully about buying the things you truly need and will treasure, as opposed to get just because everyone else seems to have it. I apologise to any content creators that may miss my patronage in the next few months, have no fear, a fashion addict never dies, consider it hibernating for the winter!

~ Ketsy

Shirt - Kesseret Steeplechase
Jeans - Tres Blah!
Shoes - MK Fashion
Hair - Dernier Cri
Skin - Celestial Studios
Ring - Caroline's Jewelry
Eyes - Freak Fantasia
Lashes - [Detour]

Vain Inc. Magazine - Issue 16 Now Available

Vain Inc. Magazine - Look Of The Month [December]

So proud of this month's amazing issue of Vain Inc. Magazine. Had a blast putting together my Look Of The Month for December, hope you like my interpretations of the Hot Trend for BOHEMIAN LUXURY! Read all about the trend and get the shopping details in the magazine.

~ Ketsy

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Dangers Of Demo Night

Every now and then, we have an event at PIN UPS called "Demo Night". The point is to pile on as much demo clothing, hair, skin, shoes, and accessories as you possibly can, and make a general fool out of yourself. Well tonight was just such a night.

The Dangers of Demo Night [November 13/08]

After cleaning my inventory recently, I managed to delete almost every demo item that I had. So off I went tonight to grab some really great demos, with the biggest silly signs on them and the most insane items I could think of. Well, here we find the danger in "Demo Night". You pile on all this stuff, and then hang out in it for a good two hours, if not more, and you find yourself actually liking it on yourself. Not to say that I expected not to like it, just that the point was just to collect it, and not to end up shopping. It goes to show you that some addictions run deep.

I guess the point of this post, other then to show you how incredibly silly and fun (not to mention inexpensive) a "Demo Night" contest can be, is to say to those designers who do offer demos that their efforts do actually result in sales in the end. We know this with things like skin and hair, but for shoes and jewelry, and even clothing, it may mean a sale that you never anticipated, and likely once people see the quality of your work, a life-long customer. So even though it takes a lot of time and effort to provide them, I just wanted to say, thanks for the demos!

Shopping Details:
Hair - *Zero Style*, Maki (Strawberry Chocolate - Demo, M)[Big Sun Demo Label]
Skin - Laqroki, Jasmin 04 mily DEMO
Fairy Costume - Adam N Eve, Woodland Fae Costume (Green)[Includes Demo Wings]
Shoes - Adam N Eve, Serpenti (Very Purple)
Jewelry - KessKreations, Classic Stone Necklace & Stone Bracelet [Monarch Butterfly Labels]
Non-Demo Items:
Eyes - **[Riddle]**, Realistic Brights (Brown)
Lashes - [Detour], Love Lashes

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ruby Tuesday

Look Of The Day [November 11/08] 1

On Tuesday night, my fella of 21 months Draco, celebrated his RL birthday. We started the evening at PIN UPS where DJ Azu was doing his thing for a "Best in Red" event, and ended up at another club dancing to some great Jazz and Standards. I decided to put together a sexy look in red so that I didn't have to change between events, and came up with this great Gertie Dress in Red from ~~Ivalde~~. Nef passes me some of her new releases from time to time, so when I finally get a change to take a look, I am always pleasantly surprised. I have to admit it, I am a girl who loves a system skirt, I just like a sleek silhouette, and when done well, they can be so lovely. This dress had a great system skirt, but also three-part ruffled prim hemline. I really love the satiny look of the skirt, and think that the added touch of the sheer straps and flexi scarves on the back are really lovely. This dress has a fabulous Latin feel to it, really sexy and classy at the same time. I wanted to keep it in a more retro framework, so I went with some seamed stockings from 1-800-Bettie's. The Stiletto Moody Elegant Slingbacks in Ruby were a good colour match, and added a bit of sparkle for a special night out.

Look Of The Day [November 11/08] 2

When I wear a dress with details like the flowing scarves so close to the neck, I don't wear a necklace with it, it just seems like a lot of clutter to me. I opted instead for a big showy earring from (CREAMSHOP). The Glam Earring in Red is almost too big, but that is the fun of it, and I own them in three colours. Perhaps even more hysterical is that the size I am wearing is the medium, there is a large version as well. Some complimentary sleek Gold and Resin Bangles from [VG Republic] worked nicely here, as they are scripted to texture/colour change to compliment your look. The set comes with three versions, and I like to mix and match from wrist to wrist.

Look Of The Day [November 11/08] 3

The Latin vibe of this dress made hair choice easy, this Milonga wig from le salon at comme il faut is so retro and classic, it really evokes a sexy Josephine Baker look. I wanted a glittery evening look with my skin, by didn't want a coloured lip, particularly not red that would likely clash with the coral red of the dress. The answer is this lovely Gold Glitter skin from Celestial Studios Charmed Line. I love wearing these skins for fancy dress occasions, one of the reasons I think Starley is such a huge talent. These Charmed skins are not the newest or most realistic on the grid, but I really love the look of them on my avatar, they have a more illustrated look as opposed to hyper-realistic, which has never been my style. Lashes are from Cake, and some of my favorite eyes are from Miriel.

Shopping Details:
Dress - ~~Ivalde~~, Gertie Red Dress
Hose - 1-800-Bettie's, Stocking by Bettie's (Taupe)
Shoes - Stiletto Moody, Elegant Slingbacks (Ruby Red)
Earrings - (CREAMSHOP), Glam Earrings (Red, M)
Bracelets - [VG Republic],Gold/Resin Bangles with Color Change
(L) Double Gold/Resin Bangles
(R) Skinny Gold/Resin Bangle
Ring - (Caroline's), Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring
Hair - comme il faut, le salon - Milonga (Raven)
Skin - Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Glitter -Gold 1 + body glitter)
Eyes - Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)
Lashes - Cake, Bedroom Lashes

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Diamonds And Rust

Look Of The Day [November 10/08] 1

I am really enjoying the colours of Fall at the moment, even though most of the leaves are off the tree in Toronto, I can still see them strewn across the lawn. It is pretty much my favorite time of the year, cool but not too cold, no snow to wade through or shovel, and the smell in the air is crisp and sugary. I wish the season lasted longer, but the colours can last in my closet all year long. This great Rainy Day Sweater in Rust from Celestial Studios was the starting point for this outfit. I have always loved this style of cowl neck sweater, but before sculpties it was pretty disastrous to move about in. Starley did well here, not only with the main collar, but in adding extra glitch covers at the shoulder so that even in motion, the sweater looks right. I really like this skirt from Cake's Autumn in Paris Outfit. The asymmetrical plaid skirt is full and really fashion forward. I am always looking for great skirts as separates, but rarely find them. I have way too many jeans and slacks in my inventory, but very few separate skirts. That would be tops on my request list for any interested designers in taking up the challenge. I went with a complimentary pair of tights from (CREAMSHOP).

Look Of The Day [November 10/08] 2

I wanted to wear a great pair of boots that didn't steal the show, and these *REDGRAVE* Sculpties Boots in Smoke were the ones that did the trick. They have a gold accent to them, so I went with gold accessories. I wanted a nice long dangle earring with the open neckline of the sweater, and these *UnTone* Dragon Earrings are great, and come with a high prim and less primy version in the same box. The Tangled Antique Gold Bangles are from {JUNK}, I really like that they have some open areas so that you can see the colours of the sweater beneath. I took a ring from Diamonde. and tinted it a golden yellow to match the colours in this look a little better. I am not sure that it is still available, but the designer, Valena Glushenko is now designing under the Cachet umbrella at Glam World. I wanted another pop of fall colour, so I went with one of my favorite bags from *TaP*, now known as Fleur. This Heiress Handbag is great, and I really hope they still offer it, it is scripted to colour change with a click, and the shape of it and simplicity is refreshing.

Look Of The Day [November 10/08] 3

With big statement earrings and a cowl neck sweater, I though a mid-length wig, with exposed ears would work best. The TRUTH Shirley 2 wig has all that, plus a little bit of funky edge, something I am always looking for. A bright red-lipped skin from Celestial Studios Charmed Line worked well here, along with eyes from Miriel and Lashes from Cake. Here's hoping Fall lasts a wee bit longer, I am not ready to wear a parka and shovel snow out of the driveway only to have it all come down again over night.

Shopping Details:
Sweater - Celestial Studios, (CS) Rainy Day Sweater (Rust)
Skirt - Cake, from Autumn in Paris Outfit (Black)
Tights - (CREAMSHOP), Plain Tights Set (Brown)
Boots - *REDGRAVE*, Smoke Leather Sculpties Boots
Bag - *TaP* (now Fleur), Heiress Handbag
Earrings - *UnTone*, Dragon Earring
Bracelet - {JUNK}, Tangled Antique Gold Bangles
Ring - Diamonde., The Gillian Ring (Tinted Gold)
Hair - TRUTH, Shirley 2 - Smokey
Skin - Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Red-Chic)
Lashes - Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Eyes - Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Gold Rush

Look Of The Day [November 9/08] 1

Another day, another chance to switch things up. When the event at PIN UPS called for best in yellow, I actually couldn't find anything for about ten minutes. It is clearly time to clean the clothing inventory up. The first thing I did hit, was this brilliant Chidori Coat from Bare Rose Tokyo. It comes in several colours in the box, and this chic coat has both a short version (pictured) as well as a long almost babydoll length version. It has really great sculpted shoulders and sleeves, but I am particularly smitten with the amazing collar and bow pieces. The sculpted rose is so lovely, and the bow ads a really nice contrast, and makes for a lovely focal point in this look. I tried to work with a monochromatic palette for the rest of the look, opting for warm brown tones in these {Gisaci} Brindisi Slacks in a luscious Mocha shade. The Ribbed Sweater under the jacket is from ~*LaLa, and was white, but being a modifiable item, tinted up nicely to a coffee colour.

Look Of The Day [November 9/08] 2

I was thrilled to discover I had purchased the new (Shiny Things) Tuli Pumps in Brown. I was in such a shopping flurry on my last trip, I literally forgot what I had purchased, a good sign that enough is enough maybe. They are a really nice pump with a sweet bow on the toe, and they are scripted so the bow colour can be changed. I pulled in some more yellow with some Mustard Plain Tights from (CREAMSHOP), just for a little pop of colour to echo that of the jacket. A great Jaden Bag from Cachet was the perfect size and style for this warm fall look. The nice chunky Color Wood Bangles Trio are from M.R.M., with great scripting to change each individual bangle to one of about a dozen colours with just a click. Natural Gold Bead Ring is from (Caroline's), and hidden but fabulous Stud Earrings are from Sian Birke Jewelry.

Look Of The Day [November 9/08] 3

If you haven't yet been to ETD to check out Elika's fabulous sale, may I ask why the heck not? This amazing Laine wig is part of the sale, as are all the other new releases as well as all hair, shoes, and purses. I love the casual messiness of this hair, with an attempt to make it somewhat polished with a headband. The band is scripted to colour change as well, but I choose to wear it in the dark charcoal colour so it was less obvious. A lovely natural hued make-up from Celestial Studios Charmed Line adds to the understated look I wanted here, with some great Splatter eyes from Big Booty Big Money to pick up on the yellow and warm brown tones. Love Lashes are from [Detour].

The golden yellows and warm browns of this look make it a fall favorite. The style of this amazing jacket from Bare Rose is classic and timeless, and the cost is unbelievable for the quality, versatility (two length options) and the number of different colours available in the same pack. Just another example of why you don't need a lot of "gold" to rush out and get something incredibly stylish and chic.

Shopping Details:
Coat - :::B@R:::, Chidori Coat (Yellow, Short Jacket)
Shirt - ~*LaLa:, Ribbed Sweater (White, Tinted)
Slacks - {Gisaci}, Brindisi Slacks (Mocha)
Socks - (CREAMSHOP), Plain Tights Set (Mustard)
Shoes - (Shiny Things), Tuli Pumps (Brown)
Purse - Cachet, Jaden Bag (Earth)
Bangles - M.R.M., Color Wood Bangle *Trio* (Right, M)
Earrings - Sian Birke Jewelry, Stud Earrings
Ring - (Caroline's), Natural Gold Bead Ring
Hair - ETD, Laine (Black)
Skin - Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Earth-2)
Lashes - [Detour], Love Lashes
Eyes - BBBM, Watery Eyes, Mud (Splatter)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Eyes Have It

Anju Enoch of *Petit Ange* released some truly amazing eyes this week. She IMd me early this week to ask if I would take a look and tell her what I thought. As I tried on pair after pair, I was struck by their beauty and the lovely jewel like quality. The colour combinations in the *an* Cleareyes are magical, I wanted to show them off in the best way I know how, by using a completely greyscale backdrop. They come in three sets, all with a lovely mix of colour options. Each set of 5 shades is just $200LaLas each. The three sets are pictured below, for specific colours, see the detailed list at the bottom of the post.

*Petit Ange* Cleareyes - Set 01

*Petit Ange* - Cleareyes [Review] 4

*Petit Ange*
Cleareyes - Set 02

*Petit Ange* - Cleareyes [Review] 3

*Petit Ange* Cleareyes - Set 03

*Petit Ange* - Cleareyes [Review] 2

Each Pack of Eyes comes with Regular and Bright white versions. I am wearing the Bright versions in all of the pictures above, but this is a direct comparison of the two. You can see that the Regular version has a more realistic white, with some shading and colouring. The Regular is on the left, with the Bright version on the left side.

*Petit Ange* - Cleareyes [Review] 1

Some really lovely and unique eyes, which are particularly suited to Neko or Gothic looks. Check them out at the *Petit Ange* Mainstore, also available at the Retrology location.

1. *an* cleareyes_bicolor_purple_green_Bright
2. *an* cleareyes_bicolor_yellow_pink_Bright
3. *an* cleareyes_olive_green_Bright
4. *an* cleareyes_purple_sky_Bright
5. *an* cleareyes_warm_ashgrey_Bright

6. *an* cleareyes_blue_peacock_Bright
7. *an* cleareyes_dark_coolgrey_Bright
8. *an* cleareyes_maroon_Bright
9. *an* cleareyes_purple_black_Bright
10. *an* cleareyes_taupe_Bright

11. *an* cleareyes_bicolor_blue_green_Bright
12. *an* cleareyes_bicolor_green_brown_Bright
13. *an* cleareyes_bicolor_orange_purple_Bright
14. *an* cleareyes_bicolor_purple_grey_Bright
15. *an* cleareyes_yellow_orange_Bright

Other Details:
Hair - [Aden], Skin - Celestial Studios, Lashes - [Detour]

Here In Black And White

Look Of The Day [November 8/08] 3

Sometimes, things can be very clear, right and wrong are as different as black and white. But most of the time, we hover in those middle shades of grey, those murky areas where there is no clear answer. It's hard to know what to do when the answers are not clear, when you need to tread carefully, so as not to offend and not judge too quickly. I have been hovering in that grey area for a while, and I thought it was time to let the shades of grey be reflected in my Look Of The Day. I started with this fabulous Celestial Studios Charmed Line skin in the 00 Tone, it is a startlingly beautiful skin, particularly this Black Smoke make-up. You almost feel as if you have stepped off the silver screen from some old black and white movie, but there is a lovely glow about this skin that goes beyond mere black and white. I love this short Edie pixie cut from [Aden], it is a lovely cut that really accents the jawline, very feminine and classic. These amazing AYN Lashes are from [the oBscene], I think there are stunning, and there were so many amazing pairs to choose from, lashes are one extravagance I can't seem to resist. I wanted to go with a grey eye, and this past week sweet Anju Enoch of *Petit Ange* passed me her latest eye creations and asked me to have a look. These warm_ashgrey eyes are my favorite, but more details on these amazing eyes will follow in a separate post.

Look Of The Day [November 8/08] 1

I was looking through my new items folders for a great top to wear, and stumbled upon this amazing Empire Top from (PixelDolls), a past group gift. I think it is pretty spectacular, and if I know (PixelDolls), there are likely half a dozen other great colour versions available in store. I urge you all to join the (PixelDolls) Subscribe-O-Matic group, the free gifts come in faster then you can wear them, the quality is always exceptional. I felt a little exposed at the throat, and have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear this phenomenal +Japancakes+ Wild Petal Scarf, and this was it. It is a lovely sculpted piece, and is scripted to texture change with a click, with dozens of lovely colour options. It is really a statement piece, and works well an open neckline and short or up-do hair style. A simple pair of basic black slacks, these from the now closed *LAST CALL are a nice addition, any pair of basic black slacks would work well here.

Look Of The Day [November 8/08] 2

This past week, I received an amazingly delightful surprise, fatpacks of all the new shoe releases from REDGRAVE. I know Anessa put in a good word for me, and the first pair I tried on were these stunning and mysteriously named Winter Boots in Black. I couldn't make it two feet from my front porch in winter in them, but they are a lovely sexy heel and buttoned legwarmer combination. A pair of delicate and beautiful Nouveau Earrings from (Miriel) soften the drama of this look. I love that any jewelry purchase from (Miriel) feels like a custom order, the vendors are scripted to allow you to choose options like metal colour, stone colour, and whether you want a transfer versus copy version of the item. For a single colour accent, I went with this great Rock Bag in Green from Cachet. I had no idea it was so large when I picked it up at the shop, but it is a really stylish modern bag, that adds a little chic to this look. The Black Pearl & Silver Cuff is a favorite from Frangipani Designs, as is my (Caroline's) Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring. I really love this look, and think I may stay in the middle grey are for just a little bit longer today.

Shopping Details:
Top - (PixelDolls), Empire Top (Black) [Past Group Gift]
Pants - *LAST CALL: Ingrid Pants, low-waisted [From Set, No Longer Available]
Scarf - +Japancakes+, Wild Petal Scarf
Shoes - REDGRAVE, Winter Boots (Black)[Review Copy]
Bag - Cachet, Rock Bag (Green)
Earrings - (Miriel), Nouveau Earrings - Black/Jet
Ring - (Caroline's), Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring
Bracelet - Frangipani Designs, Black Pearl & Silver Cuff
Hair - [Aden], Edie (Black)
Skin - Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 00, Black-Smoke)
Lashes - [the oBscene], Lashes - AYM - Tintable
Eyes - Petit Ange, *an* Cleareyes_warm_ashgrey_Bright

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Sweater Dress Song

Look Of The Day [November 7/08] 1

One of the gems I picked up at the :bijou: preview was this simple, understated, yet elegant Refrain Knitdress in Night shades. I was really surprised to find it among the ultra-hip newness at :bijou: all set for the opening of the bijouholic SIM on the 11th of this month. A classic body skimming dress, with really nice trim details, almost a pearlized crocodile edging on the neckline and hem. I must admit I didn't even notice that detail until I had it on, but it really is a nice touch. The dress comes in several colour variations, but I felt this grey scale version had the best. With the almost pink colour of the trim, it opened the door to do something I rarely do, mix browns and greys together. I added a simple system layer belt from *Thimbles*, to add a little interest at the waist. The Mr. Belt is really great to wear over long tops or dresses, as it comes on the jacket layer and worked well here as the :bijou: dress which comes with all layer options. Some nice basic hosiery from **Battered Boudoir** smooths the transition from hem to boot.

Look Of The Day [November 7/08] 2

Unlike my sister Anessa, the shoe queen of Phil's Place, I have to save my pennies to get the footwear I love. I had been meaning to head over to Maitreya for over a week to get closer look at the new releases, but after getting this dress, I really made a point of going, and this pair of SoHo Boots in Ice Suede were the perfect compliment, the billowy suede of the upper boot is a nice contrast to the sleek skirt. I headed over to check out Kess Kreations for the first time this week, after seeing her work at the Jewelry Expo, I wanted to see more. Kess is incredibly talented in so many types of media, but when I saw this Wooden Bead Jewelry Set i though it was really something. It is scripted so that the stone change colour, making it really versatile. I am wearing the necklace and earrings, but it also comes with a great matching bracelet. I really like natural looking jewelry, something organic in a pixelated place. A great basic black Boulevard handbag from a past Paper Couture collection, as well as my Gimcrack Diamond Ring from (Caroline's) round out the accessories.

Look Of The Day [November 7/08] 3

After seeing it on the feeds, I had to indulge in this Ruby wig from TRUTH. It is a really cute up do, with a colour scripted bow. TRUTH's recent makeover has me a little confused, and I was rather miffed that the colour packs have changed. I really loved that the black and white shades were put together, since I wear both colours almost exclusively. I still love the hair, and it is still a reasonably priced wig, but will likely buy a bit less of it now that it means having to buy two packs instead of one to get the shades I love. Another new-to-me skin that I nabbed during the Celestial Studios sale, the Charmed Line's Earth 3 make-up, just really pretty and classic. Lashes are from [Detour], and eyes from Karamia. So back into the closet I go to find out what else may be hiding in there, may the inventory g-ds be good to me.

Shopping Details:
Dress - :bijou:, Refrain Knitdress [Night]
Belt - *Thimbles*, Mr. Belt
Hose - **Battered Boudoir**, Boudoir Legs Soft (Tan)
Boots - Maitreya, SoHo Boots (Ice Suede)
Bag - Paper Couture, P.C., The Boulevard Bag (Noir)
Necklace, Earrings - *KK*, Wooden Bead Jewelry Set [Scripted]
Bracelet - Bonita's, Black & Pearl 4 ~ #3
Ring - (Caroline's), Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring
Hair - TRUTH, Ruby (Ivory)
Skin - Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Earth-3)
Lashes - [Detour], Love Lashes
Eyes - -KM-, Hazel Eyes

Friday, November 7, 2008

.-*-. HANG THE DJ! .-*-. @ The Starlust Hunt!

I normally don't show off my own wares on my blog, but since these are the free gifts I placed out at the Starlust - Floyd, Lloyd, Horst, & Polly Jean SIM Hunt, I decided it was OK.

Whipped These Up just for the Hunt! 4 Unisex Rockin' Tees For Yas, Enjoy!

Starlust Hunt Gifts From .-*-. Hang The DJ! .-*-. [5]

Starlust Hunt Gifts From .-*-. Hang The DJ! .-*-. [4]

Starlust Hunt Gifts From .-*-. Hang The DJ! .-*-. [3]

Starlust Hunt Gifts From .-*-. Hang The DJ! .-*-. [2]

This is one for the ladies that I gave out in a previous hunt, and never remembered to put out for sale. So in case you missed it last time, the Rock Me Dress is waiting for you hunters too!

Starlust Hunt Gifts From .-*-. Hang The DJ! .-*-. [1]

Remember to Get Your Hunt on for the fabulous free gifts and dollarbies from dozens of amazingly lusty content creators. Look for the trash (what else) strewn across the 4 SIMS, and touch or buy to get the goodies inside. Mine will be close-ish to my .-*-. Hang The DJ! .-*-. Venus Fly Trap Plant Shop... Happy Hunting!

~ Ketsy

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Can Sing A Rainbow...

Look Of The Day [November 5/08] 1

Things you should know about my blog, I never edit my indoor or outdoor shots. I don't adjust colours, blend seams, or hide imperfections. What you see is what you get, basically. I have a pretty old graphics card, I don't see windlight features. I don't have a fancy studio, I have a three sided box with a floor that I made myself, I set it to full bright, and I edit the colour of the background to work with the clothes I am wearing. I don't play with the advanced sky menu, I just slide to the time of day lighting that looks best, and then I snap away. I basically crop, or cut out my images to slide into a three-shot collage. I take high-resolution bmp pictures, then save as high-resolution jpegs. Outdoor pictures are just cropped. The only added effect is a outline of the picture. Very basic, yet for me the best option I can think of for fast shoots. I have a Tillie's Posing Stand in my skybox that currently has 933 poses in it. I do not own a full copy of Photoshop, I use Photoshop Elements, and for me it serves it's purpose. Anyone can do what I do, it's really easy, and I think sometimes simple is best. The real trick, is putting together a great look. That can sometimes take me upwards of half an hour, embarrassing but true, and it is mainly because I am spoiled for choice since I have so much new to wear in my inventory, my shopping outpaces my ability to ever wear it all.

Look Of The Day [November 5/08] 2

I love colour, and this look of the day is no exception. The reason this look, in my opinion, sidesteps the gaudy overdone colour trap, is that it is anchored with simple black accessories and a basic Classic Loose Tank from Armidi Everyday. The almost fluorescent Green Overdyed Jeans from Celestial Studios are an absolute scene stealing pair, the cuff options on all of Starley's pants are great, you can wear them the way you prefer, skinny, boot, or wide cuffed. Speaking of Celestial Studios, if you have ever wanted to pick up some great skins, this is the time. Yesterday I picked up the last 10 I was missing from my all time favorite Charmed Line skins. At just $500LaLas a pop, it was the perfect opportunity to complete my set, and this amazing Purple - Eggplant make-up is one I have been drooling over for ages. It added a great complimentary colour to the green, so I went with some Purple Alpaca Armwarmers from Argyle as well.

Look Of The Day [November 5/08] 3

On to accessories, and a brilliant Casual Purse I nabbed at the ETD sale going on now. Unless I was misreading the prices, everything is one sale, and it is all priced at unbelievable low cost. I think many items, like shoes and purses, were less then $50LaLas. Get out to ETD before the sale ends, endure the lag, it is more then worth it. The great Orange Butterfly Necklace, which serves to balance out the one-sided ponytail, is from *i-Candy*. I love the triple strand, and the ties in the back, really great detail there. The Triple Hoop Blet! (not a misspelling) is from ~First Flower~, the shine worked well with the -Tesla- 'Diva' Heels in Black, and it is a great added element at the waist. Spike Bands from WRONG give the look a little edge, along with some great Oldskool tattoos from TRUTH. A Nose Stud from Tickled Pink, and great Tunnel Multi Set Earrings from Drifting Sands finish off my fancy pants accents.

So getting back to my point about not editing my shots. This amazing hair from :bijou:, called Rene, was one I picked up at the preview of the new bijouholic SIM. It officially opens on November 11th, but I was lucky to be added to the access list for the brief preview window. I really love this style, the side ponytail, and the twisted ropes of hair across the back pf the wig, the swept bangs are nice too. The texture and shine is really well done. You will see some grey streaks across my face and to the side of the ponytail, those are the ends of the prims, and they are less visible on the lighter colours and in general, when I don't have my full facelight on. I could likely go in and try to edit them to make them transparent, but they really didn't bother me enough to not say how great this one style is and show it to you. I think it is pretty great, and so are the new releases in-store. I picked up a pile of amazing while there, I hope to share some of it soon. Eyes are from Karamia, and lashes are from [Detour].

Shopping Details:
Top - Armidi Limited, Classic Loose Tank (White)
Pants - (CS), Overdyed Jeans (Green, Bootcut Legs)
Armwarmers - Argyle, Alpaca Knit Armwarmers (Cool Pack, Purple)
Belt - ~First Flower~, Triple Hoop Blet!(Belt) Black Pelvis
Shoes - -Tesla-, Diva Heels (Black)
Purse - ETD Accessories, Casual Purse (Black & White)
Arm Bands - WRONG, Spike Band (Black)
Necklace - *i-Candy*, Butterfly Nicklace (Orange)
Earrings - Drifting Sands, Tunnel Multi Set Ear Piercing
Nose Stud - Tickled Pink, *Uma Nose Stud
Hair - :bijou: Hair, [Rene]/Monotone01
Skin - Celestial Studio, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Purple-Eggplant)
Lashes - [Detour], Love Lashes
Eyes - -KM-, Hazel Eyes