Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Can Sing A Rainbow...

Look Of The Day [November 5/08] 1

Things you should know about my blog, I never edit my indoor or outdoor shots. I don't adjust colours, blend seams, or hide imperfections. What you see is what you get, basically. I have a pretty old graphics card, I don't see windlight features. I don't have a fancy studio, I have a three sided box with a floor that I made myself, I set it to full bright, and I edit the colour of the background to work with the clothes I am wearing. I don't play with the advanced sky menu, I just slide to the time of day lighting that looks best, and then I snap away. I basically crop, or cut out my images to slide into a three-shot collage. I take high-resolution bmp pictures, then save as high-resolution jpegs. Outdoor pictures are just cropped. The only added effect is a outline of the picture. Very basic, yet for me the best option I can think of for fast shoots. I have a Tillie's Posing Stand in my skybox that currently has 933 poses in it. I do not own a full copy of Photoshop, I use Photoshop Elements, and for me it serves it's purpose. Anyone can do what I do, it's really easy, and I think sometimes simple is best. The real trick, is putting together a great look. That can sometimes take me upwards of half an hour, embarrassing but true, and it is mainly because I am spoiled for choice since I have so much new to wear in my inventory, my shopping outpaces my ability to ever wear it all.

Look Of The Day [November 5/08] 2

I love colour, and this look of the day is no exception. The reason this look, in my opinion, sidesteps the gaudy overdone colour trap, is that it is anchored with simple black accessories and a basic Classic Loose Tank from Armidi Everyday. The almost fluorescent Green Overdyed Jeans from Celestial Studios are an absolute scene stealing pair, the cuff options on all of Starley's pants are great, you can wear them the way you prefer, skinny, boot, or wide cuffed. Speaking of Celestial Studios, if you have ever wanted to pick up some great skins, this is the time. Yesterday I picked up the last 10 I was missing from my all time favorite Charmed Line skins. At just $500LaLas a pop, it was the perfect opportunity to complete my set, and this amazing Purple - Eggplant make-up is one I have been drooling over for ages. It added a great complimentary colour to the green, so I went with some Purple Alpaca Armwarmers from Argyle as well.

Look Of The Day [November 5/08] 3

On to accessories, and a brilliant Casual Purse I nabbed at the ETD sale going on now. Unless I was misreading the prices, everything is one sale, and it is all priced at unbelievable low cost. I think many items, like shoes and purses, were less then $50LaLas. Get out to ETD before the sale ends, endure the lag, it is more then worth it. The great Orange Butterfly Necklace, which serves to balance out the one-sided ponytail, is from *i-Candy*. I love the triple strand, and the ties in the back, really great detail there. The Triple Hoop Blet! (not a misspelling) is from ~First Flower~, the shine worked well with the -Tesla- 'Diva' Heels in Black, and it is a great added element at the waist. Spike Bands from WRONG give the look a little edge, along with some great Oldskool tattoos from TRUTH. A Nose Stud from Tickled Pink, and great Tunnel Multi Set Earrings from Drifting Sands finish off my fancy pants accents.

So getting back to my point about not editing my shots. This amazing hair from :bijou:, called Rene, was one I picked up at the preview of the new bijouholic SIM. It officially opens on November 11th, but I was lucky to be added to the access list for the brief preview window. I really love this style, the side ponytail, and the twisted ropes of hair across the back pf the wig, the swept bangs are nice too. The texture and shine is really well done. You will see some grey streaks across my face and to the side of the ponytail, those are the ends of the prims, and they are less visible on the lighter colours and in general, when I don't have my full facelight on. I could likely go in and try to edit them to make them transparent, but they really didn't bother me enough to not say how great this one style is and show it to you. I think it is pretty great, and so are the new releases in-store. I picked up a pile of amazing while there, I hope to share some of it soon. Eyes are from Karamia, and lashes are from [Detour].

Shopping Details:
Top - Armidi Limited, Classic Loose Tank (White)
Pants - (CS), Overdyed Jeans (Green, Bootcut Legs)
Armwarmers - Argyle, Alpaca Knit Armwarmers (Cool Pack, Purple)
Belt - ~First Flower~, Triple Hoop Blet!(Belt) Black Pelvis
Shoes - -Tesla-, Diva Heels (Black)
Purse - ETD Accessories, Casual Purse (Black & White)
Arm Bands - WRONG, Spike Band (Black)
Necklace - *i-Candy*, Butterfly Nicklace (Orange)
Earrings - Drifting Sands, Tunnel Multi Set Ear Piercing
Nose Stud - Tickled Pink, *Uma Nose Stud
Hair - :bijou: Hair, [Rene]/Monotone01
Skin - Celestial Studio, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Purple-Eggplant)
Lashes - [Detour], Love Lashes
Eyes - -KM-, Hazel Eyes


Aerianna Avro said...

LOL i do the exact same. i have a 3 sided box with a floor :D. i was wondering if other people do that, i have to because i don't have windlight also!

-p.s. i wouldn't of ever knew u had an old graphix card, the pictures are ALWAYS great :)

Jhuzen Ketsugo said...

TY for the compliment Arianna :)
Yeah, I wonder who else does the same, I say, if it aint broke..*lolz*

~ Ketsy

Anonymous said...

your pics do look great- i always assumed you were one of the photo shop pros out and don't feel bad- i just use gimp and haven't even figured out how to make layers and combine images and all that fancy schmazy stuff. as long as we see the clothes-that's all that matters. and the belt is awesome!

Jhuzen Ketsugo said...

Thanks Alil :)
Yeah, it took me a while to sort out PSE too, eventually I got it sorted, but have so much to learn yet.

~ Ketsy

Beulah said...

I really am amazed, your blog is one of the rare ones I look at EVERY day.
I Love the looks you put together and the way you show the items of, I always thought you were a photoshop pro.
Thank you so much for sharing this information - I will be referring back to it for sure many tmes